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By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Papers People. Save to Library. The Victorian poet, Robert Browning was mostly regarded as a great poet of love and an innovator of the dramatic monologue.

He was also equally popularly the best-known for his philosophy of optimism, and the philosophy of the Imperfect He was also equally popularly the best-known for his philosophy of optimism, and the philosophy of the Imperfect. But few have looked at Browning's philosophy of pain, suffering, and evil revealed in his poetry. A humble attempt has been made in this article to explore the common subjects, themes and treatment of pain, suffering, and evil in the poetry of Robert Browning to which a precise and careful evaluative investigation have been assessed by a gone through his some poems abounded with multiple and manifold notions and speeches of speakers, lofty subject-matters, ejaculated diction, presentation, contemporary common psychoanalytical issues and cultural appearance, philosophy of the grand stories on the ground of common subjects and objects, selection of the private and common symbols, perfect imaginary, viewpoint and the perfect creation of characterizations.

Meenakshi Sharma Yadav. Genealogia e morfologia del personaggio strambo. Seminario MOD Salerno, 28 febbraio-1 marzo Par qui?


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Boussac Adriane. El espejo fragmentado de Sherlock Holmes: la imagen de un mito.

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Besides, it is not necessary to be a reader of his original adventures in order to know his main characteristics, since, as a result of his status as a literary myth, the detective and his universe are deeply rooted in the collective imagination. From its first appearance in public in the pages of the Victorian magazines to the present day, the image of Sherlock Holmes has been evolving.

Literature, theatre and cinema have helped to shape a more or less standardized vision of the character, although it borders on the stereotype. This work intends an approach to this process of transformation, highlighting the key aspects that have been modifying the character, as well as reflecting the trend towards modernization that the detective is suffering in recent years, as a result of a boom in popularity and a transfer to new media. Secular Fielding. This essay recovers the sophistication of Henry Fielding's approach to character and the elasticity of religious thought it signals.

Fielding's writings, especially Tom Jones and Amelia, enact through their methods of characterization the Fielding's writings, especially Tom Jones and Amelia, enact through their methods of characterization the unbinding of singular doctrinal orthodoxy. Religion, for Fielding, corresponds to a field of possibilities that must be prioritized and rearranged continually, according to the shifting terrain of fallenness. Attending to the complexity of Fielding's characters reveals secularism before its counter-codification as normative liberal sociality. But it also clarifies the ways in which the conceptual grammar of progressive secularization persists in shaping histories of the novel.

In the major carriers were forced to spin off their network infrastructure assets into China Tower Corp to avoid additional reduplication of infrastructure that had resulted from competition.

Abbattutis, Gian Alesio

Insofar as this research could find there are currently no national-level regulations specifically pertaining to community networks. Figure 1: China internet penetration Rural Taobao is an ambitious effort by Alibaba to turn China's hundreds of millions of rural residents into online shoppers and sellers. As of December the company said it had invested about US 1. Videos produced by Alibaba showcase success stories like that of one turquoise seller from a village in Hubei province.

In an essay for the state-owned, English-language news website Sixth Tone, which targets foreign readers with stories that focus on personal narratives, Yu wrote that he had signed on to be a local partner for Rural Taobao in when the local government announced it had agreed to work with Alibaba in hopes of boosting consumer spending and relieving local poverty.

The government provided a rent-free space in the middle of town and Alibaba donated a computer, furniture and flat-screen TV to Yu, who was tasked with delivering packages to difficult-to-reach rural homes. Moreover, the utility of Taobao villages in addressing the wealth gap between rural and urban China is questionable. And only 33 Taobao villages were located in counties recognised by the central government as priority areas for poverty alleviation and development, of which there are in total. Yu, for his part, ultimately quit working for Rural Taobao and returned to his previous trade: rabbit farming.

However, as recognised both within China and by outside observers, more recent years have provided ample evidence that the low-hanging fruit of economic reforms have long since been plucked. For more information regarding action steps in China, further reading, and ways to get involved, please visit the full report on the GISWatch website. A list of targeted sites sent to internet providers included Somewhereinblog.

