My Parents Are Sex Maniacs... A high school horror story

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Creep was not a movie begging for a sequel. Two performers bare it all, both literally and figuratively: Creep 2 is one of the most surprising, emotionally resonant horror films in recent memory. Even as her family attempts to curb her homicidal ways, Beverly succeeds in ending the lives of those whose lives she wants to end, her husband Sam Waterston and daughter Ricki Lake and son Matthew Lillard helpless against the tide of ratings and Nielsen numbers working to thwart them.

Taking the femme fatale conceit to literal extremes, director Bob Rafelson, whose credits include Five Easy Pieces and the remake of The Postman Always Rings Twice , delivers a modern noir elevated by two ace lead performances. Debra Winger does Debra Winger as an FBI agent, Alex, who grows obsessed with the perpetrator of a series of unsolved marriages-then-murders. The plain-Jane Fed plays frenemies with the glamorous chameleon while cinematography great Conrad L. Just as he does in all of his works, Tarantino fills the lives of his diverse menagerie of characters with his trademark blend of mundane pop-cultural dialogue and insane violence.

In one exhilarating sequence, real-life stuntwoman Zoe Bell precariously hangs onto the hood of a speeding car in what is one of the greatest chase scenes in cinematic history. Deranged does get gross, its final moments revealing that, like so many films of its ilk, this could only happen in a godless universe, a universe in which there is no reason or purpose to evil.

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Throughout it all, Blossom delivers a stomach-churning performance, his face a graveyard of shadows and terrible memories pushed to Jim-Carrey-like levels of elasticity, as inhuman as it is strictly corporeal. Maniac Year: Director: Franck Khalfoun. Maniac is a rather impressive reimagining of the exploitation horror film of the same name, an attempt to take some grindhouse material and redress it in a modern skin, equal parts shocking and thought-provoking. Rather, the audience hears the running background noise of his madness as he mutters to himself and stalks his female victims.

Cruising Year: Director: William Friedkin. Unpolished and self-congratulatory at times, one still has to admire its sheer chutzpah. If any of these films were going to be remade as an episode of Black Mirror in , it would probably be this one. Tenebrae Year: Director: Dario Argento. If you wrote an ultra-violet horror book, and if your ultra-violent horror book inspired a workaday psycho to go on their own ultra-violent killing spree, would you be put off or would you take it as a compliment?

You figure it out. The tension arises from the clash in styles between a detective from the countryside Song Kang-Ho , and his urban counterpart Kim Sang-Kyung dispatched to speed the investigation, which steadily derails amid blown opportunities and wrongful arrests. One uses his fists, the other forensics, and both serve as cultural archetypes whose actions play out against the backdrop of the mids military dictatorship. Strange as it sounds, Murder is also not without laughs, which are both coarse and piercing.

At least her social status is secure because her BFF best friend forever , Sienna Marshall, is a certified member of the mega-watt crowd. But all hell breaks loose when Louise's brother walks in on their father, Len, and her friend Sienna's mother, Sunny, in a flagrantly compromising position.

Soon after, Len and Sunny move in together. When Sunny decides to return home to her family, everyone lays blame for the entire fiasco on one guy, and Louise calls him dad. Louise instantly loses her BFF and is ostracized by the "it" girls at school. Just when it appears things couldn't get worse, Louise's mom announces she's pregnant-and the baby's father is Louise's math teacher! Snap a photo to sell, buy what you want by chatting with sellers right from the app.

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A High School Robyn Harding. PHP Reviews 5. After working on a few projects that ultimately didn't get made — like a half-hour comedy TV pilot with Whedon called Cheap Shots , about a low-budget horror movie company — Gunn was hired to adapt one of his favorite TV shows as a kid, Scooby-Doo , into a live-action feature. The movie that ultimately opened in was a PG-rated family-friendly comedy, but that's not the film Gunn set out to write.

It was almost crazy as fuck: When the MPAA first screened the finished film, according to Gunn, they balked at a scene in which a voodoo priest "said something that sounded like, 'I don't eat pussy' or something like that," said Gunn. The producers even used CGI, he said, to erase the actors' cleavage.

The toned-down film was a hit, and Gunn's next two screenwriting gigs — a modern remake of the zombie classic Dawn of the Dead , and Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed — both opened at number one on back-to-back weekends in March Gunn was able to parlay his newfound heat in the industry into finally securing his directorial debut, the original horror comedy Slither. Similar to the wild swings in tone he attempted in Tromeo and Juliet , Slither seesaws from grisly horror to genuine pathos to literal gut-busting comedy, occasionally within the same scene.

The movie follows mild-mannered high school teacher Starla Elizabeth Banks whose jerk of a husband Guardians ' Michael Rooker has been taken over by an alien space slug, and critics adored it — Variety called the movie "ingeniously twisted. I was like, What have I spent the last year and a half of my life doing?! He shrugged when asked what drove him to make Slither in the first place. I just do it, and it's oftentimes landed me in huge amounts of trouble. A few minutes later, Gunn interrupted himself, and returned to the question.

I didn't totally realize that. That marriage, which lasted from until they officially separated in , was to The Office star Jenna Fischer — and if you're looking to spend an hour of your life feeling a rising sense of discomfort, try watching LolliLove , the short film starring Gunn and Fischer as heightened versions of themselves. Over the course of the film, as "James" and "Jenna" try to launch a ludicrously misguided charity to give lollipops to the homeless, their sniping — due largely to James's thoughtless, selfish behavior — becomes poisonous.

