100 Inspirational Facebook Pages To Like (Internet Search For The Lazies)

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How your website speed influences visibility

If you know how to write a persuasive email subject line, you can convince the recipient to read your e-mail and click on a link in the message. Are customers not buying yet? Follow through or follow up with a friendly e-mail or a series of e-mails. Use one of our many examples on persuading your readers to buy…finally! Selling yourself or your company is as important as selling a quality service or product. This is called branding. The more effective you can brand yourself, the more people will admire you.

These swipes will make sure you have access to all important words to showcase your fantastic idea to the world…and your mom!. Are you a Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter enthusiast? And finally, these newspaper ad swipes will increase business. We provide you with of these swipes to get you started. We are proud to post your contest here, free of charge. Please come back and submit a new contest anytime!

We only accept jobs that pay. When posting a job ad, you MUST include a salary, payment terms, or rate, otherwise we will reject your ad. If you want make a change or wish to remove your job ad in the future, please email support freelancewriting. We strive to be the best source of freelance writing jobs on the web, and we maintain our quality thanks to employers like you. Please continue to submit jobs early and often! Writing Contests Find a contest Submit a contest Win writing contests. Hottest Topics Sports reports Types of journalism Shakespeare's writing.

What are swipe files?

Our chapters include: 1. Sub-headlines Swipes Increase your influence with swipes of sub-headlines. High-Converting Bullet Points Swipes If you need to unpack your important ideas on separate lines for extra emphasis, make sure your bullet points count. Persuasive Guarantees Swipes Should you have challenging customers who hesitate to buy, then feature an irresistible offer that is impossible to refuse. Bonuses Swipes We all love bonuses. Powerful Post Scripts Swipes Surprisingly, individuals may jump to the end of the sales copy, and this is where you can catch them with powerful post scripts.

Engaging Questions Swipes Questions are truly powerful! Comparisons Swipes Show proof that your product or service is better than what your competitors offer. SiteGround as well. Or WP Engine if you want to spend some more. As much as I would love for this not to be the case, not everything we publish remains evergreen indefinitely. Regardless of your niche, there are always new developments, new ideas, new things to write about, and also new things that relate back to your older content.

The simple fact is that no one can predict the future. The goal of a content audit is simple: check which of your posts are still relevant, which need updating, which can be removed entirely, which can be consolidated. This is something that Pat Flynn talked about in one of his podcast episodes featuring Todd Tresidder.

In it, Todd actually shared how deleting a third of his content tripled his traffic, believe it or not. Start by compiling a spreadsheet featuring all your posts URLs are enough. Divide that spreadsheet into three sections:. Once you have those, you can begin working on them, in this order: start by deleting content, then consolidating, then improving. Doing an audit like this and reviving your past content is only proof that you care about what people see when they come to your website and begin consuming a random piece of your content.

How often to do the full audit? Probably once a year. Let me show you something; this is one of our list posts on this blog — featuring some cool WordPress themes. This is an extreme example. But still, the message remains:.

The 50 Most Influential Psychologists in the World

Your content absolutely deserves to be updated on a regular basis. Google wants to see you write about it too. Literally, the world wants you to keep your content up to date. Updating your old posts is one of those techniques that basically every blogger with experience speaks highly of. First off, not every little feature you want requires a plugin. Many can be done with simple WordPress hacks or other quick modifications. Also, not all plugins work together that well. Okay, so some things are outside of your control.

First off, as Colin said above, keep your site updated. You absolutely need this! Apart from those, also consider things like two-factor authentication and other simple fixes that will make your site ultra-secure. A while ago, we did a fun experiment. We wanted to check what sort of impact you can have on your PageSpeed Insights score once you get your initial grade. So we got two hosting setups, did the testing, and then optimized the lower-performing one via a couple of standard methods. The results were kind of surprising or not surprising at all, depending on how you look at it.

It turns out that having your site on a fast host is much more important than doing any other optimizations. Long story short, the faster hosting setup still got a better grade right out the gate than the slower hosting even after doing a range of optimizations to it. In the end, this all comes down to, again, getting a good hosting setup. This is always the easiest and best way to improve your PageSpeed Insights score when starting a blog. This is not about finding relevant Quora threads, submitting your answer, and then plugging your content.

