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Iron Man requests from Odin the use of his workshop to make weapons to fight the Worthy. As Thor convalesces in Asgard, Odin gives him his own battle armor and the Odinsword, Ragnarok, for a last suicide mission against the Serpent. Iron Man and the dwarves of Svartalfheim present eight newly forged weapons, each designed for a specific Avenger and containing both his repulsor technology and uru the same metal composing Thor's hammer.

They throw them into a vat of boiling uru — into which Iron Man himself leaps — to receive Odin's enchantments.

Fear Itself

In Broxton, Captain America raises a militia of armed citizens who wish to remain to fight, and along with the Avengers, prepares for a final confrontation with the Serpent and the Worthy. They confront the Serpent's forces and are joined by the people of Broxton and Captain America, who wields Thor's hammer against Skadi. The Worthy are vanquished from their hosts when Odin summons their hammers away from them, and Thor kills the Serpent at the cost of his life.

As Thor and Bucky are mourned by their allies, Odin returns to Asgard with the corpse of his brother Cul, sealing off Asgard from Hermod and a number of other Asgardians , who are left on Earth. The Stark-Asgardian weapons are returned to Asgard to be melted with the exception of the Red She-Hulk, who retains hers , and Iron Man presents Rogers with his reforged shield, now stronger for its uru-infused enhancements, despite the scar it bears.

Fear Itself: 7. With the world believing him dead, Bucky returns to his former identity of Winter Soldier, performing special operations, developments to which only Steve Rogers, Nick Fury , and Black Widow are privy. Fear Itself 7. Fear Itself: Sin's Past 1 is a reprint book that collects Captain America from , which introduced Sin as part of her father's Daughters of Sin.

Fear Itself: The Worthy is an anthology origin book in which Sin and each of the Worthy detail the major events of their life in first-person narration , with each vignette concluding with an open-ended look to the future. The Mighty Thor 7 establishes the Serpent's origin story, revealing him to have been the sibling to Odin, Vili and Vi, who assumed the throne of Asgard following the death of their father, Bor, at the dawn of time, and whose rule was marked by madness and corruption.

Odin sacrificed his right eye to receive wisdom from Yggdrasil, which prophesied that to heal his brother, Odin would have to sacrifice his son. In Iron Man 2. In Avengers , Spider-Woman , Ms. In Avengers Academy , the staff and students of the eponymous school fight convicts attempting to escape the Raft, and are later sent to Washington, D. In Fear Itself: Hulk vs. In Thunderbolts , the eponymous team deals with the escape of convicts from the destroyed Raft, one of whom is Juggernaut, who becomes one of the Worthy and battles the Thunderbolts outside Chicago.

Issue is an anthology issue, with different vignettes focusing on the Raft breakout starring Warden John Walker and convict Crossbones. The Thunderbolts later battle aquatic mutants rising out of Lake Michigan. In Fear Itself: Spider-Man , the webslinger attempts to deal with the rampant paranoia that grips Manhattan, which includes, in addition to his own hallucinations, attempted suicides, hate crimes, no cell phone service and satellite activity, an attack by Vermin , a foreclosed homeowner holding people hostage in St.

Mark's Church , a woman in labor in need of a hospital and an attack by the Thing , who has been turned into Angrir. He and a group of mercenaries are trying to exploit the panic over the events in Paris to steal France's nuclear arsenal. The anthology miniseries Fear Itself: The Home Front explores how the events of the storyline affect the ordinary citizens of the Marvel Universe, much as Civil War: Front Line and Siege: Embedded had previously done with the " Civil War " and " Siege " crossover storylines, respectively.

The series also follows the investigation of an abandoned Thule Society headquarters by Jimmy Woo and the Agents of Atlas , Liz Allan 's encounter with bank robbers as she tries to escape New York City with her son, Cardiac 's attempt to help a health care industry CEO whose son has meningitis, Blue Marvel 's discovery of a submarine harboring antimatter samples off the coast of Kadesh , Mister Fear 's realization that the Serpent and his Worthy have surpassed his ability to induce fear in people, American Eagle 's attempt to deal with the fear and chaos in Bleachville, the Great Lakes Avengers ' confrontation with the forgotten villain Asbestos Man and the attack upon Amadeus Cho , X , Spider-Girl , Power Man and Thunderstrike by a group of samurai Shark Men after the former group is teleported onto a station in the Pacific Ocean.

In Uncanny X-Men , the mutant team is in San Francisco in an attempt to ease anti-mutant tensions, when they learn that Kuurth is rampaging through California, and decide to confront him when he reaches the city. When her teammates try to follow her using forbidden magic, they instead end up in Hell, where they encounter Mephisto, who offers transport the team to Hel, for a price.

