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A case-report of cannibalistic behaviour in Italian wall lizard Podarcis siculus campestris De Betta, is described here along with the first photographic record. Simovic, A. Tayler, N. We report here a case of spontaneous limb regeneration in a wild Podarcis lilfordi lizard from the Balearic Islands. The animal had lost a hind limb, which regenerated posteriorly into a tail-like appendage. Despite not representing a functional regeneration, the growth of this structure after limb amputation suggests that survival of the individual may have been favored by the less restrictive conditions prevailing in insular environments.

Nevertheless, such cases are extremely rare in lizards, with no reported cases over the last 60 years. Gomes, V. Infestation by ticks affects several vertebrate groups, including reptiles. Castor bean tick Ixodes ricinus is the most widespread tick species. Lizards as tick hosts can play an important role in the life cycle of I. Castilla, A. Parisi, P. Smolinsky, R. Dias, G. Doronin, I. The paper describes a first case of successful hunting of a Parasteatoda tepidariorum C. Iglesias-Carrasco, M.

Gomez, T. In the search for properties of the Kindling effect in the lizard Gallotia galloti and after testing about animals, one of them produced a very high density of recurrent electrographic seizures without previous application of any epileptogenic treatment. Ten percent of the recorded time four days, continuous recording was spent in seizures of variable morphology. Mahony, S. We present here details of a collection of herpetofauna from Bangladesh, held at the Jahangirnagar University Herpetological Group, Dhaka.

This collection is comprised of at least 58 species, six are tentatively identi ed to their nearest described species which themselves are recognised to consist of more than one cryptic species. Four species could not be accurately identi ed to species level. Several of the localities presented here provide the rst con rmed localities for species previously listed as present in Bangladesh, but were not con rmed with locality or specimen data. Other species in the collection represent previously unknown localities, e. Eutropis multifasciata, and Hylarana cf.

Broadley, D. Nasrabadi, R. In total 42 species belonging to 29 genera, 13 families and two orders Squamata and Testudines were collected and identified. The most diverse group in the area is lizards with 23 species, followed by snakes with 18 species and the testudines with one species. The most diverse families are Colubridae, Lacertidae with 8 and Gekkonidae with 5 species respectively, followed by Agamidae with 4 species, Viperidae, Boidae and Scincidae with 3 species each, Lamrophiidae and Spherodactylidae with 2 species and 4 families Elapidae, Thyphlopidae, Varanidae and Testudonidae with only one species each.

Damadi, E. During herpetological fieldwork from April to March on the herpetofauna of the counties of Saravan, Sib and Suran, Zaboli, Sarbaz, and Chabahar in south east of Sistan and Baluchestan Province, Southeastern Iran a total of 97 specimens of lizards belonging to 19 species and five subspecies, 16 genera, and six families were collected and identified as follows: Calotes versicolor, Laudakia nupta nupta, L.

The most diverse families of the present collection are the Lacertidae with six species, followed by Agamidae and Scincidae each with four species. Detailed information of each lizard species was also provided. Wagner, P. The composition and distribution of the vertebrate fauna of Afghanistan remain poorly documented and in recent decades little new data have become available due to a series of wars and the resulting unstable security conditions. As Afghanistan returns to some semblance of normalcy, baseline faunistic data will be particularly important for establishing national conservation priorities as well as for placing Afghan taxa into their broader phylogenetic and zoogeographic contexts.

We here provide an updated checklist of the herpetofauna of Afghanistan based in part upon biodiversity archives of specimen records from several museum and private collec- tions as well as literature references and field research. The herpetofauna of Afghanistan consists of species and subspecies belonging to 58 genera and 21 families. Seven species are endemic to the country, whereas 18 taxa have to be delet- ed from previous lists of the Afghan herpetofauna. Immediately following the checklist, two sections provide information about species probably occurring in Afghanistan and previous- ly mentioned species that are now recognized as absent.

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Geniez, P. Chondropoulos, B. The lizards. The Greek lizard fauna consists of 26 species from which 5 are monotypic and the other ones are represented by a total of 86 subspecies. Five species and 61 subspecies are endemic of Greece. A checklist including the geographical distribution of each taxon in the Greek region is presented.

Venter, J. We surveyed six protected areas along the Wild Coast of the Eastern Cape, South Africa, to determine general herpetofaunal diversity as well as the representation of species of special conservation concern. Visual encounter survey methods and standard Y-shape trap arrays were used to conduct surveys from to A total of 59 species 22 amphibians and 37 reptiles were recorded. A number of previously unknown populations of threatened species and one potential novel species were discovered in these protected areas, and the known ranges of several other species were extended.

Amphibian and reptile diversity increased along the coast and a number of species of conservation concern were well represented in current protected areas. Our study provides a comprehensive amphibian and reptile checklist for an under-sampled region and highlights the importance of baseline data for improving conservation management. Conservation implications: Small protected areas play an important role in conserving a number of threatened herpetofaunal species along the Wild Coast. The region is currently under significant and increasing pressure from anthropogenic-induced environmental degradation, which affects biodiversity and subsequently the local inhabitants.

The information presented here represents an important baseline for future conservation management. Abdala, V. The cranial musculature of species of ten families of lizards Gekkonidae, Teiidae, Gymnophthalmidae, Anguidae, Scincidae, Lacertidae, Tropiduridae, Liolaemidae, Leiosauridae, and Polychrotidae was analyzed. Using 93 myological cranial characters, a cladistic analysis was performed. To root the trees, data of Sphenodon were added to the matrix.

The cladistic analysis yielded equally parsimonious trees with a fit of Thus in these groups, phylogeny seems to be better predictor of muscle morphology than ecology or diet. They are many problematic groups whose monophyly requires further analysis tropidurids, polychrotids, and scincids. In no case we were able to recognize differences that could be attributed to functional features.

Stuart, B. The collection contains 30 species of amphibians and 42 species of reptiles. Leptobrachium mouhoti, new species, and Ophryophryne synoria, new species, are described. Of the remaining collection, 11 species of amphibians Comparisons of the frogs show strong faunal overlap with that of mountainous central Vietnam, but little faunal overlap with the Cardamom Mountains of southwestern Cambodia. We describe a collection of 78 species of amphibians and reptiles from the Cardamom Mountains, southwestern Cambodia.

One frog Calluella guttulata , six lizards Draco taeniopterus, Dasia olivacea, Lygosoma bowringii, Scincella melanosticta, Sphenomorphus stellatum, and Ptychozoon lionotum , and four snakes Boiga dendrophila, B. Anthopogenically modified environments contain mostly species having broad geographic ranges in Southeast Asia. However, the frog and lizard faunas of intact environments in the Cardamom Mountains are largely distinct from those in the mountainous areas of eastern Cambodia.

Dixon, J. Deraniyagala, P. Senczuk, G. Background The current distribution of genetic diversity is the result of a vast array of microevolutionary processes, including short-term demographic and ecological mechanisms and long-term allopatric isolation in response to Quaternary climatic fluctuations. The pattern emerging from the genetic data was compared with current and past last glacial maximum species distribution modeling SDM. Results We identified seven deeply divergent parapatric clades which presumably remained isolated in different refugia scattered mainly throughout the Tyrrhenian coast.

Conversely, the Adriatic coast showed only two haplogroups with low genetic variability. These results appear to agree with the SDM prediction at the last glacial maximum LGM indicating a narrow area of habitat suitability along the Tyrrhenian coast and much lower suitability along the Adriatic one. However, the considerable land exposure of the Adriatic coastline favored a glacial colonization of the Balkan Peninsula.

