Put Up or Get Shut Down: An Urban Tale Of The Motorcycle World As I Know It.

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The rest of us are fine and still alive with quiet pipes! Loud bass music and the sound of a loud exhaust system are quite different.

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These commenters sound like old crybabies. Automobiles must be inspected annually in some counties, anyway. Are motorcycles subject to inspection? Thank you for saying what needs to be said. But why give H-D a pass on this? Sure, police take a pass on enforcement, but H-D actually encourages this illegal behavior. Vanessa Murray is a shining example of why this will never change. So deal with it! The rubbish that the motorcycle noise helps the bikes be seen to avoid and accident is just that— rubbish.

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However, citizens within a two or more blocks can hear this unnecessary noise. Public action and outcry needs to increase so much so that it will lead to action. And, stronger noise ordinances need to be passed so this miserable noise can be minimized. Most people look at these disrespectful individuals with disdain, not awe, envy or respect.

Oh, but with glitter sprinkled over their head. Sorry, forgot the shining part. But then I realized, you should not stereotype an entire group of people. Vanessa might not actually be a drug abusing wrinkled babyboomer who looks 20 years older than her real age. Most of you the same people that will selfishly hold up a line of morning traffic in the city with your little bike helmet with the dentist mirror attached.

While we are on the subject, we should ban airplane traffic as well. The noise takes up maybe 10 seconds of an average week. Those are non-stop weekends of fun. However, will some of the Harley defenders Dude, Vanessa, anyone? Go ahead… admit it. Just kidding. To me the attitude of some Harley riders is even worse than the annoying sound itself. For real, though, I have no trouble believing that many Harley riders are obnoxious tools who enjoy revving their engines just to piss other people off.

I would not want to live near a Harley dealership. God Bless You! We used to live in the city. Every year for the festival we would leave town. We finally left for good and I am not sorry. You clearly have no concept of basic math nor do you present anything factual in this article 12 times louder than a jackhammer , you should teach a class in bullshitting. Good thing you don;t live by Miller park or the packer stadium you Candy Ass. Candy Ass? Yes standard motorcycles-and those modified to result in significant volume rises, traveling prudently on our public way, by a person, for what ever reason, are legally protected by the NCA of , EPA Codes, the Bill of Rights, the US Constitution, and annotations by Supreme Court decisions surrounding noise control law enforcement methods.

A Harley-Davidson Motor Company regulated product does not emit 80 dB A for the prototype used to record maximum pass-by measurements. It is common to find all types of motorcycle manufacturers, and automobile manufacturers purposely building products to be far quieter then required under the applicable regulations. Does your Toyota Prius sound like a 5. An owner who wishes to modify these type of products may do so legally under federal and state law, when the result is a significant volume rise, but the product continues to be able to meet the defined limits under the EPA pass-by procedure.

It is interesting to note that the EPA does not certify motorcycle exhaust mufflers, silencers, or exhaust systems. Excessive sound energy produced by these products is not the fundamental problem in this issue, it is only an offshoot symptom.


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This year old problem has proven that owners of products they OWN, enjoy making standard modifications. Therefore questionable jurisprudence methods allows noise control enforcement methods to not be effective. That is the core issue, but anti-noise control zealots fail to even mention this problem in demanding a cure. Instead they love to incite hatred towards protected groups of people for their own prejudicial reasons, which is in itself a crime.

These anti-noise experts fail to equate how We The People have placed the legal evidence demands on the accuser, and not on the defendant in a noise control case. It is Like Minded People who have allowed our legal system to work for a noise control defendant. It is enough like minded people who are fully satisfied with who must provide the preponderance of the evidence in these contested court cases.

We The People have made the most noise in this issue, not Harley-Davidson products. A telephone dial tone is about City traffic while inside a car is about A flute around 85 — It is not necessary to talk about specific decibel levels of noise emitted by motorcycles, nor is it necessary to try to measure those decibel levels for enforcement purposes. That really cannot be done in the field with any accuracy and it is just about impossible to get the state or the police to implement that useless motorcycle noise control method. The motorcycle lobby will have you and your public officials going around in circles debating what is too loud and what is not.

If you take that bait from the motorcycle lobby and limit yourself to going down that road, you will end up going nowhere while those illegally modified and obviously excessively loud motorcycles keep roaring away with impunity. You must go down a different road and target the root cause of that obviously excessive motorcycle noise. That is the illegal tampering with motorcycle exhaust systems. All highway and off-road motorcycles made since are required by federal law to meet the federal total noise limits of 83 dB up to model years, and 80 dB for and later model years.

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Those total noise emissions are assessed with the motorcycle operating in a full throttle acceleration mode. The result of that compliance test is mufflers that really muffle that exhaust noise. You know this to be true by your observations of quiet motorcycles that have not been tampered with, as rare as that observation may be for many of you living in Harley territory. What is needed to even start to get handle on this chronic problem is to prohibit in law the modification of motorcycle exhaust systems mufflers , and to bolster that, to explicitly require in law all motorcycles that fall under the federal regulations to be equipped with labeled EPA compliant mufflers in order to be registered for highway use and at all times while they are in use.

