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2. There’s a Secret Disney Lingo

Business leaders expect employees to bring their whole selves to work, but in order for them to do that employers have to engage more than just their work personas and make employees at every level feel engaged and valued. Understanding what makes your workforce tick is essential to keeping your employees engaged and giving employees ownership of their training and development is vital.

Our training programmes are designed to be taken anywhere, anytime, making it easy for employees to do in their own time, without feeling pressure to complete within a timeframe. Another challenge in such a large, global company is making it easy for employees to create meaningful relationships within geographically dispersed teams.

Global managers need to understand the challenges of managing teams across borders, and be capable of instilling trust, encouraging honesty and handling the delicate issues that can occasionally arise. We have also created our own social network, Knome, which is available to all TCS employees for collaboration on work or personal projects. This not only brings people together, but shows the family that the business understands their importance. It goes a long way to also help employees understand their peers and managers more as they are able to get a glimpse into their lives outside of work.

Whether you are playing or watching, sport has an inherent ability to bring people together. Most TCS offices have sports teams or leisure activities to encourage people to engage with co-workers outside of the office and initiate a little healthy competition. At TCS, we have also launched an app called Fit4Life to help encourage health and wellness through technology. It is in fact the very purpose for its existence. As a technology company, it is natural that digital innovation plays a major role in the training we are able to offer, the way we communicate as a global team and the overall engagement of our employees.

Our iEvolve learning platform allows employees to take part in training courses anytime, anywhere. In the past year, we have trained , employees across different technologies. However, it is essential for technology to be combined with a positive culture, or employee engagement will suffer.

After all, the same level of control and visibility is not possible in a virtual team, which presents a management challenge. The answer to this however is not to try to implement additional ways of monitoring employees. This will simply make employees feel restricted and it can quickly become incredibly demotivating. These awards and recognitions are a reflection of a strong employee culture. She would refuse to provide proper treatment to the animals we had. We had a whole litter of puppies die from parvo A lot of hamster died from wet tail We would find 5 to 10 guppies dead every morning because she refused to put in a water heater in their tank She would constantly yell at us because we weren't selling enough.

We never actually got any of those "bonuses" And last but not least, we had an old cash register where you have to manually input the taxation percentages. Well, she would charge I lasted 3 months. Just couldn't take more than that. I don't trust these stores, anyway.

The True Secrets of Job Hunting

I suspect some of them buy from puppy mills. The boss makes a whole lot more money than he wants us to believe. If you believe him he and his family are a hairs width from living under a bridge. Nevermind the brand new 70" smart TV for the office I work for a major car rental company that is now more than 15 billion dollars in debt, nobody will loan them money to replace it's aging fleet and there is no hope of making that money back. The State of Florida is currently suing them over toll charges practices.

I have found this information by reading stock Market analysis, I know for a fact they are not clueing any of the local managers about it. The C-Level churn rate for this company is amazing. I believe if we got OJ Simpson to do some commercials for us again it would boost our revenue. Was a bus driver in the UK for Arriva. Instead of windscreen washer fluid, they use water. Before CCTV was common, was a shelf stacker at a co-op. Come in to find the boss has 'resigned', with the police getting called in. Turns out he had stolen stock over at least a year in the low 5 figure range.

Had a couple of people in on it. He basically invented a chronic shoplifting problem by claiming that shoplifters who had been caught past and present had stolen a lot more than they had. Write it off and take the stuff from back of shop. Got off scot free somehow. Forever-Now Report. I knew a store manager at an area WalMart who stole big screen TV's for his family from the store.

He also forged time records. He got caught, demoted and moved to our WalMart as an assistant manager. Sounds like the government He was at our store for awhile, cleaned out the safe one night at closing and left the country. WalMart's have huge amounts of cash in the safe at times, especially on holidays. I worked in a restaurant, where the General Manager was incompetent and corrupt. The restaurant was violating numerous health code regulations. Every now and then, she would rush frantically through the place screaming at everyone to clean something up, label the food with dates, get that chicken out of hot water, etc.

It seems she had a friend who worked at the Health Department, who would call her with a heads up that they were on their way over there to inspect the place. My boss is sexually harassing my colleague and there is nothing I can do about it. She is afraid of losing her job and we don't have any proof of misconduct to denounce him. I used to work at the University of Iowa as a secretary in administration.

I heard them plan to stick this brand new person in the busiest area and then discipline them out when they inevitably made mistakes. Her failure was planned before she even worked her first day. Still boils my blood. Sexistpicnic Report. The factory manager that recently "retired" in his 50s actually was sexually harassing two women engineers in their 20s that opened an HR case together. I've tried to ask why he gets to get off with reputation intact and HR says it's company policy to keep investigations private.

