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Albert Guerard Professor of Literature and Professor of Comparative Literature, Emeritus

They are furthermore pleased their criminal endeavors have escaped worldwide notice until now because their activities have been kept nearly a total secret and because the general public is simply not paying attention to this situation. Humanity cannot afford to jab away at the atmosphere with gigantic giga-watt devices that gouge the Earth's surrounding atmospheres, let alone to disturb, even destroy their harmony.

At the very least, the wounds inflicted to these atmospheres through this insanity will never heal and will put all Earthly life into jeopardy, perhaps forever.

Journal of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Soziologie

Strahlenkanonen- und Mikrowellenkriege stehen kurz vor ihrer Wirklichkeitswerdung. Presently, the HAARP installation is only being used for modest testing yet climatic disturbances are already occurring worldwide which can no longer be disregarded. These facts do not seem to greatly trouble those people, or their followers, who are in charge of the HAARP program. They even deny that natural disasters now occurring on a global scale have anything to do with their dangerous experiments. Even though the HAARP tests are still at a low level, the program is already triggering floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and stormy weather conditions.

Airplane pilots have been instructed to give the installation a wide berth, thus the operation may already be in full swing, or will be sometime in Just one giga-watt of power from the unit is sufficient to burn a hole into the ionosphere. But at full output, the ray-weapon will be increased to giga-watts It is a fact that this new ray-weapon will influence and damage the consciousness of human beings and animals and, of course, the entire gene pool of terrestrial animals, plants and humans.

Likewise, the entire highly sensitive energy-field of Earth could be manipulated to the point where the poles are displaced. The bombardment of the ionosphere presents many dangerous, destructive and deadly possibilities but those in charge do not give this matter even a second thought.

As a result, they are forging ahead at full speed with this secret armament project to blast holes through the ozone and heat up the ionosphere. In , American scientists, under the mandate of the U. Later on, they admitted they had failed to take into account beforehand what could really happen during the explosion; whether, perhaps, a nuclear chain reaction could have resulted which would incinerate the entire atmosphere of Earth, even the entire planet.

Their posture now is the same as it was with the atom bomb tests, and the chance of a disaster with HAARP remains The experiment today is being conducted with the same odds as the detonation of The Bomb in Even though our worst fears did not materialize then because "everything went well", other dreadful scenarios resulted from these early experiments. New bombs were built and dropped upon residential areas killing hundreds of thousands of people.

Untold numbers of people were mutilated by burns and many descendants of the radioactively-contaminated victims grew up resembling monsters rather than humans. Furthermore, huge territories were radioactively infected worldwide and have since become uninhabitable for many thousands of years. The contamination resulted from the testing of atomic bombs as well as their commercial use.

As if this were not bad enough, atomic materials being used for peaceful purposes have claimed untold numbers of victims throughout the entire world by contamination through radiation, either accidentally, carelessly or with criminal intent. In these matters, America tops the list of offenders because the power-hungry people of that nation have sanctioned secret research criminally using radioactive treatment, medication etc. Unfortunately, they are not the only country doing this. While these facts have become at least partially common knowledge by now, they have yet to be fully uncovered.

This type of research demonstrates such a lack of human compassion that we question whether they were, or still are, simply frightful, bloodthirsty and irresponsible monsters? Die Verseuchunggeschah dabei sowohl durch Atombombentests wie auch durch kommerzielle Atombombennutzung. The atom bomb, which has been and continues to be used for commercial purposes as a "peaceful source of atomic energy", has induced unending pain, misery and irreparable worldwide harm.

The destruction continues. In spite of this, U. This system may be as destructive and deadly as the atom bomb to the entire planet and all its life forms including mankind. The immediate result as well as the long-term results of this madness has the same uncertainty as that of when the first atomic bomb was exploded.

Indeed, some shocked scientists want nothing to do with the entire matter. They have the opinion that life on Earth in its present form and the existence of the planet are being jeopardized once again by the actions of power-hungry people, particularly by the U. Nun, mit der Atombombe, die zu Kriegs- und Kommerzzwecken genutzt wurde und wird sowie durch die sonstige und sogenannte friedliche Atomenergienutzung ist auf der ganzen Erde nicht wieder gutzumachender Schaden und unendliches Leid und Elend angerichtet worden - und wird noch weiter angerichtet.

