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Walker, Robert? Wheel Wheeler, Big Wheeler, Golden? The Best? Bankhead, Tommy - Message To St. Louis CD. Still sealed, 10 Tracks: 1. Beginning at 6 a. They do that every Memorial Day. Sources: The Calvin M. The Knoxville History Project, a new nonprofit organization devoted to the promotion of and education about the history of Knoxville, presents this page each week to raise awareness of the themes, personalities, and stories of our unique city. Learn more on www. Roy Acuff is the guy who made country music a national phenomenon, who created Nashville as Music City, first as a charismatic performer, then as a canny publisher and recording executive.

For six or seven years in the s, he was all over Knoxville, with his bands the Three Rolling Stones, then the Tennessee Crackerjacks, then the Crazy Tennesseans. In retrospect he was probably the most culturally influential person living in Knoxville in the s. In the News Sentinel archives he shows up a lot, sure enough. But if we were to judge him by local news articles, Roy Acuff was mainly known as an athlete. Extremely competitive, he was a champion in football, basketball, and baseball, beginning in high school.

In November , Acuff was arrested at a football game at Caswell Park. He was pouring liquor into a pop bottle.

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At the time, liquor was illegal in America. In July , Roy Acuff showed up at St. Gaultney at the Green Lantern Tea Room. That incident is not in his biographies. In Novem-. He was a complicated fellow. However, his band the Crazy Tennesseans was a sudden phenomenon in Knoxville in early Acuff is identifiable, but unidentified, in a group picture of nine Crazy Tennesseans that February.

I almost wish The Knoxville Sessions, the most amazing local music-history event of the century so far, had been delayed a few months, so that the authors of the book about the Vocalion recordings at the St. James Hotel could have used this resource to fill in some missing pieces in the lives of some essentially mysterious performers. Leola Manning has been the voice that jumps out most remarkably on the box set, especially to music scholars who know it only from the six songs she recorded at the St.

James recordings. A crowd of 3, was expected. She was known by her first name. Charlie Oaks, remembered by some scholars as the first professional. The little reporting we have of influential local musicians comes mainly by way of a guy who never claimed to be an arts critic. He seems to have been just a little better known to reporters, but sometimes as a subject of pity. The charges were, fortunately, dismissed. The archive is also a new way, if an imperfect one, to track some legends about traveling jazz performers.

Ellington himself recalled it in an interview. Jazz shows were only rarely described by reporters. The Knoxville newspaperman of the s who paid most attention to popular music was. And he brought with him his year-old singer, who was just becoming famous in New York. We know about most shows only by advertising—and moreover advertising just for shows that had enough crossover appeal that white people might be interested.

I was surprised to learn he performed in Knoxville several times. Hines performed to a mixed crowd at the black-oriented Gem Theatre in March The Gem was at Vine, near Central, erased in the s by urban renewal and now the approximate site of the dog park. That may have been a great month for. Or it may have been a typical month at the Gem, and we know about it only because the management had decided to experiment with advertising to the white newspaper-reading public that month.


It was on a street called Charles Place, or Charles Street, that may have been a glorified alley between Central and State, near Union. Bert Hodgson was a local songwriter prominent in the s, who was the nephew of English-born novelist Frances Hodgson Burnett. Count Basie and his orchestra performed there five months later.

The legendary Fats Waller was there the following March, performing a p. I found a reference to Frank. Sinatra singing with the Tommy Dorsey orchestra at UT the same year. A frustrating account, because the bandleader and his year-old singer are barely mentioned. But for me the mother lode was the answer to a jazz-geek question I asked in a column about three years ago.

However, the documentary noted that he came to Knoxville at least once. In my column, I requested memories, knowing it was probably too late. I heard no clues about it. In fact Webb may have been here as many as three times, all the same year, Her name was Ella Fitzgerald. It was advertised as a very big deal, but no after-the-fact account lets us know how many people came or what they played or how they sounded. Chick Webb died about a year after that. We can assume she carried memories of that show.

Anyway, have a look at these expansive digital archives. You may lose some sleep. But the process of implementing these standards and then assessing both student and teacher performance under them has been traumatic, to say the least. Yet McIntyre also became a lightning rod for a lot of teacher frustration and resentment over the evaluation methodology by which they are held accountable and by what many considered to be excessive standardized student testing.

Another pathway to more individualized learning in which McIntyre places great store is the. In , he was rebuffed when he sought a tax increase that would have gone initially to fund acquisition of a laptop or tablet for every student in fifth grade or higher for one-on-one instruction. But in he managed to earmark funding to do so in 11 schools, and that number has since been expanded to 19 out of When it comes to where the most improvement is still needed, McIntyre cites closing achievement gaps for economically disadvantaged and minority students as well as those with disabilities.

