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Heart of Life/Coeur de la vie: Day/Jour III

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Heart of Life/Coeur de la vie: Day/Jour II

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Psychoanalytikerinnen. Biografisches Lexikon

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An Application to Human Geography. Application to wind turbine monitoring. She stated that pedagogy which bases on psychoanalysis must end up in a blind alley, because the position of a child analyst is not compatible with that of a pedagogue. The latter cannot represent a neutral mirror, for he always has - consciously or unconsciously - an educational intention. Unlike the pedagogue, a psychoanalyst has no certainties or solutions to offer, unless it is the realization of an indelible lack and thus the liberation from depending on the look of the Other.

Well known are Millot's theses on transsexuality. In her essay on transsexuality, Horsexe , she maintains that a woman's transsexuality reveals a hysterical process, while a man's transsexuality bases on a psychotic identification with the ideal woman, i. Further subjects of Catherine Millot's work are the conditions of literary creativity as well as perversion or homosexuality in the literature. Beside her books she published numerous articles in the Lacanian journals Sicilet and Ornicar?

Stein in the Seminar of Jacques Lacan, which was the beginning of her theoretical examination of femininity. In it, Montrelay takes up the s Freud-Jones controversy about femininity from a structural psychoanalytic perspective and sketches her concept of a precocious "concentric" circular oral-anal-vaginal femininity. She shows that the girl, in contrast to the boy, cannot differentiate herself from the body of the mother, because the real of the maternal body remains present in her own body.

Thus the symbolic castration i. The result is a concentric psychic economy, which is, according to Montrelay, characterized by idle representations and plenitude in the real. The privileged relationship of women to the body however implies also a frightening too great closeness to the objects. The women's access to symbolization depends on the transition into the phallocentric economy by substituting the phallic signifier for the concentric representatives.

Thus femininity is repressed and can be symbolized. In Lacan forbade her to conduct a seminar on male sexuality at his institute at the University of Vincennes, declaring that if women are not entirely governed by the phallic function, they can have nothing to say about it. She is married, has three children and lives in Paris. Sophie Morgenstern, one of the pioneering figures of child psychoanalysis in France, was born into a Jewish family in Grodno in Poland.

She was married to Abraham Morgenstern, her daughter Laure was born in She held the position from until her death in Like Anna Freud , she believed that children's neurosis had the same structure and the same origins as those of adults. She stressed that the children's drawings gave the analyst access to their unconscious and psychic conflicts in a similar way as the dreams and free associations of an adult would do - an insight less familiar at her time than nowadays. The symbolic sense of the imaginative creations of the child was the subject of her main work Psychanalyse infantile , published in and dedicated to her daughter Laure.

Laure Morgenstern had died during an operation in , and Sophie Morgenstern never got over the loss of her only child. On 13 June she committed suicide, one day before German troops entered Paris. Marie Moscovici was the daughter of Jewish-Polish parents who immigrated to France shortly before her birth.

The family survived the German occupation under a false name. She was working as a sociological research intern at the Centre national de la recherche scientifique CNRS in Paris, when she married Serge Moscovici , a Romanian-Jewish social psychologist with whom she had two sons. Their eldest son Pierre, later a well-known politician, was born in In Marie Moscovici graduated with a thesis about social change and family organisation.

The concept of inactuality, understood as the continuance of a past event in the unconscious, was one of the main subjects of Marie Moscovici's writings. Referring to Sigmund Freud's thoughts about murder, war and violence, she explored the inscription of historical events into individual histories and its unconscious transmission from one generation to the next.

In the s Gisela Pankow converted to Catholicism. After giving a series of conferences in Australia and spending a year of research and teaching in the United States, she returned to Paris in Gisela Pankow's main area of interest was the analysis of psychosis. According to Pankow the body image serves two symbolic functions: The first ensures the recognition of spatial and formal structure incorporating a dialectic of inside and outside, and part and whole , the second involves the content and meaning of that structure.

