Das Gottesbild im Judentum (German Edition)

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The German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases DZNE examines the causes of diseases of the nervous system and develops respective measures for prevention, therapy and care. The GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research in Darmstadt uses a modern accelerator facility to do basic research in physics and also carries out biophysical and radiation medicine research. How does matter behave in strong fields and at small-scale dimensions? How can malignant tumours be identified at an early stage and treated effectively?

How can resources and energy be utilised in an efficient and safe manner? The researchers at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf are seeking to answer these questions. The UFZ aims to research the interactions between humans and environment in impacted and damaged landscapes. Concepts and processes developed by the UFZ aim to help secure the natural foundations of life for following generations. How will we get our energy in the future? How can we master the threat of climate change? And how can medicine help us respond to demographic change?

Researchers at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht Centre for Materials and Coastal Research are developing concepts that will provide answers to these questions. Helmholtz Centre Potsdam combines all solid earth science fields including geodesy, geology, geophysics, mineralogy and geochemistry, in a multidisciplinary research centre. It gradually became infused into the blood of the whole nation and occupied a permanent space in a German history. In a sense the vernacular Bible also empowered and liberated all Protestants who had access to it.

The existence of the translation was a public affirmation of reform, such as might deprive any elite or priestly class of exclusive control over words, as well as over the word of God. In some major controversies of the time, even some evangelicals, let alone the commoners, did not understand the reasons for disagreement; and Luther wanted to help those who were confused to see that the disagreement between himself and the Roman Catholic Church was real and had significance.

So translation of the Bible would allow the common people to become aware of the issues at hand and develop an informed opinion. In this sense, Luther's vernacular Bible acted as a force towards the liberation of the German people. The combination of Luther's social teachings and the vernacular Bible undoubtedly had a role in the slow emancipation of western European society from a long phase of clerical domination. He had claimed Holy Scripture to be the sole authority, and through his translation every individual would be able to abide by its authority, and might nullifying his or her need for a monarchical pope.

Although not as significantly as on German linguistics, Luther's Bible also made a large impression on educational reform throughout Germany. Luther's goal of a readable, accurate translation of the Bible became a stimulus towards universal education, since everyone should be able to read in order to understand the Bible. Thus his vernacular Bible could become a means of establishing a form of law, order and morality which everyone could abide by, if all could read and understand it.

The possibility of understanding the vernacular Bible allowed Luther to found a State Church and educate his followers into a law-abiding community. Finally, Luther's translated Bible also had international significance in the spread of Christianity.

Luther's translation influenced the English translations by William Tyndale and Myles Coverdale who in turn inspired many other translations of the Bible such as the Bishops' Bible of , the Douay—Rheims Bible of —, and the King James Version of In a metaphor, it was Luther who 'broke the walls' of translation in western Europe and once such walls had fallen, the way was open to all, including some who were quite opposed to Luther's beliefs.

The worldwide implications of the translation far surpassed the expectations of even Luther himself. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Luther Bible Martin Luther's bible. Deuterocanonical books Prayer of Manasseh. Lutheran Several Reformed churches. Genesis —3. Am anfang schuff Gott Himel vnd Erden. John Canons and books. Tanakh Torah Nevi'im Ketuvim. Christian biblical canons. Deuterocanon Antilegomena. Authorship and development. Authorship Dating Hebrew canon. Pauline epistles Petrine epistles. Translations and manuscripts. Biblical studies. Hermeneutics Pesher Midrash Pardes.

Allegorical interpretation Literalism. Gnostic Islamic Qur'anic. Inerrancy Infallibility. In Georg Loesche ed. Prague: J. Calvesche k. Hof- u. Die Professores hatten bey sich jre Rabinen, D. He also always carried the Hebrew text with him. Before the meetings, everyone of them studied the text that was to be translated, to discuss the translation of the Greek and Latin version along with the Hebrew exegesis.

Hebrew text with commentaries in Judeo-German. Judeo-German literature. No copies on OCLC. Wear to boards, internal rag paper and binding remain in Very Good Condition. Wien [Vienna]: Druk fon A. Della Torre, Cloth, 8vo, x, , pages. Karaitic literature -- History and criticism. Ex-Jewish library with minimal markings. Boards and backstrip detached but present. Zultsbakh Sulzbach , Repentance -- Judaism -- Prayer-books and devotions. Lacks outer binding, edgewear to leaves, on final leaf only extending into a bit of the text, but with no loss.

Rag paper has held up very well, easily rebound or used as is. Karlsru Karlsruhe : Quarter-Leather, Large 8vo, 96 leaves. OCLC lists no copies, but lists a single copy which is identical except that it has 90 instead of 96 leaves Harvard, perhaps an error? An absolutely beautiful copy, embossed with previous owner's name in front in gold. Leipzig: J. Hinrichs, Xi, pages. Marbled boards, edges, and endpapers. Index and notes. Dalman was a German theologian, philologist, and Palestinologist. Boards scuffed and edgeworn; most of backstrip not present.