Fischer directed the largely improvised film mockumentary-style, and knowing that the two would ultimately divorce in real life only makes their bickering that much more awkward to sit through. No more so than for Gunn. I forgot that there's was so much stuff in there with my ex, and I was like, yeesh.

Gunn stressed that he and Fischer, who remarried in , have remained good friends. We're not the typical divorced people. It's like she graduated into becoming a sister to me. Gunn was equally clear that he harbored zero regret over making LolliLove. Louis Film Festival, and at the end of the movie, 'James,' who's a germaphobe, gets spit on. The audience [was] applauding and howling, because I'm the ultimate villain! Putting a loathsome version of himself on display for public consumption has been almost a compulsion for Gunn throughout his career.

He plays "James Gunn" in his web short Humanzee , in which he urinates on his chimp-human mutant son played in heavy makeup by his brother Sean. And his first — and, to date, only — published novel, 's The Toy Collector , follows a hospital orderly and alcoholic named "James Gunn" who sells prescription pills to fund his private stockpile of childhood toys.

Gunn did work as a hospital orderly, and he dropped out of Loyola Marymount's undergraduate film school and moved back home to Missouri because, he said, "I was doing a lot of drinking and drugs, and sort of just bottomed out. So, not completely. I don't know if it is that I am or was a dick, or if that was something I put forward because I was uncomfortable with who I really am.

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In a way, Gunn attempted to answer that question with his follow-up feature, Super , which pushes the comic-book-heroes-as-real-people conceit of The Specials to its furthest edge: When Frank Rainn Wilson falls into despair after his newly sober wife Sarah Liv Tyler leaves him for a scuzzy drug dealer Kevin Bacon , a divine vision guides him to become a costumed vigilante called the Crimson Bolt, who bludgeons would-be evildoers with a wrench.

Frank, however, isn't particularly discerning about what constitutes "evil.

The shocking sight of the blood spurting from his head elicits a kind of stunned laughter, but it also underlines how quickly superheroes turn to the kind of brute force that would in truth be horrifying to behold. Super is also in many ways the most personal film Gunn has ever made: Starting when he was in high school, and lasting well into his twenties, he said he experienced "full-on, knock me down, total visions. In Super , Frank's central vision involves the giant hand of God reaching into his bedroom and touching his exposed brain while disembodied, seemingly alien tentacles hold him to his bed.

So, yes, Super is very personal to me because of that. And it's a hard thing to, you know, discuss with people. When Super opened in , it had the misfortune of following the much more crowd-pleasing movie Kick-Ass — which also featured ultraviolent, costumed vigilantes — and its critical and commercial reception suffered as a result. So much so that he began to question his place in Hollywood. I just always assumed that's where I was headed. And then all of a sudden, it didn't seem like that was the case.

Super came after Gunn had abandoned an earlier attempt to make an idiosyncratic spin on mainstream sci-fi, a Ben Stiller studio comedy called Pets , about a guy who is abducted by aliens and placed in a giant hamster-like maze with other domesticated humans. He loved the concept, but he grew weary of the barrage of notes he was getting.


The Dangerous Side of Mania | Everyday Health

Why would I deal with something where I feel like I'm not of use because it's just becoming a vanilla thing? It felt like there was no place for Gunn in modern Hollywood, and his natural creative instincts were keeping him perpetually stuck on the perimeter of the industry. So he called up his agent and manager, and told them he was done as a film director. And nobody's going to give me a Marvel movie. Marvel had been trying for years to figure out how to transform Guardians of the Galaxy , one of its most obscure comic book titles, into a viable movie franchise.

Since , screenwriter Nicole Perlman had been developing the title as part of the studio's writing fellows program, and her progress left the company bullish enough to make Guardians its first new franchise launch after The Avengers. If successful, the film's space opera trappings could radically expand what audiences would consider to be a "Marvel" movie.

My Parents Are Sex Maniacs...: A High School Horror Story (Hardcover)

By , however, the script still wasn't where it needed to be to share a creative universe with Iron Man, Captain America, and Black Widow. In truth, Gunn almost didn't take the meeting at all because he didn't want to drive to Marvel's offices in Manhattan Beach, he believed Marvel's interest in him to be pro forma, and his indifferent-at-best opinion of the sporadically released Guardians of the Galaxy comics left him less-than-thrilled by the idea of a Guardians movie. Gunn took the meeting anyway — turning it down would have been the most insane.

But it wasn't until the drive back home that Gunn began to think about Rocket, and what it would actually mean for him to be modified into a two-legged talking raccoon. His imagination began to click into gear.

The Guardians were, in Whedon's words, "a footnote" within the Marvel comics well outside the more familiar territory of the Avengers.

My Parents Are Sex Maniacs... A high school horror story My Parents Are Sex Maniacs... A high school horror story
My Parents Are Sex Maniacs... A high school horror story My Parents Are Sex Maniacs... A high school horror story
My Parents Are Sex Maniacs... A high school horror story My Parents Are Sex Maniacs... A high school horror story
My Parents Are Sex Maniacs... A high school horror story My Parents Are Sex Maniacs... A high school horror story
My Parents Are Sex Maniacs... A high school horror story My Parents Are Sex Maniacs... A high school horror story

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