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I I read this book on my Kindle Fire using reading immersion with whispersync narration. In this book, Pepe gets a peek into Dogawanda, a cult that tries to follow "the way of the dog" and of course Pepe is happy that they are seeking the wisdom of dogs, and he gives himself a new Dogawanda name, "Towering Cedar". The "vessel" for Dogawanda is now trying to channel Pepe but Pepe doesn't like that when she hears him but deliberately changes what he is saying. He is not going to be controlled by her or any of the Dogawandas, a cult group. His human companion, Gerri, is obviously besotted with him and never wants to be separated from Pepe Now it appears Felix may be beginning to hear Pepe talking as well.

I can't wait to read what is going to happen with that next. Of course Gerri proves herself once again to be a great PI in training , following up on leads, taking risks, and making connections. He isn't much of a PI himself but always seems to comes out ahead thanks to of Gerri's and Pepe's investigations. We meet a new dog, "Fluffy" and I will be anxious to see if she becomes Pepe's new love interest as the two seem to get along very well and Felix, Gerri's boyfriend has adopted Fluffy.

I will be anxious to read more adventures of this foursome May 08, Paul Lunger rated it really liked it. The story itself actually isn't badly done although Pepe isn't as sarcastic with his comments as we've seen him in the prior 2 installments of this series; however, the human characters do a decent job in the story itself. Sep 11, Amy "the book-bat" rated it liked it Shelves: mystery , eclectic-reader-challenge , read-in This is book 3 of the Barking Detective series. I would rate this book a 3. It was a bit slow to start, but then it picked up and was hard to put down toward the end.

This time Geri and her talking chihuahua, Pepe, are investigating murders at a cult that worships dogs. Of course, Pepe just loves that part and takes center stage. Some interesting twists and turns. Wondering if there is going to be a book 4 in this series since the book just had a preview of book 1 instead of mentioning a follow-up book. I think the series is getting better because the whole "oh my God it's a talking chihuahua" bit is finally gone. Oct 13, Laura Cushing rated it it was amazing. This is actually number 3 apparently, so I think I missed one oops.

Will have to see if my library has the others. Pepe is an adorable dog detective- his owner Geri can hear him talk, but no one else can. In this installment, they investigate a cult called the Dogwandans who believes that their leader talks to the spirit of an ancient mystic dog. Hilarity and mystery ensues when the cult leader believe A cute light read, in the Barking Detective series I read the first one Dial C for Chihuahua. Hilarity and mystery ensues when the cult leader believes Pepe is the incarnation of a moon goddess.

Jun 29, Barb rated it really liked it. I absolutely love Pepe, the talking Chihuahua, who can usually only be understood by his owner, Geri. I love this series. It's light, frothy, and co I absolutely love Pepe, the talking Chihuahua, who can usually only be understood by his owner, Geri.

It's light, frothy, and constantly amusing. Jul 10, Kathy Bryson rated it it was amazing. The little dog is back in another installment of mystery and mayhem. Who better to take on a cult of dog-worshippers, hybrid wolves, and stolen money? And not only does Pepe triumph with his usual flair and confidence, he also his human Geri find confidence in her relationship, locate her long-lost sister, and keep her boss Jimmy G solvent. Is it any wonder that Pepe is the Big Chihuahua? Sep 25, Molly rated it it was ok. Would've gone three stars except for one of my biggest pet peeves: "bilingual" people and dogs speaking in English with the exception of a few words scattered randomly in sentences.

Drives me crazy. Also not much of a mystery. I don't generally mind if the mystery elements are lacking if the characters are strong, since that's really what I'm here for, but in this case, it was troublesome.

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Pepe is a pretty amusing character, language issues aside, but nobody else has much of a personality. Oct 01, Jane Irish Nelson rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary , mystery. Very quick read. Another amusing entry in this entertaining series. This time Geri and Pepe, her talking chihuahua that only she can hear , travel to a cult on an assignment to locate and talk to a missing wife.

