Roberta’s Coffee Table Book of Love: Just Another Stuffed Poet

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Predictably, the crowd turned as one to examine the signs of trollopdom, the first interest shown Roberta all evening.

Within a half hour, Roberta made several important decisions. She wanted a husband who would never, under any circumstances, make a public display of himself or those around him. And he should know nothing of poetry. Second, her only chance of finding that husband was to make her way to London without her father or Mrs. She would go there, pick an appropriate gentleman and arrange to marry him.

She returned to her seat in the corner with renewed interest and began surveying the company for the appropriate characteristics. It was the most exquisite garment she had ever seen. The man was tall and moved with the careless grace of an athlete. He wore no wig, unlike the other perspiring gentlemen pacing through the dance. His hair was a rumpled black, shot with two or three brilliant streaks of white, and tied at his neck with a pale green ribbon. He was a dangerous mixture of carelessness and supreme elegance. The footman handed her a glass in order to disguise the fact they were speaking.

He plays chess. And it seems no one knows you here. The room was crowded with laughing, dancing peers. No one had paid any attention to her, or even spoken to her in over an hour. Her papa had wandered off again with Mrs. At least that way you can have a dance!

For the first time all evening, young men bowed before her. She invented an irascible mistress and had great fun describing her tribulations dressing her. Finally, she realized that there was a remote possibility that her father would miss her, and she headed back to the ball. Then she realized there was also the possibility that he would have forgotten about her and left for the inn.

He stared at her from the ground, with eyes as cold as spring rainfall. She blushed and dropped a curtsy, dazed by the pure raw masculinity of him, by his hollowed cheeks and jaded look. He was everything that her father was not. A man like that would never embarrass himself. Life with her father had taught her to be blunt about her own emotions, or risk having them dissected by a poet. So she knew instantly what it was she felt: lust. He stood and then tipped up her chin. Roberta felt a thrill of triumph. The lust was mutual. A deep ruby for a lower lip. I could paint you in water colors.

He raised an eyebrow. I fear I misjudged your station. His eyes skittered over the plain laced front of her gown, with its misshapen pleats that looked as if she had fashioned them herself. He dropped his hand. I would have you without delay if you had but a few pennies to your name, my dear, but even I have a few paltry morals. Foibles, really. She meant that he was assuming she was poor, although the supposition was fair enough, given her clothing.

But he jumped to the more obvious meaning. As he made a leg before her, she watched the skirts of his coat fall into perfect pleats. And its black embroidery, on close inspection, was mulberry-colored. It was an exquisite combination. Enough to change her mind entirely. What she felt was entirely too deep for a flimsy emotion such as lust. For the first time in her life. These etchings were no more accurate than those of two year earlier. How could you not, given the fact that Mrs.

Clara and the Bookwagon

Grope and myself make such frequent appearances in Town and Country? Someone made a pretty penny from your folly. And then wrinkled her nose. No more poetry. April 10, Beaumont House, Kensington. Written with simplicity especially for young adults, this is a thorough book that covers issues of war as kids debate on peace. Young adults will relate the common moments of their daily lives with the theories, contributions, and reflections left by science, fine arts, literature, music, films and religions as ways to the harmonious coexistence among all human beings.

This page-turner proves that with education and altruism a respectful, pleasurable and altogether peaceful coexistence among men is, indeed, feasible. This book, newly translated from the original version, focuses on liberation in education. Education, therefore, seeks liberation, the radical transformation of the subject, who is educated and who also educates. His accusation of an unjust world opens the door to a transformational criticism capable of ushering in a new reality. Education for liberation is situated on the horizon of a utopian view of society.

There once was a little boy who loved to plant his square, little garden. His neighbor, the little girl, drew poems that were whimsical and tangled. Although they were very different, the little boy and the little girl liked each other very much. In fact, he liked her so much that he tried to be as perfect as possible so that she would like him even more. This picture book features unique black and white, stick figure illustrations. Teachers and parents alike will enjoy reading this story with the children in their lives. The loss of a pet tortoise is the starting point for an archaeologist to teach his grandchildren world history through archaeology.

