Candy Apple #28: Winner Takes All

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How will it be used? Go back. You are now registered! Why sign up? Preview the latest newsletters here. No thanks. I'll browse the site or choose my avatar. Are you sure you don't want to finish? You're almost done! I'll sign up later. It was also featured on the soundtrack of The Fighting Temptations. Thompson was first diagnosed with cancer in He was a resident of Richmond, Virginia and died of cancer on October 10, , after a long battle with a rare gastrointestinal stromal tumor.


He was From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Robbin Thompson. Richmond Times-Dispatch. Retrieved January 10, August 29, Retrieved January 9, August 28, The Progress-Index. Petersburg, VA. Capital News Service. March 30, I find all three to be temperamental at times. Sometimes I can't get the coating to stick to the apple--it wants to slide off.

And I wind up with a naked apple sitting in a puddle. Definitely do as suggested above--make a big test batch. See how long it takes, how much it costs, and how successful you are. Don't underestimate the amount of time it will take to make and wrap apples. And they will use more coating than you think they will. Good luck. Thanks K8 for the links I'm not sure yet I never thought that the coating might not stick Oh great..

I really need to think this one over And with the caramel too, the caramel starts to slide off after a day - so youmight want to play around with candy melts instead of caramel - and see if that sticks. Let me make a suggestion, if candy slides off the apple, it's cause apples come covered in a lite coating of wax.

You can gently scrub this off time consuming or get organic apples that don't come covered in wax. Candy melts just don't taste as good as real chocolate. I saw the headline and immediately thought of caramel apples lol Dont' put chocolate on them that wouldn't be good with the candy apples. However, it would be so cool to dye the candy to a color that matched the wedding. Just an idea!

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As I tell my brides If you have the time, then you can do a lot yourself and save money. I'd be much happier to pay the extra money so I don't have to pick my own! Not an outdoor person I am not going to be one of those little old ladies who likes to "putter around" in the flowerbeds.

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My retirement will be spent in a condo with no yard and no flowerbed! Me too I hate gardening and the plants seem to hate me also I live in Alberta All the fruit trees grow in BC so I'm outta luck in picking my own. What about using the "baby" apples? I don't know if your stores sell them, but ours have mini apples, maybe a bit bigger than a golf ball. Cake maker..

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Thanks for the price tips!!! I have never seen mini apples That would be good for my kids since they never fully eat a standard apple. I usually put them in the apple box buy them online. Do you know how hard it is to get caramel and the red candy dip to the right temperature and consistency?! It is not easy and I use large apples because it's harder for the stick to stay in regular sized apples. You also have to get the wax off the apple or your candy won't stick.

Scholastic A Candy Apple # Winner Takes All - Redlily

You can use vinegar, rub it with dry dish rag a long time , or buy the veggie wash easiest. I find the best apples are at the flea markets do you have any there? Every year for work I make about caramel and candy apples to sell at out community Halloween event. If you just search the web for "Candy apple supplies" you should be able to find lost of places to get the sticks, mix and wrap or boxes to put the apples in.

I cant remember off hand where I ordered everything from last year- But I remember that it all came as a kit- sticks mix and wraps. Good Luck! My friend makes gourmet carmel apples - in tons of different flavors.

Candy Apple #28: Winner Takes All Candy Apple #28: Winner Takes All
Candy Apple #28: Winner Takes All Candy Apple #28: Winner Takes All
Candy Apple #28: Winner Takes All Candy Apple #28: Winner Takes All
Candy Apple #28: Winner Takes All Candy Apple #28: Winner Takes All
Candy Apple #28: Winner Takes All Candy Apple #28: Winner Takes All

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