Last November, the Bangladesh High Court directed the government to block all pornography websites and obscene materials online in the subsequent the next six months. Soon thereafter, the Bangladesh government blocked more than 4, pornographic and at least other websites. This week's censorship spree appears to be the latest result of the ruling.

I have found 15, porn sites and gambling sites. Including them are Tik Tok and Bigo. All are being blocked. He also pointed out that many users can still access those sites by using virtual private networks. Online content bans are not new in Bangladesh. The following month, the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission BTRC blocked more than pornography sites according to the recommendation of the committee. A March report suggested that some of these sites had become accessible again, after they had upgraded to HTTPS, making them more difficult to block.

Online censorship is also codified in the Digital Security Act , which endows law enforcement authorities with the unilateral power to decide what content can be blocked online. As of December , there were almost 91 million internet users in Bangladesh with 85 million of them using the internet through their mobile phones. In terms of sheer bandwidth, the crackdown on adult and gambling sites may massively reduce internet usage.

The Dhaka Tribune obtained what appears to be an official list of the banned websites. The list include the blogging platform somewhereinblog. Have you ever gone through the content that blogging websites publish? After verifying reports on all the websites, we made the move. The government is not having porn sites blocked by internet service providers ISPs alone. He told AFP :. I want to create a safe and secure internet for all Bangladeshis, including children. And this is my war against pornography. And this will be a continuous war. He conceded that there might be some mistakes in verifying the websites in question and added that the mistakes would be resolved.

There have been no reports of how these sites were identified, or what criteria were used in the process. Established in , it has long been home to the largest community of Bengali bloggers in the world. An average of 60, bloggers post or comment on the platform each day. On February 18, after some users reported that the site had become unavailable, Somewherein. Although the site appeared on the official list of banned sites a few days later, it was still accessible via some ISPs in the country as of February She explained that site administrators are careful to remove content that could be seen as pornographic or objectionable.

If we spot or get reports of objectionable content, we take action.

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Platforms for publishing content will eventually get objectionable content posted, that's in their nature, so do Facebook, Wikipedia , Youtube, and a lot of other sites. I believe SomewhereInblog has been more responsible and responsive to remove illegal content than foreign popular sites.

Today Bangladesh is in shock for the big fire in Old Dhaka which killed more than 70 people , we will wait a bit, then we will mobilize for reversal of this order and increased support. But blocking an entire platform, home to thousands of independent blogs, is a disproportionate response to the issue. Authorities could easily file a complaint with the platform, asking that the specific, offending content be removed. Some of the secular writers killed in recent years in Bangladesh.

As it currently stands, this ban on Somewherein casts a shadow on what has long been a central space for discussion and commentary. It also calls to mind the waves of political violence that have led to attacks and taken the lives of more than fourteen bloggers and progressive activists in Bangladesh since There has been a sharp decline in the trend of blogging during this time and a number of other blogging platforms have been shut down.

On February 17, Bangladesh police summoned Sanai Mahbub, an aspiring actress who made local headlines last year after becoming the first Bangladeshi celebrity to announce that she had undergone breast augmentation surgery. She regularly posts suggestive but fully-clothed selfies and videos on her different social media channels. The police reportedly demanded that she remove provocative images from her Facebook, Instagram and TikTok pages. Indigenous blogger Kung Thang posted on Facebook :. I can't understand what is the fault of Sanai.

Shouldn't a citizen of an independent country be on her own? If someone wants to do breast implant and show off in Facebook live, they can — If I don't like it, I won't go to her page. Why should you shoot down all those small desires of common people? Two days later, popular YouTuber Salman Muqtadir was summoned by the police after one of his more controversial music videos caught the minister's attention.

He has more than one million subscribers to his channel and around 1.

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In a complete turnaround, Salman appeared on Facebook live to apologize for the controversial video. Source: Shams Ma'an. Used with permission. The demand for electricity in the Middle East is expected to triple by , accelerating the diversification of economies away from fossil fuels and toward renewable energy.

