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Kosek further demonstrates how movements to protect forests from degradation and pollution draw on national metaphors surrounding the racial contamination of pure, white bodies including the national body politic and unsoiled bloodlines.

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He notes that looking at the forest conflicts in this way—through the analytic of governmentality—helps break up the simplistic characterization of power as a binary of domination and resistance. The governmentalization of the state, he argues, arises out of this productive and contradictory constellation of relations and forces in nature.

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The creation of subjects and objects of governance are contradictory and inconsistent, forming strange, sometimes elusive, and sometimes surprisingly enduring couplings and relations. What is clear is that there is no singular force or source of power and definitive site or population of resistance.

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These acts of contestation over the forest are [much more about] unlikely couplings, contradictory formations of nature and subjectivities, personal commitments and passions [than they] are about any monolithic state force or innate cultural tendency toward resistance.

Finally, in thinking about my own research, an interesting parallel is the paradoxical relationship between dispossession or memories of dispossession and how this strengthens notions of place and territoriality.

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Understories (Paperback)

Bookmark the permalink. Search for:. In both environments, the microclimate was monitored through collecting data on the following variables: maximum, minimum and average air temperature, air thermal amplitude and vapor pressure deficit. The microclimate was monitored daily during four seasons: early rainy season, late rainy season, early dry season and late dry season, between December and November Vegetation coverage was the most important factor to soften maximum and average air temperature in the understories.

Lower values of meteorological variables were observed in the mango orchard understory, especially during late rainy season and late dry season, except for minimum air temperature, which was lower in the understory of the degraded area, especially during the late rainy season.

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The microclimate in the understory differed between both environments, and mango orchards may ameliorate the understory microclimate more efficiently than degraded areas; therefore, the mango orchard can be used as an alternative for the rehabilitation of degraded areas. Open Journal Systems. Journal Help.

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