One of his personal photographs from his travels is still hanging in the cafeteria with his name on it. Former job. They'd falsify DOT records, so managers would get a nice bonus at the end of the year for not having any incidents. The hiding place for the key and the lock code to the controlled drugs closet.

My supervisor was the School's janitor. I got him fired as I had seen him follow the little girls when they went into the toilet and then he would stand on the toilet in the next cubicle and fap off while watching them go to the toilet. I took a photo on my phone of him and showed it to the headmaster and he told me if I showed it to anyone else he would fire me and then made me delete the photo which I had to do. Thankfully I was able to retrieve it later which I did and I rang the school board and got talking with a really nice lady who told me she would take this further.

Both the janitor and the headmaster were fired from their jobs and the janitor was arrested. He had been doing it for some time and the headmaster kept quiet about it as they were cousins. If any child said anything they were told that this had to happen as the janitor was "looking out for them in case they were having any trouble in the toilet" and they were too young to believe otherwise as the only girls the janitor spied on were between the ages of 4 and 6. I was allowed to keep my job. Good on you for reporting them.

I know everyone on our wifi, and their devices and where they've been coupled with how they are affiliated to our company. My boss does a report daily for the cio with my metrics. Part of me wants to know why, part of me doesn't. They have a pathing system that tracks movement for 30 days that I had made for emergency exiting plans, it's not being used for that.

That with a day or two of effort, I could draft a full proposal for eliminating my job and the other four people who do my job. I suspect it's one of those "being taken care of" situations. The other four employees are all women and have all been there for years. Nobody wants to pull these old fossils into the office and say "You're a grown adult who gets paid a grown adult salary to sit around on Facebook and answer the phone three times in an eight hour shift, get the fuck outta here".

Private sector, the position would have been eliminated a decade ago. I mean, it's nice that I'm employed, but the job is a complete waste of time and money. You know that book "Bullshit Jobs"? This is it. Not employed there anymore, but I knew my boss made videos of himself in his office chair fully nude shooting baby batter all over himself. About 20 years ago at a former workplace we were all told there was no money in the budget for a pay rise, which was overdue, for the entire department.

Within a few weeks I discovered, face up on a supervisor's desk, the pay rates for the entire office. They really shouldn't let these bosses decide how the department money is allocated because the temptation to screw everyone over to enrich yourself is apparently impossible to resist. Worked in a hotel kitchen once where the owner's wife routinely salvaged food scraps scraped into the garbage from plates and insisted kitchen staff reuse them on new orders.

119 Work Secrets Employees Discovered That They Probably Shouldn’t Have

Got out of there fast! You reported them of course, right? My former boss who is married had sex in his office with multiple employees. Shit leadership skills. He would let them get away with murder in exchange for sexual favours. He would always talk about how much he got paid compared to everyone else. Never wanted to help anyone or give a shit. Hard workers never got a thank you. MRMD Report. It's amazing how many married people openly cheat at work. I would be sorely tempted to anonymously alert the spouse. Cheating is so much worse when everyone knows but the person being cheated on.

They sent out an email saying one of our coworkers is no longer employed with us, which means they got fired. Someone had mistakenly told her I might have information about it, but I had no idea. So now I know my coworker got fired for dating a client. HoboTheDinosaur Report.

10 Secrets to Finding Employees and Keeping Them

So this coworker was unjustly fired? The interns were given the assignment to create plan drawings for a proposed building that the senior architects were working on. They had completed their drawings and left them taped to their drawing boards overnight. The next day, the drawings were gone. Thanks at-will employment state. You should have told the IRS, lol. They will get their pound of flesh and you will get revenge.

I've been working for this man for 5 years, and I hated him with every cell in my body.

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I overheard him talking to my mom on the phone about me. What I heard made me cry. She has to know i'm alive My parents got a divorce before I was born, and they made an agreement. My mom would tell me my dad died in an accident, and my dad would never see me again. Nobody wanted to buy the subscription for our online services so now we sell a "server" for the same price that is little more than a metal box with a free subscription included.

At a previous job we had an IT guy who didn't like staff to be using their work computers for anything other than work. Emails were circulated stating that computers were property of work and should not contain any 'dodgy' materials. So imagine my surprise when my apprentice at the time found an IT file on the network containing photos of IT chap's, I'm assuming, gay lover spread-eagled across a bed in a pair of stockings and suspenders. Always kept that one up my sleeve When I worked for a University, we were told the same thing But I was still surprised when a professor at a satellite branch of the University was fired for buying a Saturn online.

