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Please use it only as a reference. Listen Samples. Also with the powerful start of the book, all I could expect was a very powerful action thriller read. I should have noticed that it was classified as a romance book. Of course this was one of the main reasons for my disappointment. The story is entertaining and nice. You would expect such an elite team to act very rationally. They were extra smart about everything, but when it came to Tess everything went spiraling down.

How bad is it to see a smart perfectly selected CIA agent in a secret live or die mission act as a reckless lover? Too bad right? And very unconvincing too. However, rating the book overall as a romantic suspense read, I think it was an entertaining fine read.

Again, it was my fault to approach it from an action thriller perspective. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. Jun 22, Mandy rated it it was amazing Shelves: coyer , fiction , suspense , published , read , added-to-shelf-review , arc-physical-books , favorite-authors , favorite-series , romance. I received The Darkest Corner in return for an honest review from the publisher. Tess had returned to her hometown as a mortician with the anticipation of taking over the local practice but Even Winters sweeps in buying it out from under her. However, she does want to keep her on but she revamped the property and has hired her employees.

It's been two years and she now had 5 employees all men who are all well build attractive men, that work as her Gravediggers. The men are more than just Gravedig I received The Darkest Corner in return for an honest review from the publisher. The men are more than just Gravediggers they work for an elite anti-terrorist group that even the president doesn't know about.

While on a mission to pick up a new recruit they encounter a house robbery and being that they are good guys they have to step in and save the day but catch some attention from the local police. When they aren't home before Tess wakes up with her van she starts to question who they really are, getting pulled into a dark web of lies, sexy kisses and men willing to risk their lives to save the world.

I love Tess she's so adorable even though she spends her time talking to herself and with dead bodies. Her mother would make me crazy, but I'm glad that she has her best friend Miller when she needs her. I wasn't sure about the Gravediggers but the more we learned about Deacon you can't help loving his tragic back story. He's perfect for her even if she doesn't see it herself. I've had this one on my wishlist and when it showed up at my door I couldn't wait to dive right in. I honestly didn't know what to expect going into The Darkest Corner so it was a pleasant surprise because I loved it.

I think the concept for the Gravediggers is unique and exciting giving them a second chance at life after their prior lives ended. I love all the character and found it easy to connect with Tess she's just a breath of fresh air. I love the steamy sweet chemistry between her and Deacon they just work well together even if he may have been dead at one time. This is my first book by the author but I'm hooked on her beautiful writing style and captivating story telling. I can't wait to dive into the next book and see who's going to get a happy ever after next. Highly recommend The Darkest Corner it's one of the best books I've read this year.

Love it!!!! Oohhh wonderfully good! Suspense, steamy, and swoon worthy men too! Review copy rec'd. Military, suspense, romance, hot men, espionage — oh yeah! From page one, the author was able to grab your attention and introduce you to a creepy in yet interesting plot. With this unique plot you have to have unique characters to go with it and this book certainly offers that. So you know this is either going to be humorous or strange.

I found the humor in it and enjoyed the heck out of it. With the interesting plot and the great blend of characters, not to mention the steamy love connection with the HOT and yummy Deacon, this book is definitely a intriguing and decadent story. Memorable characters and a great energy throughout is a highlight of Liliana Hart writing style. May 29, Jo rated it it was amazing Shelves: gr , stars , heroines-i-love , mine.

Before their armor had been tarnished. But to join means they have to die in the eyes of the worl 4. But he was drawn to Tess like a moth to a flame. He tasted of something dark and dangerous. It takes an appreciation of macabre, black humour to like this book; thankfully the dry kind that I love can sort of easily be translated into a love for this kind of dark comedy. Her funeral home business is, unbeknownst to her, the perfect cover for what they do and Tess is slowly but surely waking up to things that go bump in the night—and not of the supernatural kind.

For the first half, I was entertained somewhat and undoubtedly en route to boredom, though the cloak-and-dagger conspiracy theories and the spy stuff did get interesting, interspersed with the small-town life that Liliana Hart tries to bring to life. I was straining the end of my leash for the action and suspense to begin, given that there is a real threat out there and it only materialised in the last quarter of it.

Hart however, has already written a potential series of books into this opener, with sufficient characters have enough depths to plumb until the daylight fades. Just more of the action and the spooky spy-stuff please. I really wanted to like this book-- the premise sounded so exciting! But ultimately, I struggled.

