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Jesus Is the Only Begotten Son of God

Can there be an inferior God? There can be only one God, and if the Godhead has been pleased to reveal itself in eternal relationships, the Persons sustaining those relationships must in the nature of things be underived and co-equal. What then is the meaning of the expression, "only-begotten"? Scripture forbids its being used in the case of the Son of God in the sense of derivation, or generation.

The Only Begotten Son (ο μονογενης υιος)

It is interesting that Josephus used the term, "only-begotten" Greek monogenes in exactly the same way. The eternal Son was never begotten. The meaning of the Greek monogenes is the only one of his kind - that is the sense. It was translated in a wrong way. Perhaps false thoughts were already existing right at the end of the 4 th century, when in the Vulgate, the Latin translation of the Bible, the Greek mono-genes was rendered by uni-genitus.

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In this Latin word you have a participle which means generated or begotten. But the eternal Son has no beginning.

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There was not a day when He was begotten, He was not begotten in eternity, but He is eternally the Son as the Father is eternally the Father and the Holy Spirit is eternally the Holy Spirit. It is a contradiction in terms. Either God is eternal, or a part of the Godhead — forgive me to say so - is not eternal. He is the only Son, the only one of His kind, but He is the Son.

Was Jesus Created? Was He Begotten?

There is no subordination, absolutely not. It is only showing us the relationship. Now as to the time relationship He was "begotten. But in the eternal relationship there is no scripture which speaks of the act of begetting. It only states what He was as Son with the Father, "an only begotten"-"only begotten in the bosom of the Father" - not one who was "begotten. The term "firstborn" expresses His position in relation to the creature, without any question as to the time of His birth. It is, I believe, what He is simply, from eternity to eternity. In the use of the term "only begotten" John brings out two things - first, the glory of the Son; second God's love in giving His Son.

It surely does. It is equally plain that there was a special relationship between Isaac and Abraham which was unique, and belonged to no other son.

It is surely this unique relationship that the term "only-begotten" is used to express. While Scripture makes very plain that there are distinct Persons in the Godhead, it also shows that the Persons of the Godhead are not independent but related.


And, as with Abraham and Isaac, so with Divine Persons, the expression "only-begotten" is used to set forth the unique relationship eternally existing between the Son and the Father. The expression "only begotten" is a translation of the Greek word monogenes. This is derived from the Greek words monos , meaning only, or alone, and genos.

Genos occurs 21 times in the NT [ It is rendered "offspring" x3 , "born" x2 , and "generation" x1. But the Name "only begotten Son" cannot refer to the incarnation because this verse tells us that it was as the only begotten Son that He was sent from outside of the world into it. He was the only begotten Son before He came. What meaning then is to be attached to the expression "only begotten"? The word genos is also translated kind, kinds or kindred x8 and the writer believes this is its meaning here.

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The only begotten Son of God is of the same kind as God. He is of the same kind as God because He has the nature of God. And He is the only Son like this. We know that others are called sons of God. The question is what about Adam? Adam had no human father nor a human mother, and according to the Bible he too was the son of God.

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  • So Adam is also the son of God. They were a mere creation of God. The Holy Quran says in clear terms,. Jesus is the Christ is born of God Let us look at what the Bible says:. Exodus And I say unto thee, Let my son go, that he may serve me: and if thou refuse to let him go, behold, I will slay thy son, even thy firstborn. Psalms Also I will make him my firstborn, higher than the kings of the earth. In both Exodus and Psalms Israel and David, respectively, were regarded as the first born sons of God.

    This means that Jesus was not the only born son of God. Finally, there were many other people mentioned in the bible as sons of God, and one of them was Solomon:. I Chronicles Behold, a son shall be born to thee, who shall be a man of rest; and I will give him rest from all his enemies round about: for.

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