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In our groundbreaking ranking strategy, we treat organic rankings as our cornerstone KPI for the same reason and you only need to check out our case studies to see how well that works. Using a good ranking tracking tool is a serious time saver and lets you work out what marketing efforts are doing to valuable metrics. I'll have no second thoughts in admitting that KeyWorx impressed me right from the word go.

We talked to the team behind the tool and they seemed to know their stuff. They realise the importance of measuring your ranking performance and the impact it can have on your strategy and profits. KeyWorx is actually two trackers in one: A keyword tracker that reverse engineers rankings to tell you exactly what works for you and doubles up as an efficient Amazon product ranking tool, and a handy Amazon BSR tool that allows you to track your performance over time for each ASIN. KeyWorx impresses because of the balance between affordability and functionality.

It delivers a great service that is backed up by some handy, on-the-go tutorials from an experienced team at a cost that is fair and fine.

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Should you need more, custom pricing is available upon request. Considering the impact KeyWorx can have on your performance, it certainly is a great deal. This is a great tool from a team of people who developed it to maximise their own FBA performance. It has since gone on to be used by thousands of sellers with phenomenal success rates. For me, this is a must-have for any FBA seller. We've also used KeyworX in a number of our case studies , including the discounted product giveaway post.

A clean interface, easy to follow tutorials, prompt support from the team and intuitive functionality — AMZShark has it all. The good news is AMZShark supports nearly every Amazon marketplace — a really useful feature if you plan on selling on the Amazon Global platform. If you are looking purely for a rank tracking tool, there are definitely more cost-effective ways. That said, you can still keep AMZShark as a back-up option to complement other tools.

Go for AMZShark only if you are interested in its complete package. As a standalone rank tracking tool, it appears to be a touch more expensive than it should be. This is really useful if you want to pick out promotion trends and react accordingly. AMZTracker is a great suite overall. The free 7-day trial gives you a chance to try before you buy, so you can gauge how much you are going to get out of the full package. Best Amazon Profit Tracking Tools There are so many different facets to a solid FBA strategy, it can be easy to forget little factors and spending streams here and there.

This means your profit calculations will never be exactly right. A good profit tracking tool takes away the guesswork and gives you exact figures - a vital point to get your pricing spot on. CashCowPro, Sellics and Hello Profit all have built-in profit tracking tools, but if you want a great standalone, check out the following:.

We are potentially under selling SellerLegend by putting it in the profit tracking section of this list since it is very similar to Hello Profit in terms of its wide functionality. I suppose the reason it is here is that its profit tracking powers were what impressed me first up. Thanks to these powers, this tool is better in many aspects than any total management tool on this list. The sales, profits and trend analysis are really out of this world, great to look at, easy to use and backed up by some responsive support. We loved rolling our sleeves up and really drilling down into the profit data that Seller Legend served.

We enjoyed that we could cross-reference elements of data that did not appear to correlate and look for patterns. These insights are reason enough to make Seller Legend stand out among dozens of similar software for Amazon sellers. It does it so well that it would seem unfair not to place it in this section and give it a great score! The extensive dashboard is a pleasure to have open and gives you some great profit and sales information at a glance. Additionally, it allows you to dig deeper into the dashboard widgets to work out exactly what you have got coming in from Amazon.

Also included are historical sales records plotted against current performance, which is useful if you like tweaking to keep your standards and sales high. AMZPing also affords you useful insights into your bestselling products and dynamic profit margins. Thankfully, AMZPing is different. Rather than targets that we have set, which can become demoralising when missed, we were looking at previous best statistics. It might just be our way of working, but we would be surprised if the usability and features do not put a spring in your step. Pricing is based around order numbers.

Oh — and there is a no credit card required free trial that lets you take a detailed look at how everything works. AMZPing is a great to use tool that opens up a world of useful information and injects a bit of colour and life into what can be an often tedious part of being an FBA seller. We recommend it highly for every Amazon seller who wants an all-in-one functionality without any burden of unnecessary complications. If you want to make sure your listings are not being hijacked, we would recommend looking at one of the following Amazon seller tools:.

If you want to jump on hijacking attempts immediately, then Listing Eagle is what you need. Furthermore, Listing Eagle provides you with auto-generated letters that are pre-populated with the relevant information, allowing you to issue the relevant cease and desist notifications immediately. All the letters are customisable to let you add anything you want to the already excellent templates.