The HAARP program is considered one of the greatest threats to the ozone layer by those scientists who still possess a sense of responsibility. The possibilities range from skin cancer to alterations in the climatic zones, from violent storms and droughts to floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. It is obvious that all of this is a daily part of living even now, brought about by the insanity of overpopulation and its consequences like, for example, the destruction and pollution of our environment, resulting global warming and the shifting of weight in the Earth's upper layer.

However, ongoing HAARP experiments have been to blame for some time now for climatic changes which, in turn, have triggered worldwide earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods and environmental catastrophes. They further contend that HAARP will cause so much destruction, pain, suffering and devastation in the future that neither nature nor any living thing will ever be able to return to a normal state of equilibrium. The long-term effects will negatively influence everything on Earth, and recovery will all but be impossible. For quite some time now, a worldwide hunt for ozone destroyers such as chlorofluorocarbons has been in progress, and rightly so.

Yet American industry and government have obstructed many environmental issues and seem to be indifferent to the advancement and protection of life in general. This is proven by America's adherence to capital punishment which is glorified by many of its citizens and mercilessly used. The same arbitrary disregard for human welfare by its power-elite and their followers is exemplified by their acquisition of the new HAARP weaponry. Without consulting any other human inhabitants of this planet, their military is blasting dangerous holes into the fragile ionosphere and is thereby endangering all terrestrial life.

These powerful people are taking it upon themselves to make these crucial decisions without concern for anything else other than their damned power-madness and megalomania. The ionosphere will indeed be damaged and partly dissolved by the HAARP program, thereby allowing dangerous, unimpeded cosmic radiation to enter the Earth's atmosphere. Such insanity can be seen in the annals of human history but it is routinely hidden from the people. In , for instance, three atom bombs were detonated in the atmosphere to influence the weather. Within two years following this stupid action, an entire series of climatic catastrophes resulted.

Three hundred and fifty thousand copper needles, each approximately cm in length, were fired into the ionosphere in The result was that the Earth avenged herself by an earthquake in Alaska that measured 8. In , the Americans and the USSR detonated three hundred megaton atomic bombs in the stratosphere and ripped gigantic holes into the ozone layer. These are only a few of the many criminal atrocities carried out against mankind by the American and former USSR government officials. In truth, several dozen such crimes can be attributed to the Americans, Russians, French, Israelis, Chinese and others who pursue these same malicious goals.

Nach diesem Wahnwitz dauerte es nur gerade zwei Jahre, ehe als Folge eine ganze Serie Klimakatastrophen in Erscheinung trat. Und dies sind nur gerade einige wenige der menschheitsverbrecherischen Machenschaften der Amerikaner und der ehemaligen Sowjet-Union, denn wahrheitlich gehen mehrere Dutzend solcher Verbrechen auf die Kappe der Amerikaner und Russen sowie der Franzosen, Israeli, Chinesen und anderer, die am gleichen Strick ziehen.

The threat originates from its location, km miles northeast of Anchorage. In this northern Alaska solitude, a forest of antennas, which will consist of towers, 24 meters height 72 ft , is being built from which the military will shoot bundled high-frequency rays into the ionosphere. In experimental form, this has been ongoing for some time now with the result that more climatic and storm-related catastrophes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions have increasingly been happening.

The object of the experiments is to heat and partially displace the protective layer surrounding our planet. In the process, giant "lenses" are burnt into the ionosphere with the intent of bouncing bundled ELF waves back to Earth. This project turned out to be global vandalism because immense amounts of energy with giga-watts of power are shot into the outer spheres of the Earth. The current impact and future effects on this planet and all life forms, human, animal and plant, cannot be estimated in any way whatsoever. A few years after his invention, Eastlund lost control of his patent when he developed financial problems.

He stated that the antenna installation in Alaska is in reality a massive ray-gun, capable of destroying not only all communication networks but also missiles, airplanes, satellites and much more. He claims side effects, both wanted and unwanted, include climatic catastrophes throughout the world or at least in some regions, and unrestricted deadly radiation against which there is no protection.

Schwierigkeiten mit der kritischen Geographie

The choice of locations for this deadly turmoil will lie in the hands of the irresponsible military and government officials and others. There is also the side effect of the entrance of death-bringing radiations against which there is no defense. Gewollte oder ungewollte Nebenerscheinungen seien u. One must probably count on it, as it is always like that in such cases.