The state has set annual measurable objectives or AMOs for gap closure, and my own take is that while Knox schools are making strides in math, the reading results are troublesome. The only reason the Grades reading gap for racial minorities has narrowed between and is that their TCAP reading scores have fallen by less than those of students as a whole. The decline in reading proficiency from 57 percent of all students in to One possible explanation for the decline, which occurred statewide as well, is a misalignment between what was being taught and what was being tested.

Full implementation of. But when the new test and its supplier were dropped by the state as a political hot potato, the old TCAPs continued to be administered while the state sought another vendor. The failure of the one selected to deliver in time for testing has produced a travesty that will deprive the state of both student proficiency and teacher value added TVAAS data for the year. My final question of McIntyre was: Why did you tender your resignation in January after having sought and received a three-year contract extension by a vote of the school board in November?

Over the past five to 10 years, smart meters have been installed in communities all over the United States and across the world. While they do provide many benefits, such as the ability for consumers to better track their energy consumption, many communities have experienced alarming side effects, particularly in regard to health. In fact, in California, one of the first states to receive smart meters, 57 counties, cities, and towns have opposed the mandatory smart meter programs, and 15 of them have passed ordinances banning smart meters all together view list at stopsmartmeters.

Fortunately, KUB is providing each and every one of us with the opportunity to educate ourselves on the matter and choose whether to participate or opt out of this new program. What is a smart meter? The idea is that now instead of having to send meter readers to all of our homes and businesses, our wireless smart meters will send that information directly to a large cell tower constructed for that purpose. That is between two to three meters for most homes.

According to KUB, this new advanced metering technology will offer many advantages, such as reporting outages to KUB automatically, allowing meters to be read without need of a physical meter reader, letting customers view an online, detailed usage report for each of their utilities, and most of all, saving KUB time and money.

Sounds great, right? Smart meters essentially act like mini cell towers on each of our homes, emitting radio frequencies RFs that can radiate outward and into our homes. As described in news articles, as well as from personal testimonies to local governments and in court cases, people have reported headaches, dizziness, breathing problems, nausea, cognitive issues, and heart problems among other effects after installation of smart meters. For those interested, this 1,page report can be read in its entirety at bioinitiative.

In addition to health concerns, smart meters also pose privacy issues, as they transmit personal information about our daily activities to KUB through our energy usage profiles. As there is no law preventing it, this data may be sold to third parties, such as insurance companies, marketers, law enforcement, or government.

Other communities around the world have experienced other concerns, such as meters catching fire and increased energy bill costs, not to mention the job losses that these meters cause. What KUB is not widely publicizing is this: you have the right and the opportunity to opt out of receiving these new smart meters. Unfortunately, though, the damaging effects of RFs can extend distances of up to meters, so the. KUB will begin sending out notices in June letting you know about the smart meter program and giving you up to 30 days to opt out.

If you do not opt out, you will automatically receive smart meters. In order to opt out, you can call KUB at Stay on the line, ask to speak to a representative, and then ask to opt out. Can we prove without a shadow of a doubt that this new technology will cause our bodies harm, that the RFs coming from our cell phones, Wi-Fi, and smart meters are making us ill?

Not yet. But what we do know, and what plenty of research suggests, is that the levels of RFs these smart meters and our other electronic devices emit may cause potentially significant health issues in people over time, if not immediately. This issue brings to mind many technologies once thought to be benign, such as DDT and mercury fillings. We have the intelligence and capability necessary to create new technologies that both advance efficiency and promote the wellness of our human and ecological communities.

Rachel Milford is a community health advocate, small business owner, and a Knoxville native. May 26, She was there to voice her support for any effort to help some , people without health-care coverage in Tennessee. The year-old McKown, of Oak Ridge, is now covered by Medicare, but her struggle to find subsidized health care more than 20 years ago made her a lifetime ally of those seeking coverage for the poor.

One presumption in planning the.

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ACA was the expansion of state Medicaid to provide coverage for the poor. But in Tennessee and other states, that did not occur. What those caps may be, or how much testing these programs might cost, is at this point still unknown. But it is one of three specific points the panel is tasked with, along with the preventative-care measures and work-placement assistance so people can receive private insurance plans. The panel—which on May 19 included Knoxville Republican Rep. Roger Kane, Crossville Republican Rep. Cameron Sexton, and Memphis Democrat Rep.