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Thus the body image is the basis of the ego and its relation to the other. The body image of a psychotic is disturbed. It is radically dissociated in "nuclear psychoses" schizophrenia with disturbances of the first function, whereas in "marginal psychoses" hysterical psychoses , which concern the second function, the body image is only partially affected. The objective of the cure is the restoration of the symbolic structures of the body image through a reintegration of the excluded.

For this purpose Gisela Pankow introduced her original technique involving modelling clay as a mediating element. Her study L'ordinaire du psychosomaticien is considered as an eminent contribution to the psychosomatic metapsychology. Catherine Parat's work centres on masochism, female sexuality, and the importance of the affect. Best known is Catherine Parat's conception of "basic transference" "transfert de base" , designating the patient's spontaneous positive cathexis of the person of the analyst. Parat stressed the kinship between such a transference cathexis and Sigmund Freud's narcissistic object-choice.

Based on a Kleinian approach, Catherine Parat stated a normal feminine masochistic move at the time of the Oedipus complex. According to Parat, femininity is achieved when the girl adopts actively the passive or receptive aim, thus diverting earlier active sadistic impulses directed toward the father's penis. The French psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Ginette Raimbault, born in Belfort Algiers as the daughter of a teacher, passed her childhood in Algeria.

After receiving a M. While studying medicine, she trained as a psychoanalyst and underwent training analysis with Jacques Lacan. Ginette Raimbault took up her psychiatric training with Jenny Aubry , with whom she worked together for about twenty years. In she attended Balint's seminar at the Tavistock Clinic in London and subsequently started, along with her husband, one of the first Balint groups in France.

In she received her licence as a psychiatrist. Ginette Raimbault's main area of interest is the psychology of the ill child. She was working with dying children in the nephrology clinic of the Hopital des Enfants-Malades in Paris since and published several books on themes like mourning, illness and death from the point of view of children and parents. Ginette Raimbault was suffering from Alzheimer's and died at the age of 89 in Paris. Blanche Reverchon, born in Paris, studied philosophy and medicine and later specialised in neurology under Joseph Babinski. She practised as a psychiatrist in Geneva, when she met the poet Pierre Jean Jouve in In they settled in Paris and were married in After visiting Sigmund Freud in Vienna, who obviously encouraged her to become an analyst, she continued her psychoanalytic training supervised by Rudolph Loewenstein.

At the time of the split, Reverchon-Jouve, although a physician herself, was one of the opponents of the medicalization of psychoanalytic training.

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Blanche Reverchon-Jouve introduced her husband to psychoanalysis and supplied him with the clinical material from her psychoanalytic practice, which he transformed to his novels about mad women. His novel Vagadu , for instance, is drawn from his wife's analyses with Sokolnicka and Loewenstein and from the case history of Mademoiselle H.

Blanche Reverchon-Jouve's analysands were mainly wealthy patients and artists, among them the Belgian author and psychotherapist Henry Bauchau, who depicted her as "Sybille" in his first novel La dechirure. She was born in Paris as the daughter of the psychoanalyst Jenny Aubry and her first husband Alexander Roudinesco.

Her father was an immigrated Romanian-Jewish physician, who had converted to Catholicism. She was a member of the EPF until Lacan dissolved his school in During the same time she was a member of the KPF. Some of her most important books are a history of psychoanalysis in France, the biography of Jacques Lacan and a dictionary of psychoanalysis with Michel Plon. Monique Schneider was born in Mirecourt in Lorraine.

At the beginning of her teaching career she suffered from insomnia caused by diabolical phantasmas from her childhood, which led to her first analysis. Monique Schneider works at the intersections of psychoanalysis, cultural critique, and philosophy. She has been concerned with questions of trauma, the status of constructions of sexual difference in social discourse and practices of exclusion by psychoanalysis as a patriarchal theory. Patriarchal metaphors reduce masculinity to phallic symbols of verticality by excluding a devaluated feminine, which is associated with uncontrollability.

The result of this is a gap between a man's representation of pleasure as a conquest and his experience of it as an absence of mastery. This "supplementary room" allows another symbolism of femininity than the devaluating phallic metaphor of the feminine sex as a cavity. She came from a cultivated Jewish family that had fought for the liberation of Poland. Her mother Paulina Flejszer played such an important role in the uprising that she was honoured with a state funeral.