If the state has an annual inspection for motorcycles, their exhaust systems must be inspected for the presence of no or improper mufflers and make sure those that fall under the federal regulations are equipped with unaltered EPA compliant mufflers. If you want to mute those loud Harleys, that is what has to done and the endless debate about what is too loud and what is not has to stop. Do that, and the noise emission problem will take care of itself thanks to proper and EPA compliant mufflers. That is, of course, if that motorcycle noise control policy is enforced.

And as always, you must pressure your authorities to do that and knock off the excuses for not doing it. Harley drones have little respect for anything beyond themselves. They are rolling bags of ego. Whoever tried it would have to leave quickly but it would be satisfying. One could upload a video of the experiment for others to enjoy. Just a concept. It is true that the very type of illegal tampering many Harley owners and motorcycle dealerships and shops that cater to their illicit desires perform on their state and federally regulated motorcycles can, and often do, adversely affect their air pollution emissions as well as their noise emissions.

Indeed, that type of tampering also can and should be targeted in any effort to crack down on the chronic problem of excessively loud motorcycles. However, although it is proper and quite legal for the motorcycle noise battered public to express its disdain for excessively loud motorcycles and their dissatisfaction and disgust for the lack of attention to the problem their authorities have displayed for years, it is not proper or appropriate to encourage or condone doing harm to the property of motorcycle riders or to the riders themselves, even if they ride illegally tampered with and excessively loud motorcycles, for that is quite illegal and will accomplish nothing in having their loud pipes legally muted.

It is the rule of law and the active enforcement of same that must be employed to deal with the problem. You are misreading and misrepresenting the study on motorcycle crashes. It merely notes correlation of statistics to help identify root causes. Second, the statistics that you cherry picked are specifically those in which a motorcycle crashes with another motor vehicle AND in which there was a fatality of the motorcycle operator.

Furthermore a motorcycle striking a car should not imply fault on the motorcycle e. I live in Ventura, California. I have twin children who are 2 years old, and they get scared and run to me or my wife in fear when Harleys accelerate from the corner where we live. I feel it is wrong that my children are put in a frightened state of mind because Harley riders like the way it feels when their machine is roaring to the world.

Would any of you like it if you had young kids and I was blasting a jet engine outside their window? There MUST be some other way that you guys can make yourselves feel more like a man. You must make sure your local and state authorities hear your complaints about those unlawfully loud Harley Hogs and other such illegally modified motorcycles. It is especially vital to complain to the state legislature and demand that the root cause excessively loud motorcycles, illicitly modified exhaust systems mufflers , is more precisely prohibited and bolstered with stiff penalties to encourage compliance.

And even more important, you must demand that those tampering prohibitions be activly enforced against and not take no for an answer to your demands. You have a legitimate right not to be assaulted by unlawfully excessive motorcycle noise. Cops LOVE loud motorcycles. NEVER for noise. The noise tells him everything he needs to know. One time I was going 80 in a 35 zone when I passed a cop parked on a side street looking down at something in his car. He never looked up. I knew a guy with a Honda four who rode it for two years with the standard quiet exhaust and no tickets.

Then he put a blaring tuba Kerker exhaust on it, and got three tickets the first week, and two more the next. Serves him right. He never did put the quiet exhaust back on it, just rode really, really slowly. Riding a loud bike is like someone hitting me on the head with little hammers thousands of times a minute. I want to continue thinking clearly and enjoy riding. And get attention from cops. But not all cops love to stop and ticket the operators of vehicles with loud pipes. Many citizens have found that when they complain to their police about loud motor vehicles, the police respond with various excuse for not enforcing those laws.

Most of all those excuses are not valid, but if the law is lacking clarity that can be remedied. For many citizens, their police and public officials pay no attention to loud motor vehicles and do noting about that problem no matter how much the public complains. They just respond with the same old lame excuses for doing nothing. There is a remedy for that too. Contact Noise Free America noisefree hotmail. I hate most Harleys. I lived a,ing a busy street in LA.

Three stories up and the structure across the street was a tall building. In fact th whole street a canyon. Now in Orange County those low brain types take those bikes past my place. And the noise is annoying. Research shows that bikes with modified exhaust systems crash more frequently than those with stock pipes. It is quite apparent that most of the responses here are from generally ignorant people.

Harley is an American icon. And I would move out of any city that has noise ordinances that say no power tools after 8 or 9 PM and before 8 am — what a crock of bull. That sounds like a pretty Vanilla place. These big bad bikers with loud pipes claim they modify the bikes for safety reasons. If they are scared to ride in traffic without making noise, then I suggest they ride a bus instead. Loud pipes do nothing but increase rider fatigue; increase rider reaction time to audible stimuli; unnecessarily assault the citizenry with illegal decibel levels that are especially dangerous to our children and our elderly; startle the unsuspecting caged public resulting in a fight-or-flight response; violate the right of every citizen to exist within an environment free from excessive and dangerous noise levels.

