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They try to play it off, but she knows that they were doing something that she shouldn't know about.

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Ed recommends that they go to the laundry room to finish. As Madeline passes the open laptop, she notices that someone posted something on Abby's Facebook page about a sexy, slutty, secret project. Madeline calls Nathan to see if he's heard anything about this. He says no and Madeline becomes upset. She tells him that because Abigail lives with him now, he has to take more responsibility and monitor her actions. Nathan hangs up on her.

Ed asks Madeline why she's been so distracted all week. Madeline says that she's worried about Jane and her meeting her son 's baby daddy. Ed says that they shouldn't go because he could be dangerous. He says that it's a bad idea, but Madeline says that she's not going to let Jane go alone. Jane is running when she gets a call from the school about Ziggy --again. Jane starts running again and as she runs Celeste and Madeline join her. They end up back at Blue Blues to have lunch together.

They discuss the bite on Amabella and how Jane has to meet with Principal Warren. He says they need to talk and that they need to take a drive or else he's going to make a scene.

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They talk about them cheating and he suggests that they leave their spouses. She says no and asks him to drive her back. As they are driving, they get into a car accident. Madeline walks away without a scratch, but Joseph is badly injured. Ed , Abigail , and even Nathan show up at the hospital. Jane isn't able to go because she had to pick up Ziggy.

Ziggy sees a picture of the man who may be his dad and asks who that is. Jane says its an interior decorator and that they may redo their living room. Ziggy asks what's wrong with how everything is. Celeste and Perry are having dinner with the twins. Max and Josh says that they don't want to be teenagers and that they'll skip that. Perry says that they're going to love being teenagers because they get to do bad things, like speak in a low voice or burp out loud. He then begins to chase the boys around the house and they grab Nerf guns.

Celeste is amused by their antics and laughs when they start firing at her as well. Perry says he will protect her, then uses her a shield and encourages the boys to shoot at will. Madeline is sitting at her vanity when Ed asks why she had been in the car with Joseph.

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She makes up an excuse about how they were going to drive together to the theater when the accident happened. He seems to buy it and leaves just as Chloe and Abigail show up to ask how their mom is doing. Amabella is having a dream about a dead squirrel surrounded by three children with a stick.

Jane has a bad dream about Ziggy and wakes up to loud dreaming. She grabs her gun and almost shoots Ziggy, but stops herself when she realizes it's just him laying in bed next to her. Celeste is folding laundry when Perry walks in holding an overnight bag. He tells her that she should've told the kids to pick up their toys. She says she didn't want to deal with it last night. Perry responds that he doesn't want to live in a pigsty and Celeste quips that he should pick it up then. Surprisingly, he grabs the bin and begins to pick the LEGO up off the floor. It flashes to Celeste having coffee at Blue Blues with a new bruise on her elbow.

Overall, the idea of a vampire being a man makes a lot of sense, since the act of drinking blood can be perceived as a metaphor for virility and serves as an allusion to the deflowering of women. As he consumes her blood, she loses her humanity and becomes his lifelong lover, a woman with an awakened sexuality who loves him without condition. The beauty of Once Bitten is that it sees our Countess requiring blood from the groin region of her virgins, thus asserting her dominance over the young Mark.

Though powerful, Akasha was still no Dracula. The patriarchal depiction of the virginal woman fallen prey to the sexual magnetism of the man and all its metaphoric implications has been a part of our society for years. Skip to main content.


Latest Stories. Tag: Games. Tag: Movies. Tag: Fangrrls. This attempt to combine elements of vampire lore with the limited format of the teen sex comedy is a monstrous movie all right, a frighteningly awful horror comedy. User Score. Write a Review.

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Once Bitten Once Bitten
Once Bitten Once Bitten
Once Bitten Once Bitten
Once Bitten Once Bitten
Once Bitten Once Bitten
Once Bitten Once Bitten
Once Bitten Once Bitten
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