Eugenia Kutner's father, Maurycy Kutner, was a banker. She returned with him to Warsaw and was married in After Jung's break with Sigmund Freud she choose the Freudian camp and went to Vienna to have a three months long analysis with Freud in She attended the sessions of the Wiener Psychoanalytische Vereinigung and became a member in During this period she separated from her husband. According to Ferenczi, Sokolnicka showed feelings of superiority as well as symptoms of paranoia and depressive tendencies accompanied by suicide threats. But Ferenczi also vaunted her capacity as an analyst.

Sokolnicka's analysis with Ferenczi was obviously more successful than that with Freud, who did not like her very much. In she returned to Paris to found the psychoanalytic movement in France as Freud's legitimate representative. In it he referred to Sokolnicka's famous healing of a childhood obsessional neurosis , which he turned into an abject failure.

During a six-week analysis Sokolnicka revealed the sexual implication of the boy's symptoms, which disappeared after that. This rapid cure encouraged Sokolnicka to create a minimal analysis, which sees as its end the disappearance of symptoms, while a maximal analysis includes the freeing of the ability to love and the avoidance of repetition. She set up in private practice, but her clientele diminished over the years. In the beginning of the s she played no longer an important role in the French psychoanalytic movement. Poverty, growing depressions, the threat from Nazism in Germany and a sense of rootlessness weighed on her and, in , she took her own life.

When Hitler came to power, her father Heinrich Stern, a Jewish-German psychiatrist and Marxist, emigrated with his family to France in Anne-Lise Stern began to study medicine, but in she was arrested and deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau. From there she was sent to Bergen-Belsen, Raguhn and Theresienstadt. She survived the concentration camp and returned to France in Inspired by the student movement, she participated from to in the Laboratoire de psychanalyse in Paris for the treatment of patients without means, financed with German reparation money. From to she was appointed as a psychotherapist in the department for drug addicts led by Claude Olievenstein at the Marmottan hospital.

The upsurge of Holocaust negationism in France caused Anne-Lise Stern to establish a seminar in , where actual contemporary documents and its relations to the Holocaust were discussed. In she moved to Paris, where she trained and worked as a chemical technical assistant. In the beginning of the s she studied psychology at the Sorbonne, received a bachelor's degree in and then worked as a psychological counsellor in nursery schools. In she met the Hungarian-Jewish philosopher and analyst Nicolas Abraham , who became her companion.

Torok and Abraham developed a phenomenological psychoanalysis and taught it in a seminar they led together from to in Paris. Originating in the work of Ferenczi, they conceived their theory of the "crypt" and the "phantom", in order to explain the psychopathogenic potential of unspoken secrets and traumas transmitted to the next generation.

Those unbearable experiences are removed from associative links to the rest of psychic life by "preservative repression" and entombed in a "crypt" that functions within the ego as a false unconscious. The children, who unwittingly inherit the secret of their parents by "endocryptic indentification", are haunted by phantoms which cause great disruption in their psychic life.

In her well-noticed essay The illness of mourning and the fantasy of the exquisite corpse Maria Torok described the "illness of mourning" as an effect of unspoken "incorporations" with traumatic effects, by which a subject tries to regain a lost or prohibited object through the magic of hallucinatory. In contrast to the introjection that allows a process of mourning, the incorporation blocks the libidinal cathexis of new objects and thus the psychic development.

Sympathizing with Jacques Derrida's approach of deconstruction, Maria Torok wrote numerous articles for the journal Confrontation. Like Ferenczi she championed a closer contact with the patient, a position that upset her fellow members of the SPP. She made an important contribution to the critic of Freud's concept of femininity with her early paper The meaning of the "penis envy" in women , where she stressed the symptomatic character of the penis envy: The "false" wish for an idealized penis is a defence against masturbatory fantasies by which the girl appropriates the position of her mother.

