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What does friendship mean to Mila? Does her friendship with Cat change during the book? Why is Cat so obsessed with playing spy games and pretending that she and Mila must save the world from an enemy invasion? Do you agree with Mila that your friends reveal who you are? Why does Gil call Mila Perguntador? How would you describe their father-daughter relationship? Gil is a translator and likes to talk about the possibilities and limits of language. Can you find examples of either in the book? Why does Mila get so angry at Gil? Why does she think that he has let her down?

Mila is secure and strong, resourceful and observant.

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But what is her greatest fear? What happens when Mila meets Matthew? How does she react to his state of mind, his inner darkness? And why does Mila understand Suzanne differently now? How does it sum up the inner journey Mila takes throughout the book? Olsson, Lotta. A mother is a musician. Saudade , Gil would say. The longing for something loved and lost, something gone or unattainable. Most of us are held in place by a kind of centrifugal force. If for some reason the force stopped, we might all fly off in different directions. But what about the not coming back?

Picture Me Gone by Meg Rosoff – review

Staying away is frightening and painful. And who would leave a baby? Even to me this seems extreme, a failure of love. Up until the past year, she and her best friend Cat played involved make believe games involving spies and secrets. As Picture Me Gone starts, Cat is no longer her best friend, and instead is hanging out with other, older kids. At first, given the ages — Owen is a few years older than Mila — I think there is some story of a second marriage.

Owen is dead; had died three years before, when he was twelve. Mila says this so matter of fact, as if we knew. An old friend of both Matthew and Gil. A woman, Lynda.

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Not just any woman: a woman who, for a time, came between the two men. Lynda is with her fifteen year old son, Jake. A woman who Matthew is letting stay in his cabin, someone he sends money to. In a car accident.

Matthew was driving. Oh, she sees her father look at Lynda and realizes there was something once, between them. And seeing them, and meeting them, Mila begins to think of herself as someday not being a child. I wonder at what point a child becomes a person. I cannot picture me grown up. Award-winning author Meg Rosoff perfectly captures Mila, as she teeters on the brink between childhood and adulthood, in this moving and multi-layered coming-of-age story.

She attended Harvard University in After three years at Harvard she moved to England and studied sculpture at Central St. Martins in London, England. She returned to the United States to finish her degree in , and later moved to New York City for nine years, where she worked in publishing and advertising.

Aged 32, Meg returned to London and has lived there ever since.

Picture Me Gone

Between and , she worked for a variety of advertising agencies as a copywriter. She began to write novels after her youngest sister died of breast cancer.

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Her young adult novel How I Live Now was published in , in the same week she was diagnosed with breast cancer. This field is required. Just In Case.

Picture Me Gone Picture Me Gone
Picture Me Gone Picture Me Gone
Picture Me Gone Picture Me Gone
Picture Me Gone Picture Me Gone
Picture Me Gone Picture Me Gone

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