Europa/Europe (JOVIS Verlag) by DETAIL - Issuu

But now, I have something else here, namely a report of a certain Parvis Nazem from Iran. You can likewise read the whole thing. My commentary — we also published everything in Bulletin No. Here you go; these two pages are the product of the whole thing. Hier habe ich nun aber noch etwas, und zwar einen Bericht eines gewissen Parvis Nazem aus dem Iran.

Du kannst das Ganze ebenfalls lesen. Hier, bitte, diese beiden Seiten sind das Produkt des Ganzen. The following is by Ch. Den nachfolgenden, von Ch. They received your nickname, "Billy," exactly where the mysterious phenomenon has taken place. In autumn of , as you well know, a bloody war began between Iran and Iraq, which lasted for 8 years.

In many families on both sides, this war caused great sorrows and worries through the loss of loved ones. At that time, to my surprise, no one in the Western world said anything about it, and even today, there is still silence over this as though we are a bunch of lab mice that would have to be wasted anyways. In comparison, there are numerous films, literature, documentaries, and videos about other wars and conflicts that occurred in other places.

In the first night of war in autumn of , I observed — along with about 2, army recruits, who spent their military training at a base called Farah-abad — the most bizarre and most inexplicable phenomenon that has ever happened to us. We ate our dinner at around hours. The base was on full alert, and the recruits were not allowed to leave this under any circumstances until further notice. Suddenly, the whole world was filled with sounds of explosions and antiaircraft gunfire. We all left the cafeteria in order to see what was going on.

Every shooter in the area who saw these objects fired on them.

Schwierigkeiten mit der kritischen Geographie

Within a few seconds, our rockets were fired. Therefore, I thought that they would be shot down within a very short time. But as the rockets nearly reached the bodies of these things, the objects went vertically upward the speed was tremendous and left the rockets far behind, which ultimately exploded. Immediately after that, the objects returned to their original location, while retaining their triangular formation. Wir assen unser Abendessen um ca. Wir alle verliessen die Cafeteria, um nachzuschauen, was los war.

Innert weniger Sekunden wurden unsere Raketen abgefeuert. This lasted for so long until no more rockets were fired; silence spread everywhere. They needed less than 10 seconds to be over our heads. I threw myself into the nearest one. Lasst euch zeigen, was Feuerkraft ist. It was amazing. The sky was not the sky of hours; it was dark and littered with stars. I looked at my watch: it was about hours. I looked around me, in order to tell everyone that the danger had passed. No one was there! All the holes that were dug in a line were empty.

I left to search the buildings for any sign of my closest friends. The buildings were empty. All in all, I searched four barracks on the base; they were all vacant. There was no one, not even outside of these. According to the military orders, we should have all been asleep in our beds.


But there were neither officers nor sergeants in sight, who could have stressed the orders. I felt tired, went back to my barracks, and fell asleep, but just to wake up the next day and see all the others in their beds. Es war erstaunlich. Der Himmel war nicht der Himmel von Ich schaute auf meine Uhr: Es war ca. Niemand war da! Alles in allem durchsuchte ich vier Baracken auf der Basis; alle waren unbesetzt.

Da war niemand, nicht mal ausserhalb derselben. No one made any comment about the previous night. Niemand machte irgendeinen Kommentar zur vorherigen Nacht. The Iraqi war planes actually came and bombed Tehran, and they flew directly over the same rocket battery, but there was no reaction from this.

But maybe it was just what they thought. I had seen some rockets that were shipped to Japan for repairs. Ich muss sagen, dass, solange ich auf dieser Basis war, die Raketenbatterie vorher und nachher keine einzige Rakete auf irgend etwas abschoss. Aber vielleicht war es nur das, was sie dachten.

A QUIET PLACE Trailer German Deutsch (2018)

Ich hatte einige Raketen gesehen, die zur Reparatur nach Japan verschifft wurden. A few months after this event, I was back in the heart of the action — on the battle front.

I returned alive and was absolutely sure that it was a time that I should have been killed, but I either reacted to the danger correctly or otherwise survived the direct hits on our position. Meier, I estimated that on that night, around 4, people were abducted. I mentioned before that I examined four buildings and found them empty. In each building, people should have been present at that time.