Mohammed Alghoul , a Ph. Alghoul adds:. And oil-and-gas-rich countries, such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE have already started investing in renewable energy — especially solar. Saudi Arabia, which has the second largest petroleum reserves in the world, is investing in 9. Both oil giants are also encouraging others in the region to develop their renewable energy infrastructure to strengthen energy security and create jobs — a memorandum was signed in to develop a grid that interlinks the power supply in the Arab world.

In fact, according to findings by Greentech Media GTM , due to the launch of a number of new solar projects in the region, oil prices have dropped to a record low. But despite falling costs, most of the region still awaits solar markets to mature on a commercial level says Abdullah Umer, project manager at King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy.

A major factor for this could be the distorted energy markets throughout most of the region. Umer states:. Most countries in the region have used their surplus oil production to balance out subsidizing fuel and electricity prices domestically to varying extents for many years with what they claimed were reasons to foster investments and businesses. GTM Research calculates that the average cost of solar PV could be competitive with grid electricity if it wasn't artificially lowered.

The Canterbury Tales (1972) - Trailer

But Umer adds that falling oil prices are making regional oil-producing countries re-evaluate their fuel subsidies — potentially opening some doors for solar developers. And the regional oil-rich nations can look to Jordan when it comes to policies on fostering a solar industry, which, according to GTM , stands out as one of the only countries to have an attractive market for commercial-scale solar. Jordan passed the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Law in and has actively been looking toward renewable energy since.

Literary Characters

Renewable energy projects could make Jordan, a country which is otherwise completely reliant on oil imports for fuel, more energy independent. Jordan, unlike most of its neighbors, is supporting its growing solar industry. It has removed fuel subsidies and is providing institutional support to the renewable energy industries through energy transition laws. If countries remove their subsidies, solar will be allowed to compete in a free market and it will very likely see prices fall.

The Advox Netizen Report offers an international snapshot of challenges, victories, and emerging trends in technology and human rights around the world. This report covers news and events from February , Over the past week, authorities in both Bangladesh and South Korea have publicized plans to double down on censoring pornography and other content they see as objectionable. A list of targeted sites that was sent to internet providers and later made public included Somewherein.

Although users reported that they were unable to access their blogs, Somewherein. Although the site is included on an official list of banned sites, it was accessible in the country as of February Along with these sites, and sites that do contain explicit pornographic material, a number of high-profile social media users have been asked to remove their accounts or take down specific pieces of content by government authorities. Meanwhile in South Korea, the Korean Communications Standards Commission, a state regulatory agency, issued a press release on February 12 confirming suspicions among tech experts that authorities are using new, technically sophisticated methods to identify and block pornography and pirated content online.

The production and circulation of pornography are illegal in South Korea , and the country heavily regulates intellectual property rights, thanks in part to its trade agreement with the US. A petition has been filed on the official website of South Korean president Moon Jae-in expressing strong condemnation of the move, and arguing that this aggressive and costly effort to filter online content will be a waste of taxpayer money, as users will likely turn to VPNs and other types of circumvention tools to access sites that interest them.

More than , people have signed the petition. Several waves of public protests and confrontations between the Maduro-aligned military and opposition demonstrators have coincided with a series of network shutdowns, in which residents have been intermittently unable to access the internet and major social media platforms. The group noted that in this instance, in contrast to previous shutdowns of the video platform which is owned by Google , other Google services such as Gmail and Google Drive did not appear to be affected.

Facebook, YouTube, and the Russian social media site VKontakte began working in Uzbekistan on February 19, just in time for a two-day conference focused on internet connectivity in the Central Asian region. All three sites have been blocked in the country since September Users are wondering whether the block has been lifted for good, or if the measure was only taken for the benefit of important conference delegates from neighboring countries. Following a visit to Pakistan by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, the Interior Ministry ordered relevant authorities to block the social media pages of five groups associated with Shia Muslims, included two student groups.