Conclusions Our population-level historical demography showed a common trend consistent with glacial expansions and regional persistence during the last glacial maximum. This complex genetic signature appears to be inconsistent with the expectation of the expansion-contraction model and post-LGM re colonizations from southern refugia. Hence it is one of an increasing number of cases in which these assumptions are not met, indicating that long-term fragmentation and pre-LGM events such as glacial persistence were more prominent in shaping genetic variation in this temperate species.

Baskiera, S. Viviparous lizard, Zootoca vivipara Von Jacquin, , is the only lacertid lizard which is known to have two modes of reproduction. A comparative analysis of reproductive traits e. In oviparous population egg incubation period was 19 to 22 days, while comparatively in viviparous population it lasted only about 30 minutes. Total body length was larger in viviparous females, as expected, as well as the clutch size in oviparous females.

Some of the reproductive traits did not result in expected correlation, possibly due to small sample size. Olmo, E. Crespo eds. Zavialov, E. The karyotype of some local populations of Eremias arguta from the Samara and Saratov Trans-Volga regions is described. All the chromosomes are acrocentric, gradually decreasing in size. The presence of nucleous organizers on telomeric sites of three 2nd, 4th, and 7th and four 1st, 2nd, 4th and 9th pairs of autosomes for the Saratov and Samara Trans-Volga regions, respectively, is a feature of the E.

In this connection, further comparative analysis of the chromosome sets of E. Siliceo, I. Whereas the range size of endangered species is undoubtfuly useful to predict risk of extinction, the role of their life-history characteristics is much less clear, and their effects may depend on the nature of the threatening factors. Such factors, for instance, are known to be different on islands and on the mainland. We used phylogenetically based statistical analyses to study the relationships among conservation status, insularity, range size, and life-history traits in a clade of Western Palaearctic lacertids including insular and continental species.

These lizards are ecologically similar, but they show wide variation in life-history traits and vulnerability to extinction. Insular species of a given size had smaller clutches than mainland ones. On the mainland, but not on islands, threatened species had smaller clutches than non-threatened ones.

On islands, small clutch size is probably an adaptive trait, and it might predispose certain species to extinction, but the intrinsic characteristics of such species remain unclear. However, small clutch size was a good predictor of extinction risk on the mainland, having evolved most frequently in late maturing species from montane habitats in which climatic conditions limit their reproductive output and increase their vulnerability to stochastic hazards or habitat fragmentation. Roitberg, E. Using methods of statistical analysis, the extent of morphological inter- and intra-population variation in two sympatric lizard species Lacerta agilis boemica and L.

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The occurrence of evident differences in the extent of the interpopulation variation was revealed: the latter is higher in L. Two factors are proposed to be responsible for this difference: a gene flow among populations which seems to be more intense in L. We compared preferred body temperatures, critical thermal minima, and maxima, and tolerance ranges among four populations of Zootoca vivipara formerly Lacerta vivipara distributed along an altitudinal gradient m to examine whether different thermal environments have induced a change in these thermal characteristics.

Lizards in all populations had similar preferred body temperatures and critical thermal limits, suggesting that acclimation or adaptation of these traits to different thermal environments did not occur. Subadult females and gravid females preferred lower body temperatures than non-gravid females and subadult and adult males.

Preferred body temperatures differed among individuals of the same age and sex within a particular population. In contrast to the negligible among-population variation, preferred body temperatures varied considerably within populations in Z. Murray, G. Barbour, T. Danielyan, F. Diaz, J. It is well known that lizard species from thermally diverse areas differ in their use of thermoregulatory behaviors as a means of making short-term adjustments to differences in ambient conditions. In contrast, the extent of long-term adjustments in thermal physiology is poorly documented and still under debate.

In this study we report a clear interspecific relationship between heating rates, measured under standardized laboratory conditions, and environmental temperatures within a small clade of lacertid lizards. Phylogenetically based ANCOVAs demonstrate that species with a northern or montane distribution warm at a faster mass-specific rate than do species from a southern Mediterranean climatic zone. Correlational analyses, using phylogenetically independent contrasts, confirm that continuous among-species variation in mass-specific heating rates is negatively related to clinal differences in environmental temperatures.

A reduction of the time spent warming, associated with higher heating rates, should be especially advantageous for lizards from cool climates, which bask for large amounts of time. Thus, the observed relation between heating rates and climatic conditions could be a result of adaptive evolution.

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The behaviorally selected preferred temperatures were lower, but not significantly so, in the northern or montane species set; interspecific correlations with ambient temperatures were positive but not significant. However, the divergence of heating rates and the statistically nonsignificant difference in preferred temperatures have similar impacts on variation in the estimated amount of time spent heating. Thus, differences in both heating rate, a physiological trait, and preferred temperature, a behavioral characteristic, contribute equally to variation in heating times.

Fattahi, R. In this study, the adult cranial osteology of Trachylepis vittata and Lacerta media media collected from Kermanshah Province, western Iran, are described and compared based on seven dry skull preparations. Herein, variation patterns are considered in morphology of the cranial, elements of position in the skull structure and elements of connection together between the skull of two species in order to use in phylogenetic analyses and systematic studies. The skull roof, the palate, the mandible, the teeth within each of these two species discussed and compared.

The obvious differences are as follows: A complete loss of any one bone was not discerned in the study of the skull of both species, but a obvious decrease was watched in the postorbital bones in T. Articulations of the jugal, the squamosal and the palatine in the various regions. The variations in form, size and position in bones such as: The nasal processes of the premaxilla, the parietal, the supraoccipital, otoccipital, the paraoccipital process, prearticular, the dentary.

Wang, P. Maia, J. Identifying factors influencing infection patterns among hosts is critical for our understanding of the evolution and impact of parasitism in natural populations. However, the correct estimation of infection parameters depends on the performance of detection and quantification methods. Using qPCR, we also compared various protocols that differ in the biological source and the extraction methods. Our results show that the qPCR approach on DNA extracted from blood samples, regardless of the extraction protocol, provided the most sensitive estimates of Hepatozoon infection parameters; while allowed us to differentiate between mixed infections of Adeleorinid Hepatozoon and Eimeriorinid Schellackia and Lankesterella , based on the analysis of melting curves.

We also show that tissue and saline methods can be used as low-cost alternatives in parasitological studies. The next step was to test our qPCR assay in a biological context, and for this purpose we investigated infection patterns between two sympatric lacertid species, which are naturally infected with apicomplexan hemoparasites, such as the genera Schellackia Eimeriorina and Hepatozoon Adeleorina. From a biological standpoint, we found a positive correlation between Hepatozoon intensity of infection and host body size within each host species, being significantly higher in males, and higher in the smaller sized host species.

These variations can be associated with a number of host intrinsic factors, like hormonal and immunological traits, that require further investigation. Our findings are relevant as they pinpoint the importance of accounting for methodological issues to better estimate infection in parasitological studies, and illustrate how between-host factors can influence parasite distributions in sympatric natural populations.

In this work we describe the interaction of the dead horse arum and the Balearic lizard in Aire Balearic Islands, Spain. From to we studied the population of this plant species and its relationship with the Balearic lizard, Podarcis lilfordi. During blooming period, several lizards exhibited an intense foraging behaviour focused on open inflorescences. Lizards were able to capture flies attracted by the plants and those trapped in tubules as pollinators. The exploitation of pollinators was principally made by largest males of the population that actively excluded females and smaller males from plants, skewing lizard sex-ratio in areas of maximum plant density.