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Karen Camper—refereed discussions ranging from the importance of smoking cessation to obesity and substance abuse prevention, as well as the need for more primary care providers in the state. McKown thinks the panel missed a crucial health-care reality: Sometimes catastrophe strikes. In her case it was a progressive neurological disease called olivopontocerebellar atrophy OPCA she was diagnosed. That same simple message was communicated to lawmakers by silent protesters standing at the rear of an auditorium holding a banner.

Most of the Knoxville-area healthcare providers and executives who offered testimony to the panel and provided materials for the record shared a similar theme: East Tennessee health care is in a world of hurt. While recent figures based upon University of Tennessee research suggest 8. He said the number of uninsured is about 14 percent in Knox County, and is higher in nearby, more rural counties.

Kane said any initial pilot program based upon task force recommendations would include about , people. Health System concurred on the need to expand health services, bolster primary care networks, and adopt, in many cases, a case-management system for more vulnerable patients. This would likely limit visits to the ER for nonemergency ailments—a major source of monetary hemorrhage for hospitals.

Mental-health needs have also.

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Knoxville Police Department Deputy Police Chief Gary Holliday said more money is needed to fund a successful program in behavioral-health-based judicial diversions. Those charged with misdemeanor public disorder crimes are evaluated for behavioral health issues, including substance abuse, and are given the option to receive treatment in exchange for diversion of the case and ultimate dismissal of charges, Holliday said.

The traveling 3-Star Healthy Project panel—the legislative task force has also met in Johnson City, Nashville, and Memphis—has been besieged by numbers, but one doctor who provided testimony said raw statistics should not cast a shadow over the real purpose of trying to close the health-care gap. Eboni Winford, a Cherokee Health System psychologist, relayed the story of a man who fi nally received TennCare coverage two weeks before he died. Ju st so you kn al amount ow. Despite having a good reputation among other Knoxville comedians and having steady gigs, Crowder was rarely a headliner.

That has changed. He was surrounded by a ring of loud enthusiasts two or three deep after the Scruffy City performance. It opens with. The balcony! Still, the audience was rather quiet in its appreciation until the headliner ambled onstage. This time he was wearing a shirt—a black button-down, actually—black-rimmed nerd glasses and loafers, none of which are in evidence during the viral online videos in which he practically yells his diatribes at social conservatives.

Its initial leg is selling out through Southern cities this week, culminating in a show at the Grove Theater in Oak Ridge at 8 p. More election commentary to come, Crowder promises. Which is what he is. He manages engineering, utility, and construction contracts in a conservative workplace where button-up shirts are the norm and cursing is not. He tries to keep his political views separate from his work environment, and asked us not to name his employer.

And can this liberal redneck do anything to change those rules? So what is a redneck, then? Even in the South,. He grew up in Celina, Tenn. The town hit conditions much like the Great Depression in the s when the OshKosh factory moved overseas. Crowder was the first in his family to go to college, via financial aid, scholarships, and waiting tables.

His momma only sold pills. That, however, is not actually a joke. She was in and out of jail for most of his childhood, which for the first decade featured a lot of violent pillheads with guns hanging out at his house and fighting, he says. It was a small town and his uncle was in a long-term relationship, so everyone knew.

There he heard that being gay was an abomination. And now I realize that was shitty of me to generalize a whole group of people like that. A portion come from people with LGBT family members. We parents are afraid for our kids…. But those early experiences, plus the influence of his progressive redneck daddy, formed Crowder into the liberal daddy he is today. But Crowder is proud to be raising two very small boys to be progressive men.

It was a ukulele, but still. Leave Mema out of it. The version of Crowder you see on the videos is angrier and more ruthless in his hilarious put-downs than he is in conversation or at a comedy show. But the twang remains. So thanks Trae. Crowder had been thinking about making the videos for a while, but hesitated because he lacked a high-quality camera or software.

The workshop preps comedy writers for staff positions at late-night shows, where the jokes are full of current-event references. Until the videos, Crowder had actually stepped back somewhat from stand-up this year to work on writing packets and pitches for TV. But his first time on stage was about six years ago, when he moved to Knoxville for a job and tried the open mic at the now-defunct comedy club Side Splitters. He says he was so nervous, he barely slept for two days beforehand. But when he got the laughs, he was hooked.

If somebody else got up and tried that, it would come off as if they were making fun…. What Trae does is just tilt that on its head. Crowder had already met Forrester, who had been doing stand-up since age The three began to bounce ideas off each other, and Crowder and Forrester did shows in Atlanta together. Morgan says his skills, and those of other Knoxville comics, were shaped by the juxtaposition of telling clean jokes to suburban Knoxville conservatives at Side Splitters and performing edgier material for scruffier downtown audiences more likely for free.