Operators of these motorcycles are some of the safest, most professional riders on the roadways. Want to be safer, a more professional, respectable biker? Wear bright colored clothing, proper safety gear like a DOT approved full-face helmet, gloves, heavy jeans, padded jacket, full MC boots and practice defensive riding techniques. Police are complicit with the Harley riders for the noise to have gotten out of control in the US. Motorcycles with modified exhausts should be cited, and the riders be fined enough to discourage them from doing it again. Our tourist town of Eureka Springs, AR battles this issue every day…we are told to smile and wave because they spend money making us prostitutes but only in bars, hotels and restaurants.

What no one wants to acknowledge is how many quiet tourists are run off that were spending money everywhere in town. Our town commerce is now swaying more toward biker traffic-new biker oriented business open each week as high-end shops and galleries give up and move on. If you are visiting a tourist town, act respectfully, people really do live there! I most definitely lose sleep over this ridiculous noise and my life suffers for it. How do you have the right to damage my health?

Break the law all you want, and if you feel the law is wrong, get it changed. What could that possibly have to do with safety? What really pushes your buttons? What would I have to do to you and your family that would lower your quality of life and cost you enough sleep to take action? I have ridden various bikes for over 30 years. I currently ride a Harley. Yes, my pipes are loud. Another reason is that I love the sound, and can hear my motor, and where I am at in the power bands.

Yet another reason most bikers modify their exhaust systems is performance. The bikes come very lean from the factory, and aftermarket pipes, air cleaners, and a tune let the bikes run the way they should. We are folks just like you, hard working, family oriented, intelligent beings. I dislike leaf blowers, people who talk right next to you on cell phones, women who wear too much perfume, idiots texting while driving, the list goes on.

There have been modified cars and bikes for centuries, and there always will be. You need to ride defensively and stop passing off your noise as a safety tool. Of course you are a hard-working family man. Who is going to stand up and say they are not. This is absolutely irrelevant to you violating the rights of others to Quiet and the use and enjoyment of their homes, businesses and overall health.

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There have been selfish, egotistical people for centuries who could care less about those around them and that is why we will continue to pass laws and demand that this noise be put to an end. There must be someone that likes the sound and performance of a modified blower, and can gage the power band of the blower to judge how much throttle to use to get leaves off the sidewalk, versus out of the delicate flower beds.

I have yet to witness that. Putting illegal pipes on your bike accomplished that for you. I love cranking up the music in my car because I like the way it sounds, but I have enough respect and consideration for others that I turn it down when I drive through residential areas. No one wants to hear my music, even though I like it, and I respect that. I CAN handle getting through the days with lack of sleep. I complain about things that a reasonable adult complains about when said adult is assaulted by the illegal activities of otherwise reasonable adults that are missing some piece of judgement that makes them feel justified in being bullies to the general public.

This article is just a long rambling of anti-motorcycle hate. The 1 reason you modify your exhaust is performance. You also lose power and run the real risk of harming your engine. No mention in this article about the new Harleys either. They are very quiet and fall far under the standards set for noise level. I have been riding H-D since I always had loud pipes.

I am 59 years old. I have never had the lane change blind spot with a cage trying to get into the same lane I was in, the entire time wit loud pipes. And I have had 7 different Harleys during this period. Now when I bought my Street Glide, I decided I, wanted to tone down the loud pipe thing just say I am getting older and wanting a quieter bike. So I go with a stage 2 upgrade, with the Reinhardt slip on exhaust system.

But still not what you would define as loud. Now since I have had that machine for 7 years, I have had that occasional lane change occurrence happen. Yours is the traditional pathetic excuse to make noise and assaulting people with your noise is wrong. For people who ride Honda. BMW, etc. Shawn West: This is not motorcycle hate.

This is noise hate. All motorcycles must meet EPA sound mandates. Ghost : From the perspective of a rider, yes, most of this is anti-motorcycle hate. Have you actually listened to a motorcycle horn? You can speak louder. The horn is a joke. With one hand working the clutch, the other on the brake, one foot working the shifter and the other on the back brake, with what exactly in an emergency situation are you working the horn with? And by that time it is too late anyway. You cannot brake and turn at the same time like a car can. Bright colors.

This is a tired over used myth. Take my crash last year in june At night time when a car pulls out in front of you the vehicle headlights are at a 90 degree angle. Not facing your bike. I could of been wearing a neon green tutu and I still would of ended up with a broken ankle and an even more broken bike. I do have added reflective tape, the same you see on fire trucks, on the back of my bike to help prevent a rear-ender.

