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Students move the mirror around to see if there is any change in the reflected Sun that they see in the room. They are careful to make sure that the Sun never shines into anyone's eyes. Students leave the mirror in one place and watch the reflection of the Sun for a long period of time. If they can reflect the Sun onto the bulletin board, they can mark the edge of the Sun with tacks every five or 10 minutes to demonstrate that the reflection of the Sun moves across the board because the Sun is changing its position in the sky constantly.

Any bright light will cast a shadow. This is true of a flashlight when you use it in a dark room, it is true of the Moon on a clear night with a bright Moon, and it is true of the Sun. The Sun has the brightest light so it casts the most distinct shadows. Students discuss the objects that they will work with in this investigation.

They make predictions about what will happen when they shine the flashlight on them.

Truth and Shadows – Following the white rabbit

They write the predictions in their Science Journals. They shine the flashlight on the various objects. In their Science Journals they record the shape of the shadow and the location of the shadow in relation to the location of the flashlight. They hold the object still in one place and move the flashlight to different locations so that it continuously shines on the object. They record what happens with the shadow when they move the flashlight. Students have recorded the shape of the shadow for each of the objects.

They will note that the shadow is the same shape as the object.

When the flashlight was moved the shadow also moved. The shadow moves in such a way to stay directly opposite the location of the flashlight. The students now apply their knowledge of the properties of shadows to the shadows that are seen outdoors on a sunny day.

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This activity can also be done indoors as the shadows will have the same properties whether the objects are indoors or outdoors. It is a good idea to remind the students never to look directly into the Sun, even for an instant. Students begin by discussing what the results were when they studied shadows made by a flashlight. They predict what the properties of shadows will be when the Sun is used as the light source.

Without looking into the Sun, students observe objects illuminated by the Sun. They make a list of the objects in their Science Journals and describe the properties of the objects and the shadows the objects cast. Students have a list in their Science Journals of objects that were illuminated by the Sun and the properties of the shadows. Games Games. Software Software. Software Hub.

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Mystic Caverns - Legend says there is a mystical cave that holds some of the greatest treasure of all mankind. The umbra region does not receive any direct light from any part of the light source, and is the darkest. A viewer located in the umbra region cannot directly see any part of the light source. By contrast, the penumbra is illuminated by some parts of the light source, giving it an intermediate level of light intensity. A viewer located in the penumbra region will see the light source, but it is partially blocked by the object casting the shadow.

If there is more than one light source, there will be several shadows, with the overlapping parts darker, and various combinations of brightnesses or even colors. The more diffuse the lighting is, the softer and more indistinct the shadow outlines become, until they disappear. The lighting of an overcast sky produces few visible shadows. The absence of diffusing atmospheric effects in the vacuum of outer space produces shadows that are stark and sharply delineated by high-contrast boundaries between light and dark.

For a person or object touching the surface where the shadow is projected e. A shadow shows, apart from distortion, the same image as the silhouette when looking at the object from the sun-side, hence the mirror image of the silhouette seen from the other side.

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The names umbra, penumbra and antumbra are often used for the shadows cast by astronomical objects , though they are sometimes used to describe levels of darkness, such as in sunspots. An astronomical object casts human-visible shadows when its apparent magnitude is equal or lower than A shadow cast by the Earth on the Moon is a lunar eclipse. Conversely, a shadow cast by the Moon on the Earth is a solar eclipse. The sun casts shadows which change dramatically through the day. Such variations have long aided travellers during their travels, especially in barren regions such as the Arabian Desert.

The farther the distance from the object blocking the light to the surface of projection, the larger the silhouette they are considered proportional. Also, if the object is moving, the shadow cast by the object will project an image with dimensions length expanding proportionally faster than the object's own rate of movement. The increase of size and movement is also true if the distance between the object of interference and the light source are closer.

This, however, does not mean the shadow may move faster than light, even when projected at vast distances, such as light years. The loss of light, which projects the shadow, will move towards the surface of projection at light speed. Although the edge of a shadow appears to "move" along a wall, in actuality the increase of a shadow's length is part of a new projection which propagates at the speed of light from the object of interference. Since there is no actual communication between points in a shadow except for reflection or interference of light, at the speed of light , a shadow that projects over a surface of large distances light years cannot convey information between those distances with the shadow's edge.

Visual artists are usually very aware of colored light emitted or reflected from several sources, which can generate complex multicolored shadows. Chiaroscuro , sfumato , and silhouette are examples of artistic techniques which make deliberate use of shadow effects.

True Shadows True Shadows
True Shadows True Shadows
True Shadows True Shadows
True Shadows True Shadows
True Shadows True Shadows
True Shadows True Shadows
True Shadows True Shadows

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