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Prodigal Son To Take Over

Suddenly the young southern preacher was on the front page. Thousands more started coming to the crusade and heard the gospel. Graham became famous. He kept on the straight and narrow path for the rest of his life, avoiding adultery and other scandals that corrupted other famous evangelists and pastors. He kept his salary low.

Our Founder: Pastor Graham West – Music Education Ministries

He became a pastor to presidents and stayed near the top of the most-admired list for many years. The academic world has its own subculture and customs, and Ockenga and Henry thought this world needed Jesus Christ just as much as the homeless men at a rescue mission. They were swimming upstream against the secularism of the intellectual world. They also were challenging an anti-intellectual bent among many Christians of the early twentieth century. Billy Sunday, for example, was the Billy Graham of an earlier era, preaching in small towns, then the big cities after being a star base-stealing player in big league baseball.

He was influential politically and socially, especially in getting the country to adopt Prohibition.

Who Was Billy Graham?

Graham never needed to be center stage, as Ockenga and Henry launched a magazine and started Fuller Seminary on the west coast and Gordon-Conwell seminary near Boston. They encouraged young people to pursue doctorates to bring the influence of Christ to bear on an academic world that scoffed at the claims of Christ and the Bible.

Graham was often included in the middle of their efforts, lending his time, talent and treasure, which included friendships with wealthy and influential business and political leaders across the country.

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Henry, and evangelist Billy Graham, the neo-evangelicals championed a freshly intellectual and culturally engaged brand of evangelicalism that broke with the separationist, preeminently defensive program of fundamentalism. Henry had an even more expansive vision for a Christian university that would have the academic standards of Harvard and strong personal piety.

Billy Graham and Higher Education

They thought that young believers should see higher education as a mission field just as important as the countries that had heard little of the gospel. Of course not all their visions and dreams came true, especially the university idea. We look forward to seeing you soon where a seat is waiting just for you! Pastor , Canaan Baptist Church.

Reverend Barry L. Graham was born in Englewood, New Jersey to Rev.

Who Was Billy Graham?

Gadson L. Graham and Harrie Maude Graham. His father,. Graham retired in early after 55 years of being Pastor at Canaan Baptist Church. On March 22, Rev. Barry L. Graham was installed as Pastor of the Canaan Baptist Church. Reverend Graham cares about our youth, not only the children in Canaan, but also the children of the community.

Biography Newsletter

He formerly worked with the Canaan Recreation Department, during the summer and during the school year. He worked with the children in the After School Program and Computer School, which was opened to the entire community. Since becoming Pastor, Rev. Barry has instituted several new ministries. His motto: A Spirit of Excellence is increasing our membership daily. He lives what he preaches people love him.

Graham is a devoted and faithful husband to Joelle Graham, a father of two, Brandon and Latricia and a proud grandfather to Londyn. Graham is a native of Lake City, South Carolina where he was educated in the public school system.

He graduated from Shelton College in He traveled extensively throughout the world and has preached on 5 of the 7 continents. Under Rev.

Billy Graham: Technology, faith and human shortcomings

The Haitian Project operates a farm, 2 churches, 2 schools, a clinic and supports a nursing home for the elderly.

Educated by Pastor Graham Educated by Pastor Graham
Educated by Pastor Graham Educated by Pastor Graham
Educated by Pastor Graham Educated by Pastor Graham
Educated by Pastor Graham Educated by Pastor Graham
Educated by Pastor Graham Educated by Pastor Graham

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