The old man invites the children to discover how people from different races and times lived and how they used to deal with loss and death. From romantic love stories to the simple hunter-gatherer lifestyle, mummies and bones found all over the world help piece together civilizations of the past. This lushly illustrated book is filled with photos of actual archaeological sites, factoids, and lots of interesting information about the people who came before us and led us to where we are right now.

The basic, yet thorough, introduction to the field of archeology will have young readers wanting to make repeated short visits to the past. Belief free from reason. Art in the middle Ages was all about an invisible world people believed in and was terrified of inhabited by a hoard of angels and demons. For the peoples in the middle Ages, paintings were gifts presented to god and the saints mainly displayed in cathedrals, churches, palaces, monasteries to straighten their relationship with them and receive back favors and forgiveness.

The easy to read and understand texts in this book provide both the young reader and adults with a comprehensive overview of a particular period in time that has deeply impacted the development of western culture. Gigi and Napoleon are keen observers. The two friends ponder the contradictions of the world. Several of their findings evoke some profound questions for young readers to consider.

Join Gigi and Napoleon on their journey of discovery as they draw on an ever-changing world. Aladdin, a dusty library veteran meets a recent arrival and a fast friendship forms. The not-quite-new Pinocchio wonders what will become of him now that he has ended up on the highest shelf in the library, but Aladdin, time-worn and wise, reassures him.

Although they keep getting pushed up to higher and higher shelves, eventually they will be recycled and become brand new books. In the meantime, Aladdin teaches his young friend how to read the people who come into their library, finding clues from the items they bring in and the books they choose to read. This charming story of friendship, reading, and imagination will delight readers young and old, making it a perfect choice for reading aloud.

She believes that if she could just find her family, she would be able to understand why she had been born different. Spider, who weaves her a ladder and gives her a pair of wings from a captured fly. Aided by richly detailed illustrations, this is a captivating story of perserveance, finding oneself, and satisfaction with a life well-lived.

This is the splendid story of an ordinary, defiant, troublemaking village boy who grows up to lead an entire nation to freedom. The youngest readers will be taken on an everso- inspiring journey to the life of a man whose trailblazing accomplishments took him to be a Nobel Peace Prize winner. There once was a girl who seemed to have a litt le window that opened up from the very top of her head. It was right there where the good ideas passed by and fell from the sky. The girl designed her thoughts from the ideas that the wind brought her. One day an idea that changed everything fell down from the sky.

From then on no other idea could get into her head, until one day she realized that she was capable of creating her own good thoughts and ideas and casting out the bad ones. This picture book is truly unique in concept, in story, and in illustrations. One upon a time there was a little girl who had a problem spots that popped out all over her heart.

A warm relationship between the girl and a wise old man take her on a journey into her own heart to reveal that each spot is a special story of her life. This thoughtful friendship encourages the girl to value those stories as feelings and she then begins to embrace a whole new world of self-acceptance and freedom. Author: Silmara Rascalha Casadei Illustrator:. When will the truck get here?

Is it close? Marina and her sisters wait. The whole family waits. Patience is a virtue, but it also provokes questions. What is the truck carrying? Where is it coming from? This is a story of intrigue and anticipation. They do everything and go everywhere together. One day Rita falls sick and the black sheep will prepare Rita a sweet surprise proving she is indeed the best friend ever!

A touching picture book that is sure to enchant and entertain both children and adults. The frog and the cartepillar Have you ever had a friend who suddenly vanished without warning? Initially he was saddened by the sudden disappearance, but, as his curiosity peaked, he was fascinated to discover what had happened to his missing friend. This is an endearing story of friendship and transformation, sure to captivate any curious young mind. Theo and Daniel are brothers. Theo idolizes his brother so much that he seldom leaves his side.

Dejected, Daniel sets out to make new friends and discover his independence. This delightful story touches on the notion of individuality and how brotherly love is often more than just companionship. What do you do when you are a prickly porcupine who just wants a hug?

None of his friends want to get too close, so Theo is feeling sad and a little rejected. His friend Lamb has the perfect solution. The story of this cute, little porcupine is the perfect way to talk about all sorts of different ways to show affection. Author and illustrator: Silvana de Menezes Pages: 28 — Format: 21 x Pass gas, cut one, cut the cheese. No matter how we say it, animals do it, mothers and sisters do it, even Rapunzel and Snow White fart.