In Maria Torok began to collaborate with Nicholas Rand, an American analyst and professor of French literature, whom she married in She died from leukaemia at the age of Nathalie Zaltzman was born in Paris as the only daughter of Russian-Jewish immigrants. Her family survived the Second World War hidden in the south of France.

Nathalie's father Abram Zaltzman, who had been a lawyer in St. Petersburg, owned a papeterie in Paris and a large private library. They divorced in , a year after their son Alexis was born. Her training analyst was Serge Leclaire. Beginning in , Nathalie Zaltzman occupied several positions in the group and was elected President in From to she was an influential member of the editorial committee of the group's journal Topique , where most of her texts were published. Her main interest centered on the effects of the psychoanalytic cure and the connection between individual and collective destinies.

She renewed Sigmund Freud's notion of "Kulturarbeit" cultural work as a basis of psychoanalytic healing. For Zaltzman cultural work means an intrapsychic and trans-individual process that modifies individual development and the evolution of human beings in general. Starting again from the idea of cultural work, Nathalie Zaltzman examined in her book L'esprit du mal the dimensions of evil as an unevolving constant of the human condition and the concept of a "crime against humanity".

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Paris [Freud oder Reich? Psychoanalyse und Illusion. Psychoanalysis and Illusion. Die psychoanalytische Theorie Janine Chasseguet-Smirgels. Eine kritische Rekonstruktion. Stumm et al. Maryse Choisy Link to a photo of Maryse Choisy. Un mois chez les filles. Paris [In den Tiefen von Paris.

Leipzig ; A Month among the Girls. New York ] Un mois chez les hommes. Paris [A Month among the Men. New York ] L'amour dans les prisons. Paris Dames seules Cahier Gay Kitch Camp No. Paris Symboles et mythes. Genf Qu'est-ce que la psychanalyse? Paris Psychanalyse et catholicisme. Paris Le scandale de l'amour. Paris Qu'est-ce qu'ils en feront? Ruitenbeek Hg. Bloc-notes Nr. Opladen Sigmund Freud.

A New Appraisal. Genf Exercices de yoga. Genf Mes enfances. Genf Sur le chemin de Dieu, on rencontre d'abord le diable. London Cosnier, Jacqueline: Choisy, Maryse. In Dictionnaire international de la psychanalyse. Jaccard: Histoire de la psychanalyse, vol. Chicago ]. Evolution Psychiatrique 52 4 , , Mythe et biographie. RFP 52 1 , , De la psychocritique au contre-texte.

Paris and Jeannine Kalmanovitch Le paradoxe de Winnicott. Paris [Winnicott and Paradox. From Birth to Creation. Le Populaire, Bulletin de psychologie 5 Nr. Jaccard ed. Myriam David Link to a photo of Myriam David. In Christian Bernadac: Les mannequins nus. Paris , Le placement familial. Paris ; ed. An Unusual Approach to Mothering. Lien social No.

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Lacanians against Lacan. Corps et langage en psychanalyse. Paris [Hysteria from Freud to Lacan. Body and Language in Psychoanalysis. Ithaca, N. Kant lecteur de Swedenborg. Paris Lacan mit Kant? Gondek and P. Widmer eds : Ethik und Psychoanalyse. Psychanalyse, philosophie. Paris [Konstruktionen des Allgemeinen.

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Psychoanalyse, Philosophie. Bloch ed. Hypatia 15, , Tout le plaisir est pour moi. Revue germanique internationale 18, Sexual alterity and the alterity of the real for thought. Alliez and E. Wien Is it necessary to look for the universal in the difference between the sexes? The "formulae of sexation" in Lacan. Oliver and L. Walsh eds : Contemporary French Feminism.

Oxford; New York The structures of desire and the concept of the universal. Howells ed. A Contemporary Reader. London; New York Deleuze et la psychanalyse. Paris [Deleuze und die Psychoanalyse. Serrano: Women Analyse Women. Paris [Psychoanalyse und Kinderheilkunde. Paris [Der Fall Dominique. Analysis of an Adolescent. Alltagsprobleme mit Kindern. Alltagsprobleme in Schule, Familie und Freizeit. Paris [Praxis der Kinderanalyse.