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In Fear Itself: Uncanny X-Force , that team investigates a terrorist bombing, which leads them to a Christian fundamentalist cult named the Purifiers , whose leader, a former neurosurgeon named Jonathan Standish, sees the appearance of the Worthy as a sign that the Devil is on Earth, and blames superhumans for the global chaos. Namor and his comrades, Lyra , Loa , Doctor Strange and the Silver Surfer , are attacked by the Undying Ones , demons who break through Earth's dimension as a result of the global panic weakening the barriers between the dimensions and who make a deal with Nerkodd to help them take over Earth.

In Herc , Hercules pursues escapees from the Raft, and must also confront a resurrected Kyknos and the amnesiac Hecate , who tries to take over Brooklyn after her memories are restored. In Ghost Rider , a woman named Alejandra who grew up in a pyramid temple in Nicaragua among the followers of a man named Adam, becomes a new, female Ghost Rider, and confronts Skadi and her allies. Meanwhile, Mephisto tells Johnny Blaze , who is at peace now that he is free of the curse of Ghost Rider, that Adam who relieved Blaze of the curse and bestowed it upon Alejandra intends to take away all of humanity's sins, which will turn it into a cold, emotionless stagnant race devoid of creativity.

Mephisto tells Blaze that he must separate Alejandra from Adam, but Alejandra is unwilling to agree to this. The debut of Alpha Flight ' s fourth volume depicts the Canadian superhero team's rescue efforts for victims of a tsunami created by Nerkodd, and their ejection of Nerkodd from Canada.

In Fear Itself: Fearsome Four , She-Hulk , Howard the Duck , Frankenstein's Monster and Nighthawk intervene when the empathic Man-Thing goes on a rampage in Mahhattan, due to the fear and chaos he senses on the part of the citizenry, [] [] and discover a plot by Psycho-Man to use Man-Thing's volatile empathy to create a weapon.

In Fear Itself: Deadpool , which offers a humorous take on the storyline, the Merc with a Mouth hopes to improve his security consultation business by arranging the dim-witted villain Walrus to find a bejeweled but otherwise ordinary hammer in order to convince him that he is one of the Worthy, in the hopes of subsequently defeating him publicly in order to bolster his reputation.

Fear Itself: The Fearless pits Sin and Valkyrie against one another as they compete to find the hammers of the Worthy that fell to Earth at the end of the main miniseries. Critics exhibited mixed reaction to the work of the individual creators involved in the different books of the "Fear Itself" crossover, praising the art in general, but generally panned the writing as "pedestrian, bordering on silly", and reported that the title failed to sell through at shops. Gold found it endemic of "endless phony dull event stunts" that he had been criticizing for over a decade.

Erik Norris of IGN gave the prologue a "Great" rating of 8 out of 10, saying it set up the crossover storyline effectively. He also praised Brubaker's vibrant depiction of the characters and Scot Eaton 's artwork for effectively capturing character emotions. Chad Nevett, reviewing the Fear Itself: Book of the Skull for Comic Book Resources , opined that it felt like a drawn-out issue of Ed Brubaker 's Captain America , and a lead-in to the relaunch of that title, rather than an essential setup for "Fear Itself".

At Newsarama , David Pepose noted Brubaker's talent for mixing fun dialogue with action, but thought the book read "a little choppy". He described Scot Eaton's pencils as having "an exciting vibrancy", singling out his rendition of character close-ups, but felt that in light of Marvel and Matt Fraction's promotion of the miniseries, that the prologue was unnecessary.

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Danny Djeljosevic of Comics Bulletin saw Book of the Skull as Brubaker's embracing of the silliness of the Marvel Universe, and also questioned if readers would need the prologue to appreciate the crossover, saying that Captain America's presence in the story felt more like a marketing ploy than a natural aspect of it. Djeljosevic found the supervillain interaction to be fun, and wished that it had been given the focus of the book.

Alex Evans of Weekly Comic Book Review gave the book a "B" , thought, despite his aversion to prologue books, for Brubaker's scripting, the accurate tone of each of the characters, comparing the combination of Nazis and paranormal elements to the work of Mike Mignola , as well as Eaton's "fantastic" art. Evans opined, however, that it did not function well as a prologue, because it did not inform him as to the nature of the upcoming storyline.

Evan Narcisse, Graeme McMillan and Douglas Wolk of Time magazine's Techland website found the book to be "tepid", and stated that it failed to provide exposition for new readers, or to inform or intrigue readers as to the upcoming storyline, which they felt was emblematic about Marvel's "insular" approach to big event storylines. Doug Zawisza, reviewing the Fear Itself miniseries for Comic Book Resources , commended writer Matt Fraction for the first two issues, praising his establishment of the story and tying it into Marvel Universe history in the first issue, while still making it enjoyable for new readers.