One of the most annoying things about this book was the sheer amount of unnecessary explanation, and info-dump dialogue, like: "Right," she said remembering Deacon's explanation of what exactly a HALO jump was. This was made worse by writing Tess as the kind of character that talks to herself, or to the bo I really wanted to like this book-- the premise sounded so exciting!

This was made worse by writing Tess as the kind of character that talks to herself, or to the bodies in the morgue, which just seemed like an excuse for lazy writing. Perhaps most disappointingly, however, the whole 'gravedigger' set-up that had so much potential, didn't live up to expectations. There wasn't much depth to it, and for all we were told and told, and told that this was a super secret elite anti-terrorist unit, it had none of the urgency, and frankly, none of the badassedness that you would expect.

Big thumbs down. Apr 17, Pamela Lilley rated it it was amazing. When I was given the opportunity to review this book I jumped at the chance. Having never read any of Liliana Hart's work before, but always hearing good things, I was excited to get my teeth into this new series.

The series follows a group of super elite ex military personnel from different backgrounds and countries, all the men are presumed dead and are not allowed to contact any previously known friends, relatives or associates. The group are known as the Gravediggers and work out of a funera When I was given the opportunity to review this book I jumped at the chance. The group are known as the Gravediggers and work out of a funeral home managed by Tess Sherman, who has no clue about their extra curricular special operations.

Deacon Tucker heads the Gravediggers from their base of operations at the funeral home and after trying his best to not act on his feelings for the red headed, super feisty Tess he ends up having to involve her in the operation in the best way possible. Tess has ogled her five employees from afar for the past two years, especially Deacon, who she seems to have an intense connection with. Even so, she is certain things aren't exactly what they seem and that there is a lot more to this band of merry men.

Loved the writing, the story and the characters. The chemistry between Deacon and Tess is off the charts scorching. The whole book worked for me and I am most definitely going to be reading the next book in the series which is out later this year. I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

The tale began much like you would expect a science fiction thriller or horror story to start with five armed men digging up a grave. Hart pulled me into the tale as she shared the world of this elite group known as the Gravediggers. We have highly trained men from around the world, and their leader is Deacon Tucker. All of these men had served their countries before each was marked for dead.

Each was approached by the head of a secret organization to join an elite group of black operations spec The tale began much like you would expect a science fiction thriller or horror story to start with five armed men digging up a grave. Each was approached by the head of a secret organization to join an elite group of black operations specialists even the President of the United States isn't briefed on. This team eliminates global terrorist threats. Welcome to Last Stop, Texas. A small town where everyone knows everyone. Here we meet Tess, the local mortician and learn her story.

She had planned to buy the funeral home she currently manages that is until her mother absconded with her savings and the property was purchased. After some major renovations, she now has five men working for her. All were hired by her employer, and none seem to have experience working in a funeral home. They are quite the curiosity with locals. In fact, the local ladies have a pool to see who sleeps with Deacon first. What a fun set up! We learn Deacon has been attracted to Tess since he arrived two years ago but hasn't acted due to his position in the group.

All that changes when Tess announces she plans to leave Last Stop. Solomon is instructed to keep her there by any means necessary, and he seizes the chance. Deacon is an interesting character with a mad skill set, but he is also vulnerable. Hart did an excellent job of letting us see both sides.

Tess was surprising. She is bright and can speak Russian thanks to her grandmother. However, she has some self-esteem issues thanks to an ex-fiance. I liked that she thinks things through before she acts, but that once she commits she goes all in. The suspense thread and elite group took us on missions and delivered some heart-pounding moments. I loved the secret organization and the sci-fi aspects. Talk about freaky. We meet the Director, and I am curious about this seemingly cold, ruthless woman.

The romance offered heat and complications. The story provided dual povs allowing us to connect with both Tess and Deacon making their interactions feel genuine. Hart added some sizzling scenes but balanced them with heartfelt moments.

Grave Digger

The story was good, but the book suffered from slow areas and then rushed scenes in part due to the worldbuilding. We had this climatic buildup to an event but when we arrived it lacked details and was over before it began. All the elements I love in romantic suspense were present but the presentation fell short for me. Despite issues, I was hooked and wanted answers and at no point did I feel the need to set this down. Instead, I found myself wishing for more meat. We are introduced to a unique and quirky set of secondary characters, and I look forward to their stories.