Lizards consumed fruits following the progressive fruit maturation. Thus, the Balearic lizard is the main legitimate disperser of the dead horse arum. From to , the density of the dead horse arum increased from ind. Tzoras, E. Catalana Herpetologia, Podarcis species are well known for their polymorphism and in some cases a concolor morphs hads been observed in many species.

This note presents a concolor morph of the endemic P. Jablonski, D. Mayol, J. Perera eds. Evolutionary and Ecological Perspectives. Recerca, 8: Available data regarding conservation status of lizard populations from Balearic Islands, as well as threat factors affecting them are presented. Some populations are highly threatened, due to their intrinsic limitation of island surface occupied and, in addition, there are cases of viable artificial populations.

Hence, we propose the translocation of most threatened populations to islets today unoccupied by lizards. We show the critria under which such operation could be performed. Ahmadzadeh, F. Valakos eds. Lacerta media has wide distribution range and is an important lizard fauna element in agro- ecosystems and river closed humid areas. The aim of this study was to provide reasons for high population size of this species in agro ecosystems.

So, this study was performed in the farming areas in Meshkinshar, Ardabil province of Iran from to Based on extensive field research, it has been mainly found that Lacerta media is the most abundant reptile species in mentioned habitats and it just inhabits areas that are much closed to water. Our results also showed, animal is hidden by dense grass vegetation cover especially male that has green color.

They use old hallows of mice and other small vertebrates for hiding and egg lying. In spring they are seen on cultivated filed boundaries on stones on sunny days. As specific result, they are found in apple orchards more abundant than other cultivated fields. It seems that permanent food accessibility insects and fewer predators are most reasons. Finally, Lacerta media is interesting species to study from a conservational point of view because of its unusual frequency of occurrence as parallel with human activities.

Pous, P. Here we report on the combined observations of 10 years of opportunistic field work conducted during short visits to Sardinia, from to A total amount of distribution records of 27 species were collected from different localities covering 52 unique UTM squares. We report species presence in new UTM squares and additionally reconfirm previous reported presence in UTM squares. Overall, we produce a remarkable increase in the knowledge of the Sardinian herpetofauna. Notes and observations on ecology, taxonomy and conservation are provided. Tzellarius, A.

Disi, A. Lizards of Jordan. In einem Appendix wird eine aktualisierte Liste der Eidechsen Jordaniens gegeben. Anderson, J. Porter, London. During fieldwork on 15 August in Golestan province, several specimens of Darevskia steineri Eiselt, were found at midday in the vicinity of the Loveh Waterfall. The locality of Darevskia steineri is limited to the area around the Loveh waterfall.

During this survey, no specimens of D. The unique habitat of D. In addition, the habitat is affected by a gas pipeline that runs through the area west to the province of Semnan. The knowledge of the helminth communities of reptiles and their ecological relationships with their hosts are until the present not well known. Some general researches have been made only on American herps AHO The Jordanian herpetofauna as a Zoogeographie indicator. Cattaneo, A. IV, 30 : Three species of lizards Laudakia stellio, Lacerta oertzeni, Ophisops elegans and an uniden- tified species of snake have been so far quoted for Nisyros Island Dodecanese, Aegean.

New her- petological researches allow to record six other reptilian species: four lizards Hemidactylus turcicus, Blanus strauchi, Ablepharus kitaibelii, Chalcides ocellatus and two snakes Dolichophis caspius, Platy- ceps najadum. An unusual polymorphism of Dolichophis caspius was observed in the local popula- tions, which includes both typical and maculated adults.

Mollov, I. A study on the trophic spectrum of three species of lacertid lizards Lacerta agilis, Lacerta trilineata and Podarcis muralis was carried out, based on 20 specimens collected in the period in various localities in Bulgaria. The analyzed data showed that the insects Insecta are the most numerous and the most frequently met among the alimentary components of the total amount of food of the studied stomachs except for Lacerta agilis, where spiders are slightly predominating.

The non-insect components consisted spiders and isopods. The largest niche breadth was recorded in Lacerta trilineata 8. The niche overlap between the three species pair-wise comparison showed medium values and in our opinion there should not be any serious competition for food resources at the places with sympatric distribution. Donev, A. A study on the trophic spectrum of three species of lacertid lizards Lacerta agilis, Lacerta viridis and Podarcis taurica was carried out, based on 32 specimens collected in the period in various localities in South Bulgaria.

The analyzed data showed that the insects Insecta are the most numerous and the most frequently met among the alimentary components of the total amount of food of the studied stomachs. Ouboter, P. In a crossbreed between Lacerta pityusensis kameriana Mertens and Lacerta pityusensis vedrae L. Petersburg, 3 : The description of a new subspecies of rock lizards Darevskia saxicola complex, inhabited the territory of Pitsunda-Myussera Reserve and in the Gagra Republic of Abkhazia is given.

Myussera lizard, Darevskia brauneri myusserica ssp. In addition, these subspecies differs by some peculiarities of biology: biotopical preference to coastal pebble conglomerates and a relatively low population size. Probably, the taxon was formed during the Pleistocene. Formation of the coastal plains of Pitsunda Peninsula by alluvial and marine accumulation in the Late Neopleistocene — Holocene divided the area of Myussera lizard into the Gagra and Myussera plots. This area is situated within the Black Sea refuge of Eastern Mediterranean species of herpetofauna. Szyndlar, Z. Buiswalelo, B.

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The objectives of this study were to describe reproduction, diet, nematode infection and sexual dimorphism in Agama anchietae and Pedioplanis undata undata, two Namibian lizard species with wide geographic distributions for which such baseline ecological information is still lacking. The specimens used in the study came from the preserved Herpetological Collection of the National Museum of Namibia.

Pedioplanis undata undata occurs in flat open areas and the findings were as follows, reproduction: i a similar pattern with respect to the activity of the gonads as reported for A. Like other lacertids, it is an effective heliothermic thermoregulator, which prefers sunny, open surfaces. This type of habitat could be found in higher numbers in cities and suburbs than in the natural environment of the species, which are rocky outcrops in hilly landscapes. In our research we compared the activity, thermoregulatory behaviour and thermal environment of common wall lizards in an urban and a close-to-natural habitat during three seasons.

Thermal preferences of the lizards were measured in a laboratory thermal gradient. Available body temperatures in the field operative temperatures were estimated using a digital contact thermometer and hollow copper pipe lizard models. Actual field body temperatures were also measured in captured lizard specimens. The activity of lizards was observed during three days in both habitats in three seasons.

According to our results the thermal quality of the two habitats are similar, however, the actual patterns of daily temperature changes are different, and there is great difference between seasons as well. The lizards living in urban environment proved to be efficient and accurate thermoregulators in each season. Population density was higher in the urban habitat, but the activity period was similar between the habitats. Urban environment had a better thermal quality in autumn, but not in the other parts of the year. Higher population density in the urban habitat could be caused by other than thermal factors, such as better food supply or decreased number of competitors and predators.

Ferenc, B. Babocsay, G. Loss of natural habitats renders conservation of species in urban environments important. The aim of our study was to reveal the most important factors that influence the distribution of Podarcis muralis in Budapest. Using maps on www. Observations were made at five occasions in the summer and autumn of We recorded sex, age juvenile, subadult, adult of the lizards, structural diversity of the habitats, number of hideouts, the extent of human disturbance and the presence of predators along transects.