What is included? Cost depends on how many ASINs you are looking to cover. There are no set up fees or contracts — just pay as you use. If you are a large scale FBA seller, you can request a custom pricing plans to cover up to 10, listings. Great tool, easy to use and most functions can be performed with literally just a few clicks. Letters are a great feature. Highly recommended. The depth of security you get depends on the level of package you are going to sign up for. It is a comprehensive list and really leaves no stone unturned as far as protecting your FBA business goes.

Because the package is more comprehensive than Listing Eagle, the price is also on the higher side. The Elite Package also allows you to onboard up to 10 users — a great feature if you have a team of people working on security. Entire FBA businesses have risen and fallen based on feedback. Sellics includes some feedback software as a part of their overall package, but if you want to make sure your feedback is maximised, having an Amazon review software worth its salt is a must.

FeedBackGenius is a part of the 4 SellerLabs suite of tools but can be bought as a standalone Amazon review software. At its core, FeedBackGenius tracks every single one of your reviews and pieces of seller feedback. It then offers an overlaid management system that lets you assign a status to each — waiting, responded, ticket opened, resolved or will not fix.

Due to the importance of feedback, we got into the habit of turning to FeedBackGenius first thing in the morning and addressing issues on priority. Feedback anxiety is a real thing, and this tool provides a handy solution in that regard. Cost depends on the volume of communication you are going to be sending. The essentials package is free to use, provided you send less than emails a month. We think this is an awesome tool. We are basing that judgement on how simple the feedback process becomes when you have got a system in place.

With FeedbackGenius handling reviews , feedback becomes a structured process, rather than a reactive panic. This, one could argue, is the biggest positive any Amazon review software or tool can bring on board. We should start by saying this is a very well established tool — it has been on the market for 10 years and is underpinned by some great market understanding, support and experience. As an FBA seller, you know exactly what this means. The level of monitoring compared to many competitors is impressive. At a glance dashboards let you scrutinise your feedback and review data, helping you stay in control of your listings.

FeedbackFive has developed an incredibly impressive feature that matches sellers to reviews too. As you will probably already be aware, Amazon does not hand this information out, so there are proprietary algorithms whizzing away in the FeedbackFive background that do this for you. Firstly, there is the cost of Feedback Management plans — which begin with a free package, although it only covers up to 50 emails across 3 campaigns.

Product Review Tracking is billed separately. Pricing is highly customizable, so if you are interested, we would strongly recommend that you work out your numbers and take a look at what FeedbackFive has in store for you. FeedbackFive is excellent when it comes to managing reviews. Even the most basic free package entitles you to the exceptional levels of support you would expect from an enterprise level tool. There are many ways to get support, including over the phone, via email, or through instant chat.

The email wizard is a breeze to use and the solicitation timing tools are simple and extremely effective. Think again! Moving into another language can be an incredible way to scale your FBA business, but you've got to make sure your translations are perfect. It is simple to use too. Upload your document, or cut and paste into the box, choose your languages and tell the team what kind of text they are going to be translating.

By doing so, your document is handled by someone with experience in that field.

57 Top Amazon Seller Tools of | Best FBA Softwares (Complete List)

There are editing options on top of that too, but hopefully, you will have that under wraps with a good copy creator. Good service that provides quick results at reasonable prices. You can be a bit creative and use this in conjunction with your favourite Amazon SEO tools to try and get the best out of global listings. The Phifer Group are experienced in the world of online marketing language, so much so that they can provide specialist copywriting services that meet complex SEO requirements and can be localised depending on your target audience. Remember — you will need to put some hard yards to make this work with other Amazon SEO tools that you may already be using.

The cost is likely to run a little deeper than using a site like OHT, but you get an all-in-one perfect service that we would be surprised to see beaten anywhere else. Oh — and they are happy to work directly in Seller Central too! It is not the cheapest but it certainly is the best option available right now. Look no further if you want flawless translation services with as many additional keyword, SEO, editing and proofing services as you will find from any pro copywriter. For example, they want to know every feature, dimension and intricacy of your product before they place their order.

Even if many other buyers focus on reviews, rank and feedback, you can be sure that the description is the first place they head for when they have a question. Readable, coherent, logically sound product descriptions that show your products in the best light rarely fail to convert. Here's our round-up of two of the best Amazon seller software and tools that help you achieve just this. Now, Jungle Market is not a product description tool as such, instead, it is a freelancer marketplace where you can find some exceptional writers with bundles of Amazon experience.

In fact, you will find a whole heap of interesting services here. So if you have got one or two jobs you would be happy to offload, then head there, request access to the beta and find freelance support at a great price. A great resource to have up your sleeve, even if you are not going to use it frequently, it pays to know where you can get quality help. Remember — the eventual quality will always depend on the individual you decide to work with.