Each of the men in this elite group come from different parts of the world, and it will be interesting to learn how they ended up in Last Stop, Texas. Copy provided by publisher. This review was originally posted at Caffeinated Book Reviewer Jun 14, Catherine The Sassy Bookster rated it really liked it Shelves: black-ops , read , romantic-suspense , co-workers , own , small-towns , netgalley-arcs , spec-ops-heroes , workplace-romance , mystery-thrillers.

If you're an avid fan of romantic suspense, the concept behind this series should set your heart beating with excitement. What's not to love about black ops agents who are dead for all purposes, working under the radar to safeguard the nation and the world without recognition, and getting a chance for a happy ever after even in 'death'. Last Stop, Texas was chosen as the location for The Gravediggers' hub for a reason and so far, it's working out just fine, except for Tess Sherman.

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She was looki If you're an avid fan of romantic suspense, the concept behind this series should set your heart beating with excitement. She was looking forward to taking over Last Stop's only funeral home when the owner sold it but now finds herself managing it for a new owner and the men hired to work for her, who are definitely not who they say they are. Deacon Tucker was one of the best at what he did until he lost it all. Now reincarnated as a Gravedigger, he's just glad to still be alive and do what he know best.

Even though he knows he can't offer any woman a future and has never wanted to before, with Tessa he wants one. After watching her from afar for two years, he's not willing to let her leave last stop as she intends to, even if bringing her into his life will put her in danger. This was a really great start to this series and I love how the author took the time to set the stage for the entire series.

It was a bit slow in the beginning, but quite interesting to meet the characters in the small town as well as on the Gravediggers team. Tess was something of a contradiction, funny and sweet one moment and feisty and fiery the next. She comes across as innocent and naive about the ways of the world as well as a pushover, especially with her mother but she certainly was fearless about taking on new challenges and experiences, and she rose to the occasion every time she needed to. Deacon is a dangerous man who has seen a lot of the ugliness life has to offer and has the kind of skills that are the stuff of legends, but he was quite sweet with Tess.

I like that he was very honest and open with her about who he was once he decided to go after her and didn't treating her like some shrinking violet who couldn't take care of herself. For all the suspense and action in this story, there was just as much humor. Tess was actually very funny and between herself, her grandmother and her best friend, I was in stitches. The Gravediggers team is like the United Nations of black ops teams because every one of the men we meet in this book is from a different country and I really am intrigued about what the author has planned for them.

I am also very eager to see what the future holds for the director of the Gravediggers, Eve Winter.

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Hart's Mackenzie family series has been a favorite of mine from the very first book I read. I believe this series has the potential to be just as great as that one and I'm looking forward to reading the rest of it. Disclaimer: I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book. All opinions stated are solely mine. Want more? Subscribe to my Newsletter on The Sassy Bookster.

Like my page on Facebook. Jul 29, Tina rated it it was ok Shelves: zreads , romance-suspense. This book started off strong and had a good premise. But then it kinda just stalled and really didn;t live up to it's promise. I actually was kinda bored after a while and started skimming. And I rather disliked a few of the characters And then there was the Dragon lady Boss Eve. Very weird dynamic there and she was a total turn off. So it was ok, This book started off strong and had a good premise.

So it was ok, but put me off from reading the rest. May 30, Bea Charmed rated it liked it Shelves: action-mystery-thriller , kindle-books , ebook , review-consideration , read-in I love the premise of this series and put this book on my wish list as soon as I heard about it so I was excited to be offered the book for review. Deacon is part of an elite group of men who were military, generally some sort of special services, who screwed up somehow and were offered a second chance by a mysterious woman named Eve Winter to deal with global threats.

They 'die' via a special serum, are dead to the world and their families, and are then brought back to life to work for Eve as pa I love the premise of this series and put this book on my wish list as soon as I heard about it so I was excited to be offered the book for review. They 'die' via a special serum, are dead to the world and their families, and are then brought back to life to work for Eve as part of a team called The Gravediggers. This is an appropriate name not only due to their deaths but because in their new life, their cover is that they work at a funeral home in Last Stop Texas.

The funeral home doesn't do enough business to employ them but since it's a just a cover, that's okay. The woman who manages the funeral home, Tess, would love to own the business but it was sold out from under her and is now owned by the mysterious Eve. Tess has no clue who these men are or why they work there or how Eve can afford to pay their salaries, but that doesn't stop her from enjoying the eye candy, particularly Deacon. They've been attracted to each other since he began working for her but they've stayed away from each other for reasons of their own.