Those targeted presume that the delegation in question was that of Bin Salman. The non-governmental Kenyan Human Rights Commission filed a legal challenge against a plan to build a national digital identification system for Kenya, which was approved on December 31, Dutch internet security researcher Victor Gevers found a massive database of surveillance video from western China sitting online, open to scrutiny by anyone who happened upon it.

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  • Gevers alerted Chinese authorities to the vulnerability, but not before reviewing some of its contents, which included the personal data of more than 2. A landmark copyright reform effort that would radically upend the dynamics of big content platforms has been making its way through the legislative process in the EU and could be brought to a vote as early as mid-March. Although final language is still up for debate, draft versions of the directive would require platforms such as YouTube to assess the ownership of a piece of content — whether it be video, audio, text or image — before a user can successfully upload the file.

    Another provision would require for-profit publishers to pay other online sources if they wish to quote from them. Although non-profit publishers would be exempt from the requirement, this shift that would still likely discourage many websites from linking to valuable online sources. A poster shows historical photos of Syrian women participating in public events in the 20the century.

    Copyright SFJN Click for full image. The Syrian feminist movement started at the end of the s when the lands now known as Syria and Lebanon were under the Ottoman Empire. It's no coincidence that the feminist movement started in the late 19th century during the time of Arabic Nahda , or awakening in English, a period of cultural renaissance that began in Egypt and soon spread to Lebanon, Syria and other Arabic-speaking countries. While attention is usually given to such figures as the Egyptian Muslim scholar Rifa'a el-Tahtawi or the Lebanese Maronite scholar Butrus Al-Bustani, Alrahabi emphasizes the role of women in pioneering what would become the Syrian feminist movement.

    Since the beginning of the movement, Syrian feminists joined the global call for basic rights for women such as the right to vote and education. As we know, the first global feminist wave only talked of a few rights for women: Education, suffrage and the likes. Syrian feminist activists were also demanding those rights at the end of the 19th century.

    Alrahabi recalled women like Marianna Marrach who, as early as , was already writing in newspapers and calling for the liberation of women and may have been the first Arab woman to do so. She was born in Aleppo and died in Aleppo, living long enough to see her city pass from the hands of the Ottomans to that of the French. Marrach may have even been the first woman to write in Arabic language newspapers. I remember for example Marya Ajami who founded in the magazine Al-Arous the bride and Adila Bayham Al-Jazairi who founded many feminist organisations whose purposes were educational and social as well as advocating for women's rights, and this coincided with the first global feminist wave.

    Il mandarino. by ECA DE QUEIROZ José Maria de -: - Libreria Piani già Naturalistica Snc

    This was then followed by a second coup which toppled the leaders of the party in and installed Salah Jadid, followed again by a third coup by Hafez Assad who appointed himself the leader of Syria in The Assad regime continues to rule Syria to this day since Hafez's son, Bashar, took over power when the former died in The attitude of these regimes to the Syrian feminist movement was either to ban, contain, or absorb them. Besides the GUSW, she continued:. The GUSW was a quasi-governmental organisation whose work was just formal. Its actions amounted to just clapping for and celebrating the ruling party in Syria.

    According to Alrahabi, this monopoly by the state meant that Syrian feminists, as well as most Arab feminists, couldn't join the global second wave that started in the s. When the second wave of feminism in the world started around the s, we started seeing the understanding of gender and gender roles in society. Here the development of feminism throughout the Arab world stopped due to the control of authoritarian regimes. There were, however, some feminists in the Arab world who spoke of women's rights from a gender perspective.

    I racconti di Eça De Queirós (Italian Edition) I racconti di Eça De Queirós (Italian Edition)
    I racconti di Eça De Queirós (Italian Edition) I racconti di Eça De Queirós (Italian Edition)
    I racconti di Eça De Queirós (Italian Edition) I racconti di Eça De Queirós (Italian Edition)
    I racconti di Eça De Queirós (Italian Edition) I racconti di Eça De Queirós (Italian Edition)
    I racconti di Eça De Queirós (Italian Edition) I racconti di Eça De Queirós (Italian Edition)
    I racconti di Eça De Queirós (Italian Edition) I racconti di Eça De Queirós (Italian Edition)

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