This is about something else:. Quora is one of the few places on the web where you can go to find out what people truly want to learn about. Basically, every question is an opportunity for you to write a completely new post on your blog — a really awesome helper when starting a blog. All it takes is going to Quora, following a handful of topics that relate to your blog niche, and paying attention to the questions that people ask. The key to real, proper keyword research is doing it over and over again for every new post you publish. This also goes back to doing content audits. Is it optimized enough?

Coming up with good blog post ideas can be tough at times. A popular author and podcaster, James Altucher says that idea sex is one of the most powerful things that a creative person can experience paraphrasing. In other words, the only way to have good ideas is by having lots of ideas. Read a lot. Watch a lot of videos. Do a lot of stuff. Allow yourself to consume content outside of your niche. This is perhaps the ultimate path to follow when starting a blog. One of his things, for instance, is reading fiction before bed.

It would have seem that reading fiction should be doing nothing for him. But still :. This is about paid vs free content. Because this is how they get you to buy the album or the concert ticket. Free, awesome stuff gets people through the door. When they come, they start searching for more. This is where you get to sell one-on-one consultation, premium multi-part courses, speaking appearances, real estate … you get the idea.

Except this one person who will point it out in the comments. The core of the information is what truly matters. No one — and I really mean no one — will ever read your blog just because your grammar is spot on. In other words, a badly written, insightful post is always going to be better than a nicely written, sexless press release. Entertainment value! Raw information! Invest in your content muscle first, and only then focus on your grammar muscle. The problem with editing as your write is that it stops the flow of ideas, disrupts your creative thinking and makes storytelling harder.

The goal when creating the first draft is to get as many words as possible onto a piece of paper or digital paper and not worry about how it all looks. I really mean that you should write down everything that you can think of that relates to the topic. The important thing here is to not stop yourself and try to fix anything.

Not even typos. Your goal is to write. To be creative. Then, once you have the whole draft written, this is when editing can take place. This is when you can go back to your draft and start fixing it. And I do realize that this separation is something incredibly difficult to keep up with. I too catch myself editing this or that as I write, but the key is to notice this and try snapping yourself out of it. Blogs are unique in the way they work. Do this last. Work on making your post look great immediately before you hit the publish button. So depending on how you go about starting a blog and creating your content, you might find certain tools very helpful in your day to day.

A keyboard is perhaps the most underrated piece of equipment that we interact with on a regular basis. Most of our interaction with a computer happens via a keyboard, right? This all comes down to your personal preference, your skill as a typist, and your general comfort depending on your position. Some keyboards have low travel keys, others high travel.

There are mechanical keyboards. There are membrane keys. But the fact to the matter is that you never know which of them is going to be better for you until you try them first hand. So go to your local store and experiment. Just hang around, fire up a notepad tool, start typing, see how it feels.

Getting the right keyboard can transform you into a master typist overnight — at least what it did for me. But when starting a blog, you might find yourself even more productive in some dedicated blogging apps. For instance, my two favorite ones are iA Writer and Bear. Both apps support markdown , which is a much quicker way to write anything.

This post has been a lot! Thanks for still being here! In the end, running a blog is one of those things that seems simple in itself, but the gap between just doing it and doing it to its fullest potential is actually huge. If you want us to expand on any of the points discussed here, feel free to submit your questions below. This means that you can upload this to your Kindle or whatever other device you use for eBooks:. Skip to content X. Starting a blog for the first time is an amazing, yet intimidating experience.

Click To Tweet. We spent the last couple of weeks converting this resource into an easily digestible eBook. Scroll to the bottom of this page and download your copy. Use SEO to drive tens of thousands of visitors every month SEO, or search engine optimization, is the art of optimizing your content in order to rank for certain keywords on search results like Google. Find keywords with a fairly low ranking difficulty around your niche. There are two steps here: First, pick the keywords that you want to target when starting a blog. Google used to give some merit to sites with fresh content.