He said there were several dozen men and women that attempted to delete their browser history from all the porn sites, but the techs would still see all of them. One was a guy who managed to find a kiddie porn site and had down loaded a bunch of pics which he had attempted to delete before having the computer serviced for a hardware issue. My husbands boss turned in an anonymous tip to the police on that one. Whilst her husband who was in management was in the next room and oblivious. Felt terrible, the husband had no idea about the affair.

Even though everyone else in the company did. He did eventually find out, and they got divorced, cos she got pregnant with the guy she was sleeping with at work : Twins! If you can believe it. The audacity of these people is unbelievable. Have they no shame or concern for their partners feelings? I worked at Travelers Insurance Inc. I applied three times and got denied three times by my manager.

HR said they never revived any paperwork. I showed them all my copies and they told me the degree was not needed for my current position. Once I graduated I left and complained turning my exit interview to the regional VP. He told me no one in my department has ever been approved for tuition assistance. I worked in the call center which was approximately people at the time. We are outsourced and our clients and overheard the client relations officer mention our "hourly rate" during a meeting. That the third floor isn't complete yet.

A colleague told me how he was reprimanded for talking about it to people not in the know. I wasn't in the know Previous job. And they also made several people redundant, myself included, because of the 'financial struggles. In the 90's I was being made redundant from my teaching job. The manager of another said said to me that if i spent my last week spying on the other staff to see what they where thinking he would hire me for his department.

I refused point blank and took my redundancy but I did tell the others what he tried to get me do. He still kept his job because he had friends in high places. At least i left with a clean concious. And in the long run, you won't regret your decision. I hope you found a better job. I worked in a kitchen at a casino in south Seattle. Used the restroom and a guy completely meth'd out walked out of the stall. It smells like a burnt tire in there, I noticed he left a bag of crystal, a pipe, and a playboy lighter. I put on gloves, and put it in a non-see through bag, and awkwardly got my shift manager.

I told him the story, and that we should call the police. He told me to flush it down the toilet or I would be fired. I threw it away in a garbage can and quietly went out the back and called the police, I thought I would get a reward for seeing and saying something. Turned out the guy that had the drugs was a big time blackjack player, would tweak out and spend hundreds on the game creating a big pot for the house to win. My manager knew he was money, so he refused to rat on him.

Seattle casinos are all connected, a game of thrones more than cards. Never gamble in Seattle it's worse than Vegas. One night while it was slow I was pulled to a different department and we were cruising around on the internet. They showed me how to look up the licensure board and we found out my manager had had her license suspended for drug diversion.

She could no longer work as a CRNA so now she had this cushy office job bossing a bunch of us around. We discussed whether she'd been diverting them for herself or her partner. A while after I left there I found out she'd been fired for falsifying records. I guess if you're dishonest once you'll be dishonest again I work in a well know London building and all post has to be put through a scanner meaning the post team can see what is in the parcels.

There are several employees who shop regularly at Anne Summer's, Love Honey etc. Previous job Me: your funeral director is watching porn at work and falling asleep in odd situations. I think he's on drugs. Funeral home owner: Yes, the creepy funeral director really is watching porn at work during funeral services taking place in the next room , but you're not supposed to look for more evidence anymore because it stresses us out. We are shorthanded Me: I quit. So all our developers and testers could get private financial details of several hundred thousand people throughout the country.

Just before I was birn, she worked at Subway. This one girl liked to give the people who asked for healthier options like diet soda or a different bread, she would always give them the normal option without telling them. Long story short, that girl had been vegan for a while, and the cheese caused her to get sick.

Needless to say, she was fired soon after. She should be fired for that. Worked Security at a casino in South Seattle, big Chinese gamble spot. I was the only white dude working the front to check ID's, would get the regulars at this time of night. One of these regulars would come in and go straight to VIP minimum bets were , free drinks, and comped food. Management told me that they get a free pass on anything they do, they were more important than I ever would be, and should show them respect no matter what I witnessed them.

I would just mind my own business around them and keep my head down. The only times I would go back there was to fill the tables with chips and cards. One of them asked me what I was doing besides interrupting their gambling I told them "I'm doing a fill, shouldn't be 5 minutes. Yeah you look like a Phil!

You white cracker, I bet you know Dr. Nothing happened for awhile until I went into the VIP bathroom and walked in to all of them snorting cocaine. I walked out before they noticed me and called the DEA. I quit the next day, it was a doomed business. I work at a company where the boss was having an affair and everyone was well aware of what was going on.

