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NDR Documentary 1999: The Wreck Of The AMERICA ...

Und es weggeworfen habe. When i examine the wreck of what could have been. I am forced to face the illusion. Bin ich gezwungen der Illusion entgegenzutreten. When i examine the wrack of what could have been.

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I can come to just one conclusion. Kann ich nur zu einem Entschluss kommen. How could you? I guess i wanted it.

"Wrack" in English

Why would you? I guess I needed a change. Here's to the mistakes I've made. Here's to the ones you forgave.

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Here's to the demon that you love. On the lower part of the still existing frontal ladder these were welded outside for the towing of the ship , we see the painted "Prohibido el paso" - "entering prohibited" - that years later has already been eaten by rust and by the sea. We get to know the leader of the rescue center in Pajara , who tells in front of the camera that the wreck has taken several lives and that a number of visitors have to be picked up by helicopter - a long story from riptides and undercurrents through the broken stern which will be told in a couple of minutes The film also talks about the unbelievable story of the Greek Nicolas - called "El Greco" who obtained the wreck from the Ministry of Defence since he wanted to make the bow floatable again after scrapping the stern and to take it on tour through the Mediterranean harbors.

Since these plans were never realized, the rights were returned to the Ministry of Defence and only the rusty remainders of the containers on the cliff across the ship where we had our "final fiesta" remind on the activities of the "ominous" Greek The film crew wants to go on board of the wreck with the artist Klaus Behrends: In his latest project, Klaus Behrends wants to let the wreck shine again in her old glamour.

A lot of equipment has to be brought on board, among others, 90 spotlights and lamps, meter of cable, two generators weighing about 40 kg The government authorized this event which will be secured accordingly: The fire department and rescue swimmers from Pajara are available, a rubber boat with engine will be used as means of transportation and the whole event can only take place during favorable wind and weather conditions. After waiting for several weeks for the right opportunity, it is finally happening: The artist and the whole film crew enter the wreck via the 28 meters high outside ladder.

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We are shown various scenes from the four hours on board available to us until the tide sets in - despite the "good' condition of the wreck at the end of the nineties, it is an eerie scenario At the same time, we can see the remaining propeller of the two in the close-up photograph see photograph on the right above lying unchanged on the forecastle.

The other propeller was already lost during an unsuccessful "rescue" attempt by the locals. As we know today, the propeller shown in the documentary should stay on board for several more years. Only in April , it was swept into the ocean due to the considerable slant of the wreck The wreck is a gigantic discovery for the artist Klaus Behrends according to his own words and he wants to turn it into art through his light installment.

ISBN 13: 9783842405059

In the documentary, the remainders of the SS AMERICA shine like art in the surrounding darkness and to the sounds of a ghostly song - a real grandiose sight of the same masterpiece A last time, the ship should shine in her old grandeur, remind on the old times of the transatlantic crossings when luxury liners like the AMERICA competed with each other during their voyages between the Old and New World for the honor of the "Blue Riband" - when the voyage between Europe and America was calculated by the days at sea and not hours in the air - a time that will never return The album is being launched ahead of the final and streamed online by German tabloid Bild.

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Das Wrack (German Edition) Das Wrack (German Edition)
Das Wrack (German Edition) Das Wrack (German Edition)
Das Wrack (German Edition) Das Wrack (German Edition)
Das Wrack (German Edition) Das Wrack (German Edition)
Das Wrack (German Edition) Das Wrack (German Edition)
Das Wrack (German Edition) Das Wrack (German Edition)
Das Wrack (German Edition) Das Wrack (German Edition)
Das Wrack (German Edition) Das Wrack (German Edition)
Das Wrack (German Edition)

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