Die Libido und ihr weibliches Schicksal. Stuttgart ] L'image inconsciente du corps. Weinheim, Berlin ] La cause des enfants. Paris [Mein Leben auf der Seite der Kinder. Paris [Fallstudien zur Kinderanalyse. Stuttgart ] Enfances. Paris [Enfances - Erinnerungen an die Kindheit. Weinheim, Berlin ] La cause des adolescents. Paris Tout est langage. Paris [Alles ist Sprache. Kindern mit Worten helfen. Weinheim, Berlin ] Quand les parents se separent. Paris [Scheidung, wie ein Kind sie erlebt. Stuttgart ] L'inconscient et destins.

Paris Autoportrait d'une psychanalyste. Weinheim, Berlin ] Correspondance Paris [Kinder stark machen- Die ersten Lebensjahre. Paris Le sentiment de soi. Aux sources de l'image du corps. Paris Parler de la mort. Paris Parler de la solitude. Paris Une vie de correspondances In L'enfant et la psychanalyse.

Ce "fou" de Ferenczi. Rev int hist psychanal 2, , Entre Freud et Ferenczi: Groddeck. IJP 75, , The story of a transgression. Barron Hg. Psychoanalytic Perspectives. Michaud Hg. Psyche 5, , ] Introduction of the Balint issues. Am J Psychoanal 62 1 , , L'exile avant l'exile. Michael et Alice Balint. Paris and Eva Brabant eds. La correspondance Ernest Jones-Michael Balint. Hermanns ed. Sexual difference, homosexuality, law of the father. Alison et al. Albany ] Analyse possible ou impossible. Barande ed. Paris , Du corps de souffrance au corps en souffrance. Anzieu et al. Paris La souffrance et la haine.

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Paulme ed. Paris, Den Haag , [Women of Dakar and the surrounding urban area. Berkeley; London , ] Rapport sur le fonctionnement de l'Institut d'ethno-psychopathologie africaine. Paris Le moi et la question du sujet. Paris Autour de la Chose. Paris Roudinesco, Elisabeth: Histoire de la psychanalyse en France, vol. Juliette Favez-Boutonier Paris La notion d'ambivalence. Paris Les dessins des enfants. Paris L'homme et son milieu. Paris La psychologie clinique. Paris Personnalisation et luttes de classes. Paris L'imagination. Paris Le langage. Bulletin de Psychologie 49 , , et al.

Psychanalyse et sciences de l'homme. Bulletin du Centre de documentation Henri F. Journal Suisse de Psychologie 20, , Longitudinal study and psychomotor development among Baganda children. Shaper et al. Devenir 3 1 , , L'enfant africain dans un monde en changement. Paris L'abandonnisme en Afrique sud-saharienne.

Paris Aubry Weiss, Jenny. Bull WHO 12, , and R. Dean The psychological changes accompanying kwashiorkor. Courrier 6, , and R. Dean Gesell tests on African children. Salter: Infancy in Uganda. Infant Care and Growth of Love. Baltimore Ben Banay Website Biographisches Lexikon der psychoanalytischen Ethnologie, Ethnopsychoanalyse und interkulturellen psychoanalytischen Therapie. Devenir 8 4 , , ; s. OEdipe et la horde primitive. Psychanalyse dans la Civilisation No.

Filigrane 2, , L'enfant dans le psychanalyste. J psychanal enf 15, Au vif de l'infantile. Reflexions sur la situation analytique. Heenen-Wolff ed. Glocer Fiorini et al. London Le temps de la maturation psychique chez l'enfant. Roth and A. Lemma eds : Envy and Gratitude Revisited. London A child is playing, a child is dreaming. Teicher and M. Gunter eds : Dream and Fantasy in Child Analysis. London et al. Entre partage et clivage. Levine eds : On Freud's "Screen Memories".

