Against Her Fading Hour

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Thank you so much for saving and keeping the kitten. You are truly an Angel. Enjoyed reading your story with a happy ending.

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I just had a kitten die on me and i was wondering if it was fading kitten syndrome or hypothermia. The kitten is just shy of 8 weeks old. She was feral and i was there the day she was born because i care for her colony. She was eating and fine yesterday but appeared damp from the rain from the day before.

Today i went to feed the colony and found that she was separated from the other kittens and her mom was fetching her over. She was still damp because her fur is the soft cottony persian type. Since it was already PM i decided to warm her up and take her home since it was getting cold and starting to rain.

The mom seemed fine with me taking her baby. I was able to keep her warm and she perked up a little and had some formula only about 2 tbsp before she started sleeping. At some point she was kicking in her dream? But i left her in a bed of blankets she kept crawling out of them and went to do the dishes. When i checked on her about an hour later she was stiff! I;m not sure how a kitten goes from being fine one day to dead within 30 hours when there was no obvious trauma and it was already 8 weeks old.

Hi Winnie, So sorry for your loss and thank you for caring.

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We suggest contacting your vet or local rescue with questions like this. Beth Hill has her information correct with regards to FIV positive cats. And when a cat is diagnosed as being FIV positive, it only means that the cat is carrying the anti-bodies for the virus and not the actual virus.

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Please stop believing and spreading lies. My feral cat mom had 6 kittens. They are now 4 weeks old but this morning the other 5 were playing a couple of hours later 1 of them seems to be dying. Can someone enlighten me on why this is happening? Lying about or denying this fact will not change it. Wrong, as years of having cats with and without FIV living together have shown me as well as better-educated vets. It is exactly the same thing.

Please read the science. It is unfortunate that they have similar names because they are absolutely not the same thing. One reason for kittens dying early is the vaccinations. I was selected by a beautiful seal-pointed 6 week old Ragdoll. She was vaccinated in front of us, before we took her home along with her 10 week old half-sister. She stopped thriving though remaining affectionate. When our breeder replaced the first with a similar male, I contacted this Vet, who gave instructions in case this problem recurred. It did. I recall one day coming home to find him appearing dead, but I injected and after 15 minutes he jumped up to play.

After a great life of 14 years, sleeping at my feet every night, he suddenly died in my arms of a heart attack one month ago. I am a breeder of ragdolls and would not subject any kitten ander 1. I have done a lot if research and if the kittens are still around their mother before leaving 14 weeks they have immunity that will last a week or two anyway. Innoculationscause stress and 8 weeks is far too young to add that to a little body.

There is a vaccine for the most common ailments that can be given via nazal spray.

Fitness takes hard work to gain, but how fast does it fade?

Its not available in UK ….. She was vaccinated in front of us, before we took her home along with her 10 week old mitted half-sister. She stopped thriving, though remaining affectionate. When our breeder replaced Mocha with a similarly colored male, I contacted this Vet, who gave instructions in case this problem recurred. With hundreds of thousands of cats being euthanized for lack of shelter space, and hundreds or thousands of unplanned litters of kittens born in each metro area each year, the LAST thing the world needs is people breeding more kittens on purpose.

Every kitten bred by a breeder is a death sentence for on sitting in a shelter. Shame on you, cat and dog breeders. Get a real job.

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Or no job. Your activity is the opposite of positive and productive. Your activities hurt animals and cost millions in tax dollars and immeasurable suffering to adoptable animals who end up with no quality of life and an early death due to being on the street or in a shelter instead of in a home. Shame on you. I personally think that cat breeders would just STOP doing that!

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I wish we didnt even support people who breed animals. I think it is atrocious and even barbaric to do that! I will go even farther, in saying that breeding animals should be illegal. If animal breeding were illegal, we would have no more pure breed dogs, like the golden retriever. We NEED to breed animals or else they will either die out or thrive in the wild. Yes, we see the triangle face also in our foster. When I fostered kittens I learned that subcutaneous fluids — water with a drop of Karo syrup would help keep a fading, lethargic kitten from dying.

I have lost 3 out of 17 neonatal kittens.

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This article has excellent information. It is heartbreaking. There is absolutely no correlation between these two illnesses. What this does do is put fear in the population about adopting these otherwise healthy cats. If you like Fading Hour, you may also like:. Once again, I have to give credit to Spaceuntravel for introducing me to Like Thieves.

Kort Jackson. Only Ghosts by Red Fang. Infectious sludge finally arrives after four years of furtive jamming, out on Small Stone Recordings. Red Fang by Red Fang.

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Nuclear power could fall by as much as two-thirds in developed nations by absent policy support and more investment, making it vastly harder to keep global warming in check, a new International Energy Agency report warns. A "significant" amount of this lost nuclear generation would be replaced by gas and some coal despite the surge in renewables, IEA said. Threat level: If nuclear drops by two-thirds, "cumulative CO2 emissions would rise by 4 billion tons by , adding to the already considerable difficulties of reaching emissions targets.

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Against Her Fading Hour Against Her Fading Hour
Against Her Fading Hour Against Her Fading Hour
Against Her Fading Hour Against Her Fading Hour
Against Her Fading Hour Against Her Fading Hour
Against Her Fading Hour Against Her Fading Hour
Against Her Fading Hour Against Her Fading Hour
Against Her Fading Hour Against Her Fading Hour

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