This book takes a funny, entertaining, and relatable look at the natural, bodily functions, which can be the source of so much humor. Young boys love to collect things: stamps, rocks, coins, truck toys, and even bugs. Francisco collects water and he has thousands of reasons to collect it. Water nurtures our imagination, quenches our dreams, and holds us forever close to everything and everyone we love. Francisco keeps a jar filled with the peaceful and wise water he collected the day he went fishing with his grandpa.

And he loves the way water reflects the moon! Every tear, every dive in the river, and every summer shower holds within itself the simplicity of happiness. Little Captain Francisco invites children and adults alike to navigate through life with love, poetry, and joy. The captivating storyline and the beautiful illustrations by award-winning author and illustrator, Lucia Hiratsuka, conduct the early reader on a delightful ride through an array of outlines, sights, and words as they persuade adults to sign up for a nostalgic ride back into the past.

This book deals with one of the greatest problems of our day: xenophobia, or fear of the foreign and the foreigner. In an increasingly globalized world, large numbers of people relocate to new countries and continents in search of opportunity and fleeing situations of war and poverty. This movement provokes tensions between these contemporary nomads, who wander the globe in search of a new life, and the populations and places who receive them.

The book seeks to approach various dimensions of the problem and help educators approach these issues in the classroom. More than 2. Dream Journal. A book is capable of turning children's fears, desires and needs into strength so that they become subjects of their stories. And it happens early in childhood when they begin to have contact with the things around them. For this audience, the DSOP presents books with little or no text and that work the children's playfulness from the book object.

In Dream Journal , a picture book, the child is invited to share the story using the images as guiding line. Through a light and engaging narrative about life, the text brings important lessons about our relationship with the building of our own dreams and the importance of family. In the third volume of the series, Money Boy and his friends face a new challenge to become true entrepreneurs. Along with his friend Spender and now with the help of new friend Victoria, Money Boy continues on his mission to dissemine the methodology of fullfilment of dreams in the lives of everyone he meets.

In the second book of the series, with the help of Teacher Raymoney, The Boy quickly learns the importance of setting aside part of what he earns in order to make his dreams come true in the future. In fact, he learns so fast that he teaches his own father! In the fourth volume of the series, Money Boy and his group of friends learn lessons about environmental social and financial sustainability. They dream together about a better, more sustainable world, where all people can live in harmony.

In the fifth volume of the series, Money Boy, now older, is going through the passage from childhood to pre-adolescence. He and his friends learn an important lesson about autonomy with Teacher Raymoney and must resort to the DSOP Methodology to manage their allowances and make their dreams come true. Money Boy dreams of going on a trip in order to get to know the city where his grandparents live.

Completely inmersed in the tale, children and adults will be able to reflect on their own relationship with material and non-material things, giving rise to new attitudes and values. The second book in the series that began with The Boy and the Money , this title brings into play the same character The Boy as he interacts with some unusual gifts he got from his mother. Dufaux Publishing House has more than thirteen years of experience on the market and stays between the ten greater publishing houses selling in the self-help and spiritualism market in Brazil, having published more than 1,, books.

Providing an enhanced and unique content we choose self-awareness as a way to improve human realizations. Our books are an invitation to build a more conscious and responsible humanity thanks to the self-transformation of the individual. As opinion makers we aim knowledge disseminating and improving emotional, mental and spiritual conditions to overcome the life challenges. A complementary treatment of depression focuses on your emotional and behavioral education to learn how to deal with the disappointments and setbacks that life presents you.

Depression, before being a psychic problem, is a moral pain.

Best of 2018: Best Poetry Books & Poetry Collections

Being able to look within yourself with compassion and wisdom will allow you to understand your emotions to create a healing mechanism for your conflicts. The healing work begins by taking care of fear and guilt, two very important feelings for growth, when you learn what they want to teach. The beauty of life is in being different and having something new to teach and learn from other people. For this, you need to develop the ability to put yourself in other's shoes and live well with the differences, without wanting, arrogantly, that people are the way you think they should be.

Even if you do not agree with the singularity of the other, it is your duty to proceed with unalterable respect for differences, at any time and place, consolidating an example of fraternal coexistence. Accepting the positive side of emotions, even unpleasant ones, is a therapeutic way of living because it leads you to make use of two essential treatments for your healing: the adequacy of your feelings and thoughts to reality and the development of self-acceptance.