But that is really the only situation it and bright colors might help. Loud pipes ARE riding defensively. All it has to do is save your life one single time and it is worth it. Cell Phone driver. Loud pipes, extra lights, pyrotechnics and a disco ball hanging off my handle bar if I could. Whatever it takes to make it home alive. If you can hear my bike on your property and in your home then that car over there can too. If that stops them from forcing me off the road with a no signal merge at 70 mph then it is worth it.

Sorry for the 10 second distraction to your day but those pipes just saved my life. Here in Washington State adding extra lights is against the law. You will get ticketed for being a distraction. Which is the whole point to begin with. Extra back lights, helmet cams, under glow lighting, lane splitting and straight pipes are all illegal here. When it comes right down to it the loudest performance EPA standard pipes compatible with your ride are really the only safety feature you can add. For the riding community, articles like this are anti-motorcycle hate. You are causing physical harm.

Just look up the links between noise pollution your loud exhaust and health. This is a physical assault. Whether that assault is for 10 seconds or 10 hours. It is still an assault. Instead of buying a better horn or petitioning manufacturers to install better OEM horns you chose to spend much more money on an exhaust — why — because you like the noise and the feeling of power. You cry safety and that appeases your conscience. I see many motorcycle enthusiasts that have quiet exhausts. They ride defensively and respectful of others. I have a friend who has been riding for over 20 years with stock quiet exhausts and HATES your noise.

Your arguments from his perspective are rubbish. You do not have the right to protect yourself by harming innocent people. If you still choose to keep assaulting people with your noise after knowing the damage you are causing then this makes you a criminal even if the laws have not caught up with the times. If you need a law to stop you because you are not man enough to do this on your own then shame on you. WI is one state I will never think of moving to because of its noise pollution problem.

Harely riders have successfully convinced themselves into believing that their bikes are loud for safety reasons. Like we non-motorcycle riders are complete idiots on the roads. The reality is more motorcycles break the law and endangering themselves and others with their lane slitting and speeding maneuvers. Could pedestrians use this same principle, blasting some sort of air horn whenever crossing the street to make it more likely drivers will notice them and yield the right of way?

Sounds like a Dr. Seuss world. Absurd and senseless. Thank you for this Mr. But I think you are actually kind of lenient about some of the extreme Harley noise levels. They are not only louder than any other vehicle on the road by orders of magnitude, but louder than anything else, period! When will someone in power finally do something about these criminals?? Ugly American is right. I find these anti noise comments hilarious. My friend rides a bike, my uncle rides one as well, so that must mean I know everything about motorcycles.

Listen, to those non believers in loud pipes, go out and purchase a quiet motorcycle, and see how quickly your mind will change. I have however never owned a Harley, but my current bike is a Suzuki DR dual sport bike, for those who are not familiar with motorcycles its basically a street legal dirt bike which I can also ride off road if need be. Is it loud, well yes it is. Why is it loud, well for one it sounded like a sewing machine when I got it, and I was tired of nearly getting killed on trips across town.

Since the installation of a FMF pipe and two brothers muffler I have had much less trouble with people not seeing me and nearly ending my life. Bright colored clothing…. What a joke that is, how is a driver going to notice my bright jacket and helmet when his face is buried in his iPhone? This page is absolutely biased and is not based on any fact, I do however challenge the naysayers to purchase a motorcycle and quietly ride it around town however and then report back their findings, and see then if their outlook has changed.

I want to end this on an apology to those whom listened to my loud pipe and it ruined a good minute of their day and have them also think about the countless nights where I got no sleep, listening to the cracking of gunfire and the thuds of artillery and mortars……. Anson: For all you have done for our country insist on stealing the rights of others and assaulting them with your noise. That negates all you served for. Serving does not grant you special privileges to assault people. You should know better and do your fellow citizens a disservice.

Responding to Anson Meyer who suggests we ride a quiet bike to see how dangerous it is. I ride an electric Zero S. There is no quieter motorcycle in the world. I can hit 60 mph in three seconds flat. I split lanes all over the Los Angeles region in heavy traffic and never have any problems with people not hearing me. I ride defensively and do not go through unless I have room.

To suggest that you need a loud noise on all the time is silly. If you are too scared to ride in traffic without making noise, then maybe motorcycles are not for you. Maybe you should ride the bus instead. This article must draw good traffic from Google searches because every few months we see another one of these intelligent comments with creative internet cursing.

Hey Big Daddy, Wanta see some real whining big guy? Everywhere they go they affect people in a negative way. The mentality of the loud harley riders is awful. I laugh at them especially when it rains. Maybe we should be more compassionate towards these noise polluters. I hate to see anyone hurt but I also believe in natural selection.

I get offended when I see a sticker that says watch for bikes. Hell no! Pay attention to how the loudest ones ride closer to the center line. If I hear them I edge closer to the center staying in my lane. Make them sweat!!! And always honk my horn so they can hear me when I pass them!

Make it as uncomfortable for them as possible……. Honk as we leave our neighborhood early in the morning. Honk as we drive through a national park as people are trying to find peace and serentity. I remember being woken up in a campground at 6 am by a group of them.