Although they locate the woman in question, it isn't quite that easy to solve the case, when murder interrupts Geri's investigation. Believable characters in believable, if unusual situations, create an enjoyable book. Shelves: cozy-mystery , talking-animals , pets. This is the third book I've read in this series, and I really liked Pepe in this one. The dog has really grown on me over the books. The authors have really gotten good at writing this character. The story was much more centered on the sleuthing on the mystery, which was better than the previous book.

It was enjoyable until the very end; I can appreciate that. But it did feel long in places and there were a few grammatical errors like a word repeated twice in sentence. Three stars. Jul 17, Amy rated it it was amazing Shelves: pet-cozy. I love this series, and the books keep getting better and better! As the pet mom to two Chihuahuas, it is perfectly believable to me that Pepe can talk, and Geri and sometimes others hears and communicates with him.

Keep up the great work Waverly and Curtis!! Go peep Peep is the biggest little dog ever. What dog love doesn't wish to know the minds of our beloved pets. Well Geri can talk to her beloved Pepe. Always a fun ,lighthearted read. It was a good read but some of the information was pretty far fetched. The cult used really did not make a lot of sense to me. Some of what was said was really out there and it bogged down the short line making it hard to read. If you don't read that part of the book it is very well done. Oct 01, Janet rated it liked it Shelves: animals , mystery , finished , s-present , set-in-north-america , zany.

Sep 20, Nadhirrah rated it really liked it Shelves: first-reads.

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I won this book as a first reads book. I love animals and know that they can talk so this is a cute book about a dog who talks and the person who can hear him. The mystery of how and who killed who is interesting. Shelves: dogs , mystery , contemporary.

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This was a cute book, and although Pepe is darling, I cannot fathom a talking dog. But it is well handled by the author and I can recommend it to dog loving mystery lovers with the caveat if you like the idea of a talking dog. Oct 10, Colleen Mertens rated it really liked it. It was funny and engaging and brings some of Geri's past to light. Pepe is his usual amusing self. This was another fun, light detective book.

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Jul 07, Beth rated it really liked it Shelves: personal-collection. Perfect cozy mystery! Jun 22, Ms.

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Ingrid rated it liked it. Fun read. I like this for dog , as Midnight Louis to cats. Jan 18, Genine Franklin-Clark rated it it was ok. Quite lightweight, a little silly, just what I needed after the very dark Gone Girl. Sep 20, Crystal Robertson rated it really liked it. This was sent to me as a Goodreads first read. I thought it was a very cute book and a nice leisure read.

I plan to read the first book in the future.

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There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. About Waverly Curtis. Waverly Curtis. Waverly Fitzgerald is the author of three historical romances under the name Nancy Fitzgerald. What would happen if you opened your car door in a busy parking lot, your Chihuahua launched out into the mayhem, and you had absolutely no recall training under your belt? If your Chihuahua is snarly and aggressive out of fear, anyone reaching to pet him is at risk for a nip.

A trained Chihuahua is happier, too. Your dog will appreciate it when you direct his behavior, but if you have not taught your Chihuahua any skills, how can you tell him what to do? Often, the little Chihuahua is shy, nervous, or hyperactive, and his human is frustrated and embarrassed by his resulting behavior. Nothing brings out the human-animal bond like a relationship built on trust and good communication, and positive-reinforcement training is the way to get there. The sooner you start the training lessons the faster your Chihuahua going to learn and adept.

A Chihuahua relies on you for food, housing, education, affection, toys, and medical care. Your dog needs to be walked and fed, and both of you will look forward to snuggling through a sitcom or two. Just keep in mind that no matter how frazzled you are, and no matter how late it is, your dog still needs your attention and affection.

Quality food 2. Puppy shots, an annual checkup complete with vaccinations, and regular worming 3. Minor surgery to spay or neuter 4. Medication to prevent heartworm 5.

The Big Chihuahua Book The Big Chihuahua Book
The Big Chihuahua Book The Big Chihuahua Book
The Big Chihuahua Book The Big Chihuahua Book
The Big Chihuahua Book The Big Chihuahua Book
The Big Chihuahua Book The Big Chihuahua Book

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