This inner climate produces acceptance of the personal problems you deny in yourself, allowing you to turn guilt, anger, fear, and other feelings into forces for your psychic and emotional release. Have you ever heard someone say to someone else, "my life is you. As long as the main axis of your life is another person, your emotional safety will always be threatened, as the fear of loss will prowl your every minute. That way, even without meaning to, you move away from the only source of happiness and fulfillment: yourself.

Have a complete view of who you are, trust your potential, and draw closer to your inner nature. Fall in love with you. Good journey! How to face the death of a single child? In the face of mourning and frustration there is in this painful experience a challenging process of self-knowledge that invites you to see life differently and to accept the fact that you can not change what is beyond your capacity and reach.

Above all, forgive yourself and who hurts you. This is the key to your liberation. The first step to inner is the self-love. Do your best and make a commitment to never give up fighting and seeking your happiness. Listening to feelings does not mean adopting them promptly, but accepting them in your intimacy and creating a friendly relationship with all of them without repressing or embarrassing yourself. This attitude is the first step towards an educational dialogue with your inner world.

Only then you will have connection with your real psychological identity, allowing the self-discovery in the direction of your uniqueness. Change is a decision that only you can make.

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  2. Reflection Behind the Rain?
  3. Lesson Plans A Year by the Sea.
  4. When it all began!.

And it should be a change accomplished with deep respect, knowledge of your abilities, and love yourself. Avoid the rules that force you to follow paths that hurt you and to hold labels that have nothing to do with your inner nature. How long are you willing to live under the weight of these illusions? Know your truth above appearances.

Open yourself a new way to connect with your individuality and put love beyond everything. You are a free agent and for this reason you can modify your life schedule at any time, there are always alternative plans. For this reason, you are totally responsible for the choices you make since life is a set of opportunities that will lead you to choose the best paths. The main starting points for achieving the pleasure of living are based on the following principles: the rescue of the art of dreaming, the development of emotional honesty, the education of affective need, the death of idealization, the cure of ignorance and the sense of continuity of life.

This set of principles forms the basis of their liberation and pleasure of life. One of the fundamental points of this work is the recovery of self-esteem. It is possible to create a more organized psychological life around inner serenity. Just realize the benefits of respect for yourself. Your mental health and emotional balance depend on knowing how to develop a relationship that is rich of self-love. Free yourself from anxiety and distress by directing your resources to the only time that really matters: the present. In it you can build a new, wide and lucid look that will lead you to see your truths beyond appearances.

Through self-knowledge, seek the consciousness of being fully and being the driver of your destiny. Start looking more for what you want, get ready to give up your list of charges for everything you have done for the one you love, invest in a therapeutic process that helps you understand your emotions, make a commitment with your light side that is waiting for care, have the courage to look at the true dark feelings you have and, above all, believe that any time and in any age, life begins even when you courageously decide to love and give yourself the title of most important person of your life.

Often, your way of loving is closer to an individualistic view than to an authentic experience of this feeling. For a correct perception, begin to observe your performance in life. Family, work, religious and social activities come to be seen with a new look.

See a Problem?

You are no longer inserted in them as the simple consequence of the act of living. You act objectively as a transformation agent of yourself and of the world. It is time to start seeing yourself in a more conscious and safe way, providing a lucid and constructive performance. Realize that it is not you who are in the world, but the world that is in you. Seek and build this new look to the world.

Guided by the concept of continuing education, Sesc promotes encounters between people and different artistic and cultural manifestations, publishing books with an emphasis on the arts and humanities. Marcos Lepiscopo lepiscopo edicoes. A collection of essays by Brazilian and French philosophers, the Mutations series discusses the new projects of life that technology presents and the collapse of strong moral, ethical and political paradigms.

Praise of Sloth approaches idleness in order to rethink the meaning of life in a world of incessant labor. Passionate Sources of Violence reflects on the innumerous sources and kinds of violence in the contemporary world. The New Utopic Spirit analyses the concept of utopia throughout history and how it is understood and expressed nowadays. A classic of the historiography of world cinema in Brazil, Seventh art presents the affirmation of cinema as a form of art and the reasons for its reception as a fundamentally modern artistic language.

