Westchester Station - The Assault

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Security available 24 hours security sunywc.

Deadly Garbage Truck Crash; WCC Basketball; Train Station Assault | Harrison, NY Patch

The above representatives are trained in interviewing victims of sexual assault and will be available upon the first instance of disclosure by a reporting individual to provide written information regarding options to proceed, and, where applicable, the importance of preserving evidence and obtaining a sexual assault forensic exam or other medical examination as soon as possible. These representatives can also provide information about an administrative investigation by the College and the criminal justice process and will inform the individual about the different standards of proof utilized by each process.

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SUNY takes reports of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking seriously. Individuals who have experienced a recent sexual assault or act of physical violence are encouraged to visit a hospital or clinic, to assess and address their medical needs. Individuals reporting sexual assault have an option to undergo a Sexual Assault Forensic Exam. These exams are performed by skilled clinicians at local hospitals. A non-traditional student is any person over the age of 24 who is attending college for the first time or returning after an extended absence.

Security vision of Perth train station assault - 9 News - Thursday July 15, 2010

As a result of their additional life responsibilities and period of absence from the classroom, non-traditional students often need access to additional support and services. The CWGE staff is prepared to provide you with unbiased information on all of your options: adoption, abortion, or keeping the baby.

After you make your decision, we will get you in contact with trained professionals to take your decision to the next step. Whatever you decide, the CWGE is here to support you every step of the way.

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Your gynecologist may offer these services. However, if you wish to keep your pregnancy private, or if you do not have health insurance, Planned Parenthood is an option. They offer their services on a sliding scale, meaning that you are charged for the services based on your income. If you or someone you know is in a situation of possible sexual harassment or where you think you are being treated unfairly because of your gender, you can get informal support or help with how to handle the problem from the following campus resources:.

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While it is not necessary for you to report the incident, we encourage you to at least go to the hospital and get a rape kit done within 72 hours of the attack. A rape kit, firstly, preserves the evidence of the attack if you wish to press charges, but more importantly, the rape kit will ensure your vaginal health and safety. You will also be able to receive prescriptions for Plan B and sexually transmitted infection medicines, including HIV prevention medicine.

It is imperative that you do not bathe yourself or get rid of or wash the clothes you were wearing when you were attacked, for that can destroy vital evidence.

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You do not have to do anything with the rape kit if you do not wish to do so. You do not have to press charges with the rape kit, and nothing will be done to begin the process of pressing charges without your consent.

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If you are without transportation, transportation can be provided for you. A Crime Victims' Advocate can be arranged to meet you and assist you with the procedure.

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The campus Sexual Misconduct Policy can provide more information about what happens after you report. Juggling motherhood, work, and school all at the same time can be an exhausting task. Here are some resources to help you with your time here at West Chester University. The CWGE is dedicated to assisting all women.

Westchester Station - The Assault Westchester Station - The Assault
Westchester Station - The Assault Westchester Station - The Assault
Westchester Station - The Assault Westchester Station - The Assault
Westchester Station - The Assault Westchester Station - The Assault
Westchester Station - The Assault Westchester Station - The Assault
Westchester Station - The Assault Westchester Station - The Assault
Westchester Station - The Assault Westchester Station - The Assault
Westchester Station - The Assault Westchester Station - The Assault

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