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Both parties are married, the boss who passed away recently due to his alcoholism, we found out that the woman he was having an affair with her cousin who worked for us as well was supplying him with pain meds, making him more and more irrational. The adultress would leave love notes, and a note begging him back when his wife found and and made him promise to end the affair and fire her. He never did, and his wife had him served with divorce papers at work. He eventually tried to get clean and ended up near comatosed in a hospital for over 4 months. The divorce never went through so thankfully after all he put her through she got everything.

Same company the boss who passed and his BFF general manager have a construction company as our building maintenance, the guy does shoddy work and over bills by thousands of dollars to prepay for work at their personal homes. He didn't order the generator and it wasn't his. When we show surplus in sales the head bosses pocket the extra money instead of giving raises and bonuses. They pocket the money for themselves. That is so terrible, I hope you make the right decision as to stay or leave that situation. I worked at an animal hospital we had to break down the door because the new assistant passed out inside after taking apple morphine Same hospital, the cleaning guy would work in the nude after hours, I know because I caught him Boss was a huge dick, a dog was barking at him while waking up from anesthesia and peed on the dog to show dominance.

Same boss hit on every woman and was utterly gross about it, mind you he was married Went in on my day off to take care of a personal house sitting client who's dog was having surgery, tech'd in surgery and stayed all day while the dog was waking up in recovery. Once a year management checked into a hotel to continue to learn ways to keep intimating the employees. Non of the management or President or VP have a degree, which their positions require they have.

It is the "Good ole boy's club". They went to high school together or they grow up together, VP retired, now those good ole boy's are being let go. Stock that was to be on hand as the books states are not there. Management was hiding it to sell, to line their pockets with. He then told everyone in IT who promptly did the course.

He then changed the dates the course was taken so it wouldn't show that they were all done on the same date. I'm the only one who refused to do the course. If asked why I haven't done it ethically what should I say. When I worked in the storage room at my old job years ago at this point , my friend that was quitting at the end of the day after putting in his two weeks decided to draw penises for every box he had to put on a shelf that day. The day ended and he was gone. I quit 2 months later. A few years later I knew people that had started working there and they asked me "hey, do you know where all the D!

I've been working for over a few months in a company specially for disabled individuals. I finally began to see the drama. One woman ie. CatLady had a crush on man in the dept. He became involved with the Elegant Woman. The cat lady lost her marbles. She threatens the Elegant Woman, harasses and stalks her for taking her man. Cat lady has been written up over 35 times for the multiple ppl she's harassed. Several victims got together and mass emailed the head of HR for an emergency meeting. The head came in and interviewed everyone.

Cat lady was escorted out on administrative leave for the duration of the investigation. Week and half down, no answers. If she comes back, they've given her a two week vacation and no real punishment. I worked in a Department where my husband at the time was Manager. I knew 2 weeks in advance that everyone in 1 section, around 30 people many of them friends were to be made redundant - but couldnt tell anyone. Would have prefered not to know. It was horrible. That's the truth! I've learned things that I really wish I'd never learned. Sometimes knowing is much harder than blissful innocence, especially when you're in a position where you can't do anything about it.

I worked in a restaurant where one waitress would grab one of the only four shrimp on the shrimp plate and stuff it in her mouth on her way out the door to give it to the customer. What a pig! My elderly boss has a generic name. I went to verify a form of contact and discovered he and his wife frequented swingers forums online. I learned quite a bit about what they enjoy in the bedroom. I used to date an IT guy that worked for a company where most of the staff was remote workers. I guess people don't realize that a work computer is still company property even if you're at home so much porn.

My teacher in middle school called the whole class "bitches" because we couldn't find the partners her hadn't even assigned. That same teacher made a girl cry. Not an employee there myself, but a friend of mine is the boss of an online company. As long as people refuse to rock the boat. Or status quo, things will never change, and people who do these awful things, will continue to do them! So, report them. Get evidence but so it legally. But take them down. The more confrontation and charges against them, the more the work place will change.

But only if we learn, to rock the boat. Very noble thoughts. But you do know that people that rock boats get fired and won't be hired again by any other company? The harsh reality is that the good guys seldom win in these cases. I work at a school and I found some black mold growing in the walls.

I asked if he wanted me to remove it and he said "You're not a mold expert you can't say that's mold. Bored Panda works best if you switch to our Android app. Bored Panda works better on our iPhone app! Not your original work? Add source. Error occurred when generating embed. Please check link and try again. I'm watching at this on my work's PC My first job ever, was the worst boss ever.