Binding tight; interior of book in very good condition. Strassburg: Karl J. Spattered edges. In German, Hebrew, and Greek. Hebrew language -- Foreign words and phrases. Stamped "Boaz Cohen" on verso of title page. Cohen was an American rabbinic scholar who taught at the Jewish Theological Seminary; he was "one of the first American-educated scholars to make significant contributions to the scientific study of rabbinic literature.

His Kunteres ha-Teshuvot , an annotated bibliography of the rabbinic responsa of the Middle Ages, was one of the first attempts to classify and describe the responsa literature and has remained a standard reference work. Wien: Eigenverlag des verfassers, Cloth, Small 8vo, ii, pages.

In Hebrew and Aramaic with German on title page only. Aramaic language -- Dictionaries. Talmud -- Dictionaries. OCLC lists 14 copies worldwide. Some rubbing to boards, title page repaired, about Very Good Condition. Leiden: Late E. Brill, In German, English and Arabic.

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Ex-library with usual marks. Backstrip is slightly worn in some places. Norman Brown, of the American Oriental Society, are penciled on the front endpaper. Underlining on pages at the beginning of book. Water damage to edges of pages and covers but text is easy to read. Some chipping to rear pages, Good condition overall. Seligmann , editor. Lipsiae: ex officina Bernhardi Tauchnitz, Cloth, 8vo, viii, 96 single-sided leaves. Baer ; Praefatus est edendi operis adjutor Fr.

Some wear to boards, Good Condition. Cloth; 4to. List of abbreviations laid in. Series: Handbuch zum Alten Testament, hrg. Von Otto Eissfeltd; 1. Reihe, 3. Not in Wassermann? A Nazi-era Jewish publication. Exodus -- Commentaries. Beer was a German professor and scholar.

Boards warped. Breslau, H. Skutsch, Paper Wrappers, Front cover detached. Signitures of pages essentially unbound; 8vo; 55 pages; Rear page clipped, but appears to be no text loss. Small library stamp on copyright page. Cloth; large 8vo.

  1. The Dark Lady;
  2. Moslem : German » English | PONS;
  3. International Council of Christians and Jews.

Decorative end papers; marbled boards and edges. Volume 5 only of a 7-volume set. His Randglossen zur hebraeischen Bibel 7 vols. Only rarely does he comment on aspects dealt with by the 'higher criticism. His comments, which are distinguished by their originality, at times have the quality of homiletics and are derived from Ehrlich's innovating spirit; yet through his sound linguistic instinct and fine linguistic differentiations he succeeded in illuminating and explaining, with great acumen and profundity, many verses and linguistic usages.

Ehrlich's exegetical work is an important contribution to modern biblical exegesis. Hebrew -- Criticism, interpretation, etc. Owner inscribed on flyleaf. Lacks front cover and backstrip.

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Damp stained; pages wrinkled. Endpapers chipped and torn. Large 8vo. Decorative end papers; marbled edges. Volume 4 only of a 7-volume set. Lacks covers. Endpapers chipped. Volume 2 only of a 7-volume set. Damp stained; pages wrinkled and soiled. First signature detached but present.

Series: Handbuch zum Alten Testament; 1. Reihe, Ezekiel -- Commentaries. Replaces in this series: Bertholet, Alfred. Hesekiel Dampstained; cover discolored. Slight wrinkling to some pages. Biblical Archaeology. Bible -- Dictionaries. Two columns to the page. Issued in 3 parts, Galling was a German Biblical scholar. Backstrip not present. Hinges starting. Berlin: Itzkowski, Half cloth; 8vo. Two volumes bound together. Hoffmann was a rabbi and biblical and talmudic scholar.

After Hildesheimer's death in Hoffmann was appointed rector of the Seminary. He was member and later chairman of the bet din of the Adass Yisroel congregation in Berlin. Toward the end of his life he was regarded as the supreme halakhic authority of German Orthodox Jewry and was inundated by questions in halakhah from most of the German rabbis.

Pentateuch -- Criticism, interpretation, etc. Wrappers; 12mo. First Edition thus. Decorative covers. Illustrated with woodcuts. Volume I of a 4-volume set. Contents: 1. For Judaic Studies, Utexas, Univ. Library Amsterdam. Leaves loose in wraps; edges and corners chipped; paper very dark and brittle. Fair condition. Paper Wrappers, Later paper wrappers, 8vo, pages. Light wear, good condition. Breslau: Th. Schatzsky, Half Cloth. Eduyyot-Criticism, Interpretation; Mishnah. Lower right corner of cover missing. Colored endpapers. Binding slightly shaken.