Since there were two army bases in that area, each of which had a capacity for around 2, people, I could see from this that around 4, people were abducted on that night or were brought to silence. Is this case mysterious enough to direct a question about the incidents to your Pleiadian friends? Was this war supported by any extraterrestrial beings? Did they stand in contact with the US military, in order to try to keep the Iranian army away from their air defense equipment, so that the Iraqi forces receive air supremacy? Haben sie versucht, die Theorie.. What did the Aliens do to us, when they took us to their underground bases?

I had wet, reddish soil marks on my uniform when I left the foxhole. The soil in and around the foxhole was yellowish and dry. Why am I full of pains in my body?

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These pains in my body began a few months after my abduction. Can I count on your help, Mr. You are my last hope. Was machten die Aliens mit uns, als sie uns zu ihren Untergrund-Basen mitnahmen? Die Erde im und um das Fuchsloch war gelblich und trocken. Sie sind meine letzte Hoffnung. The events of the observed UFOs are not to be denied because these were also reported elsewhere.

Was jedoch in bezug auf die.. Florena reported to me about your questions, so I have also endeavored to get closer to these concerns, and I can say the following:. At that same time, in the aforementioned area, observations were actually being carried out by several aircraft of extraterrestrial origin, namely by members of an Earth-foreign race that stands in no relation to us.

At the same time, however, the Iraqis released poisonous gases into different military positions of the Iranians through rear front fighters, which caused hallucinatory effects and dangerous long-term consequences under certain circumstances, but both the Iraqis as well as the Iranians retain silence over this. The poisonous gases attack, among other things, the internal organs of the body and alter the genetic information factors, resulting in mutations and other disturbances.

Unfortunately, this also happened during the Gulf War, for also there, rear front fighters secretly worked in the same way as in Iran, through which the drawn-in multinational fighters were affected, especially Americans, who were severely harmed health-wise. These poisonous gases, however, were further introduced in and behind the ranks of the attackers by rockets and artillery shells, by what means many people were contaminated.

Then, as a result of those who were contaminated later performing acts of procreation, the descendants became mutilated during the development period in the womb and came into the world as heavily deformed beings. Now, in terms of this strange story that Parviz Nazem tells, it is to be accepted that he was attacked by the hallucinatory gases of the Iraqis and, accordingly, actually had hallucinatory experiences and shock trauma; consequently, he considered everything as real, as you described in your commentary.

Concerning this, I would like to read aloud the conversation that we had about it:. Beim Kontakt am In terms of cancer, it is to be said that in the future, the microwave will increasingly appear as its cause, for microwaves are, unfortunately, becoming more and more heedlessly as well as irresponsibly used for all kinds of purposes. Cooking with microwaves destroys the vitamins and, at the same time, is to be specifically described as a great evil, this along with many other misuses. Even the eyesight of humans and animals is endangered by microwaves, and in the specific case, the cataract is to be mentioned, which can be caused by microwaves more and more.

Different types of cancer, as I said, increasingly have microwaves as their cause, but in addition, simple and non-cancer-conditioned damages to cells will appear more frequently and cause many other evils. On certain worlds that are well-known to us, it is common with the humans that women and men can be sterilized by microwaves, in order to counteract an overpopulation of the planets by the humans. But I, for example, was advantageously subjected to microwave treatment, in order to get rid of nearly intolerable pains, to which I had fallen due to my knee osteoarthritis.

Ich aber z. Of course, because microwaves can, with reason, also have curative and progressive purposes and application possibilities, when they are brought to application with intellect and reason. On Earth, these things and the concerns about microwaves are not yet so well known by the people and especially by the scientists and researchers, etc. Is there actually a certain danger for the person, apart from the harmfulness of the waves themselves on the human organism, etc.? Then, you gave me the following answer, which seems to contradict itself with your prior statements, since you said that cooking with microwaves is harmful.

I assume that you probably expressed yourself too imprecisely for us Earth folk, which is why we probably misunderstand something. You said:. Du sagtest also:. The person can quite safely eat microwave-prepared foods. Only the microwaves themselves are dangerous, if the person is hit by these. Many microwave ovens shield the microwaves in no way, whereby humans — and even animals and plants — are hit by these and are damaged health-wise.