They certainly deliver on that front. They break their service down into four elements — copywriting, photography, videos and Enhanced Brand Content. Within copywriting they cover keywords, conversion optimization and customer psychology. Photography covers both product and lifestyles images. They have got a lot of happy customers and deliver some snappy looking pages.

Check the site for a full breakdown of all their prices as there are too many to list here. It is not cheap, but you can see from the examples and testimonials that they deliver a premium product. There are cheaper ways to get a similar result, but for convenience and what feels like a guaranteed result, you might want to keep Kenji ROI in mind.

Top Amazon Keyword Software Understanding and utilising the right keywords can be the difference between becoming an enterprise level FBA seller and kicking around the low ranking areas wondering why the magic is not happening for you.

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Getting the right keywords for your listings is absolutely crucial if you want your FBA business to fly, as we discussed at length in our Amazon Production Optimisation Guide. While there exist dozens of Amazon keyword tools, these are the ones we can vouch for:. Keyword Tool helps you build your keywords around what customers are searching. As you are probably well aware, long tail keywords are good news for FBA sellers like us. If you are thinking this is something you could do yourself, you would be absolutely right.

If you have got a few spare hours then you definitely can. However, if you would like to have the results returned to you within seconds and without any cost, then you should consider giving Keyword Tool a shot! The basic version of Keyword Tool is free and returns a decent amount of keywords. The premium version gives you hundreds of more broad match, exact match and long-tail keywords, as your need be. With their day hassle-free money back guarantee, this is a perfect keyword research tool for Amazon sellers — small and large. A free Amazon keyword tool that works well is a no-brainer.

If you find yourself coming back to the free version time and time again, then you can very well think about upgrading. Sonar is the best Amazon keyword tool at the moment. The solution is developed by Sellics and is accessible completely free of charge, regardless of your usage levels. Sonar works by detecting what shoppers are looking for exclusively on Amazon. This is a huge positive as it cuts through all the noise from Google searches that lack the purchase intent. When these terms are collected, they are stored in a huge online repository for further projections. What is there to say?

It is a great keyword research tool with a solid pedigree. If you are searching for keywords relating to fairly new-to-the-market items, you might be left disappointed as Sonar has its database updated fairly infrequently. At the risk of repeating myself, I would reiterate that Sonar is a completely free tool. So, the makers can be forgiven for not updating it on a daily basis. Just add it to your toolkit and use it on an as-needed basis. At best, it could be coupled with the ones we talked about earlier especially Sonar.

Contrary to what most people think, MerchantWord does not actually source its data points from Amazon. MerchantWords sits between Sonar and Keyword Tool in terms of its pricing. Best Amazon Conversion Rate Improvement Tools If you know a little about Amazon promotions, you probably know you can spend a lot of time trying to get something to work perfectly to only be left unsure whether or not it has performed significantly better then your standard listings.

And, when you do get it right, you're again left guessing about what it is that's working. Both Sellics and CashCowPro have some built-in tools that will help, but if you want to eliminate the guesswork completely, consider one of these stand-alone conversion rate improvement tools. Splitly is a real stand-out tool in what essentially is an overly crowded space among all FBA tools. It stands out because it uses artificial intelligence to conduct split testing on your behalf.

So, rather than having you draw up a traditional A and B version of a page, you can run the two split copies simultaneously to work out what is going to return the best result. Splitly rotates listing images, titles and descriptions, whilst constantly recording the customer behaviour that is associated with each variation. Over time, this results in a build-up of data, from which Splitly finds optimum configurations for your listings. Obviously optimum means maximum returns for you — the ultimate driving force behind every business! Splitly also uses its algorithms and data extrapolation AI to optimize product pricing for you.

However, it does not include pricing optimization in this package. We think Splitly is a really smart tool. In effect, it does the kind of optimization of listings that it would take a mere few months, if not years of careful tweaking, recording and assessment. We have talked to people who have pulled in hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional profits each year as a result of the changes Splitly encouraged. So the question should really be — can you afford not to use Splitly?

AmaSuite Once again, we have picked AmaSuite out of a crowded marketplace because they offer something a little out of the ordinary when compared to other optimization tools. Rather than being an out-and-out listing optimization product, AmaSuite helps you optimize your products and it does this by looking at your reviews and feedback.

It collects phrases and words that recur in these areas for any ASIN, then produces a report that lists these issues. With this information, you can adjust your product parameters and listings to reflect what customers genuinely want. Furthermore, you can use this information to build detailed listings that highlight issues with competitor products that customers have not even thought of yet — a great way of staying a step ahead of the competition.

