Les États-Unis (Biographies Historiques) (French Edition)

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Cuvier assumed a relatively short time span for Earth but was impressed by the vast changes that undoubtedly had occurred in its geologic past. Catastrophism remained a major geologic doctrine until it was shown that slow changes over long periods of time could explain the features of Earth. Just before Napoleon abdicated , in , Cuvier was elected to the Council of State, and in he became a vice president of the Ministry of the Interior. Cuvier showed that animals possess so many diverse anatomical traits that they could not be arranged in a single linear system.

Instead, he arranged animals into four large groups—vertebrates, mollusks, articulates , and radiates—each of which had a special type of anatomical organization. All animals within the same group were classified together, as he believed they were all modifications of one particular anatomical type.

Although his classification is no longer used, Cuvier broke away from the 18th-century idea that all living things were arranged in a continuous series from the simplest up to man. The increasing theoretical differences between Geoffroy and Cuvier culminated in in a public debate in the Academy of Sciences over the degree to which the animal kingdom shared a uniform type of anatomical organization—in particular, whether vertebrates and mollusks belonged to the same type. Geoffroy thought that they did and that all animals, in fact, were representatives of only one type, whereas Cuvier insisted that his four types were completely distinct.

At issue in their controversy was how to explain similarity and diversity in animals. By rejecting the 18th-century method of arranging animals in a continuous series in favour of classifying them in four separate groups, he raised the key question of why animals are anatomically different. He did this by introducing fossils into zoological classification, showing the progressive relation between rock strata and their fossil remains, and by demonstrating, in his comparative anatomy and his reconstructions of fossil skeletons, the importance of functional and anatomical relationships.

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Our editors will review what you've submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we'll add it to the article. Please note that our editors may make some formatting changes or correct spelling or grammatical errors, and may also contact you if any clarifications are needed. Facts Matter. Start Your Free Trial Today. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. The French zoologist Georges Cuvier — , regarded as the father of modern comparative anatomy, believed that function is more basic than form; form emerges as a consequence of function. Darwin, of course, was always….

However, it was Georges Cuvier , a rabid antievolutionist, who in had the historic distinction of describing Adapis , the first fossil primate genus ever recognized. Fossils such as Adapis , Cuvier believed, were the remains of animals destroyed by past catastrophes such as floods and earthquakes, and living animals…. John Brown, B. Parc national historique : la Citadelle, Sans-souci, Ramiers, Parc national historique : habitations coloniales et toponymie, Projet. Laurent, J. Cauna, E. Lubin; tableau, carte.

Cabon R. Deschamps, 47 p. Dorsinville J.

1. Bodin’s Life in Politics and Religion: Concord or Tolerance?

JJ, p. Un classique devenu malheureusement introuvable. On ne peut l'ignorer.

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La Phalange et Imp. Telhomme, Un classique. Panorama, s. Paris, ,. Histoire de la famille et de la descendance de Toussaint-Louverture, Imp. D'un maniement pratique. Permet de situer lieux et personnages, mais seulement dans le Nord. Instrument de travail indispensable. Eben-Ezer, , p.

Les États-Unis (Biographies Historiques) (French Edition) Les États-Unis (Biographies Historiques) (French Edition)
Les États-Unis (Biographies Historiques) (French Edition) Les États-Unis (Biographies Historiques) (French Edition)
Les États-Unis (Biographies Historiques) (French Edition) Les États-Unis (Biographies Historiques) (French Edition)
Les États-Unis (Biographies Historiques) (French Edition) Les États-Unis (Biographies Historiques) (French Edition)
Les États-Unis (Biographies Historiques) (French Edition) Les États-Unis (Biographies Historiques) (French Edition)
Les États-Unis (Biographies Historiques) (French Edition) Les États-Unis (Biographies Historiques) (French Edition)
Les États-Unis (Biographies Historiques) (French Edition) Les États-Unis (Biographies Historiques) (French Edition)

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