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I hope they all go deaf. When I hear of a bike accident I always hope its a loud bike. One less one on the road. Imagine if we all sounded like a loud Harley. Imagine how loud the world would be. They think they are special. With their mentality, hopefully it will make them rev their engines even more so they dig their graves deeper!!! They are already working on a way to outlaw them in national parks because they disturb wildlife. So bikers, rev those engines loud!!! We want to hear you and your stupidity! Honestly, try a little less hatred and moronic flag waving and a little more intelligent dialog instead?

Mark, thanks for being open to an intelligent dialog. Why or why not? Do you think sleep is important to good health? If you could respond to each point, it would help me understand how bikers think, and how they justify their illegal activities. Politically Correct descriptors, when discussing topics of controversy, certainly have a place in strategical debate.

Up close and personal conversations with the loud bikers while en route to jail. Never, in my Now, many will say that I simply have a visceral disdain for loud bikers and my perception of them is skewed because of that visceral disdain. I also know that there is absolutely nothing I can say or magic wand I can wave that will change the hearts and minds of the majority of LOUD bikers out there. The Loud Biker Cult[ure] is a community of undisciplined like-minded want-a-be commandos, many whom are struggling with a sense of self-worthlessness and anger at a society that does not understand their juvenile rebel ways.

They congregate in biker bars and rub the wounds of life while commiserating with one another over a beer during discussions relevant to their failures in life, their marriage s , their children…the President…the cops…the law…society…traffic…the weather…on-and-on. Do I think I can perhaps persuade some to ride respectfully? I will never negotiate with the thug-bullies in the Loud Biker Cult[ure]!

So many ignorant comments. You liberal turds should go back to licking boots. I hope you all go deaf you whining dolts. The name calling and insults say a lot about your character, Ronald. Nothing constructive or intelligent to say. Thanks for reinforcing my views on this issue. Have ridden professionally for years, accumulated hundreds-of-thousands-of-miles on motorcycles.

I believe that men and women, husbands and wives, have the right to domestic tranquility, to coexist within an environment free from illegal, intrusive, unnecessary, dangerous, noise…LOUD biker noise that is especially dangerous to our children and our elderly. Ronald, there is absolutely NO excuse, rhyme or reason, for the behavior of the Loud Biker Cult[ure] other than pure hedonism, arrogance, disrespect, selfishness. I ride and own bikes as a hobby. Thanks Steve for you understanding and your insightful comment. The Loud Biker Cult[ure] is enraged….

Mayor Sanders of Fort Smith and Mayor Jordan of Fayetteville invite thousands of illegally loud motorcycles into their jurisdictions on an annual basis to attend motorcycle rallies e. The other days of the year, Illegally LOUD motor vehicles operate in stark violation of the Arkansas Motor Vehicle Code and apparently very little to nothing is done to correct the unacceptable situation. In addition to the studies and tests performed by the EPA, the World Health Organization has also confirmed the dangers of this type of noise, its negative impact on human physiology and the special danger it poses for our children and the elderly exposed to same.

Apparently, Mayor Sanders and Mayor Jordan care more for the monies generated via the biker rallies than the health and safety of the citizens of Fort Smith and Fayetteville. This is unacceptable and cannot continue. My question is this. Why am I prevented from seeking civil redress as a result of the unconstitutional doctrine of Sovereign Immunity? Why am I, as a citizen of the United Stated, denied equal protection under the law, the right to enjoy domestic tranquility and pursue happiness?

Why does the outdated doctrine of Sovereign Immunity shelter Mayor Sanders and Mayor Jordan from their irresponsible behavior and their failure to protect the citizens within their jurisdictions and those of us outside those jurisdictions that are assaulted by the audible assault of the illegally equipped motorcycles en route to and from these biker rallies?

The definition of a scofflaw is someone who purposely flaunts existing laws, especially laws not easily enforced. I apologize if my rhetoric is boring, but the message is experiential, truthful and telling. Wow, I never realized that this was such a hotly debated topic until I started searching for noise control systems for my Harley. I have been riding for a few years, and have been out of the country most of my adult life serving overseas. I have a feeling that many riders think that they are cool for making the amount of noise they do, as evidenced by the many exhausts available that specifically cater to exhaust notes.

I would like to think however, that there is a distinction made between riders in general, and obnoxious riders. There are a lot of constructive comments and riders inputs here, and then there is the hateful speech on both sides, and while I understand the frustration, I never understand such anger, such distain, such a blanket categorization and labeling of a group of people…not even a race, color, religion, or gender identity, but simply how they choose to commute!

As many commenters offering constructive criticism have noted, I would take this fight both to the manufacturers of these off-road only exhausts, as well as to Harley itself. Having owned a Japanese sport bike completely stock , and loving it, I found the price point and the look of my Sportster to be a very inviting way to get into the cruiser market.