Then, I wrote a Facebook post and tagged all of them in it. Look at this engagement: As you can see, 1, people were reached organically, with 11 shares and 21 likes. And all that to a new Facebook page with fewer than likes. Basically, your life becomes a typical stock-photo scenario. Like this one:. Add exit-intent and on-scroll popups using a tool like Sumo. This is where you can offer your content upgrade or lead magnet. You can offer your content upgrade, lead magnet, or simply give users the option to subscribe. Use a tool like LeadPages to create strong landing pages for your offers.

Social media groups I briefly mentioned Facebook groups in the section on social media, but I wanted to talk about them more. See the video:. Here's why you should steal your competitors' keywords. Hosting matters! You see the exact wording the person used to ask the question — you can use that as your headline, even, or part of it. But it also requires more setup work and maintenance than most website builders do.

WordPress is not an all-in-one package. A CMS allows you to create and organize digital content. Other elements like hosting and domain registration are best done separately. The first major logistic of setting up a WordPress site is web hosting. The files that make up your website need a virtual location to live in. Do keep in mind though that lots of other web hosting providers are available. For a quick overview of each hosting provider, check out the table below. Check out our comparison of the best hosting providers to get a sense of what other services are out there.

If this all sounds a bit too technical for you, check out how to make your own site using a website builder instead. A2 Hosting. Before you can get down to the business of building your WordPress website you need a place for it to live. This requires a hosting plan. Signing up for a hosting plan is easy. Signing up for the right hosting plan is where things get a bit trickier.

There are various types and tiers of hosting designed for everything from tiny blogs to online stores with millions of visitors per month. For an idea of the range of plans available, just look at Bluehost :. If, further down the line, a shared plan proves inadequate you can simply upgrade. For your first WordPress site a basic shared plan will see you right. A domain name is the virtual address of your website. Ours is websitebuilderexpert. And so on. Bluehost lets you choose a domain for free as part of the signup process. More on this later. Their value tends to be set by the market.

Facebook bought fb. Far more manageable. You only lose it if you choose not to renew, at which point it will be put back on the market. Once you sign up to a hosting plan with Bluehost, an account will be made for you automatically, though setting up a WordPress requires something from you: a click. Accordingly, most offer one-click WordPress installation. If you bought a domain name as part of signing up, a WordPress site will already be there a no-click setup! Most web hosting providers offer a similar experience. For a complete walkthrough, check out our guide on how to install WordPress with Bluehost , or watch our 2 minute how-to video:.

While website builders have templates, WordPress has themes. Your theme affects how your site looks. The upside with free themes is the cost, obviously, though bear in mind a nice free theme is likely being used on a lot of sites already. Some only require a one-off payment, while others offer a subscription in exchange for support, updates, and maintenance. Once you select your WordPress site you will find yourself in the WordPress dashboard. Get used to it, it will be your online control room from now on. A handful of default themes are waiting for you when you arrive, and adding new ones only takes a few minutes.

Clicking on a theme takes you to its own page where you can see user reviews and preview the theme in action. Once you find a theme you like, download it. You now have a new theme.

Option 1: Use a Website Builder

Rinse and repeat until you find one that feels just right. Customization on WordPress requires much more technical skill than it does with website builders. Just be wary. WordPress offers more control than website builders, but only to those equipped to use it. Adding content to WordPress is much more structured than you might think. Content on WordPress sites essentially breaks down into two types: pages and posts. What they look like will depend on the theme you use. Pages are static one-off pages that make up the backbone of your site. Your homepage and contact page would be pages, for example.

Posts are more timely. If your site has a blog, each entry in that blog would be a post. Creating pages and posts is easy. Both require a couple of clicks in the WordPress dashboard. From there you can select which pages appear in which menus. Plugins are bits of software that can be added to WordPress to improve the functionality of your site. Default features offer enough to make a perfectly good website, but plugins are often necessary to take it to the next level.

WordPress has tens of thousands of plugins for everything from search engine optimisation SEO to image compression. Each plugin has its own page with descriptions, screenshots, user reviews and more. There you can sort through featured, popular, and recommended plugins, as well as search for them yourself. There you can edit plugin settings and toggle installed plugins on or off. You have a whole lot more to gain from plugins than lose. Worst case scenario you simply deactivate a plugin you no longer want to use.