We observed altogether lizards. Linear model was used to uncover the relationship between environmental factors and the observed number of lizards. The presence of predators had a negative while basaltic track bed and leaf litter had a positive effect on the population density of lizards. The structural diversity of the habitats correlated positively with the number of adults and females. We observed the largest density of lizards along railways. They usually covered with leaf litter and a wide diversity of vegetation that provides superior sites for egg laying and hunting.

Our results show that even Podarcis muralis that is prone to live in highly urban environments needs diverse, semi-natural elements in its habitat to maintain viable populations. Aviad, B. Lacertidae was carried out at Zimunya township near Umtali. This confirmed that these lizards have staggered life cycles and that individuals rarely live for more than 12 months, thus reducing competition for food between similar-sized lizards of the two species.

Murphy, R. A phylogeny of Caucasian rock lizards genus Darevskia, formerly Lacerta was reconstructed using mitochondrial DNA sequence and allozyme data. All 15 bisexual species grouped into three major clades: the caucasica, saxicola and rudis clades.

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Unisexual Darevskia originate from inter-clade hybridization, never from within clades. Only two clades, the caucasica clade and the rudis clade, were involved in forming unisexuals; the saxicola clade was never involved. Furthermore, the hybridization is directional in that the caucasica clade contributed only maternal parents and the rudis clade only paternal parents. The formation of unisexual species is best explained by sexually directional phylogenetic constraints. We hypothesize that the causative agents are likely to be genes linked with the sex chromosomes within the parental sexual species.

Haslewood, G. Beebee, T. We investigated sand lizard Lacerta agilis populations in Britain by genetic analysis across eight polymorphic microsatellite loci. Genetic diversity as determined by mean expected heterozygosity was high in all three distinct regions where the species occurs Dorset, Surrey and Merseyside , though allelic diversity was lower on Merseyside than in Surrey or Dorset. There was significant genetic differentiation between populations in all three of these widely separated zones, as judged both by Fst and Rst estimators. A genetic test for population bottlenecks confirmed that in at least two of the areas currently inhabited, Surrey and Merseyside, L.

The significance of these findings for sand lizard conservation is discussed. In reptiles the septal area is located in the medial wall of the telencephalon. It can be divided into 2 subregions: the precommissural septum and the postcommissural septum. The dorsal portion of the precommissural septum PDS received a massive projection from the medial cerebral cortex. It can be distinguished from the other portions of the pre- and postcommissural septum by its Timm-positivity and by its positivity to acetylcholinesterase histochemistry.

Guirado, S. The dorsal cortex of Psammodromus algirus is three-layered. From the pia to the ependyma, it consists of a superficial plexiform layer, a cellular layer, and a deep plexiform layer. Five neuronal types have been classified in the dorsal cortex. Pyramidal neurons represent Pyramidal neurons in the pars medialis are smaller and their apical dendritic fields are less extensive than those of pyramidal neurons in the pars lateralis. Bitufted neurons represent Multipolar neurons are distributed in the pars medialis and lateralis, in the cellular layer and the deep plexiform layer; they represent Bipolar neurons are found mainly in the deep plexiform layer and form Two subtypes may be distinguished: horizontal and vertical bipolar cells.

Juxtaependymal neurons represnt 1. All the neurons in the cellular layer are projection cells. Luis de la Iglesia, J. The medial cortex of lizards is a three-layered brain region displaying cyto- and chemoarchitectonical, connectional, and ontogenetic characteristics that relate it to the hippocampal fascia dentata of mammals. Three interneuron types located in the cell layer and ten others in the inner plexiform layer six in the juxtasomatic zone and four in the deep zone are described in this study.

The granuloid neurons, web-axon neurons, and deep-fusiform neurons lay within the cell layer. These neurons were scarce; they were probably gamma-aminobutyric acid GABA -, and parvalbumin-immunoreactive and presumably participated in feed forward as well as in feed back inhibition of the principal projection cells of the lizard medial cortex.

In the juxtasomatic inner plexiform layer, the smooth vertical neurons, smooth horizontal neurons, small radial neurons, large radial neurons, pyramidal-like radial neurons, and spheroidal neurons were found. They were all probably GABA-, and parvalbuminimmunoreactive and were involved in feed forward inhibition of principal medial cortex cells. In the deep inner plexiform layer lay the giant-multipolar neurons, long-spined polymorphic neurons, periventricular neurons, and alveus-horizontal neurons.

These neurons were probably GABA-immunoreactive and either neuropeptide- somatostatin-neuropeptide Y or parvalbumin-immunoreactive. They seemed to be involved in feed back or even occasionally in feed forward inhibition phenomena. Baha El Din, S. Alexander, G. Acanthodactylus harranensis harbored 1 species of Nematoda Skrjabinodon sp. Acanthodactylus schreiberi harbored unidentified cysticercoids.

Mesalina brevirostris harbored 1 species of Nematoda Spauligodon saxicolae. All lizards represents new host records for the helminths reported in this study. Faggyas, S. Due to the geography of the lowlands in the Great Hungarian Plain between the River Tisza and Danube a large number of various wetland types exists there. These marshes, bogs, oxbow lakes and artificial wetlands such as channels, canals and fishponds provide ideal habitats for amphibians. For many migrating populations movement between the different habitats is impossible without crossing busy roads.

With no human intervention massive amphibian road kills occurs at those sites. In many cases the erection of deflector walls with the installation of temporary bucket traps is the cheapest rescue operation. A permanent but more expensive solution is the installation of fixed guiding fences to lead the migrating animals through tunnels built under the road. It has already installed 5 underpasses along highway No. In the near future a new system of tunnels, namely ACO Climate tunnels will be built. Two different types - the so-called near-surface tunnels and the flush surface tunnels - are available to ensure that the best solution can be found even for complicated locations.

The entrance is cone-shaped to guide the animals into the tunnel. Das, A. An inventory of amphibian and reptiles from the Barail Wildlife Sanctuary and its surroundings, Cachar District, Assam, north-eastern India is presented here. A total of 23 species of amphibians and 45 species of reptiles have been recorded from the study area. The observations include new locality records and natural history information of poorly known species such as Tropidophorus assamensis and Eutropis quadricarinata. Besides recording members of currently recognized species complex, the study also documents few species that were either conferred to closely related species e.

The sharp slope in the species accumulation curve from the present study indicates that species count will rise further with additional surveys. Al-Quran, S. A total of 70 herpetofauna species from 3 Orders and 18 Families were surveyed during a period of two years in Southern Jordan. Testudines included Cheloniidae, Dermochelyidae, Emydidae and Testudinidae. The species listed were all resident and mostly found throughout the year.

The diversity of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems in the study area likely encouraged species presence. The results reinforce the necessity for long-term inventory planning in order to understand the ecology and the dynamics of herpetofauna and other wildlife communities in the study area. The increasing human impact on the existing natural resources in Southern Jordan has threatened the ecology and diversity of wildlife species to such a degree that populations of anurans and many reptiles are declining in diversity, status and abundance.

The author recommends improving cooperation of different parties to enhance public awareness and to implement environmental laws and legislation to conserve sensitive and rare species of herpetofauna. Reed, C. Bosch, H. Soorae, P. Athens: Arnold, E. A key and check list is provided to the 96 species and six additional subspecies of lizards and two species of amphisbaenians known to occur in and around Arabia.