The complete package includes:. As you can no doubt appreciate, the full suite of tools is more costly than a standalone optimization tool. Optimizing your products is something that often falls outside the consideration of FBA sellers. This is why a product like this is important. It can either send your business level, reputation and profits through the roof, or empty your marketing budget faster than you can say 'sponsored'. Due to popular demand, we have also put together customised training programs for Amazon sellers looking to take their business to the next level.

Of course, if you don't have the time or desire to do it yourself, you can also just request a free proposal from us and have industry leaders building you guaranteed rankings. Sellics has some built-in PPC features, but if you want a dedicated application, check out one of the following:.

Jungle Hustle is not a tool that you can download and get to grips with to maximise your PPC. It is actually all about its founder — Sean Smith. The cost of having Jungle Hustle on your side varies from case to case, depending on your marketplace, products and anticipated spend. Click the link below and talk to them about what you are hoping to do. If you want to outsource PPC, then there are likely to be few agencies as qualified as Jungle Hustle. Sean speaks with absolute authority on the subject of Amazon PPC. So, we are confident they will deliver a fantastic service.

They also give you a really solid strategy to follow that will see you get the most out of their tools. At its core, you feed PPC Entourage with your keywords. Subsequently, it organises them, removes duplicates and boils the list down to manageable sets of keywords for each ad group. When you fuse this method together with other campaign optimization tools of your choice, you have a slick process that would otherwise have taken hours of effort and tedious work.

Cost depends on the number of ASINs. The team behind PPC Entourage are so confident you will love the tool that they offer your money back for 1 year after sign up. Such level of belief is always a good sign, I say! As a full package, it gives you superhuman confidence to use the tool to its absolute maximum potential. Their Three Pillars add up to virtually guaranteed success for anyone who is willing to jump in and follow them down their methods.

One of its standout features is the ability to view time trends in relation to the products you are selling. If you are able to identify the times your traffic is not buying, you can use Amachete to temporarily halt your PPC campaigns. I have always believed that the best Amazon tools are the ones that strike a sweet balance between their features, functionality and pricing.

The best way to make Amachete cost-effective is to use it for multiple functionalities like protection against hijacking, product management and feedback management. When your business grows to a certain level, however, it is a natural progression that allows you to keep your listings and products safe from hijackers, ASIN squatters and counterfeiters. It is not something everyone chooses to pursue, hence, it is not included in any of the total-managements tools listed here.

Yet, there are two standout services that will make the process much simpler for you:. BrandBuilders are a web agency with an eye for Amazon brands. They know what is needed to meet the Amazon TOS for branding and they will put it into place for you. The great thing is, they can also help you break out of the just-Amazon mindset by offering additional eCommerce marketing , platforms and solutions. Not only that, they can help you create high-level content and put the infrastructure into place for affiliate marketing sites too. If you are keen, we suggest speaking to them about your exact requirements.

Go with an open mind though, they are an experienced company who bring on board a lot of knowledge. You probably can find a website and web marketing agency cheaper, but ask yourself, will they have the FBA knowledge that BrandBuilders have? It is likely that the answer is no. So the small premium you pay is actually worth its weight in gold when it comes to mutual understanding of your goals. It is also one of the tools we work with regularly to help our partners achieve their targets.

Helium10 Helium10 is a set of extremely sophisticated FBA tools that can stand up against any of the total management tools that we have listed further up this article. When your brand is gated, it means no other seller can join your listings without your prior approval — a powerful option to have up your sleeve.

When the customer isn’t right – for your business

Powerful in many aspects, these tools can empower your FBA business as well as any total management tool. Best Amazon Reimbursement Tools Errors happen, even with the biggest online retailer on the planet. Whether it is due to stocking issues with Amazon, delivery issues with couriers, or some other human errors along the way, mistakes can, do and will crop up. If you are not going to keep tabs on them, it is unlikely anyone else will. Recent Amazon Terms of Service changes have phased automated refund requests out. We have shortlisted the following tools as ones that automatically check if any reimbursements are due.

These tools only monitor the dues and notify you of them, without violating the latest ToS by auto-initiating reimbursements. Refunds Manager does pretty much what the name suggests. For instance, it takes all the hassle out of claiming refunds. It is the only product on the market that covers 19 possible scenarios that could lead to refunds being required.

Additionally, after signing up, it took just over 2 days for them to bring back our first refund — impressive! No refund no fee! The payment scheme is what really sets Refunds Manager apart, literally forcing our hand to include it among the best Amazon sellers tools. It, quite literally, takes all the hassle out of claiming refunds and practically makes you money. Click the button below to know more. FBA Auditor is another great refund tool that covers exactly the same processes and methods as Refund Manager.