After many years out of print, this book returns with a new introduction by the author, as well as notes commenting on the text in the light of the evolution of cinema and its critique. Ismail Xavier is considered one of the most important thinkers and professors of the critique and history of cinema in Brazil. On average we release six publications a month, all written by Brazilian authors. Alexandre Massa alexandre atheneu. Elias Knobel was able to bring together a team that demonstrated that, with high technology and qualified human resources, it was possible to produce and publish scientific publications and works.

Is a book in which all this experience is contained in its various sections and chapters, disseminating and generating knowledge for health professionals. Recent advances in oncology have represented a significant paradigm shift in understanding the natural history of cancer patients.

In recent years, cancer has come to be understood as a chronic disease with multiple forms of treatment, and the patient, whose survival has increased considerably, is exposed for a longer time to risk factors for cardiovascular disease and suffers the potential injuries of treatment with effects of cardiotoxicity. The cardiologist plays a fundamental role in the care of the cancer patient - to promote the adequacy of the means for the patient to receive the proposed treatment in a safe manner, guaranteeing the maximum cardiovascular protection. Simultaneously, the interaction between the cardiologist and the oncologist aims to promote the cardiovascular health of the cancer patient, preventing, diagnosing and treating cardiovascular diseases in an efficient way.

Bearbyblood's Book; Trail of Poems and Blood

In Brazil, cardiovascular disease has shown worrying growth, due to changes in lifestyle, especially sedentary lifestyle, stress and food. Its growth also extends to population aging. In this sense, it is understood the urgent need to expand the prevention and promotion of cardiovascular health, as well as its treatment and rehabilitation. Its dissemination through the media and public health programs is part of these actions to reduce its incidence. And the classic of Brazilian Anesthesiology, now in its eighth edition, fully revised and expanded.

The editors constructed the book based on the major themes of the evidence for the top title in anesthesiology. They also followed the curriculum practiced for the future specialists in the centers of education of anesthesiology training existing in the main states of Brazil. The book is geared towards suppressing pain or at least its relief. Treated patients, although with sufficiently recovered survival or quality of life, presented chronic pungent pain.

The pro-euthanasia current has emerged in the last decade. But euthanasia was not the way to relieving pain. There were other resources that medical science, with its advancement, would offer. The book is the result of the unique joint effort of its Editors, Associate Editors and Authors. It draws attention to his creative didactic, unique approach in the comprehensive and at the same time detailed form that begins in the doctor-patient relationship, extends to the careful clinical examination and, finally, reaches the most advanced methods of diagnosis and treatment.

We are a publishing house that handles, at the moment, the production, rights and sales of Brazil Tax Guide for Foreigners, the most complete and comprehensive book on all aspects of Brazilian taxation. We are focuses on tax publications in English and Portuguese languages. Our Brazil Tax Guide for Foreigners has four editions and have been sold in 43 countries since David Roberto R. Soares da Silva dsilva blslaw. One of the largest consuming markets in the world, Brazil is a preferred destination for companies seeking to do business internationally.

The book explains most aspects of Brazilian taxation in a language accessible to anyone unfamiliar with the local legal or tax terminology. It also provides valuable information on foreign capital registration with the Central Bank. The editorial guidelines reflect its role as a university publishing house in the Amazonian social and cultural context, linked to the institutional objectives of academic excellence. Some of the themes conveyed in other works by Paes Loureiro, such as the Amazonian man, myths, nature, and religion, reappear in this book, in which the poet is in search of senses and meanings for his verse.

The focus of his theoretical as well in his artistic writing, the enchanted words in this volume aim at being the language which, as a metaphor of the real world, veil and unveil it. In this poetic dimension, Enchantment of Words is the existence and the image in the verses that cast and uncast the spell carried by words. Which documental choices should be made when faced with tremendous amounts of letters, documents, and property deeds?

Based on rich, carefully read, handwritten documentation the author examines the expulsion of the Jesuit Order within the framework of great changes that occurred in the Western World during the 17 th century, such as the consolidation of capitalism and the definite affirmation of modernity. Hours ago is a book for those who enjoy words and the relationships they enable between images and emotions.