Philochortus neumanni, Lacerta jayakari, Lacerta cyanura, Latastia longicaudata andersonii, Mesalina guttulata, Mesalina olivieri, Mesalina martini, Mesalina brevirostris, Mesalina ayunensis, Mesalina adramitana, Acanthodactylus orientalis, Acanthodactylus robustus, Acanthodactylus opheodurus, Acanthodactylus boskianus, Acanthodactylus felicis, Acanthodactylus yemenicus, Acanthodactylus masirae, Acanthodactylus opheodurus, Acanthodactylus gongrorhynchatus, Acanthodactylus haasi, Acanthodactylus schmidti, Acanthodactylus blanfordii, Acanthodactylus arabicus, Acanthodactylus grandis, Acanthodactylus tilburyi, Acanthodactylus scutellatus hardyi.

Hewitt, J. Aymerich, M. Siegel, A. Kenigfest, N. The aim of this work is to delineate the retinorecipient cell groups of the dorsal thalamus of lizards and to study some of the differential connections in order to help to understand the evolution of the visual system in tetrapods. Tract-tracing and immunohistochemical techniques were applied to the retinorecipient dorsal thalamus of the lizard Podarcis hispanica.

Thus, it seems to belong to the ventral rather than to the dorsal thalamus. The DLA projects to the medial and dorsal telencephalic cortices. The GLD is the main retinorecipient thalamic structure that projects to the telencephalon. It shows a crude laminar organization in which cell plate neurons project to the ipsilateral pallial thickening, but it does not receive a descending projection from the visual telencephalon and thus differs from the GLD of other amniotic vertebrates.

In the context of present knowledge, these results suggest that an IGL homologue is present in all tetrapods studied, whereas Ov seems to be restricted to diapsid vertebrates. Moreover, our data suggest that a unimodal visual projection to the telencephalon arising from the GLD first appeared in reptiles by segregation from a limbic multimodal thalamo-telencephalic pathway. Bolkay, S. Ansorge in Angola, with descriptions of new species. In the herpetological collection of ZFMK scientific species group names are represented by type materi- al.

Of these, names are documented by primary type specimens onomatophores while for further names sec- ondary type specimens typoids are available, ranging chronologically from to The list is a shortened pred- ecessor of a comprehensive type catalogue in progress. It lists name bearing types with their catalogue numbers includ- ing information on further type series members also in other institutions, while secondary types are listed only by pres- ence, both in ZFMK and other collections including holotype repositories.

Geographic origin and currently valid names are also provided. Ragazzi in Shoa and Eritrea. Blayney Percival in Southern Arabia. Lanza, B. Herpetological research in Somalia dates from G. Taylor —34 , G. A monotypic genus, Lanzarana, is endemic. The reptiles are represented by at least species. Four genera are endemic: Xenagama Agamidae , Haackgreerius gen.

Scincidae , Aeluroglena and Brachyophis Colubridae. Some reptiles inhabiting both Somalia and south-west Arabia confirm the well-known close biogeographic relationship existing between the two countries. Lo Cascio, P. IV, 38 2 : New data are given on the population size and ecology of P. The estimates provided a consistency of Lizards occupy the whole surface of the stack, although they result more abundant 0.

The diet is based mainly on ants and other arthropods, among which marine crustaceans found in the intertidal belt, and includes a significant percentage of vegetal matter. All these traits reveal a remarkable level of adaptation to the chronic lack of resources that characterizes this micro-insular environment. Manukyan, L. In vertebrates, skin colour patterns emerge from nonlinear dynamical microscopic systems of cell interactions.

Here we show that in ocellated lizards a quasi-hexagonal lattice of skin scales, rather than individual chromatophore cells, establishes a green and black labyrinthine pattern of skin colour. We analysed time series of lizard scale colour dynamics over four years of their development and demonstrate that this pattern is produced by a cellular automaton a grid of elements whose states are iterated according to a set of rules based on the states of neighbouring elements that dynamically computes the colour states of individual mesoscopic skin scales to produce the corresponding macroscopic colour pattern.

Using numerical simulations and mathematical derivation, we identify how a discrete von Neumann cellular automaton emerges from a continuous Turing reaction—diffusion system. Skin thickness variation generated by three-dimensional morphogenesis of skin scales causes the underlying reaction—diffusion dynamics to separate into microscopic and mesoscopic spatial scales, the latter generating a cellular automaton.

Our study indicates that cellular automata are not merely abstract computational systems, but can directly correspond to processes generated by biological evolution. Borsuk-Bialynicka, M. An almost complete lizard specimen discovered from the Baltic amber of middle Eocene age is described and considered conspecific with the first Baltic amber lizard Succinilacerta succinea Boulenger, The new specimen demonstrates that the typical lacertid morphotype was fully developed by the middle Eocene. This is in conflict with a possible derivation of all the extant lacertids from a common ancestor of no earlier than Oligocene age based on the recent albumin-immunological and karyologic analyses using molecular clock methodology.

Outgroup analysis of the lacertid pileus characters is applied to reconstruct the order and rate of appearance of character states during the pre-Oligocene section of phylogeny of the lacertid clade theoretically beginning by about the Late Jurassic. Two synapomorphies are proposed for the whole lacertid clade, including Eocene Plesiolacerta: frontoparietal scales largely overlapping the parietal table with a corresponding central position of the interparietal, and presence of the occipital.

Plesiolacerta is the only stem lacertid known. Succinilacerta is considered a member of the crown lacertids on the basis of two other synapomorphies: an integration of parietal scales and a development of early ontogenetic control of the pileus pattern. Parietal integrity is suggested to be sensitive to animal size. Pileus fragmentation may be primary or secondary. Ferreira, M. Distribution of 16 amphibian and 15 reptile species of Hungary was mapped in the 10x10 km U.

By this method, Weighting the different categories common, abundant, moderately abundant, rare, and very rare , the nominal theoretical maximum nature conservation values of 46, , and points were resulted for a single U. Applying this evaluation method to the seven major geographical regions of Hungary, the conservation values did not show correlation to the degree of research in these regions. With regard to the amphibians, three regions have reached the maximum conservation value: the Alpine foothills of westernmost Hungary, the Transdanubian Hills, and the Northeastern Hills.

In contrast to this, no region have reached the maximum value with regards to its reptile fauna: the closest is the Great Plain with 95 points The qualifying method described here for nature conservation evaluation is useful especially for areas which are already well explored with high research level. The application can be extended to other vertebrate and invertebrate taxa, and the value received for the evaluated region may provide useful indication to the practical nature conservation as well.

Meng, D. Lawson, R. Breedveld, M. Reproductive success is determined by the presence and timing of encounter of mates. The latter depends on species-specific reproductive characteristics e. Despite their potentially crucial role for fitness and population dynamics, limited evidence exists about mating window initiation, duration, and reproductive strategies. We furthermore tested treatment effects on female reproductive strategies by measuring female choosiness.

The timing of mate encounter and season did not significantly affect mating probability. However, a longer delay until mate encounter reduced female choosiness.

Einträge von 2016

Re-mating probability decreased with re-mating delay and was independent of mating delay. This indicates that mating window initiation depends on mate encounter, that its duration is fixed, and that plastic reproductive strategies exist. These findings contrast with previous beliefs and shows that mating windows per se may not necessarily constrain reproductive success, which is congruent with rapid range expansion and absence of positive density effects on reproductive success Allee effects.

In summary, our results show that predicting the effect of mating windows on reproduction is complex and that experimental evidence is essential for evaluating their effect on reproduction and reproductive strategies, both being important determinants of population dynamics and the colonization of new habitats. Greenbaum, E. Currently, four species of the lacertid lizard genus Adolfus are known from Central and East Africa. We sequenced up to bp of two mitochondrial [16S and cytochrome b cyt b ] and two nuclear [ c-mos oocyte maturation factor and RAG1 recombination activating gene 1 ] genes from 41 samples of Adolfus representing every species , two species each of Gastropholis and Holaspis, and in separate analyses combined these data with GenBank sequences of all other Eremiadini genera and four Lacertini outgroups.