The only difference — they cover the US marketplace. So this is the tool for you if you are based in the USA. No win no fee! Another no brainer! This one definitely fits that bill. Refund Retriever Refund Retriever is useful for every business that sends out shipments. Having to deal with shipping partners is probably the least favourite part of being in business for many, many Amazon sellers. Refund Retriever is a shipping mis management solution that takes care of all of these headaches for you. Let me be clear about what Refund Retriever really is.

If there are delays, missed connections, wrong forwardings, duplicate billing instances or any other issues, it logs them into your dashboard and works with the shipping company to claim reimbursements. The money is routed directly to your bank account after Refund Retriever deducts its commissions. As and when your shipment orders are due for a refund, it automatically takes its share out and passes the rest on to you.

The commissions are tiered based on shipment volume and value not revenue. Go too high and all those projections you have chalked up become daydreams. Sink too low and your profit margins become thinner than thin air. Pricing products is part science, part art and part experience. It's easy to get wrong - and this where these a good Amazon pricing tool comes in to help you stay on the right side of market trends.

Feedvisor is not just any budget tool. When it has collected a full picture of your competitors, it will strike a constant balance between the number of orders, sales prices and market demand to apply the best price to your products. Feedvisor is a really serious tool that is intended for FBA experts bringing in big figures. In fact, it is powered by the same science that drives the pricing for a series of Fortune companies. The amount you will pay depends on the number of prices Feedvisor will be monitoring and adjusting. Is it going to bolster profits, as well as keep you agile in a frantic marketplace?

Yet if it is something that is not totally out of the question now, I would urge you strongly to talk to the team at Feedvisor. They could bring back a lot more than you are going to be paying out. RepricerExpress RepricerExpress is a decent, standalone pricing tool for all Amazon sellers. In a nutshell, it collects all your listings and pushes for more Buy Box wins wherever and whenever possible.

The most appealing part of their offerings is that they employ seller-specific strategies. Each plan comes with a fully-functional day trial. RepriceExpress does what it says and is fairly priced. By using Price Checker 2, you can speed it up just a little. Price Checker 2 gives you a detailed analysis of price movements, shelf movements, multipack status, seller type and Buy Box opportunities.

Price Checker 2 gives one free trial run. You can run a set of products through its systems once. Price Checker has been around for a long time. It reportedly handles 18, products per hour, which is pretty impressive at first glance. At this speed, an average Amazon FBA seller can expect to get the analysis pretty much instantly.

With Informed. You will probably need the Growth Plan to get the best out of Informed. The price can be an issue, especially during the early stages of your Amazon business. As was the case with other repricing solutions, Informed. Email is likely to be your primary means of communication with those all important customers.

It is also going to be the only place you have to rectify order issues, seek feedback and drive repeat sales. It really does pay to have a good Amazon email marketing tool in your kit. CashCowPro is the only one of the total management solutions above that has this built-in. If you would like a dedicated tool instead, consider one of the following:.

Quantify Ninja gives everything you would expect from an auto-emailing tool. For instance, you can create rules that exclude certain people from review requests, or pick out just the people who have left feedback for review requests. Furthermore, you can break your customer lists by marketplaces and bulk send emails in their preferred languages. Pretty neat! Price is what really makes Quantify Ninja stand out. Lined up against similar tools, Quantify Ninja offers virtually the same function at what is potentially a fraction of the price. Reviews are an important albeit indirect ranking factor for Amazon products.

The relationship between organic rankings and reviews may be more complicated than we think, but the math is simple — you need better reviews, you need more reviews. Jump Send automates the entire review generation process with intuitive, easy to roll out email rules and templates that can keep you in touch with your customers. You can keep the customer posted with order confirmations, shipping updates and delivery confirmations over and above what Amazon does. I have seen Jump Send primarily as an email automation software for Amazon sellers.

They do offer a few marketing and launching services that are mainly based on discounted giveaways. Each plan comes with identical features, except the product limits. Barring their marketing services — as a standalone email automation tool — Jump Send is quite effective. Their analytics dashboard gives great insights into how your review generation efforts are working.

Tax returns. Cumbersome, tedious, annoying, confusing, time-consuming and frustrating - preparing FBA paperwork for tax filing is often one, more or all of these. So, tools that take care of this for you are always more than welcome. Avalara considers the FBA seller experience and makes it simple for you to file tax returns quickly and simply.

