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Ask the Employer

That includes taking time to learn the client's likes and dislikes and maintaining good communication, reminds the American Council on Exercise. Question Answer : As part of my PT training I was required to go on a nutrition workshop, which taught the usefulness of macro-nutrients rather than focusing sourly on caloric content. Answer : I am an expert in designing and implementing personalized exercise and diet programs based on the clients' goals and targets.

I also have profound ability to recruit and retain clients, provide fitness equipment handling instructions and assess clients on regular basis. I am an expert in directing rehabilitation exercises following a sports or other injury. Answer : I'm only human — some days I just want to chill out with a pizza in front of a movie but I have to get up and run with a client in a wintery field.

Personal Training Job Interview Discussion

Not good. Answer : Like everything else in technology, fitness accessories and exercises change all the time. Personal trainers always stay current with the latest developments and products, which you can demonstrate by mentioning recent developments in the area. While working there my managers would help us to become better sales associates. We would set goals each day and aim to accomplish them, such as selling a certain number of products or add ones at the counter, etc.

Answer : Actually this is my second career and neither of my jobs lived up to my childhood dream of racing car driver it took me three attempts to pass my driving test so obviously it wasn't meant to be! Answer : Such situations rarely occur since I am very vigilant and guide the clients thoroughly as they use the gym equipment.

However if it does happen, I am CPR certified and fully capable of providing first aid and calling an ambulance if needed. Answer : Because I know that I can deliver more that they probably can, I also have the knowledge and experience to do it, I know that I have a lot to learn and and I am willing to undergo training to be more qualified for this position.

How Did That Work Out? Answer : I did help a lot of friends to train well if you have a look at almost all my high school friends everyone is ripped or big or even competing in bodybuilding shows because they were inspired by me.. I was always there for all my friends either with a fitness program or being there trainer.

1. Why do you want to work here?

Answer : I have never forgotten my dream of driving Formula One. Answer : I would be very approachable and likeable. I would always keep a smile on my face and approach clients where I see fit and engage in conversation. Answer : I would use good music, keep entusiastic, make the class enjoyable by keeping it fresh and challenging the clients. Answer : During the initial assessment and first few days I am usually able to judge the client's potential by observing their performance and do not push them further than that. One indication of client's threshold is that the client stops enjoying the workout after a certain time.

That for me is the biggest pointer that the person has reached his or her limit. Answer : I always watch my client and see how much they could do. I always start them off on a slower pace and increase the workouts as they become stronger and more comfortable.


27 Personal Trainer Interview Questions (And Answers!)

I watch for signs such as breathing, red face, possibility of fainting, etc. Answer : I would first sit down with the client and have a conversation with them about their goals. I would then get them to fill in relevant forms e. Screening, health questionnaire and fitness testing and design the program on the information I have gathered. Answer : Well my only goal is to make your gym reach the top Having a good communication skill with clients will indeed increase the gym sales because explaining someone about something will do attract them.

Answer : Just do it! Work hard, learn what you need to and just get on with it. I wish I had straight away. Answer : First of all I will come talking to you in a friendly way like hey man wassup how are you tell me a bit about your training then I will be like what say if I train you and give you up some session to help you build your body. Answer : Nutrition is massively important as it is the key to recovery from fitness and increasing fitness.

Yes I would suggest a better diet as if a client wants to lose weight they will need to eat less fatty foods and and carbs where as a body builder will need to increase their carbs and protein in their diet. Diets will vary on what the client wants to achieve. Answer : First of all i must know if he trained before in gym i mean if he biggnar or advanced or athletic..

Answer : The first one would be the plank as it works the core, lower back, glutes, thigs and hamstrings. The second one would be squats as it works the whole upper leg and finally the third one would be tricep curls as they will help get rid of any bingo wings. Answer : Getting information off the Internet is one thing but actually applying it in a real time gym setting is not easy. Gym instructors help clients with the actual application of fitness programs so their importance in this setting is quite high.

Answer : Responsible trainers know CPR certified training , have first aid ready, and a quick means to call an ambulance. Answer : With a question like this, the employer is using a "behavioral" interviewing technique. The idea is to gain a sense of how you'll behave in future situations, based on what you've done in the past. Naturally, you should avoid bad-mouthing the client. Talk about how you listened to her concerns, and outline the various strategies you employed to meet her needs.

Answer : I have always been a bit of a fanatic about fitness. I was a constant source of annoyance to my parents who became sick of taking me from one sporting event to the next: football, hockey, long distance running — you name it I was doing it. But I fell into banking retail not investment, don't hate me!

Some training and a qualification later, here I am. Answer : Of course I think every PE program has multiple goals, but the major ones should be teaching about health and fitness, teaching about collaboration and cooperation, and getting kids moving as much as possible.

Personal Trainer Interview Questions and Answers

I want kids to come away from my classes with a good understanding of why it matters to take care of their bodies as well as their minds. I want them to understand why working together can be just as important as competing. Finally, I want kids to spend as much of my class as possible moving and exercising.

Tell Me Any Regrets? It will also help you answer questions in a way that will ensure you have the same approach as they do. Make sure you have hard copies of your Certificates III and IV in Fitness to show your interviewer, as well as those essential qualifications, also have ready your First Aid and CPR, and any other qualifications that may be applicable. This is especially important when applying for jobs where you will work as a contractor for a gym.

If you have any additional and related qualifications or evidence of further study, have that ready to present too.

Hollywood's Best Personal Trainer 'Gunnar Peterson'

We have numerous CEC workshops and even created an Industry Ready Package , 8 additional certificates, that will give you a head start on your competition and really make you stand out. When being asked a question, also make sure you listen carefully to what is asked, and answer the question thoroughly, without going off on a tangent. As well as being prepared to answer questions about fitness and the job itself, you should prepare a number of real life example cases.

You can also use the experience you gained from your time on placement. As with most jobs, your first impression really counts, and this is even more evident in this fitness industry. To do this, make sure you arrive a good minutes early. But they aren't always accessible or affordable to everyone.

We use the latest technologies and best design methods to create products that enable trainers to scale their expertise, improve client relationships, and drive better results, across a larger client base. Our Story We set out to create the best, most customizable mobile workout app for anyone to guide and track their progress anytime, anywhere.

Built by trainers, for trainers. Program Workouts Create personalized workouts for each individual using our slick and easy-to-use workout builder. Hold Them Accountable Get real-time status updates for each client's workouts so you can motivate them to stay on track. App for Clients Your Workouts Clients receive your handcrafted workouts, tailored to their fitness goals and abilities.

Interviews With Top Personal Trainers Interviews With Top Personal Trainers
Interviews With Top Personal Trainers Interviews With Top Personal Trainers
Interviews With Top Personal Trainers Interviews With Top Personal Trainers
Interviews With Top Personal Trainers Interviews With Top Personal Trainers
Interviews With Top Personal Trainers Interviews With Top Personal Trainers
Interviews With Top Personal Trainers Interviews With Top Personal Trainers
Interviews With Top Personal Trainers Interviews With Top Personal Trainers

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