He was pretty old, a manager at a fast food chain, and he was always hiring under age boys and drooling over them when they bent over He once ripped a girls ear half off because she didn't finish a job to his liking. He was"put on leave" for 2 weeks as punishment, but with pay. He went around bragging how it was a vacation laughing his head off. I found out he died a few years ago and I said "good riddance", I was shocked other co-workers were sad he was gone.

The usual stuff. The sysadmin's porn collection, hidden deep in some network share. A coworker cheating on her husband with a younger guy. Bored Panda works better on our iPhone app. Please enter email address We will not spam you. Almost finished To complete the subscription process, please click the link in the email we just sent you.

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He should be proud instead. Aneese 9 months ago Hell hath no fury BusLady 9 months ago Hope you got it. Plus back pay. MJ 9 months ago I wouldn't say stealing is boring All With Heart 9 months ago poor kids All With Heart 9 months ago Let me guess Jaguarundi 9 months ago Damn, just damn BusLady 9 months ago Especially if Mom and Dad are well known people, like performers. Night Owl 9 months ago Sounds like he's a kleptomaniac and can't help himself. Aneese 9 months ago The proverbial fly on the wall BusLady 9 months ago Do as I say, not as I do.

Lady A 9 months ago That is very dishonest, not to mention potentially life-threatening! Jaguarundi 9 months ago All you can do is your best to help your team to find new jobs. Naomi Armitage 9 months ago Sounds like the plot to a Lifetime network movie. BusLady 9 months ago Well, then, maybe you are a crook as well. Naomi Armitage 9 months ago Snitches get stitches. Or promoted. Eva Bryson 9 months ago Ewwwwwww! BusLady 9 months ago And immoral. And why do they call it wife swapping? Why not husband swapping? BusLady 9 months ago Good for you. Naomi Armitage 9 months ago I've seen things you people wouldn't believe.

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  4. BusLady 9 months ago "Working somewhere else" I love it. I bet they don't let him drive anymore. SykesDaMan 9 months ago 1- Always be in a hurry 2- Never move in the company's premises with empty hands use a laptop, a folder, SykesDaMan 9 months ago This one is a sad! Jaguarundi 9 months ago Did we work together before? I HAD that boss! All With Heart 9 months ago what a baby, but there's a surprising amount of them in most workplaces. BusLady 9 months ago How do they determine salaries in these types of companies?

    Ruth Beaty 9 months ago There are contractors who have done this in government buildings and actually lived in them. BusLady 9 months ago What a jackass. Jaguarundi 9 months ago WOW, a whole new definition of "toxic work environment"! Ben Smith 9 months ago I bet that's more common than most people realize. Night Owl 9 months ago I need that job. Good Karma for you! Natasha Forchione 9 months ago Whaaa BusLady 9 months ago I hope they get justice. Kim Lorton 9 months ago They need to be found out and prosecuted. BusLady 9 months ago Karma will catch up to her someday.

    BusLady 9 months ago It amazes me, the people who commit crimes on camera, and they know there is a camera. He is love. BusLady 9 months ago So you all got a vacation from this boss. MJ 9 months ago A lot of people do that, including politicians BusLady 9 months ago If it ain't broke, why fix it? All With Heart. BusLady 9 months ago Useful information to know. Ben Smith 9 months ago Good. Pug Pug 9 months ago What kind of woman pees on the seat?

    How big is her dick? Leah Curtis 9 months ago jut throw it out. KT Trondsen 9 months ago That's so awful : I work in health care, and some of the elderly are downright dangerous and so frustrating to deal with, but as a nurse you always do what needs to be done no matter what. Night Owl 9 months ago I hope you reported them. Jean Work. Abby Rexroth 9 months ago I'm all for capitalism but when the higher-ups abuse their power with little to no concern for their subordinates then there's a real problem with the corporate culture!

    Night Owl 9 months ago That's sadly true in many companies :.

    The Real Secrets of Employment The Real Secrets of Employment
    The Real Secrets of Employment The Real Secrets of Employment
    The Real Secrets of Employment The Real Secrets of Employment
    The Real Secrets of Employment The Real Secrets of Employment
    The Real Secrets of Employment The Real Secrets of Employment
    The Real Secrets of Employment The Real Secrets of Employment
    The Real Secrets of Employment The Real Secrets of Employment
    The Real Secrets of Employment The Real Secrets of Employment
    The Real Secrets of Employment The Real Secrets of Employment

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