Results demonstrated that Adolfus is not monophyletic: Adolfus africanus type species , Adolfus alleni, and Adolfus jacksoni are sister taxa, whereas Adolfus vauereselli and a new species from the Itombwe Plateau of Democratic Republic of the Congo are in a separate lineage. Holaspis and Gastropholis were recovered in separate clades.

Based on these molecular data, relatively substantial sequence divergence, and multiple morphological differences, we describe a new genus of lacertid for the lineage including A. The recognition of this new, endemic genus underscores the conservation importance of the Albertine Rift, especially the Itombwe Plateau, a unique region that is severely threatened by unchecked deforestation, mining, and poaching.

Timon, a small genus of lacertid lizards, includes four species distributed in two separate ranges in the western and eastern part of the Mediterranean Basin. Phylogenetic relationships between the two groups have not been resolved, and the taxonomic situation of the two subspecies of the eastern representative of the genus, Timon princeps, is not clear.

Based on the high genetic distance between the two subspecies of T. Divergence time estimates based on other lacertid species suggest that the separation of the green Lacerta and ocellated Timon lizards took place around 12 My ago, and that the Eastern group underwent speciation around my ago, perhaps associated with the uplifting of the Zagros mountains. As expected given this ancient divergence and complex paleogeography, considerable levels of genetic diversity are recovered within both taxa, with geographically close individuals showing very divergent haplotypes.

Chirikova, M. Lazar eds. The data were compared to the relevant literature and particular attention was paid to the characters which demonstrate sexual differences. The morphometric measurements of taxonomically important characters, coloration, and pholidosis features of 74 Lacerta parva specimens collected from West Taurus, Turkey were investigated. Statistical analyses were done and these results were compared with those from relevant literature.

Some of the characters were found to be different on the specimens from different localities. New localities from southwest Turkey were also discovered during this study. Crochet, P. The taxonomy of the fringe-toed lizards of the Acanthodactylus scutellatus group has long been unstable and no consensus exists on the systematic status of its various forms. A multivariate analysis of morphological characters, performed on over specimens from most of the African range of this group, allowed us to clarify the specific allocation of most of the Saharan populations included in this species group.

Based on comparisons of morphology between allopatric and sympatric populations of this complex, we propose the recognition of six biological species. Our results confirm the specific status of Acanthodactylus aureus , A. In addition, we re-validate A. Acanthodactylus longipes is reported for the first time from coastal Mauritania, and A. The systematic section of this paper includes a full list of examined material, diagnosis and known distribution of each species, in addition to some information on geographical variation and ecology.

A key for specific identification is provided as an appendix. Foronda, P. A new species of anoplocephalid cestode is described from Gallotia atlantica Reptilia, Lacertidae on the Canary Islands, Spain. Oochoristica feliui n. Gallotia spp. This is the first report of an adult cestode species in this lizard.

Gressitt, J. Karis, M. Donnelly and K. Cernansky, A. The best-preserved material of Dracaenosaurus croizeti, an almost complete and previously unpublished skull with a few associated postcranial bones stylopodium, zeugopodium, and cervical vertebra , is described. The material comes from the locality of Cournon, a late Oligocene site in south-central France. Micro-computed tomography applied to this specimen revealed previously unknown internal osteological characters.

Among lacertids, this taxon represents a notable phenomenon: it is an extreme durophagous specialist. Many of the newly observed cranial character states reflect the lifestyle of this lizard, because animals with a hard-shelled diet display a specialized cranial morphology associated with more massive cranial muscles. One unique character for Lacertidae is observed: the parietal-supraoccipital contact is formed by a ventrally deep parietal crest that fits into a bifurcate ascending process of the supraoccipital.

In fact, such a connection represents the opposite to the connection in modern members of Lacertidae. Phylogenetic analysis recovered Dracaenosaurus inside Gallotiinae, a clade that would consist of the mainly Oligocene genera Pseudeumeces and Dracaenosaurus, the Miocene genus Janosikia, and the extant Psammodromus and Gallotia. Our study supports previous phylogenetic results and provides an example of the achievement of large size in mainland members of the stem of Gallotia, previously exemplified by Janosikia and Pseudeumeces.

The extreme amblyodonty of Dracaenosaurus also confirms the view that herbivory in Gallotia is derived and may be the result of insularity. Baran, I. Sobolevsky, N. A new and distinctive form belonging to the genus and subgenus Eremias Fitzinger, is reported from the highlands of Alvand Mountains, Hamedan Province, western Iran at about m elevation.

It is easily distinguished from all the other species of the typical subgenus E. Furthermore, it can be distinguished by having a combination of characters against any of the species in the typical subgenus. Further work, using both morphological arid molecular techniques, is now being carried out on this new form in order to determine its exact taxonomic and phylogenetic status. Systematics of the genus Eremias is shortly discussed. A helminthological investigation was carried out on the lacertid lizard, Gallotia atlantica Peters and Doria, Reptilia: Lacertidae from Lanzarote, Canary Islands Spain.

One hundred and three digenean trematodes were found in the small intestine. Based on morphological and morphometric analysis of 35 specimens, it is concluded to be a new species which is here named Pseudoparadistomum yaizaensis gen. Pseudoparadistomum n. Medina, F. We present data to confirm that the island of La Palma harbours the first established feral population of ferrets Mustela furo on the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean.

It is not known when the species was introduced but individuals occasionally lost during hunting appear to have become established sometime in the previous 2 decades. Sightings of ferrets are mainly in the north of the island but they are likely to expand their range southwards, and a few have already been detected in the centre of the island. We report a total of 45 cases of wild ferrets in 28 different localities during — To minimize effects on native species, control measures or eradication are required. Public awareness of the problem and education campaigns, especially among hunters, are needed to reduce the threat of this alien species to the biota of the Canary Islands.

Loveridge, A.. Marx, H. Walley, H. Ghira, I. Series Scientia Naturae, Deva, Moravec, J. Reptilia: Lacertilia: Lacertidae. Ineich, I. A lizard specimen recently collected from Gabon can not be assigned to any known species for the country. It is identified as Ichnotropis bivittata, a lacertid previouslnot reported for the country. The specimen is described in details and compared to related species.

Darevsky, I. The re-examination of Lacerta clarkorum Darevsky et Vedmederja, type series as well as analysis of the recently collected new material may suggest that within the frames of Northeastern Turkey and neighboring region of Adzharistan within the Georgia, live two close allopatric species: Lacerta clarkorum proper and a new species Lacerta dryada sp.

Evidence is provided on the distribution and comparative ecology of both species, their possible phylogenetic relation being discussed. Austen, E. The current paper reviews the current distribution of the Italian Wall Lizard Podarcis siculus in Turkey. The results including meristic pholidolial, metric measurements and color-pattern features of specimens are compared with the data given in the previous literature.

The occurrence of P. The morphological approach was unable to discriminate any of the populations as significantly different from the others in the NML. Weitere Infos unter www. Dabei stets im Fokus: die automatisierte Generierung und intelligente Nutzung von Daten. Die Kunden von Adacta im Bereich Versicherung sind u. Das System zeichnet sich durch folgende Merkmale aus:. Gemeinsam mit Versicherungen und Tech-Start-ups entwickeln wir Innovationen ''outside the box''.