A good website is never finished. The internet is constantly evolving, and your site will too. The life of a WordPress site is a steady circle of stages six and seven, with a bit of theme customization thrown in for good measure. Making and maintaining a WordPress site is a deeply rewarding experience. You will learn about design, content, search engines, coding and more, and the structured framework WordPress gives you will always keep things manageable. The real trick is juggling the elements that go into a WordPress site, rather than WordPress itself. Most hosting providers provide one-click setup, so you can technically set up a WordPress in five minutes.

Put simply, Wix is much easier to use than WordPress, so it depends on your level of technical skill. WordPress requires coding throughout the process, giving you unlimited customization. However, if you are using a website builder like Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace, you are not required to find web hosting — everything you need to get online is there in one place. Website builders let anyone get online. WordPress is more complicated. WordPress gives you total freedom in terms of creativity, but demands more technical skill than website builders.

Your website needs to look great on all screen sizes, so anyone can scroll through your website easily on the go. We recommend investing in a logo to really help establish your brand. Make sure you only upload high-resolution photos to your website to keep that professional feel.

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How to Access the Dark Web: Browsing Dark Web, TOR Browser, and .Onion Websites | WHSR

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, or in other words how easy it is for Google to pick up and categorize your site. Focusing on SEO helps more people find your website. So make sure you spend some time searching for keywords, installing SEO apps, and reading the SEO guides of each platform. Website Builder Expert aims to provide you with honest data. Analyses and graphics in this article are based on authentic sources cross-validated by our in-house experts.

We take great care to ensure the information we publish is reliable and accurate. However, WBE takes no responsibility for any inaccuracy in information supplied to us by users, research participants, or other entities.

24 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Business Websites in 12222

Please note the insight contained within this article is for general information purposes only. For further information, please contact Website Builder Expert directly via email at info websitebuilderexpert. Sounds good? Option 1: Use a Website Builder. Option 2: Use WordPress. Our 6 Tips for Building a Website. Which website builder should you choose? Best All-Around. Ease Of Use. Start Free Trial. Read Our Full Review. Easiest to Use. Best Design Orientated.

Best Customer Service and Support. Compare The Top Website Builders. Chart features explained Ease of use — How simple the builder is to learn and use.

Test your website builder We can point you in the right direction, but only you can know which builder feels right. Choose Your Wix Plan. Can you make a website for free? Check out what you can get just by signing up to the most basic website builder premium plans: Your Builder. Choose Your Plan. Read Pricing Review. Read Review. Make it relevant. Make sure the domain matches what visitors see when they visit your site.

It will look silly and no-one will remember it Avoid numbers. It generally looks unprofessional and adds another element for people to remember. There are millions of websites already out there.

That means there millions of domains already taken. Step 5: Customize Your Template As we said in the last step, templates provide a framework. Watch our video tutorial to see how easy it is to customize pages and menu bars in Wix:. Try Wix For Free. Some of the key questions to ask are: Is all the spelling and grammar correct? Are all the buttons on the menu working?

100 Inspirational Facebook Pages To Like (Internet Search For The Lazies) 100 Inspirational Facebook Pages To Like (Internet Search For The Lazies)
100 Inspirational Facebook Pages To Like (Internet Search For The Lazies) 100 Inspirational Facebook Pages To Like (Internet Search For The Lazies)
100 Inspirational Facebook Pages To Like (Internet Search For The Lazies) 100 Inspirational Facebook Pages To Like (Internet Search For The Lazies)
100 Inspirational Facebook Pages To Like (Internet Search For The Lazies) 100 Inspirational Facebook Pages To Like (Internet Search For The Lazies)
100 Inspirational Facebook Pages To Like (Internet Search For The Lazies) 100 Inspirational Facebook Pages To Like (Internet Search For The Lazies)
100 Inspirational Facebook Pages To Like (Internet Search For The Lazies) 100 Inspirational Facebook Pages To Like (Internet Search For The Lazies)

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