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Besides, they certainly never reject the call.

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You make certain over and over again that you are always second choice. You may think that you are, but a perception of the person you are dating with can differ from your own one. Just trust your gut. This situation can be treated differently. By and large, everything in the world happens as it should be. And if this is not your soulmate, leave them and forget forever. Everything happens on a mental level, and if you have already noticed such tendency, you should visit a psychologist to sort things out and meet this challenge.

You should never be someone's second choice.

Second Choice

You are a smart and interesting person, so why do you agree to play this role? If you have fallen in love with a man, being his second choice, do your best to make him decide whether he wants to be with you or not. If you continue the relationship, realizing that you are just the second choice, you betray yourself and destroy the happy future with a decent person. If you understand that you cannot keep it that way because every day brings you a new portion of sufferings, then let yourself off the hook.

You should go on with your life. When you plunge into the relationship with a person you like, everything takes a back seat. You forget absolutely about all interests, hobbies and so on. You just want to stay a little longer with the object of your adoration or waste time waiting for their message and rare meeting.

Do you want to get out of the vicious circle?

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Start doing your own stuff. Find a new hobby, go to the gym or start doing yoga to keep yourself busy and have a reason to refuse the next meeting when your so-called partner calls you next time. If you go outside, you will meet many free people who, like you, are looking for relationships or at least new friends. Until you limit yourself to the relationship with a person who perceives you as a second choice, you miss a lot of opportunities. Start looking for new contacts. Even if it doesn't work out, your partner will understand that you will not always be there and that they may lose you one day.

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Your actions might make them take your relationship to a new level. When you need to change your life dramatically, you can start with your image.

Change your haircut, update the wardrobe, go in for sports. Let you look at yourself with completely different eyes.

What to Do If You Are Tired of Being a Second Choice

Changing your appearance, you change your mind, gaining confidence and setting new priorities. It is not the most pleasant but quite proven method. For the one they always run to after they got rejected by someone they chose over you. To be honest, being NOT an option is way more acceptable than being the second best.

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The more clarity we have on our values and live by them, the faster the recovery is to act and see ourselves as the first option. The one to do the right thing, when everything is going wrong.

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How do you know you have found the one? It has always been you. How do you want to spend it? How do you become your own soulmate? We can live without fear knowing that we are willing to commit to ourselves and live fully and authentic to who we are.

The Second Choice The Second Choice
The Second Choice The Second Choice
The Second Choice The Second Choice
The Second Choice The Second Choice
The Second Choice The Second Choice
The Second Choice The Second Choice

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