Written along three decades, the short and untitled poems therein invite the reader to construct narratives that unfold beyond the book's pages. In the preface, the critic Davi Arrigucci Jr. Path to Marahu is part of the complete works of Max Martins, a collection organized by Age de Carvalho. The book deals with challenges emerging from the relations between State and Nation in the process of producing living areas.

A Editora do Brasil S. Com mais de 1. Felipe Ramos Poletti felipe editoradobrasil. The alphabet has 26 letters and each one has many possibilities. When they are combined they help us to create many stories and jokes, but alone they can do a lot as well. They talk about love, Anthony and Aline, the ball game, the alien Enzo, the florist Floriano and more. They show us how our vocabulary is rich and how we can have fun with it. Cindy is possibly the most beautiful girl in the kingdom. After losing her parents too early, she goes to live with her stepmother and spends her days crying and complaining.

The titles in the BUT The books deconstruct stereotypes such as the big bad wolf, the sweet fairy, and the pirate with his wooden leg. The distortion shows different perspectives on these characters, offering reflection on fear, anger, Manichaeism, and plenty of fun for young readers. There is always another side of the story to see, you just need to unfold the page! In this tale, the cat with the long nails, ran to chase the gray haired rat, who entered in the house of seven doors where the friar with the black cap and crooked cane live The cake is baked and what will happen to all these characters?

It is confusion that never ends, but the best of the party will arrive soon. She wants to understand the meaning of life and all of its transformations. However, a special story will reveal the pain that the indigenous people experienced, the discoveries and the wisdom of her ancestors and how they found the cure for one of our most precious possession: the Earth. An exquisite book. For 35 years Editora Positivo has shared its educational vocation with thousands of students and teachers all over Brazil. There are poetry books, illustrated books, picture books, novels, and short stories that all add to the formation of children, teenagers and adults as both readers and citizens.

The more impossible the ownership of something seems to be, the more she desires it. And all her efforts to make her whims come true depend on one man only: her husband. A fantastic, absurd and wonderful story. So unequal that just one side dedicates time and shows affection to the other?

How does an old man with an umbrella come to live on a desert island, his only companion a seagull? How do a boy and his cat live in an apparently inhabited city? Are this man and this boy separated only by distance, or also by time? In this voyage of the imagination, no distance is too far and no gulf of time unbridgeable.

Or maybe this book is simply a boat to carry your dreams wherever you wish to sail. This book is a collection of 25 poems — each one about a toy or a childhood game both traditional and modern — that bring a new perspective on how to engage in this playful universe. The poems show a simple and joyful language that matches the delicate and subtle pictures on the pages. Images also tell stories. However, they require a creative and daring reader because as there are no words, the stories must be created.

In this visual narrative, who mirrors whom? Does the man act like the tree or is it the other way around? Does one actually try to mimic the other? And if this is the case, who challenges whom? Is nature challenging the man or it is the man who is challenging nature? Teleco is a talking bunny that is able to change into many other animals depending on his mood.

A mood that tends to switch in just a matter of seconds. One day as he is wondering around the city, Teleco begins talking to a stranger, a quiet man, and with no previous arrangement decides to move in with him. Get ready to follow the construction of an extraordinary building: a modern day Tower of Babel.

Roberta¬s Coffee Table Book of Love: Just Another Stuffed Poet by Klaus J. Joehle

This is the story of the highest skyscraper ever, a huge job that stifles the mood of the engineer responsible and his crew. So much hard work and energy spent during work hours, on a job which will have debatable value and purpose, ends up causing conflict and hopelessness. When will the building finally be ready and, after that, what will happen to all those involved? A boy plays around the woods and has his attention caught by a butterfly, not realizing it leads him straight to a girl that watches him from the woods. There, he is mesmerized by the girl, but is rescued by his dog, that wakens him from an enchantment.

This is a mainly visual narrative that explores fantasy and popular imagination through a legendary character from Brazilian folklore, Comadre Florzinha, also known as Maria Florzinha, among other names. Founded on April 2, , the Projeto publishing company celebrates its 26th anniversary in Reading is uplifting! Reading is necessary because it makes ideas and sensations grow inside us.

It is so good that it can make us fly. Annete Baldi editora editoraprojeto. This is the story of Iris, a girl with a very attentive look at nature. She regards the tree as a friend, with whom she spends time and talks, and the wind as a game. It is a poetic narrative that speaks of childhood as a "gentle" time. This topsy-turvy fairy tale was first published in After a few years out of print, it comes back in an edition that honors the author from Rio de Janeiro, who passed away in The scruffy, shabby and assertive princess, first designed by Orthof herself, returns in cutouts and collages by Laura Castilhos.