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Sie arbeiten an einem Businessplan oder einer Marktanalyse? Ferner haben Sie Zugriff auf mehr als Unternehmen wie Kabel Deutschland, Douglas oder Vorwerk lassen sich von eprofessional beraten. Ein Schwerpunkt der Arbeit ist die ertragsbasierte Aussteuerung. Der studierte Versicherungsfachwirt arbeitete 9 Jahre bei der Itzehoer Versicherung, bevor er auf die Agenturseite wechselte. Diese Kombination haben wir bei eprofessional gefunden.

Damals war unser Hauptberatungsgebiet stark IT-bezogen. Die meisten Versicherungsunternehmen haben die Finanzkrise gut gemanagt. Seit dem Jahr ist das Unternehmen mit Spitzenpositionen in dem weltweit beachteten Nachhaltigkeitsindex vertreten. Setzen Sie mit ProvenExpert. Die Enterprise Solution von ProvenExpert.

Das qualifizierte Kundenfeedback zeigt detailliert, was Kunden begeistert und wo noch Potentiale vorhanden sind. Seit analysieren und evaluieren die Spezialisten um Dr. Siemens, Continental, Volkswagen, targobank. Immer dann, wenn ihre Kunden sie braucht. Alle Entscheidungen werden im Land getroffen. Ansprechpartner: Herrn Mag. Deploy Anywhere. Spigraph Group betreut mit rund 6. Mit Portalen auf Basis von Liferay und.

Thomas Gerick. Besonderes Augenmerk richten wir dabei auf die optimale Umsetzung auf allen Screens insbes. Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone , z. Homepage: www. Unser Leistungs- und Produktangebot umfasst das gesamte Spektrum von der Beratung, Konzipierung und Realisierung bis hin zu der fertigen Installation und dem Betrieb der Systeme. Dabei werden Produkte aktueller Microsoft-Technologien, z.

Skype for Business oder Exchange. IP Dynamics — for a changing world. Wir entwickeln Anwendungen, die mit der Infrastruktur und den speziellen Anforderungen unserer Auftraggeber harmonieren. Uns ist es wichtig, in Entwicklung und Beratung dynamisch, individuell und vorausschauend auf unsere Kunden einzugehen. Unsere Kunden profitieren von messbaren Ergebnissen, wenn sie mit uns zusammenarbeiten.

Email: gerhard. Alle Produkte lassen sich komfortabel und rasch in vorhandene Strukturen einbinden. Hier setzt Sporttsclub an. Mit Sporttsclub finden Nutzer lokal Sportangebote. Zum Interview mit Sporttsclub auf Versicherungsbetriebe. Wie sieht die Zukunft der Versicherungsbranche aus? Wie werden Online-Produkte den Versicherungsnehmer beeinflussen? Dies spiegelt sich auch in unserer Arbeitskultur wieder: sowohl zielstrebig und wissbegierig, als auch freundschaftlich und loyal.

Termine verschieben die Spitzen- zu den Leerzeiten und steigern so Auslastung und Servicelevel. Denn es gibt keine Beziehung im Leben eines Menschen, die ohne Termine funktioniert. Wenn kein Schaden passiert, bekommt jeder einen Teil aus dem Topf wieder. Weitere Informationen unter: www. Markus Weik, Eva Genzmer. Die Versicherungsvermittler sind heutzutage immer noch der wichtigste Vertriebskanal in der Versicherungswirtschaft.

Sie besitzen den direkten Kontakt zum Kunden. Its shares are held by the following organizations:. Wir finden uns nicht mit der Starrheit und Ineffizienz des Gesundheitsmarktes ab. Das Versicherungsunternehmen BTA wurde am 1. Am Abgerundet wird unser Leistungsspektrum durch ein umfassendes Schulungsprogramm u. Weiter Informationen gibt es unter www. Als Anbieter der flexiblen Integrations- und Datenaustauschplattform agosense. Das Produktportfolio von agosense wird durch die innovative Requirements Management Plattform agosense. Dabei ist agosense.

Die OVAG wurde am Die Erfahrungen der Industrieberatung konnten in den letzten Jahren konsequent mit dem Know how der Versicherungsbranche verbunden werden. Zahlreiche Projekte bei Banken und Versicherungen in den letzten 10 Jahren unterstreichen die Branchenkompetenz und Kundenzufriedenheit. Mehr als Berater arbeiten an weltweit 13 Standorten in der Transformation Alliance zusammen. In der Transformation Alliance www. Daran lassen wir uns messen! BiZZdesign setzt Ihre Strategie um! Arkwright ist eine Partnerschaft und im Besitz der senioren Mitarbeiter.

Webblog LawyersLife. Wichtige Informationen werden automatisch aus den Inhalten herausgefiltert und dann den richtigen Leuten zum richtigen Zeitpunkt bereitgestellt. I www. Kein Wunder. Herausragendes quantitatives Wissen und der Einsatz modernster Softwaretechnologien bilden die Grundlage von Aquantec Ocean. Aquantec Ocean hilft Versicherungsunternehmen, eine effiziente Kapitalanlagesteuerung sicherzustellen.

Email: frederick. Internet: www. Begeisterte Kunden sind loyale Kunden. Um sie optimal zu steuern, ist es notwendig, die Perspektive des Kunden einzunehmen. Wir betrachten Unternehmen nicht nur von innen, sondern auch aus dem Blickwinkel ihrer Kunden. Zum SLPM betreut heute mehr als Die Kunden kommen nicht nur aus Deutschland, sondern z. Die Projektteams umfassen je nach Aufgabe ausgebildetes Fachpersonal bis hin zu Meistern und Ingenieuren.

Lay dad. Facelift brand building technologies GmbH wurde am 8. Wir sind in der Lage, in Echtzeit und mit hoher Skalierbarkeit die richtigen User im passenden Moment mit der passenden Botschaft anzusprechen. Ein Fokus unserer Agentur liegt auf der Entwicklung innovativer Technologien. Unsere Idee ist einfach: Wir versichern Lebenssituationen. Situationen in denen du gerade steckst.

Mit Hauptsitz in Weiden betreibt A. Die rund Das A. Bei A. Seit Jahren setzt sich die A. Dieses Umweltbewusstsein ist ein fester Bestandteil der Unternehmensstrategie. Schmeichel de. Ist ein Unternehmensfahrzeug in einen Unfall verwickelt, bedeutet das oft: hohe Kosten, viel organisatorischen Aufwand und zeitraubende Prozesse. Mithilfe der Schadenmeile sparen Sie nicht nur viel Zeit und Geld. Mit individuellen Konzepten managt er die Schadenregulierung von Fuhrparks, Versicherungen und Leasinggesellschaften. Mehr dazu unter Homepage. Gut 1. Durch umfassende Recherche, im Zuge derer wir Feedback von Kunden, Analysten und anderen Stakeholdern eingeholt haben, entstand das sogenannte Project Ansible.

Auf diese Weise macht Project Ansible schwierige oder zeitaufwendige Aufgaben, wie etwa die Suche nach Informationen aus verschiedenen Quellen, die Organisation von Real-Life- und virtuellen Meetings oder auch Mitschriften von Telefonkonferenzen so einfach wie einen Telefonanruf. So werden einzelne Interaktionen noch effizienter. Bison hat ihren Hauptsitz in Sursee, Luzern. Unter der Dachmarke Bison treten in der IT-Branche verschiedene Unternehmen auf, welche unterschiedlich ausgerichtet sind.