The tool syncs with your Amazon control panel and pulls out all your transactions. If you visit Avalara, you will notice that you can drop a menu that allows you to stipulate a location. By doing so, Avalara tags your transactions with the appropriate tax types. You can quickly kiss goodbye to hours of struggling to keep paperwork in order and having to go back through transaction histories. SimplyVAT makes all the VAT related calculations a breeze, unifying and standardising an otherwise scattered, confusing and lengthy process. With this tool, you can register your business for VAT for a one-time fee, and subscribe to their more premium packages to have them file VAT returns on your behalf each year.

VAT compliance is a necessity and something that is policed tightly across Europe. SimplyVAT makes the process as simple as possible with an intuitive set-up and a superb support team with an incredible eye for detail. Best Amazon Inventory Trackers. Keeping an appropriate inventory is the key to making sure you are making money tomorrow as well as today. Inventory management via a central portal isn't a luxury - it's a need for every Amazon business that clocks a decent sales volume each month.

Mikasa— Get Out Alive AMV

If you're looking for Amazon stock tracker software and similar tools to help you out in this regard, here are our suggestions:. TeikaMetrics Insite, the name given to their FBA tool suite, is designed to help you manage your stock investment and find new sales opportunities and track profitability. From a quick glance at pricing, you probably realise there is more to Teika than just inventory control. While that is true, we have decided to list it in this segment simply because their inventory management tool is incredibly powerful.

Its smart trackers project the sales to tell you with good-enough accuracy which products you need to stock up on. This saves you the hassle of wasting money on products that will take an age before moving off the shelf. Teika is a much more elegant solution to large scale inventory management through Seller Central.

However, if you are moving products in large numbers, you will have to go a long way to find a tool that is as user-friendly and optimized to save you money. It is not a tool for small time FBA sellers. Yet it warrants another mention owing to how impressive the AMZPing inventory tracking tools are. With a quick glance, you can see the numbers of products in stock, as well as a projection of how long they will last for based on historical sales data.

The overall profit tracking tools tie neatly into inventory tracking, giving you figures that would be obtained should you sell all your stock today. In-depth, comprehensive and cost-effective — AMZPing ticks most boxes, if not all. Inventory tracking cannot be bought alone, so the same pricing structure mentioned earlier still applies. Lovely interface, impressive tools and a competitive price, especially if you can combine all of its built-in tools for complete, end-to-end functionality.

Restock Pro Restock Pro is a useful Amazon inventory management tool. If you are just starting out with the whole automated inventory management thing, Restock Pro can be a good way of familiarising yourself with the process. Both the inventory management tools mentioned earlier are slightly more advanced than Restock Pro when it comes to overall inventory optimisation. The entire suite offers you a seamlessly built inventory tracking and management portal, sales forecasting algorithm and admin facilities like barcode scanning, shipping stickers and analytics.

In addition, Restock Pro offers you a dynamic kitting facility through which you can hope to win more buy boxes for your products. Restock Pro is slightly less expensive than the previous FBA inventory management tools we discussed. For even higher ends, they do provide custom pricing quotes. So, weight its benefits against the costs before you subscribe. The good news is, they do provide a free trial. A good way to mitigate that risk is to diversify your sales channels. I know that many of you already sell on platforms like eBay and Shopify.

A few of the tools we've discussed in other categories do offer the same services, too. So, make your choice based on relative pros and cons. Seller Active brand themselves as a repricing solution. We have already seen a handful of FBA inventory management tools that take complete control of your Seller account. SellerActive goes a step beyond and brings all other sales channels under one roof.

It has some of the best integration portfolios for any top Amazon seller software. You can integrate every major platform — from Amazon to Walmart and Shopify to eBay — into their dashboard. It also allows you to connect your audit accounts QuickBooks and your shipping accounts ShipWorks. With these integrations, you can cross-optimize orders and inventory, manage suppliers, track products, forecast sales and reprise products to improve the buy box performance.

The starter slab is pretty much useless for any serious Amazon seller. At the present price point though, I would have expected them to include standard features like repricing into the cost instead of keeping them as paid add-ons. JoeLister Sounds like Craigslist — at least that was my first impression. It was super easy to get started. JoeLister offers five pricing slabs. Each plan comes with a free day trial.

You can always use SellerActive to manage those channels. The best part is the relatively cheap pricing. However, be careful when you auto-publish Amazon listings on eBay — it can potentially mess up the formatting. Here are a couple of tools that will help you steer clear of this fate and address it if the worst comes to pass.

Bindwise is very good at letting you know about potential problems with your account, whether these are unresolved customer issues, dissatisfaction rates, ToS violations and so forth. Moreover, it goes one step further than Amazon does by notifying you, should one of your listings be pulled. Bindwise offers a free plan which operates 7 days out of any month. Prevention is much better and a heck of a lot less costly than the cure. Even if the free version of this tool sits alongside your other FBA apps, it is worth having for the additional assurance that you are not going to miss something that might result in losing a listing, or worse.