Thus, the danger for humans, animals, and plants lies in the microwave radiation itself, which can lead to very harmful effects on all living organisms — apart from the fact that, for example, microwaves applied medically in the right dosage can very well be beneficial to health. Der Mensch kann sehr wohl gefahrlos mikrowellenzubereitete Speisen zu sich nehmen. First, you said that using microwaves to cook is harmful, but here, you said that cooking with these waves is not harmful.

How should we understand this now? Wie sollen wir das nun verstehen? Cooking with microwaves is actually extremely dangerous, but only in the sense when the food comes into direct contact with the microwaves, so thus, if the food is directly irradiated with microwaves. Once this happens, transformation processes, which it also always concerns, take place in the food, through which partially poisonous and hazardous substances emerge, through which humans can be harmed in many different ways and, in fact, also are harmed, as I must rightly say.

Due to the direct irradiation of food with microwaves, the cooking item succumbs to a transformation, through which health-hazardous substances develop. Thanks; that really should be without misunderstanding. London - Do the unborn feel pains during abortions? On this controversial issue, British medical experts have now given a clear answer: Yes, starting from the 6th month! London - Empfinden Ungeborene bei der Abtreibung Schmerzen?

Auf diese bei Experten umstrittene Frage haben englische Mediziner jetzt eine klare Antwort gegeben: Ja, ab dem 6. The Association of British Gynecologists has, for the first time, issued guidelines: With an abortion, an anesthetic should be used, starting from the 24th week of pregnancy.

According to recent studies, they came to the conclusion that the nervous system is so far developed by the 26th week that the fetus feels pains. Nach neuesten Studien kamen sie zum Schluss, dass das Nervensystem ab der Woche resp. And what about the beginning heartbeat of a newly conceived human — when does the actual heart function begin? As a doctor of your various medical subjects, so I think, you surely also know about this. Und wie steht es mit dem beginnenden Herzschlag eines neugezeugten Menschen - wann beginnt die eigentliche Herzfunktion?

The time of the beginning heart activity coincides with the entrance of the spirit of the newly conceived human being, so on the 21st day after conception. Tag nach der Zeugung. For the terrestrial medical scientists, however, this should be yet another fact that they first have to fathom.

Although efforts in relation to this have already been running for quite some time, the necessary cognition is still missing, which is also connected with the fact that also the apparatus-related conditions that are necessary for this still leave very much to be desired. Asthar Sheran, i. Now, the question arose as to whether he is now incarnated again; do you know something about this?

Asthar Sheran resp. To our knowledge, three hundred years will pass, when I make my statements in accordance with the earthly calendar. So other time relationships prevail there, whereby I have just alluded to the duration of a year. That planet — in whose outer space Asthar Sheran lost his life and in whose otherworldly space, in accordance with the valid creative regularities, his spirit form as well as entire consciousness block fixed themselves — has an orbital period around the central star that corresponds to days, according to the earthly standard. Moreover, a day has 27 hours and a little more than 36 minutes, measured by an earthly hour.

Ein Tag hat zudem 27 Stunden und wenig mehr als 36 Minuten, gemessen an einer irdischen Stunde. Nevertheless, I would really just like to hear your opinion again. You already gave me an answer about it two years ago, when I asked you whether my calculations are correct, which you affirmed at that time. Here is the relevant excerpt from the bulletin, if you want to read it:.

Hier der betreffende Ausschnitt aus dem Bulletin, wenn du ihn lesen willst:. There is so much talk about the beginning of the 3rd millennium. When will this actually begin now, and how do the Pleiadians view this? Wann beginnt dieses nun wirklich, und wie sehen die Plejadier das? The matter is actually simple to explain, but everything for this must be considered from the ground up, namely from the beginning of the year 1. With today's calendar, this began on the 1st of January of the year 1 and ended on the 31st of December of the year 1.

In this consequence, the first decade ended on the 31st of December of the year 10, and the first century ended on the 31st of December of the year From this, it clearly follows that the first millennium ended on the 31st of December of and then began the second millennium that, in turn, ends on the 31st of December of , after which then, on the 1st of January of , the first year as well as the first decade and first century of the 3rd millennium begins.

Mit der heutigen Kalenderrechnung begann dieses am 1. Januar des Jahres 1 und endete mit dem Dezember des Jahres 1.