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When Side Splitters closed, Crowder branched into comedy festivals and alternative venues. He, Morgan, and Forrester still bounce new material off each other. The three comics performed separately at the Scruffy City Comedy Festival last fall and have since developed a joint blog called Our Sunday Best oursundaybest.

Just five months ago or so, he and Forrester did a show at a small comedy club in Jackson, Tenn. He anticipates new tour dates outside the South soon. He and Morgan both. The South as a whole may not improve all that much with that happening. If I could stay here and make some kind of impact culturally, I would love to do that. The family members he stays in touch with mostly agree with his views. He expects most of his old friends from Celina will not be happy.

I kinda hated it. Who gives a shit what they think. Socialize, support Legacy Parks, and imbibe with friends! Schedule a distillery tour online! They said I had to go to a regional first. After parting ways with the other organizers, Kerns is now staging a second Tennessee burn closer to home. To the Moon will be held June at Spirit Crossing, a acre farm and festival ground near Sneedville. But Kerns has big ambitions for To the Moon. For instance, one lofty idea is that an event of this size would support purchasing endangered habitat of the same size as the footprint that it takes up.

After her trip to Alchemy, Kerns finally made it to the big Burning Man. Thanks to record attendance at the festival, and the fact that the Ijams performance was free to the public and held on a nearly perfect sunny Sunday morning , hundreds of people who might not otherwise identify themselves as fans of 21st-century classical music found themselves towing their kids and dogs through a startling landscape of shifting percussion sounds and untraditional noise-making. Eight concerts, featuring music by Adams, Anna Thorvaldsdottir, David Lang, Iannis Xenakis, and more—will be held at five different venues during the festival, which runs from June One of the.

Other venues include the University of Tennessee Natalie L. Visit niefnorf. The primary source of emotional power within traditional Russian Orthodox choral music is the simple fact of unison singing—a large number of trained voices singing the same words in the same notes. To unison singing Rachmaninoff added polyphony, occasionally created by soloists singing with and over the choir.

The decision to combine the two groups was either genius or obvious, and the result is breathtaking. Scarlatti did not invent the keyboard sonata. But he wrote of them and lived and composed through the transition from the Baroque to the classical period and from harpsichord to piano. So when many of us imagine the shape and spirit of a solo keyboard sonata, we hear Scarlatti. Since Scarlatti supported himself as a teacher, what you hear, then, often sounds like lessons and exercises.

A likely explanation for the uncommon beauty of the work is that he wrote many of them for his favorite. She breaks ranks and presents a program of 16 pieces, each chosen individually for its ability to complement or flatter the group. Franz Clement is little known now; this is the first recording of his Violin Concerto in D major. During his lifetime , Clement was known less as a composer than as a conductor and virtuoso violinist—he began his career as a child prodigy.

Rachel Barton Pine keeps her instrument far out in front of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by. Her part requires her to be delightfully selfish, and no one will object. The familiar Beethoven Violin Concerto in D major is included here because Clement, friend to Beethoven, commissioned the concerto.

According to online sources, Beethoven delivered the score at the last minute, and Clement performed its premier without rehearsing. I mostly remember audience members in royal garb dancing circles around the room, dropping exotic currency at the feet of the performers, a rainbow haze over the stage formed by the airborne splinters of drumsticks, and a squat, pre-war building that shook but remained impressively intact.

Not too big, not too small. Great sound system and audio engineers. Lights show, good food, cold beer and a music store in the back. Oh, and they give lessons, too. I still can't believe this place is real. Eventually, in , when he was 29 and emotionally, professionally, and creatively exhausted, Keith landed in Memphis, where his sister lived.

He said he was giving up on the music business—which is hard to do in a city with as distinguished a musical history as his new hometown. Think Buddy Holly, Jerry. Motel Mirrors. A couple of years ago, the collaboration took a further step when LaVere married guitarist Will Sexton after she met him on a tour with Nashville songwriter Shane McAnally.

Things line up to where you feel like you can do what you do the best you can. I feel like there are elements in place that are lining up to where I can really make the records I want to make with the people I like working with.

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And who could have blamed him? What could be safer? Think of it as the Scream of college party movies. The girls ditch the party and decide to start their own unofficial, girl-safe sorority—right next door to Mac and Kelly, of course. Early on, then, Neighbors 2 takes a big step ahead of its predecessor—the guys of. If it sounds like the writers are painting themselves into a corner when it comes time for the inevitable throwdown between the sorority girls and their thirtysomething neighbors, though, rest easy; Kelly and Mac quickly realize that Kappa Nu is capable of a level of psychological warfare that makes the couple long for something as relatively benign as getting launched through the ceiling by an airbag.