It is not a cheap service, but it is by far the best in the world, underpinned by an experience like none other. We would recommend pulling out all the stops to get back in control. There is a chance your livelihood depends on it — a scenario that calls for leaving no stone unturned. In that case, going with the best in the business should be the only plan of action for you. Rosenbaum holds enough clout in the world of Amazon sellers for one reason — his law firm broke new grounds.

He has established himself as an authority figure when it comes to Amazon laws, ToS and suspensions as the many books he writes on the subject testify. Thankfully , none of our clients have been in a situation where legal actions are the only way forward. If you have used their services, do feel free to drop us a line. No, wait - 'huge' doesn't even begin to describe the might the Chinese wield in this regard.

With the size comes confusion. Sure, you can dig into AliBaba and start searching for manufacturers yourself, but that alone could be a full-time job for just one product. Even the best Amazon product research tool will fall short when it comes to anticipating last mile hurdles, unexpected manufacturing setbacks and general anxiety that surrounds international trade. If you are serious about finding quality products from China, we recommend looking at the following resources that rely on local expertise and contacts.

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Of course, you will need more detailed, systematic split testing to decide whether this level of investment makes sense for your business. GenVideo is a well-and-truly genius level service! Talk to them, they will help you choose an influencer for your product and have them create a video that you can use in your listings and, should you wish, across other store types and media outlets.

Furthermore, GenVideo will actually implement your video too, so there is no need to roll your sleeves up and try to get technical. I would expect a lot of similar services to pop up soon, but GenVideo already has the first-mover advantage, in addition to their already near-perfect services. By this point, I gave up and went to hunt for a supervisor. It took ten long minutes to do it.

Every two minutes, per requirement of the job, I had to come back and tell him we were still waiting to get a supervisor. Each time I came back he would tell me to stop talking to him and get him what he wanted. After ten minutes, one came on to the phone, and I got to listen in. This guy advised my supervisor that I was calling him a liar, kept overtalking him, and kept speaking to him after placing him on hold to tell him about a supervisor was on the way when he told me to stop talking to him.

It took five more minutes just for my supervisor to explain the policy of hold times, and employees could be terminated if the customer was on hold for a lengthy amount of time. But, after that, my supervisor apologized for my behavior on the phone, assuring him I would be dealt with accordingly! Also, she agree to turn on his phone, not require him to make a payment, plus waived the reconnect fee normally billed for non paying customers. Every month, he would call in after the phone was shut off, and the moment a courteous person would talk to him, he would purposely become hostile, would not allow the rep to transfer him to collections, and would do the same thing about how rude the rep was to him.

In nearly five of these calls, supervisors all sided with this customer, and all of them agreed to provide outlandish things, like two months of free phone service, and no reconnect fee be billed. In each case, managers also sided with the customer for fear of losing their business. As with the second story, that man had cost the phone company a few hundred dollars with the free services he received for his ugly, nasty behavior, and Valerie in the first story got her way no matter what.

It makes you wonder if these are the type of people who would commit murder to get what they want. I should say that I did not tell Valerie that she was being hostile and therefore I could not provide my entire name. I only told her that because of company policy, we did not provide our entire names to customers. The policy we did not tell customers was due to security and the possibility of hostile customers wanting to look up certain company employees, we only will provide our first names, and if the customer demands an entire name, we were to refer that to a supervisor.

How about when you are the customer? Are you ever wrong? It all depends on who the customer is. Do you see what a good company Publix is and how they are a major grocer in Florida. I am a licensed practical nurse at a long-term and rehab facility. Most of our patients and their families are wonderful, considering their circumstances.

However, we have our share of rude and obnoxious patients and even more rude and obnoxious family members. When they complain about a staff member, the administration always sides with them and the staff member gets disciplined without recourse. No one advocates for us. Granted, they are under immense physical and emotional stress, but that is no justification to abuse people whose job it is to help them or their relative.

Therefore, we will be glad to assist you in placing her in another facility. Ironically, the worst offenders are often health care providers themselves! I told her that this was a violation of HIPAA, the laws that govern confidentiality of patient information, and that if my mother was a patient of her employer, I would hardly be allowed to go into the office to look at her chart. This was unprofessional behavior and she completely overstepped her bounds.

I left my unit manager a note about this. Thanls for giving me the chance to vent. Thanks for giving me the chance to vent. Bill, from November 9th. You apparently missed the point I was making. Yes, I am at times also the customer, but I also know the different between right and wrong, and what is reasonable and what is not. Yes, Publix is a great company and my favorite grocery store to shop at.