In Good Condition. Bonn: Peter Hanstein, Viii, 76 pages. Song of Solomon -- Criticism, interpretation, etc. Boards soiled. Interior has damp stain, confined for the most part to the top edge of pages. Leaves a bit wrinkled. Vienna [Wien]: Gedruckt bei Adalbert della Torre, Half-Leather, Small 8vo, 11, leaves.

Psalms - Commentaries. Mishpat tsedek. Paper foxed with repair to title page, but also very solid. Good Condition. Frankfurt: I. Two foldout maps. Bibliographical annotations; several indices. Obermeyer was a Bavarian scholar, traveller, and teacher. Babylonia -- Historical geography. Iraq -- Historical geography. Front wrapper detached but present.

Wrappers and backstrip chipped. Volume has split into two pieces. Interior otherwise very clean and tight; text in very good condition. Leipzig: Gustav Engel, X, pages. Includes Wortindex. Perles was a German-born rabbi and scholar, son of Joseph Perles. OCLC lists 21 copies worldwide. Versos blank. In English. Offprint from Revue des Etudes Juives, T. LXXIV, n. In French. Book review.

Inscribed on title page by the editor. Backstrip not present; many leaves detached. Pages very dark, brittle, and chipped, with some wrinkling. Text unaffected. One flyleaf has some bibliographical annotations. Giessen: J. Ricker, Vii, pages. Edition: Zweite umgearbeitete und sehr vermehrte Auflage. Includes bibliographical references, a glossary, and indexes.

Schrader was a German orientalist. Newer binding; very tight. Title page and three leaves following are in facsimile. Soil to edges. Pages dark. Except as noted, very good condition. Breslau: Schletter, Xiii, 63 pages. Marbled boards and edges; decorative endpapers. In Hebrew, with preface in German. OCLC lists no copies worldwide of this edition.

Bookplate on inside cover of Max D. Damp stain visible near spine; otherwise, very good condition. Liepzig: B. Teubner, Bound with K. Schwally was a German orientalist who held the chair for Semitic languages at the University of Giessen. Genesis -- Criticism, interpretation, etc. Damp stained; cover warped; corners worn. Leaves wrinkled with some damp stains. Berlin: M. Poppelauer, This volume is a revised reprint of an article which appeared with the same title in the journal Ost und West, May Wraps detached but present; edges and corners chipped.

Outer leaf is soiled. Vollers was a German orientalist. God Judaism -- Name. Xvi, pages. Bibliographical annotations; index; errata. Westphal was a lecturer at the University of Marburg. Attractive bookplate on inside front cover. Some edgewear; minor soiling. Page preceding title page has a 2-inch tear at top and bottom.

Overall very good condition. Joel -- Commentaries. Errata slip laid in. Xxiv, pages. Translation and commentary. Winter was a German rabbi and scholar. The work became a standard reference book on post-biblical Jewish literature. Dampstained; leaves wrinkled, with some chipping. Title page detached but present. Leipzig: M.


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Herausgegeben von der Grossloge X. Corrections at end. Ziegler was a Slovakian scholar and liberal rabbi of Carlsbad, where he accomplished a great deal for the Jewish community. Ziegler sympathized with Zionism. Title Subject: Bible. Original binding. Cover soil and edgewear; otherwise, very good condition. Decorative boards; marbled edges.

Germany and France: Innovation for the Future of Europe

Volume I of a 3-volume set. Vom abschluss der Mischna bis zum tode Jochanans bis nach der gew. Bacher was a Hungarian rabbi and Semitic scholar. Above all, he was one of the first scholars to engage in the scientific study of aggadah and Midrash. Cover scuffed and edgeworn; backstrip peeling. Pages very dark and brittle; otherwise good condition. Berlin: Georg Reimer, Ix, pages. Bergmann was a Berlin rabbi and author who emigrated to Israel when the Nazis seized power in In this work he describes the self-defense of Palestinian Judaism against emerging Christianity.

Nazi-era Jewish imprint. Not the far more common Schocken Verlag edition. Wassermann lists the Schocken Edition Nr. Illustrated with diagrams and a map. Four appendices chronology, documentation, etc. Bickermann was an American author, historian, and educator. Scuffed and edgeworn; corners bumped. Hinges weak. Some marginalia in pencil. A letter dated and other personal notes laid in. Berlin: Schocken Verlag, Glatzer, a German Jew, headed the University of Frankfort's department of Jewish philosophy and ethics until when he left Germany for Israel, where he worked in Haifa.