And the topic of women's empowerment has become more significant now than ever! A strange creature lives on a Planet watering sentences that grow into flowers and stories. But the creature lacks memory so it locks away its stories in boxes until the day when something surprising happens. The author dedicates the book to the creatures who write, especially those who write for children, and to those who read, especially those who read to other creatures. Before their encounter, a lot happens, though Ever since she was born, the Desirous Princess has wanted everything she has seen.

As she grew up, so did her ambitions and the fear by her subjects, who eventually fled the kingdom. Alone, she finds herself taken by a different desire and discovers something that matters more than anything else. A little monkey wants to catch the moon. Was this a story heard in the author's childhood in Minas Gerais, or was it a legend Capparelli heard while he was in China?

Not really caring about the answer to this question, the author presents us with his version of the story, in verse. Guazzelli creates illustrations that are both delicate and strong, while designer Marcio Koprowski harmonizes the whole by bringing fun movements and new meanings to the book pages. As a true work of art, the book allows of different interpretations. Founded in , Pulo do Gato is a Publisher based on the promotion of literary reading for children and youth and propagation of works about reading, literature and Training of Readers.

We believe that these two fronts - readers in formation and training of readers - are the main topics which reading and writing are inscribed as basic needs of every human being. Pulo do Gato carefully consider the aesthetic and literary characteristics of each book, the diversity of styles of the authors and illustrators, the variety of verbal and visual languages, unique themes approach, the artistic quality of the visual designs and formats. Adelia lives in a country house. The book is narrated by the bittersweet voice of a river that regrets its fate as if singing a sad song, remembering the time when its bed and its banks were lively and colorful.

Shown in the form of a child , this poetic and ardent river is inspired by the environmental disaster that hit the Rio Doce Basin in , but it may as well represent all the environment. One day, when she arrives at her aunt's house, she sees everything changed: her aunt is sad, her clothes are not funny, and her wardrobe is almost empty.

How to make joy and the playing clothes come back? Every morning, superdaddy goes to work And mom too. Some nights, the superdaddy watches his son's favorite show, while Mom makes popcorn. Sometimes Dad comes back from work with his supercolleagues Even when Mom is tired. One day, the boy's daily changes. The father stays at home, no longer uses the fantasy superhero and his mother, who was always present, now only works.

What is going on? The sun warms your body, and your childhood memories seem to come to life. The grandson plays with the kitten, the daughter passes clothes and Mr. Yamada returns to Kyoto, city where he spent his childhood. He remembers a few verses, after the melody of the song, the yard where he played with his brothers, the cherry tree and the tsurus. Three blind rats follow a small road. Where are they going? Love can be bad. Bad, love, bad! Very bad love.

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Roberta’s Coffee Table Book of Love: Just Another Stuffed Poet Roberta’s Coffee Table Book of Love: Just Another Stuffed Poet
Roberta’s Coffee Table Book of Love: Just Another Stuffed Poet Roberta’s Coffee Table Book of Love: Just Another Stuffed Poet
Roberta’s Coffee Table Book of Love: Just Another Stuffed Poet Roberta’s Coffee Table Book of Love: Just Another Stuffed Poet
Roberta’s Coffee Table Book of Love: Just Another Stuffed Poet Roberta’s Coffee Table Book of Love: Just Another Stuffed Poet
Roberta’s Coffee Table Book of Love: Just Another Stuffed Poet Roberta’s Coffee Table Book of Love: Just Another Stuffed Poet
Roberta’s Coffee Table Book of Love: Just Another Stuffed Poet Roberta’s Coffee Table Book of Love: Just Another Stuffed Poet
Roberta’s Coffee Table Book of Love: Just Another Stuffed Poet Roberta’s Coffee Table Book of Love: Just Another Stuffed Poet
Roberta’s Coffee Table Book of Love: Just Another Stuffed Poet Roberta’s Coffee Table Book of Love: Just Another Stuffed Poet
Roberta’s Coffee Table Book of Love: Just Another Stuffed Poet

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