It was only after reading owner forums and through my own experience that I learned the lack of pride and innovation put into the bike by Harley. Shoot, the horn is barely rated to emit 80db which is what standard traffic hums along at. Who would think of that when buying a bike?

Nonetheless, the bike has been purchased, and it is my commuter until I decided to buy a car or truck. With regards to obnoxious sounding bikers being obnoxious in other ways, I would say, yeah probably. Sure, we ride in groups because it is an experience to be enjoyed and shared but I know that the military members I ride with at least, go to great lengths to ensure their safety Kevlar, vests, full face helmets, riding pants, boots, etc.

Look at every Ford Mustang…ever. Look at the antique vehicles the run the road with impunity, as if seat belts and exhausts are no longer important after 25 years. Love it, change it, or leave it, but leave the labeling and name calling with the noisy four year old rattle toys where they belong — out of meaningful discussion. I also agree with you about some of the criticism of the motorcycling community being posted by some, especially that focusing on motorcycles as phallic symbols, is not all that constructive.

Although they could and should express themselves better, their rancor is focused only on the members of the loud riding segment of the motorcycling community. I acknowledge that their rhetoric could be toned down a bit and should focus more on moving toward a rational solution to the problem. I think you will agree that the strict and active enforcement of the pertinent motorcycle noise and muffler laws are a major part of that solution and one that has been seriously lacking. Yes, the MROs are also a big part of the problem.

The question here is not that motorcycles or their riders in general are a problem, nor are the citizens who complian about them, but that illegally modified and excessively loud motorcycles and their riders are a problem, as well as the segment of the motorcycle industry that caters to their penchant to make noise and aids and abets them in violating federal and state laws are very big problem.

They have unfortunately given the general motorcycling community a bad name and has been harming the general public who have become fed up with the problem they are the cause of. Ken, if you would like to discuss this issue with me in more deatial contact me at ld at yahoo. Make the appropriate adjustments to my email address. You should know what to do about the at part. That is a spam mitigation measure. I see, Dean.

Or better yet, in addition to repealing the muffler laws we should have a law put on the books to prohibit mufflers on all motor vehicles. And perhaps mandate that all motor vehicles emit minimum exhaust noise levels at all times while they in use on public highways so that they can be heard for blocks so that all of their operators know all the other vehicles are in the vicinity so as to supposedly avoid crashing into each them.

Or do you propose that only motorcycles should be exempt from the muffler and noise laws? I think you are proposing just that. Is that really sensible or logical? No, Dean. Public policy recognizes no such thing and the laws prohbit the very thing you are proposing and are trying to justify. It matters not why you or any loud biker violates the law and rides loud with illegal loud pipes.

Your desires and excuses do not prevail over rational public policy. The rule of law trumps all of your desires and excuses for being public noise nuisances. Case closed. The LPSL canard is just that, a canard that in no way justifies violating the rule of law and riding loud.. Dean, If you are too scared to ride in traffic without making noise, then maybe motorcycles are not for you. So I guess someone with a ricer car with loud exhaust and subwoofers on full blast is perfectly fine accords to ur logic.

Dean, Um, no, loud pipes are bad no matter what vehicle they are on. They are unessessary and obnoxious. Harley riders have what? Loud pipes, of course. So what Dean and those modified Harley and other modified motorcycle riders are openly admitting to is illegally modifying their motorcycles to render them excessively and unlawfully loud. And those illegal for highway use exhaust systems can be identified.

Even their manufactures admit that they are not legal for use on public highways. They do the opposite as their users and manufactures admit.

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So if the unbearable and unlawful loudness of illegally modified Harleys and other loud motorcycles are to ever be muted and brought under control, those illegal loud pipes must be targeted and taken off those loud motorcycles and replaced with legal and unaltered exhaust systems as the most fundamental and necessary first step in making sure loud motorcycles are as rare as hens teeth. All 50 states must adopt and enforce anti-tampering motor vehicle exhaust system polices. Those loud pipes must go. Those loud pipes, the root cause of unbearable loud Harleys, must be be the focus motorcycle noise control.

Having ridden professionally for years and accumulated many hundreds-of-thousands-of-miles on motorcycles, I decided to publish a video debunking this popular lie promulgated by the Loud Motorcycle Cult[ure] and the Biker Rights Groups. Hello Rick Thanks for the video great info u have open my eyes on this wonderful thanks u and have a wonderful day. After 31 years as a patrol officer in the 4th largest Municipality in the United States, after policing the Loud Biker Cult[ure] for years — after citing and incarcerating more than my share of hedonistic, arrogant, entitled, selfish, thuggish, vulgar, LOUD bikers — I know that respectable, relevant, fact-filled, rhetoric is NOT a viable option — I only contribute for information sake.