Dominique Guyomard? Revue des Psychanalystes, March Questions sur l'espace et le transfert dans une cure psychanalytique. Bloc-notes No. David et al. Serrano: Women Analyse Woman. Berlin Ce sexe qui n'est pas un. Paris [Das Geschlecht, das nicht eins ist. Berlin ; This Sex which is Not One. Paris [Eine bewegt sich nicht ohne die andere. Paris L'oubli de l'air chez Martin Heidegger.

Paris [Ethik der sexuellen Differenz. London ; Ithaca, N. Paris [Genealogie der Geschlechter. Freiburg ; Sexes and Genealogies. New York ] Le sexe linguiste. Paris Zur Geschlechterdifferenz. Paris [Je, tu, nous - Toward a Culture of Difference. New York ] Genealogie und Traditionen. Paris [Die Zeit der Differenz. Paris Genres culturels et interculturels. Paris Le souffle des femmes. Paris [Der Atem von Frauen. Paris [To be two. New York ] Entre Orient et Occident. Paris Die Zeit des Atmens. Paris [Daily prayers. Newcastle upon Tyne ] Luce Irigaray.

Key Writings. Serrano: Women Analyze Women. Detroit, Mich. In Weiblichkeit in der Moderne. Conrad and U. A Biography Marburg Whitford, Margaret: Luce Irigaray. Philosophy in the Feminine. Quelques notations. Lempa und E. Troje eds : Psychoanalytische Psychosentherapie im romanischen Sprachraum. RFP 44, , [A note on the crisis of adolescense. From disappointment to conquest. Perret-Catipovic and F. Ladame eds : Adolescence and Psychoanalysis.

The Story and the History. London ] Le personnage tiers, sa nature, sa fonction. Choix de textes. Paris La psychose froide. Psychiatrie de l'enfant 1 1 , , with Jean Kestemberg and Simone Decobert : La faim et le corps. Paris [Schauplatz Familie. Stuttgart ] and Philippe Jeammet Le psychodrame psychoanalytique. In Dictionnaire international de la psychanalyse Ed. Histoires d'amour. Paris [Tales of Love. New York ; Geschichten von der Liebe. Psychanalyse et foi. Paris [In the Beginning Was Love. Psychoanalysis and Faith.

New York ] Soleil noir. Paris [Black Sun. Depression and Melancholia. New York ; Schwarze Sonne. Depression und Melancholie. Paris [Fremde sind wir uns selbst. Paris Le vieil homme et les loups. Paris Nations without Nationalism. Paris [Die neuen Leiden der Seele. Hamburg ; New Maladies of the Soul. New York ] Le temps sensible. Paris The secrets of an analyst. On Helene Deutsch's autobiography. New York , Possessions. Paris The Portable Kristeva.

Paris [Die Zukunft einer Revolte. La vie, la folie, les mots, 1: Hannah Ahrendt. Paris ; 2: Melanie Klein. Paris ; 3: Colette.

Un an, jour pour jour (Christine ERGO t. 3) (French Edition) Un an, jour pour jour (Christine ERGO t. 3) (French Edition)
Un an, jour pour jour (Christine ERGO t. 3) (French Edition) Un an, jour pour jour (Christine ERGO t. 3) (French Edition)
Un an, jour pour jour (Christine ERGO t. 3) (French Edition) Un an, jour pour jour (Christine ERGO t. 3) (French Edition)
Un an, jour pour jour (Christine ERGO t. 3) (French Edition) Un an, jour pour jour (Christine ERGO t. 3) (French Edition)
Un an, jour pour jour (Christine ERGO t. 3) (French Edition) Un an, jour pour jour (Christine ERGO t. 3) (French Edition)
Un an, jour pour jour (Christine ERGO t. 3) (French Edition) Un an, jour pour jour (Christine ERGO t. 3) (French Edition)
Un an, jour pour jour (Christine ERGO t. 3) (French Edition) Un an, jour pour jour (Christine ERGO t. 3) (French Edition)
Un an, jour pour jour (Christine ERGO t. 3) (French Edition) Un an, jour pour jour (Christine ERGO t. 3) (French Edition)

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