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In dieser Folge endete das erste Jahrzehnt am Dezember des Jahres 10 und das erste Jahrhundert am Dezember Daraus geht klar hervor, dass das erste Jahrtausend mit dem Dezember endete und dann das zweite Jahrtausend begann, das wiederum am Dezember endet, wonach dann mit dem 1. Januar das erste Jahr sowie das erste Jahrzehnt und erste Jahrhundert des 3. Jahrtausends beginnt. With the arrival of the 31st of December of , the second millennium is completed, so after that, on the 1st of January of , the third millennium begins.

The length of a meter may serve as an interim aid for the understanding of the whole thing. This begins with the first millimeter and then, after ten millimeters, adds up to a centimeter, which is first complete in its entirety with all 10 millimeters. Consequently, a meter is also first full and can be designated as a meter when 1, millimeters are lined up together.

Januar bis zum Dezember dauert. Mit Erreichen des Dezember ist also das zweite Jahrtausend vollendet, wonach am 1. Januar das dritte Jahrtausend beginnt. Also beginnt mit dem 1. Januar weder ein neues Jahrzehnt oder Jahrhundert noch ein neues Jahrtausend, sondern eben erst mit dem 1. Demzufolge ist ein Meter auch erst dann voll und kann als Meter bezeichnet werden, wenn die Millimeter aneinandergereiht sind.

Thus, the event of the turn of the millennium can logically prove to occur only when the twentieth century, i. Mit dem Beginn des Jahres , an dessen 1. Das Ereignis der Jahrtausendwende kann also logisch erweise erst eintreten, wenn das zwanzigste Jahrhundert resp. The legal representatives and executive bodies of emco Group Lingen have no influence on the content of any linked websites. As such, emco Group Lingen disassociates itself from such content as a precautionary measure.

The domain owners of the respective websites are solely responsible for the linked websites and their content. The information on these websites does not constitute any legal guarantees of any nature. No legal claims of any nature can be derived from the subject areas described herein. Quotations are non-binding in all respects. No rights and obligations exist between emco Group Lingen and any users of this website or any third parties. Sie sind in dem hier vorgelegten Band im einzelnen nachzulesen.

Maximilian Klumpp in den Band nicht aufgenom men werden konnte. Soziale Demokratie im Jahrhundert - Relikt oder Hoffnung? Eindeutig uneindeutig — Demenz systemisch betrachtet by Ursula Becker 1 edition published in in German and held by 9 WorldCat member libraries worldwide In unserer alternden Gesellschaft ist die Zunahme von Demenz eine gesellschaftliche, soziale und medizinische Herausforderung ersten Ranges. Sie nehmen den psychosozialen Kontext von Demenz, die Dynamik im Umgang sowohl mit der Erkrankung wie auch im sozialen und kommunikativen Miteinander der Familie, des Freundeskreises und der gemeindlichen Einrichtungen in den Blick.

Durch die soziale Krise zu einer anderen Republik? Tagung, Hannover, April Book 2 editions published in in German and held by 7 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

Gemeinsam statt einsam: Lebensformen für die Zukunft (German Edition) Gemeinsam statt einsam: Lebensformen für die Zukunft (German Edition)
Gemeinsam statt einsam: Lebensformen für die Zukunft (German Edition) Gemeinsam statt einsam: Lebensformen für die Zukunft (German Edition)
Gemeinsam statt einsam: Lebensformen für die Zukunft (German Edition) Gemeinsam statt einsam: Lebensformen für die Zukunft (German Edition)
Gemeinsam statt einsam: Lebensformen für die Zukunft (German Edition) Gemeinsam statt einsam: Lebensformen für die Zukunft (German Edition)
Gemeinsam statt einsam: Lebensformen für die Zukunft (German Edition) Gemeinsam statt einsam: Lebensformen für die Zukunft (German Edition)
Gemeinsam statt einsam: Lebensformen für die Zukunft (German Edition) Gemeinsam statt einsam: Lebensformen für die Zukunft (German Edition)
Gemeinsam statt einsam: Lebensformen für die Zukunft (German Edition) Gemeinsam statt einsam: Lebensformen für die Zukunft (German Edition)
Gemeinsam statt einsam: Lebensformen für die Zukunft (German Edition) Gemeinsam statt einsam: Lebensformen für die Zukunft (German Edition)
Gemeinsam statt einsam: Lebensformen für die Zukunft (German Edition)

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