Through plot machinations better left discovered, Teddy inserts himself into the brewing war. The results are kind of brilliant. He brings a surprising level of pathos to Teddy, a dim-witted but good-natured bro god who slowly comes to realize that the world he once ruled is being replaced by a very different one. In the last few years he has performed in venues, festivals and songwriting events throughout East Tennessee, in southwest Virginia and western North Carolina. Descend into Depravity takes Dying Fetus to new sonic levels, and is easily the bands finest hour.

Gnome, Horse Feathers, The Features. In Paris between the World Wars, Reinhardt, with violinist Stephane Grappelli and others, invented the radical music still referred to as hot jazz. And the lyrics—in which Fulton and bassist Rodney Sheehan hold forth on weighty world affairs such as big robots and BMX bikes—are delivered with the same groovy sense of cadence and in the same cheerful yelp favored by Fu Manchu singer Scott Hill.

All ages. Since , they have developed a fierce reputation for hard work and dynamic performance, sharing stages with artists such as Raveonettes, Heartless. But it was in the sweaty. Jackson Ave. With White Gregg and Horizontal Hold. Matthew Everett. Restless touring and writing has allowed him to share the bill with some of his heroes. For tour dates and more, visit EliYoungBand. Lineup and more information to come. For concert and ticket information visit www.

Visit internationalknox. What is arguably most impressive about the Saturday night performance is that neither Holloway nor Hyfantis was the talk of the show. That honor belonged to year-old newbie frontwoman Yasameen Hoffman-Shahin. With her powerful vocals and an insouciant charisma that belied her youth, Hoffman-Shahin led the band through an hour-long set of groovy neo-soul.

Pavilion Stage, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the Appalachian Bear Rescue. Visit dancingbearlodge. Show up around 7 p. Our music gatherings are always a great way to get to know our neighbors and to witness. This is a non-alcoholic event that is free and open to all ages. Bring your friends, family, blanket or lawn chair, and good cheer. Contributions to the snack table are appreciated but not required finger foods only, please. For more information call or email community narrowridge.

All instruments and skill levels welcome. Sign-up sheet available 30 minutes prior to 7 p. Three songs or 10 minutes per performer. Come 30 minutes early to sign up for a minute slot. Bring your instrument, sign up, and join the jammers. We supply drums and a full backline of amps. Sign-ups begin at 7 p. Musical accompaniment by the likes of Slow Nasty, Psychonaut, and a rotating list of special guests.

Guest performers are the Community Chorus and vocalist Deidre Ford. For more information, visit www. The nnSF offers an intensive think-tank environment and presents inspiring and devoted performances of modern music, aiming to encourage both appreciation and support for live music and contemporary art. When they hear that an old lady in York, Pennsylvania, is about to die and leave her fortune to her two long lost English nephews, they resolve to pass themselves off as her beloved relatives and get the cash. June Visit theatreknoxville. When they hear that an old lady in York, Pennsylvania, is about to die and leave her fortune to her two long lost English nephews, they resolve to pass themselves off as her.

No cover. Free, but donations are accepted. Show starts at , get there early for the best seats. No cover charge, all are welcome. Aspiring or experienced comics interested in joining in the fun email us at long branch. Hosted by William Nalley. Visit oohoohrevue. For more information, please visit www. Along with scheduled guided tours, guests will get to walk through Living History encampments, view open hearth cooking demonstrations, and enjoy some 18th century music. For more information please email info marblesprings. Free face painting, carnival games, train rides, and animal acts are guaranteed to get your kids off their devices.

There will be bands, baton twirlers, speeches, barbecue, singers, antique cars, crafts, door prizes, a silent auction, politicians and hot dogs some categories may overlap. Please come for crafts, food, music and fun. Crafters and food vendors are always welcome to submit applications to the Club for review, as we are always seeking new and unusual handmade crafts and wares, as well as food items.

The Three Honkies Soul Emporium The Three Honkies Soul Emporium
The Three Honkies Soul Emporium The Three Honkies Soul Emporium
The Three Honkies Soul Emporium The Three Honkies Soul Emporium
The Three Honkies Soul Emporium The Three Honkies Soul Emporium
The Three Honkies Soul Emporium The Three Honkies Soul Emporium
The Three Honkies Soul Emporium The Three Honkies Soul Emporium
The Three Honkies Soul Emporium The Three Honkies Soul Emporium
The Three Honkies Soul Emporium The Three Honkies Soul Emporium
The Three Honkies Soul Emporium The Three Honkies Soul Emporium

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