Though they enticed him to buy the tie-in books, which he normally does not do with crossovers, he felt the story's shift of locales, the lack of resolution to its setups, the depiction of action in "snippets" and the relegation of important plot events to tie-in books hurt the story. Zawisza also praised Wade Von Grawbadger's inks and Martin's colors. Despite his disappointment with the latter in issue 4, [] he singled issue 5's rendition of a sequence spoken in runes and the electric blue lightning emanating from Thor's hammer as otherwise strong inking and coloring, respectively.


Fearing fear itself

At Newsarama , Jennifer Margret Smith praised Fraction's slow building of an uneasy fearful tone, his ability to play to smaller, less tangible emotions and for capturing the real-world parallels of the country's mood and Steve Rogers ' Barack Obama -like characteristics in issue 1. Marston conceded that the story's major beats could be perceived for their shock value, but contrasted this with the "little moments" that he felt stood out. Marston felt issue 7 in particular contained a rushed climax and an overall lack of exposition, resonance and depth for what should have been important elements of the story, which he felt was emblematic of the miniseries.

Marston criticized the epilogue pages for being devoted to upcoming spinoff books instead of these elements. At Comics Bulletin , a roundtable review of issue 1 by five reviews resulted in an average rating of 3. The reviewers generally praised the writing and art, though Ray Tate, who expressed an aversion to large-scale "event" storylines, questioned the first issue's execution, and perceived out-of-character behavior on the part of Odin. Norse mythology fan Thom Young stated that certain elements did not resonate or ring true to him.

Like Doug Zawisza, Djeljosevic was impressed by Stuart Immonen's ability to effectively render different subjects, from sleepy seaside Canadian towns to superhero battles, and remarking, "Immonen is easily the most versatile artist in comics, who will surely go down as one of the greats with his striking layouts and dynamic, varied panel to panel storytelling. Immonen reminds me of the old-school Marvel Comics artists, who were capable of delivering strong, consistent work every month with little need for fill-ins.

Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the mayhem. Schedeen also thought Immonen's wide, cinematic panels were "top-notch", and Laura Martin's colors "characteristically lush and beyond reproach", but thought Wade von Grawbadger's inks were thicker and slightly less precise than on his previous New Avengers work. However, Schedeen rated three of the following four issues a "Good" or "Okay" 6. Evans felt the book utilized its scene-jumping structure to properly explore the expansive, global impact of the Worthy as a legitimate threat, and that both Bucky 's death and Loki's humorous dialogue were well-handled.

However, Evans decried the too-straightforward treatment of Sin's setup, and the lack of Fraction's usual subtext in issue 3 which he graded "B-". Stell called it a "crappy" series based on a "thin" concept that warranted neither seven issues nor the copious tie-in books. The reviewers thought the art and colors were vibrant and detailed, and Immonen the perfect choice for the series, though Stell thought it looked a bit rushed in issue 6, and not up to Immonen's usual standards in issue 7. Jesse Schedeen of IGN gave Fear Itself: Sin's Past 1 a "Mediocre" rating of 5 out 10, saying that the issues chosen for reprinting were not the ideal ones from which readers could learn about the character , as the character's first appearances did not feature her disfigured, skull-like appearance, did little to flesh out her character and the modern and because the bold, modern coloring did not mesh with Al Milgrom 's soft pencils, whose detailing of Rich Buckler 's layouts issue were inconsistent in quality to begin with.

Schedeen gave Fear Itself: The Worthy 1 an "Okay" rating of 6 out of 10, opining that while the origin stories, they were not particularly memorable, owing to their limited page space, that Sin's segment was a rehash of the Book of the Skull prologue, and that while the Hulk and Thing segments were outstanding in terms of the writing by Greg Pak and Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and the artwork by Lee Weeks and Javier Pulido , the entire book was available for free on Comixology. He called the first four issues "brilliant", repeatedly lauding their consistent excellence from month to month, and naming the series one of Marvel's best comics, saying the first issue was the best one of the year thus far.

Evans described Gillen's child Loki story as "perfection", and hailed Gillen's ability to tie in seemingly digressive elements as thematically relevant, his issue structure and his facility for narration and dialogue, as well as the humor, adventure and characterization. Arsenault cited Loki's "heroically comic" scene-stealing, and aside from not enjoying the visuals in the flashback sequence as much whose purpose he conceded he understood , he thought the book a "hoot" that new readers would enjoy. The voiceover by Amy E. Watson guides the viewer through ghastly moments, from the work of Michael Haneke to enchanting passages from the oeuvre of Kiyoshi Kurosawa.

We take a look at Jaws as well as the more recent It Follows The meticulously chosen scenes allow one to draw certain conclusions. Because we always carry fear with us. As a result, the shadow plays degenerate into a study in depth with a strange soundtrack.

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