Murder is a Family Matter

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Mollie Tibbetts' murder happened because of open borders, there is no vetting, no control.

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Anonymous postings on these message boards have been highlighting an old tweet of hers and claiming she got what she deserved because of a combination of her political views and her gender. Mentions of Tibbetts on these boards spiked just as the Manafort and Cohen stories were dominating news coverage.

Other far right communities have pushed the meme as well. And the neo-nazi site Daily Stormer published a misogynist screed in the same vein. Our family has been blessed to be surrounded by love, friendship and support throughout this entire ordeal by friends from all different nations and races.

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From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Right-wing media exploit tragedies and rewrite biographies of victims in the blink of an eye. View the discussion thread.

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Since then, members of the family have committed crimes including burglaries, armed robberies, kidnapping, and murder. He learned by imitating his father and his older brothers and his uncles, all of whom eventually went to prison. Rooster would take his sons to peek at the local prison on the edge of Salem, Oregon, where they lived.

Pro-Trump media politicizes the murder of Mollie Tibbetts, even as her family begs for space

Mass incarceration has created a giant churn: The more people we lock up now, the more people we will have to lock up in the future. Norblad, who died in , did not know how to do that.

Family Matters- Gun Episode

But in recent years, criminologists are starting to figure it out—paving the way for possible solutions that are more humane and cost-effective than prison. One such program came about by accident.

Vlakfontein case postponed as lawyer asks to attend to a family matter

Several years after their release, the former prisoners who left for Texas had lower rates of recidivism than did those who stayed behind in New Orleans, because they had broken their social networks. Based on his findings, Kirk created a volunteer program for prisoners in Baltimore to receive housing allowances from the state of Maryland on the condition that they move to another part of the state after their release.

Another innovative program known as multisystemic therapy , developed by the Medical University of South Carolina professor Scott Henggeler, focuses on helping young delinquents by treating their whole family.

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In graduate school, Henggeler worked with children who had been reprimanded by a court but were seemingly stuck in their criminal ways. One day, he decided to visit them in their homes. He realized he needed to treat the children in the full context of their lives, to see them with their families in their homes.

His central insight was to take therapy to the adolescents instead of taking the adolescents to therapy. This kind of approach is especially important with a family like the Bogles, Henggeler told me: They are like a giant rogue iceberg, with most of the dangers hidden below the waterline and only a small portion visible to outsiders.

Murder is a Family Matter Murder is a Family Matter
Murder is a Family Matter Murder is a Family Matter
Murder is a Family Matter Murder is a Family Matter
Murder is a Family Matter Murder is a Family Matter
Murder is a Family Matter Murder is a Family Matter
Murder is a Family Matter Murder is a Family Matter
Murder is a Family Matter Murder is a Family Matter

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