The Surfers Guide To Marketing

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Reach right people-Ensure your message hits the right people at the right time. Get More Prospects-Get more customers that look like your best customers and sales. In fact, many surfers travel the world to find the best waves. Same thing applies to starting a business.

Cádiz, Rodiles or Mogro, Spain

You go to the waves. The places where your customers already congregate, share experiences and look for solutions. Not too long ago, this meant relocating to the coast. But, with the internet, you can now literally find the places your customers hare hanging out online, go to those places, build relationships and serve their needs in the communities they already participate in.

Survey the Sets — Before you paddle out, spend some time just sitting on the beach watching how the waves are breaking. Do your research to find the location of the best swells and the easiest openings to paddle out without getting crushed. Same thing in business. The landscape often looks and feels very different from the inside looking out. Wait a while, do what you can to prepare, look as far out as you can to estimate the quality of the sets that might be rolling in.

Even if it causes you to miss the one epic wave of the day. The moment you pull yourself out of the mix, the minute you stop repeatedly trying and exploring, you eliminate of the opportunity to be in the game when circumstances converge to create magic. Size Matters.

Same thing with starting a business. Skip the small waves. No doubt, the big waves, the epic rides always require the most skill and the greatest risk. Played well, they can lead to massive success. Find the long, slow 3 footers and use a big stable board to learn the craft, master that level, then move slowly into bigger surf and shorter boards. Pay your dues. Take your time to build your knowledge base, skills, abilities and relationships. We all go at our own, often radically different paces. Honor that. Opportunities come along, often out of nowhere. You can sit there and analyze why you never saw it coming.

Plain and simple. Did you enjoy what you just read? Cool, then get more in your inbox every week. And join this amazing tribe of makers and doers. You know you wanna I love it! It really does help me to see the patterns, to guide my actions. I find myself doing the same sort of thing with sports or other physical challenges. Great post. I moved to the beach about 5 years ago with the intention of learning to surf. For most people, myself included, getting in the water has always been the hard part.

Too cold, too rough, sharks, etc. That was just the business side of things.

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In a moment of sheer frustration, I hired an instructor, a coach. Fear is a funny animal. It will keep you from the true fulfillment of riding the wave. Do whatever it takes to get out there and surf! Get in and paddle out. My surfboard, and my business are getting more use these days, even if it is only in a learning aspect. Im finding the learning more enjoyable than I thought. Its hard work.

Can I Surf Your Brain?

The cold goes away, and the bruises heal. Besides, do you see the girls that hang out with surfers?

No doubt, if you have the ability to tap a trusted mentor, it can make the process way more enjoyable and also provide an incnetive to act and a source of accountability. My friend sent me this article.


The funny thing is I finished graduate school in April and in my struggles to find a job, surfing has been the one thing that has kept me going with a smile on my face. I went from being an occasional surfer to surfing about 6 hours a day about 5 times a week. Stop by and check them out :.

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Man, you must have some serious chops after that much time in the waves! Thanks for that, no doubt it resonates in entrepreneurship, too…as long as you learn from your wipeouts. So true. But never mind, just get back on your board, get back out there and try again. Practice makes perfect!

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Surfing definitely holds a few keys to happiness for me. It keeps you totally in the moment. Thank you:. And, great addition with the wipeout rule. I can totally resonate with this. I have a friend who sees opportunity waves all the time, but more often than not, uses the wrong board and wipes out.

Surf Clothing and Sportswear Business Plan

Then he quits, until he gets excited about the opportunity waves again, and continues to use the wrong board for him. Part of this is just recognizing that you need to get comfortable with the beginner board, then stay in the water long enough to catch the wave you need.

I am not a surfer, however, I appreciate the use of surfing as a metaphor for life in general. You have a gift with the pen. I am inspired by this writing to keep on keeping on. Sometimes even those who inspire others, have moments when they too need to be inspired, for me this is such a moment. A few years ago I was talking with my brother who still surfs at the age of

The Surfers Guide To Marketing The Surfers Guide To Marketing
The Surfers Guide To Marketing The Surfers Guide To Marketing
The Surfers Guide To Marketing The Surfers Guide To Marketing
The Surfers Guide To Marketing The Surfers Guide To Marketing
The Surfers Guide To Marketing The Surfers Guide To Marketing
The Surfers Guide To Marketing The Surfers Guide To Marketing
The Surfers Guide To Marketing The Surfers Guide To Marketing
The Surfers Guide To Marketing The Surfers Guide To Marketing
The Surfers Guide To Marketing

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