Discontent: A Deadly Weapon

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The defections did add a new wild card to a growing border standoff between Venezuela and Colombia, which has led Mr.

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Isacson said. The foreign minister of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, disputed that any more than a few dozen military members had crossed into Colombia this past weekend. Arreaza accused Colombian and American officials of having falsely reported far more defections and desertions as part of what he described as their agenda to topple Mr.

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Arreaza said. Maduro still has the loyalty of senior officers, whom his administration has courted with promotions and lucrative contracts.

The U.S Army's 4 Most Lethal Weapons Today

But the embarrassment of having scores of low- and middle-ranking security forces defect to the other side — many caught by Colombian news crews as they stumbled out of the bush with their hands raised in surrender — was not without political repercussions, said David Smilde, a sociologist who studies Venezuela at Tulane University. Smilde said. The scenes were also widely broadcast, which could encourage other defections. What he wants to do is kill the people.

The Dangerous Rise of Populism

Some of the scenes of desertions, witnessed by New York Times reporters during a battle between protesters and Venezuelan security forces on Saturday, reflected the volatility now common on the heavily militarized border. When a group of uniformed Venezuelan soldiers climbed out of a riverbed separating their country from Colombia in the middle of the afternoon, opposition protesters greeted them with a hail of stone — until they realized the soldiers were deserters, not assailants.

Then the crowd broke into cheers and began to assist them, carrying at least one man, who was badly wounded, into a nearby government building. Solano, the sergeant who escaped to Colombia this month, said he was part of a brief uprising at a military base in Caracas that took place in late January, just two days before Mr. The government claimed soldiers looted weapons and took a number of hostages; 27 of the dissidents were arrested. Among those who escaped was Mr. Most politicians who describe themselves as leaders stayed in the safety of their homes while the militants appeared to be in total control.

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Kashmir is on a short fuse with some striking resemblances to what was beginning to happen in Punjab several years ago. There is little doubt that violence must be contained by swift police action. But more important are the administrative and political steps to be taken immediately to ensure that rank and file Kashmiris are given a stake in the system and in India rather than in militancy and secessionism.

Discontent brewing in Kashmir for two years again finds expression in violence The discontent brewing in Kashmir for two years again found expression in violence.

Some Aid From Brazil Pierces Venezuela’s Blockade, but Deadly Violence Erupts

What is especially worrying about last fortnight's round of street-fighting between the police and secessionist militants is the use of automatic weapons by the latter and the support they are getting from the young. Srinagar riots.

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      Discontent: A Deadly Weapon Discontent: A Deadly Weapon
      Discontent: A Deadly Weapon Discontent: A Deadly Weapon
      Discontent: A Deadly Weapon Discontent: A Deadly Weapon
      Discontent: A Deadly Weapon Discontent: A Deadly Weapon
      Discontent: A Deadly Weapon Discontent: A Deadly Weapon
      Discontent: A Deadly Weapon Discontent: A Deadly Weapon
      Discontent: A Deadly Weapon Discontent: A Deadly Weapon

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