There's a lot of heat between Deacon and Tess, and Hart creates a colorful cast of characters. In fact, at times it was like I was reading a small town contemporary romance. The action and suspense was mostly confined to the end of the book and was rushed when it happened while at the same time, it was full of excruciating detail which slowed the pace.

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The pace of the book is uneven, with events alternately happening quickly and slowly and there's a great deal of exposition. At We get some background on the Gravediggers and forward motion in the story. Lots of groundwork and laying the foundation. I thought the pace would never pick up. I liked Deacon and Tess, I liked the premise, I liked the secondary characters though Tess's mom felt over the top at times , and I want to know more about the rest of the Gravediggers.

I'll likely pick up the next book. The Darkest Corner focuses on a group of guys who are part of an elite special forces. They are so secret that their family members, friends, and government all think they are dead. They come from various country, various special forces, but they have all come together to try to stop the most evil terrorists in the world. Their cover story is that they are all funeral home assistants for a small town funeral home where Tess works and lives.

However, Tess isn't completely fooled and knows somethi The Darkest Corner focuses on a group of guys who are part of an elite special forces. However, Tess isn't completely fooled and knows something is up with her "assistants. I have to say that this is one of the most insane love tropes ever. I mean, you have a guy who is considered dead by everyone except this small super secret agency and a woman who runs a funeral home. Let me just say, that I read way more about embalming and how to apply make-up to the dead than I ever could have possibly wanted to.

I have no desire to fact check any of it so I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the author took some time to research it and possibly even talk to professionals and get their experiences So, I suppose I got what I asked for on this one. When we meet the guys they are digging up a coffin in a cemetery.

You see, their latest team member was "killed", transported to the United States, and is in need of retrieval. This agency that they work for looks for people who are in high-skilled agencies from around the world who have become a threat to their country for one reason or another. They then go in and give them an option, "die" and live another life as a secret agent taking down the really bad guys, or die for real when their government finally catches up to them and ends the threat.

Obviously, the decision isn't hard for these guys but they have no idea what they are really signing up for. Their deaths are staged, they are injected with this awful serum that makes them appear to be dead Then they are put in a coffin, brought to the US, buried, and then the other team members have a certain amount of time to get them out out of the ground before the serum wears off and they wake up.

The craziness behind it all blew my mind. I really enjoyed this story. There's action, slow-burn romance, suspense, and so many lovable characters that I can't wait to read the next book. The author took your typical special ops romance and totally made it her own. I don't know if I've ever read a book before that had a mortician as the heroine, let alone a group of guys that kind of died, were buried alive, and then brought back to life in order to be some super secret special forces team. Granted, I could do without the mortician thing again since that gave me some really weird dreams while reading this but everything else I really liked.

She's also introverted, a terrible cook, and talks to herself more than she should. She's been saving her pennies to purchase the local mortuary, but someone else sweet talks the owner into selling out to them.

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Suddenly, Tess finds herself managing a group of men who are definitely not in the mortuary business. One in particular catches her eye, but she's been burned by a bad relationship and 3. One in particular catches her eye, but she's been burned by a bad relationship and is no hurry to start again. Deacon Tucker is a man of many secrets. Burned from his previous job because of his moral compass, he now leads a select group of men called The Gravediggers- an intelligence strike force team created to combat domestic terrorism.

He's had his eye on Tess for the last two years, but his current position isn't tailored for a relationship. When his boss tells him to bring her in on the current situation, he decides he's going to go for full exclosure with Tess and hope for the best. Tess and Deacon's romance came on fast and hot! They had an easy banter between them that was fun to read and their chemistry provided amusing fodder for the rest of the town to feast on. The vast amount of information on mortuaries did drag the story out at times, but the unique environment had me curious enough that I learned more than I wanted..

Filled with an amusing variety of characters, Last Stop embodies the nosy, yet protective, nature that comes with living in small towns. Tess's gambling-addicted mother and Russian mafia connected grandmother raised my eyebrows with their antics a few times, while the "binocular watching" women as the Gravediggers work out had me cracking up! The first book in the series, The Darkest Corner was a lot of informational set-up for further books in the series. The concept of the Gravediggers is pretty nifty with "dead" guys trying to keep the spread of terrorism from home soil and reminded me a little of Lora Leigh's Elite Ops series-except the Gravediggers had more mystery than suspense.