I and most of us would have quiet pipes if only people on the road and for that mater those walking across the road would know we are there! Our lives and our passengers lives are at risk every time we go out on the road. We cant have big triangular orange warning signs or air bags surrounding us so we use sound. It seems you always notice us when we are getting gas or food, but most accidents involving bikes and cars or trucks for that mater are caused by the driver of the 4 wheel or more wheels vehicle. I have owned-operated-maintained 31 motorcycles since age 12; have ridden professionally for years and accumulated many hundreds-of-thousands-of-miles on motorcycles — Loud Pipes Save Lives is an utter myth and simply nothing but a very poor excuse for illegal, obnoxious, irresponsible, bully, behavior.

You have no moral right Tin Man to violate my ears. Anything past 85 causes damage after exposure to a certain time. Anything over can cause damage quite easily and quickly. MANY have tinnitus and hearing damage from loud noise exposures and you think you can make it even worse? Outstanding, Rick! I for one can appreciate your efforts here.

The loud pipes save lives moniker is nothing but an excuse to boost the weak power output and egotistical nature of the typical Harley Rider. As another post stated, ride as if you are invisible. That being said, even if the Invisible Man had an atomic bomb for a horn, it would not be as beneficial to his safety as being aware, riding defensively, and staying out of others blind spots. I do ride motorcycles and apparently it is for different reasons then the aforementioned annoyingly loud types.

These people are obviously in dire need of attention as witnessed by the constant blipping of the throttle at a stoplight. Yes, I own a Harley. Yes, I have an aftermarket exhaust system on it. Anyone interested, here are two items that may explain the motorcycle noise debacle in greater depth…. You have absolutely no legal or moral right to enter into our homes, our places of worship, our businesses, our schools, our daycare facilities, with your illegal, intrusive noise — how have you come to a point in time where you think there are no consequences for your pride and arrogance?

If I remember correctly, for several personal attacks on individuals on online motorcycle message boards, and for ignoring more serious crimes in lieu of chasing down noise violations. You were given the duty to protect the citizens of Houston, and you decided to abuse your position of authority to further your personal crusade. Shame on you. I think the biker mentality is really sick. We need more officers like Rick Holtsclaw who actually show some courage and are not afraid of bikers as are most police.

The very loud and unnecessary noise from Harleys is due to illegal exhausts, and the riders deserve citations, and fines for this crime. Indeed, Mr. Perhaps Mr. Scipio needs a date with the court where he can tell it to the Judge and flick his defiant middle finger in the face of the Judge and the rule of law he so despises. I think the outlaw biker mentality of Scipio is really sick. It is ultimately futile because there is a whole army of bikers out there just like me.

We have the manpower, the lobbying power, and the muscle to bend or change whatever law or ordinance we see fit; We are Legion. We will never stop multiplying and we will never go away. Lock one of us up, and ten more of us will take his place; We are the Hydra. So, try again. Scipio my boy, glad you said what you did. Your arrogance is getting the best of you. This is just the kind of evidence we need to start showing our elected officials and law enforcement the true colors of your group.

The same group that hides behind charity rides. I am sending a copy of this to my elected officials right now to show them your true colors and those like you. Go ahead, send it in. Also, I AM law enforcement. State patrol, in fact. Be careful where you go and watch your speed. Something bad.

Have a good day, and drive safe! I will do what I want, because… F you.

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I woke you up? There are more people just like me. Deal with it. What pushes your buttons? Got a daughter? Got a pedophile in the hood? Hey, maybe let him have at it with her, and F you too. At least the neighbors would be sleeping while your precious is learning how thugs operate. Scipo, yes, your self-identifier pretty well sums it up.

So let me get this straight. I hope I summed that up correctly. You should be ashamed of yourself. Hey, I look out for my brothers… heck, we all look out for each other. I have approximately miles of country highway spiderwebbed over 4 countries under MY watch, and every mile must be patrolled every day… and did I forget to mention that people in my patrol area do not know how to drive? On top of the daily accident calls, I hand out an ungodly amount of citations for idiotic driving.

I look out for my brothers and they look out for me, too. If we all agreed and did the right thing, there would be no need for laws. But there is a need. But I care about stopping the arrogant jerks who rev their motors past my home at all hours of the day or night with total disregard for everyone in their path, and you should too. Please, tell me what you have to say about those whose homes you intrude into with your obnoxious, unlawful and unwanted noise.

Maybe you could learn a few things from them? Scipio, OR what is more probable is that most people do not know that motorcycles are not loud from the factory. The ALL must meet U. EPA regulations for noise and particulate emissions. You, being a State Trooper AND a biker have proven this reason by your comments, beliefs, lifestyle and vocation.

This is a joke right? Actually, he is sadly a representative of far too many men and women wearing a badge today. After all, you MUST remember that a law enforcement entity is simply a microcosm of the society in which it serves. Have you taken a good, long, hard, look at our young men today?

As a law enforcement officer, I fought the exponential increase of illegal vehicular noise and made every attempt to intercede on behalf of the vehicular noise beleaguered citizenry in Houston — all I received for my efforts was heartache, accusations, betrayal. Holtsclaw, and so has the biker community.

