Bringing in the Sheaves

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What does the Bible say about “bringing in the sheaves?”

The work to prepare the field has been done.

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Our goal has been to connect with each other and to connect with community — taking church outside of the church walls. Those relationships shine light on those areas which we may take for granted, scripture we may know but others do not, biblical truths that are as common as an Oklahoma wheat field to us may be unknown to others. It is in these relationships with people from whom we differ, that we must pray to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and be emboldened by Him.

It is the perfect space where God reveals himself.

# Bringing in the Sheaves

We each have a God-given skill, a tool we use, a tool with which we are comfortable and confident. When Radhika sees the print, a field in need of harvesting, she sees a field of hurting people, and she sees us, the church, as people of influence who are connected to more souls than we realize. We are called to be intentional about our relationships, to use our tools, our gifts, to help others follow Jesus as we are confident in the Lord.

As Radhika and her team shared and reflected upon their evangelism training, members of the team expressed fear and vulnerability about being able to just launch into sharing their faith with someone. Many of us might feel this way, not wanting to seem pushy or judgmental. Nevertheless, Radhika, who has lived a part of her life without Christ, sees sharing her faith as an opportunity and a challenge. She sees the tools waiting in the church for workers to come in and pick up and go to work. There is a challenge and relentless will to win within her, given to her by the same God who saved her.

She recognizes the challenge as a prayer authored by the Holy Spirit. Sowing in the morning, sowing seeds of kindness, Sowing in the noontide and the dewy eve; Waiting for the harvest, and the time of reaping, We shall come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves. Bringing in the sheaves, bringing in the sheaves, We shall come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves;. The cycle of harvest is eternal; there is always work to do, sowing to do, a tool to pick up, a soul to nurture, a harvest to gather. The Great Commission, that intentional and cooperative assignment, reminds us that each of our encounters with the people in our circle of influence, in our field is important to the cycle of the harvest.

Home Stories Pastoral. Psalm ESV. Toward the end of May last year, in the vicinity of Samaria, we saw sheaves in the field ready to be brought in for storage and use for the remainder of the year. Sheaves in the field near ancient Samaria. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins. If you click on this photo and look carefully at the larger image you will see that the sheaves have been bound to hold them together. Sheaves bound in the field, ready to be taken from the fields.

If we use this as an excuse, it is a reflection on our knowledge of the Bible. Perhaps its time to learn. Bertha Spafford Vester explains how the early American Colony residents of Jerusalem made a living by engaging in various projects from weaving cloth to growing wheat. She recounts an interesting story about cutting grain and binding sheaves.

Our Swedish and American farmers had tilled these bits of ground so well that there was evidence of excellent crops. Some Orthodox Jews came to inspect the wheat and offered us a higher than usual price for it to make matzoth unleavened bread for their Feast of the Passover on condition that we harvested it under their supervision. We agreed. We had no machinery; it was harvested by hand. One stipulation they made was that we should not begin work until the sun had risen and dried any moisture from dew fallen during the night.

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After breakfast we all went out to work in the field, our Jewish overseers keeping watch. As our custom was when working, washing dishes, or over the washtub, or at any other task, we sang hymns. So now we started in the harvest field. Singing helped the work, which went with a swing. But we were not allowed to sing by these Orthodox Jews. Peradventure a bit of moisture might fall from our mouths and cause fermentation. It would no longer be unleavened. So we gathered the sheaves silently.

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    "Bringing in the Sheaves" Lyrics

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    Bringing in the Sheaves Bringing in the Sheaves
    Bringing in the Sheaves Bringing in the Sheaves
    Bringing in the Sheaves Bringing in the Sheaves
    Bringing in the Sheaves Bringing in the Sheaves
    Bringing in the Sheaves Bringing in the Sheaves
    Bringing in the Sheaves Bringing in the Sheaves
    Bringing in the Sheaves Bringing in the Sheaves

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