Jeder Kunde wird umfassend betreut und langfristig begleitet. Heute versichern wir mehr als 1. Dazu bauen wir auf das Prinzip der Gegenseitigkeit. Die Beziehung zu unseren Kunden verstehen wir als eine auf Dauer angelegte Partnerschaft. Auf kostenintensive Werbung verzichten wir weitestgehend. Louis, USA mit mehr als 7. April mit Sitz in Hamburg und Frankreich. Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier. Die Firma novu.

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  • The War Behind the Wire: The Life, Death and Glory of British Prisoners of War, 1914-18!
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Im Jahr wurde novu. Auf uns ist Verlass - bundesweit. Informieren Sie sich auf dem Messekongress Schadenmanagement und Assistance Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie auch unter www. Weltweit kooperiert das Unternehmen mit zahlreichen Partnern wie u. Sollers Consulting setzt moderne Projektmanagementmethoden ein wie bspw.

Tags: Projektmanagement Prozessmanagement. Short Overview VASCO is a world leader in strong authentication and e-signature solutions, specializing in online accounts, identities and transactions. As a global software company, VASCO serves a customer base of approximately 10, companies in over countries, including more than 1, international financial institutions.

In addition to the financial sector, VASCO's technologies secure sensitive information and transactions for the enterprise security, e-commerce and e-government industries. Our Vision Full-option, all-terrain authentication Full-Option All our authentication technologies, solutions, and services are hosted on our single unique platform, VACMAN Controller All-terrain VASCO brings banking security to 50 different vertical applications, such as healthcare, e-gaming, automotive, human resources, education, administration, e-government, legal, manufacturing and many more.

Our Strategy VASCO is committed to providing financial institutions with an array of authentication solutions and services at the lowest total cost of ownership.

In addition to the financial sector, VASCO technologies secure sensitive information and transactions for the enterprise security, e-commerce, and e-government industries, and we are constantly enhancing our current offerings in order to better meet the specific needs of our customers within those markets. Mit u. Jede eingenommene und im Internet bekannt gemachte Rolle wirkt auf den Ruf des Arbeitnehmers. Es entsteht die sogenannte Online Reputation. Aus den Ergebnissen lassen sich viele Handlungsfelder ableiten.

Die Inveda. Der Schwerpunkt der Inveda. Zur Zeit sind bei der Inveda. Wir sind spezialisiert auf die hoch qualifizierte juristische Erstberatung am Telefon und beraten auf allen Gebieten des deutschen Rechts. Betriebswirtschaft im Gesundheitswesen B. Informationsmanagement im Gesundheitswesen B.

Link zu den Forschungsschwerpunkten an der HNU. Link zum Studium. Das Leistungsspektrum umfasst u. Der Branchenfokus liegt u. Abonnieren Sie den Newsletter der Versicherungsforen Leipzig! Alle aktuellen Veranstaltungstermine zur Veranstaltungssuche. Hier finden Sie die vergangenen Veranstaltungen zum Archiv. Partnerkongress Partnernetzwerk Versicherungsforen-Themendossier Partnerveranstaltungskalender.

Ein Netzwerk. Zahlen, Daten, Fakten. Unser Kundenmagazin "" zum Download zum Heft. Sie besitzen noch keinen Zugang? Registrieren Sie sich und erhalten Sie Zugang zu unseren umfangreichen Angeboten. Jetzt registrieren. Veranstaltungen Fachkonferenzen Partnerkongress Unternehmensdetails. Heitman Nicht-Versicherer Zur Webseite. Referenzen Gemeinsam mit der Hamburger Privatbank M. Eckdaten Wurzeln. Yext Nicht-Versicherer Zur Webseite. Eckdaten Ab Yext wird Digitales gemanaged.

Bei Fragen wenden Sie sich an Alexander-Boris Waschkowitz E-Mail schreiben. Getreu unserem Motto: Weniger Software. Mehr schlau. Optimierung Die Force-Schnittstelle stellt den Kunden quantitative und qualitative Schadensbeurteilungen bereit. Bankenforen Leipzig GmbH. Paris, Wien, Eckdaten Die Entwicklung eines Unternehmens lebt u.

Was wir versprechen: Unsere Kunden betrachten wir als unsere Arbeitgeber. Wir sind umweltbewusst und gehen schonend mit Ressourcen um. Chancengleichheit ist uns wichtig. Suva Versicherer Zur Webseite Unternehmensvorstellung. Eckdaten FinLeap is a Fintech company builder based in Berlin. Hanse-Marine Versicherung AG. Unsere Entscheidungswege sind kurz. Eckdaten forum! Unsere Werkzeuge: Marktforschung, Beratung und Unternehmenskommunikation.

Eckdaten zinsbaustein. Eckdaten Es gibt viele Beratungsgesellschaften auf der Welt, und jede braucht einen Ansatz, der sie einzigartig macht. Eckdaten Ganz gleich, ob Unternehmen regional oder weltweit aktiv sind — bei jeder Entscheidung spielen Steuerfragen eine Rolle.

Die Umsetzung der Datenschutz-Grundverordnung wirkt sich auf fast alle Unternehmensbe-reiche eines Versicherers aus. Teilweise sind mehrere Hundert Applikationen in das Ma-nagement personenbezogener Mit der zunehmenden Digitalisierung sind Aktuare gefordert, ihre finanzmathematischen Modelle auf die Entscheidende Kriterien waren dabei nicht nur die Actico: Digitalisierung in der Versicherungswirtschaft Erscheinungsdatum: Was versprechen sich Versicherer von der Digitalisierung?

Sie soll eine nachhaltige Kundenzufriedenheit erzielen und Kosten reduzieren. Das hat Auswirkungen auf fast alle Bereiche im Unternehmen, z Ralph Altenburger Partner E-Mail schreiben. Eckdaten von Hanns W. Eckdaten in4mo ist ein junges und innovatives Unternehmen aus Finnland. Eckdaten E. Eckdaten messen. Eckdaten Erkennen.

Die demographische Entwicklung in Italien zur Zeit der mittleren Römischen Republik (German Edition) Die demographische Entwicklung in Italien zur Zeit der mittleren Römischen Republik (German Edition)
Die demographische Entwicklung in Italien zur Zeit der mittleren Römischen Republik (German Edition) Die demographische Entwicklung in Italien zur Zeit der mittleren Römischen Republik (German Edition)
Die demographische Entwicklung in Italien zur Zeit der mittleren Römischen Republik (German Edition) Die demographische Entwicklung in Italien zur Zeit der mittleren Römischen Republik (German Edition)
Die demographische Entwicklung in Italien zur Zeit der mittleren Römischen Republik (German Edition) Die demographische Entwicklung in Italien zur Zeit der mittleren Römischen Republik (German Edition)
Die demographische Entwicklung in Italien zur Zeit der mittleren Römischen Republik (German Edition) Die demographische Entwicklung in Italien zur Zeit der mittleren Römischen Republik (German Edition)
Die demographische Entwicklung in Italien zur Zeit der mittleren Römischen Republik (German Edition) Die demographische Entwicklung in Italien zur Zeit der mittleren Römischen Republik (German Edition)
Die demographische Entwicklung in Italien zur Zeit der mittleren Römischen Republik (German Edition) Die demographische Entwicklung in Italien zur Zeit der mittleren Römischen Republik (German Edition)
Die demographische Entwicklung in Italien zur Zeit der mittleren Römischen Republik (German Edition) Die demographische Entwicklung in Italien zur Zeit der mittleren Römischen Republik (German Edition)

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