Is it really worth while debating with Mr. Scipio who clearly has nothing of value to contribute to this discussion about excessively loud motorcycles? He has made it clear that he has nothing but contempt for the laws he and his ilk openly admit to violating and has no respect for the rights of motorcycle noise battered citizens. He has resorted to making threats to those who are critical of those who violate laws and ride excessively loud motorcycles as a result. Who cares what he thinks? He is on the wrong side of the issue and his defiant and irrational rhetoric is of no value at all.

My friends are with the state police. They ride. They know all about you and your track record. And they hate your guts. Yes, I understand. I am hated with a passion by a very large segment of bikers in the State of Texas and Arkansas. But, that is to be expected when one makes an affirmative stance against a behavior so very coveted and idolized by a deceived, arrogant, selfish, group of immature men who have internalized a false sense of entitlement.

Holtsclaw obviously is a bigger and truer man. BMW makes motorbikes that are much quieter. There are many Americans who are brash, outspoken, banal, vulgar, ethnocentric, zenophobic and on and on in the negative and more than a few of them find the noise of the Harley the perfect mate for their personalities. God bless bicyclists, hikers, walkers who help keep healthcare costs down and the people who understand we live in an increasingly noisy world and excessive noise over long periods has repeatedly been shown by scientific studies to damage health.

There are people who are indifferent and make no difference, there are people who speak out against the degradation of our quality of life by the assaultive nature of excessive noisy activities, and there are those who create the problems of excessive noise that degrades mental health and physical well-being of those exposed to it, of which many of the Harley riders, loud truck drivers, loud vehicle sound systems, etc.

Private pilots low flying over residential areas is another problem as well, but that is a group in a generally higher economic class with special privleges and friends in powerful positions to protect them from local town ordinances. There is nothing good about prolonged excessive noise for human health mentally or physically. There is no easy answer to the problems of increasing noise, but there is no doubt that Harley Davidson is a part of the problem, not part of the solution.

Saw the Angels and Lakers. Fell in love with Jawbone Up. Cooked with Jaime. Gardened with Jaime. Watched Homeland with Jaime. Wrestled with Jaime. Laughed for hours with Jaime. Worked on a play. Played World of Warcraft. Did some improv. Played a ton of the guitar. Really just had a wild, amazing year.

What a world. By the time I finished reading, I realized that my non-phone hand was clutching tightly to my forehead, forcefully scrunching my forehead skin together. But instead of distancing myself from the horror, I soaked in it. I read it again and again, fascinated by how something could be so aggressively unappealing. It comes down to a pretty simple rule:. A Facebook status is annoying if it primarily serves the author and does nothing positive for anyone reading it. To be not annoying, a Facebook status typically has to be one of two things:.

You know why these are not annoying? Ideally, interesting statuses would be fascinating and original or a link to something that is , and funny ones would be hilarious. The author wants to affect the way people think of her. The author wants to make people jealous of him or his life. The author is feeling lonely and wants Facebook to make it better.

This is the least heinous of the five—but seeing a lonely person acting lonely on Facebook makes me and everyone else sad. Facebook is infested with these five motivations—other than a few really saintly people, most people I know, myself certainly included, are guilty of at least some of this nonsense here and there. Bragging is such a staple of unfortunate Facebook behavior, it needs to be broken into three subsections:.

Somewhere in the middle would be you calculatingly crafting your words as part of an unendearing and transparent campaign to make people see you in a certain way. On the other hand, they have the same exact core motivations as the blatant braggers and looking at these examples actually makes the first group seem almost lovable in comparison. The image-crafting and jealousy-inducing motives here are transparent. But really? The fun part of these is watching the inevitable comments and then watching how the author responds to them, if at all. This process slots the author into one of four sub-categories:.

What are you looking for here? Off to the gym, then class reading. I really want to get to the bottom of this.

Put Up or Get Shut Down: An Urban Tale Of The Motorcycle World As I Know It. Put Up or Get Shut Down: An Urban Tale Of The Motorcycle World As I Know It.
Put Up or Get Shut Down: An Urban Tale Of The Motorcycle World As I Know It. Put Up or Get Shut Down: An Urban Tale Of The Motorcycle World As I Know It.
Put Up or Get Shut Down: An Urban Tale Of The Motorcycle World As I Know It. Put Up or Get Shut Down: An Urban Tale Of The Motorcycle World As I Know It.
Put Up or Get Shut Down: An Urban Tale Of The Motorcycle World As I Know It. Put Up or Get Shut Down: An Urban Tale Of The Motorcycle World As I Know It.
Put Up or Get Shut Down: An Urban Tale Of The Motorcycle World As I Know It. Put Up or Get Shut Down: An Urban Tale Of The Motorcycle World As I Know It.
Put Up or Get Shut Down: An Urban Tale Of The Motorcycle World As I Know It. Put Up or Get Shut Down: An Urban Tale Of The Motorcycle World As I Know It.

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