This work was his doctoral dissertation in which he "maintained that the rabbis of the first and second centuries C. Retained their faith in the God of history in the face of apocalyptic tendencies and the consequent denigration of this world. Gilt lettering on binding. Slight chipping to front endpaper. Overall in Very Good Condition. Leipzig: Oskar Leiner, Xiv, , xxvi, [25] pages. Addenda and indices at end. Von r. Joseph ha Cohen. On recto of added title page: Schriften hrsg. Jahr: The book, which is a martyrology from beginning to end, closes with the 24th of Tammuz, The author's moderation and self-control are admirable.

His work is valuable also on account of its brilliant narrative, excellent characterization, and fine Biblical style. Having lived in Italy from his childhood and become acquainted with persons prominent politically, he is a valuable source for the history of his time; concerning many events, he had closely examined competent witnesses.

He also mentions a number of important facts ignored by other historians. Rebound; binding tight; cover in excellent condition. Dampstain to lower edge of leaves. Title page wrinkled and soiled. Bit of marginalia in pencil. Gilt bands and titles; marbled boards. Cover badly worn; backstrip peeling. Hinges nearly gone; first few leaves detached but present.

Krauss was a Hungarian historian, philologist, and Talmudic scholar, and a prolific author. Marcus Aurelius, Emperor of Rome, Boards not present. Dampstained; pages wrinkled, with some faint stains in margin. Chip to inside corners of last two leaves. Few tears. First thus. Lewin was a German historian and rabbi.

Lewin's numerous studies on local history appeared in learned and regional periodicals. Rebound; boards clean and binding tight. Bit of edgewear.

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  • Pages brown; otherwise, very good condition. Breslau, L. Marcus, Paper Wrappers, Front cover detached but present. Heft 1 only. Das Ermittlungsverfahren gegen eine des Ehebruchs verdachtigte. Mose 5, in der tannaitischen Literatur. Bibliography: v. Greifswald: L. Bamberg, Wellhausen was a German Semitist. In this work "he followed mainly Josephus and the New Testament in his description of the two parties and their relationship. He then turned to the tradition concerning the beginnings of Ancient Israel Wellhausen was not only a penetrating analyst, but also an excellent writer.

    Dampstained; cover warped and discolored. Leaves wrinkled. Title page nearly detached. Berlin, M. Gesamtverzeic hnis , CLX. Xviii, 74 pages. Ya'kub on the first four books of Moses, composed in the fifteenth or sixteenth century and now preserved only in a modern copy at Berlin.

    The author is in an unusual degree typically Samaritan in his exegesis, carefully avoiding anthropomorphisms, pointing out the errors of Jewish teachers, and losing no opportunity of glorifying his own people and their traditions. His Arabic is of the half-vulgar kind habitually employed by Samaritan writers.

    Hanover's edition of this commentary on Leviticus is an improvement on an earlier edition by Klumel. Front hinge gone. Pages wrinkled with some faint dampstains. Leipzig: O. Leiner, Neubauer discovered manuscripts in the Karaite temple in Jerusalem during a trip with the Austro-Hungarian consulate. He published his findings two years later in this volume EJ.

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    Damage to binding but text in very good condition. Overall good condition.

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    Boards; 8vo. Title page in Arabic and Hebrew on verso. In German and Arabic. First edition thus. Introduction and notes. Ruth -- Commentaries. Hinrich, Bacher was a Czech-born rabbi and scholar who taught biblical exegesis, Midrash, homiletics and Hebrew poetry and grammar at the rabbincal seminary in Budapest, which he also headed for a large part of his life. He was a consultant for the Jewish Encyclopedia written from and also contributed to it.

    This work is the second volume of a two part series and focuses on the exegesis of the Palestinian and Babylonian amoraim Moshe Nahum Zobel, EJ. Binding has been reinforced. Colored patterned endpapers. Slight wear to bottom of binding. Cloth, 8vo, 79 pages. Spine repaired, Good Condition.

    Geneva: Migdal, Paper Wrappers, 12mo, 96 pages. Hermann Cohen was well-known for his work on Kant which were later known as the Marburg School of neo-Kantianism. OCLC lists 24 copies worldwide.

    Das Gottesbild im Judentum (German Edition) Das Gottesbild im Judentum (German Edition)
    Das Gottesbild im Judentum (German Edition) Das Gottesbild im Judentum (German Edition)
    Das Gottesbild im Judentum (German Edition) Das Gottesbild im Judentum (German Edition)
    Das Gottesbild im Judentum (German Edition) Das Gottesbild im Judentum (German Edition)
    Das Gottesbild im Judentum (German Edition) Das Gottesbild im Judentum (German Edition)
    Das Gottesbild im Judentum (German Edition) Das Gottesbild im Judentum (German Edition)
    Das Gottesbild im Judentum (German Edition) Das Gottesbild im Judentum (German Edition)

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