My curiosity is now spiking about the guys' pasts, and I'm hoping the next book will provide more answers!

The Darkest Corner

I reviewed an advanced copy of this book for the Bambi Unbridled blog. Jun 08, The Blonde Bookworm rated it really liked it. Action, steamy love scenes, and sexy alpha males? Yes please! The Darkest Corner is a brilliant first look into what the Gravediggers series is going to bring to the table.

I instantly became hooked and devoured this book in a few days time. The characters are incredible and the writing is fast paced and exciting. There was a little more romance than I was expecting, but I'm not complaining about that! Colin and Dante climbed in back with the casket and closed the doors from the inside. Deacon took his place behind the wheel and Axel got in beside him. Elias drove ahead of them in the Bobcat, returning it to the storage shed where they kept the lawnmowers and other cemetery equipment.

Deacon backed the van around the curve and then put it in gear, navigating his way out of the twisting turns of the cemetery. He idled behind the menacing, black iron gate, waiting for Elias to open it once he parked the Bobcat. Kill me? Oh, wait. His anger was manifesting, and his attitude was deteriorating. Not qualities Deacon wanted to see in a man who was supposed to watch his back. There are times to ask questions, once you know the right questions to ask. Be smart, Col.

The first that was handpicked. And you know The Directors personally. You have a voice. That was an illusion, but one that he had no intention of disputing, for the innate sense of power and authority it gave him among the other men. The Directors thought he was as dead as the president and the director of the CIA did.

Deacon also knew the fact that everyone but Eve Winter thought he was dead made him very, very expendable. Elias hopped in the back and slammed the door, and Deacon took off. The tension in the van was thick enough to choke on, and it seemed everyone would be better off with a little bit of sleep and space. The cemetery they used as an extraction point was a good twenty-minute drive from Last Stop, where their headquarters were located.

The location was strategic, just as everything else about their existence—or lack thereof—was. The Gravediggers might be the heart and soul of the operation—the men who did the dirty work—but dozens more worked in The Shadow, making sure the billions of dollars that never showed up in any government expense report were well spent. They were almost to the county line. And just on the other side of it was the town that had become his prison, ironically named Last Stop.

Truth be told they all enjoyed playing the good Samaritan. Before their armor had been tarnished. Some would call them adrenaline junkies, but it was more than that. It was a trait all those in special ops had in common. It was the difference between turning down the dark alley just for the hell of it and moving past it safely. They looked for risk in all things. Even sex. The rush of fucking in a crowded room and wondering if someone would see, or taking sex to its limits with the tightening of a belt around a slender neck.

Risk was risk. And tonight the risk was an armed robbery. Deacon grinned. Sun will be up in another hour. Only a man who felt deeply would still cling to his wife, after all, even though she thought he was dead. The mission comes first. No distractions. And right now, our only mission is getting Levi Wolffe back to headquarters. Elias sighed. She always does. The French had never met a woman like Eve Winter. The sexy Miss Sherman is bound to notice all the mud inside one of her transport vans. Drives me crazy when she sticks those pencils in it to get it out of her face.

I was a SEAL. An unusual feeling considering the level of expertise the five of them had. Always looking on the bright side. In and out, boys. Clean and easy. The two males loading the big-screen TV into the maroon minivan were barely older than teenagers. He flicked on his brights at the last second, and it came as enough of a surprise to the amateur burglars for both the boys to drop the TV and put their hands up to shield their eyes.

He turned the wheel hard, mud spewing up and hitting the windshield, and then the back doors flew open and all hell broke loose. Deacon breathed a sigh of relief. The shooter tossed the gun to the ground and went down, pressing his hands down on the wound. He was crying and making a racket, so Elias chopped him in the back of the neck to get him to shut up.

Axel and Colin had gone inside to check on the homeowners, and they were back out within a couple of minutes. Axel hopped into the back of the van.

Gravedigger (Broken Gods Book 1) Gravedigger (Broken Gods Book 1)
Gravedigger (Broken Gods Book 1) Gravedigger (Broken Gods Book 1)
Gravedigger (Broken Gods Book 1) Gravedigger (Broken Gods Book 1)
Gravedigger (Broken Gods Book 1) Gravedigger (Broken Gods Book 1)
Gravedigger (Broken Gods Book 1) Gravedigger (Broken Gods Book 1)
Gravedigger (Broken Gods Book 1) Gravedigger (Broken Gods Book 1)

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