My point on that was it is also the major grocer in South Florida that deals with many of these type of people, and much of the time they give in due to the fact the customers know this. Having myself subjected to 6years of customer service line has made me realize that that phrase is bullshit.

From clueless idiots to unreasonable buggers, and even people who cuss at you because they are having a bad day or not getting what they want immediately. After which, he called her superior and complained about not having his calls transferred within 5mins. Humans err. Through communication, we could understand what each individual need and what could be the best solution. But it takes two hands to clap, i hope that both customers and customer service officers could make the effort as well. The nurse again. Finally, someone is on our side!

What would the father do then? The idiom was created in the first place because customer service was universally bad at that time. Companies picked up on it because it gave them a competitive advantage. It seems that the pendulum is swinging back to another equilibrium point — that is, until people get fed up with bad service again, and service once again becomes a competitive advantage.

His M. Vendors, unfortunately, are not so quick to do that for obvious reasons. He gets off sending emails detailing how I could do my job better. He has been rude to a really nice Customer Service lady that helps me on the inside. He insisted that my company fly in product he wanted from Japan at our expense, of course to meet a very short deadline, only to cancel the order after the product he wanted was already en-route.

My supervisors have been kept copied on all emails and call details with regard to this person. Many of them have left the building humiliated and angry because of this man. The customer is always right? Those that uphold this ridiculous maxim, I submit, are the same ones that would abuse it for their selfish purposes. I work as a materials estimator for a medium-sized building supply company. Everyday I am dealing with customers who want to do their building on the cheap, thus sacrificing quality and safety for the sake of dollars.

I refuse to put my name on something I know will be unsafe or unsatisfactory. Doing this in the past when I was far more inexperienced cost the company time and money, voiding the initial benefit of the sale by a mile. Working in any customer-related industry, there is a desire to keep customers satisfied.

I often have to remind customers that we are in business to make money first and make people happy second. When a customer walks into my office, I view our relationship as a mutually benefical one: he has something we want money , we have something he wants materials. I am confident that I can service the customer better than our competitors and that is why I feel the customer has chosen to work with me, rather than someone else.

But by sticking to my ethics and not just simply heaping platitudes upon the customer and then selling him whatever he wants, I feel that I am giving him the best customer service for what he is spending. This is a great post. Now, of course we as business owners can also be wrong, sometimes we are at fault when customers get upset. I find the customers that return things, for the most part, are the most difficult ones and cause my company to lose money. Rather than offering free return shipping and other incentives to convince them to buy, I do the opposite.

This page has been a breath of fresh air. I have worked at Dairy Queen and a local bank here as a Client Service Representative, and I can tell you I have lost hairs and my health in this stupid client services business. People are totally unreasonable, iodiotic and seems to me that they come from another world.

I am trying desperatley to get out and get a job somwehere else, where there will be not much requirements for client services. If I have had it, enough is enough. Seems to me that people find anything to complain about. There was one customer who had been special ordering a certain hard to find dog food from our store. After I was hired I was placed in charge of the responsibility of ordering her food.

She expected us to always have the food in stock, but no hold it for two long. She expected it to be placed onto a cart from the back room, loaded into our car, and rung out while she stood by the door. This is not very available dog food. Regardless of the fact that I had a months worth paperwork detailing the 3 orders, transfer requests, and estimated delivery dates for her dog food she decided to call the company headquatrers and complain about me. I was enraged because there was nothing I could of done besides drive to miles round trip to get her dog food.

Apparently that was the appropriate thing to do. So I gathered up the products margins, estimated delivery costs based on national transportation averages, gas prices, etc, time spent ordering and preparing her order and even with conservative estimates found that Petco was actually losing money with her transactions. My attitude and customer service was never the same.

I worked as a floor support technician in a certain large entertainment company cannot reveal any more info other than that! There were clear layers of customer support escalation from 1st level, 2nd level, dept management, on up.

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We lower-level employee techs were pretty-much dictated to by our immediate managers about TCIAR for the other floor employees we provide technical service to. We floor technicians handled every technical service call from customers coming our way. If a VIP needed any sort of attention or hand-holding for a technical issue, though, we had to drop any other service we were performing for the company and RUN to do the VIPs bidding. Management would often not listen to such customers until their service issues were more forcefully emphasised.

Yes, its true! Note that there are other large institutions already noted by other commentators above that practice the same attitude. I worked at Wal-Mart, in the sporting goods department, while in school. One day a customer called in about a certain shotgun wanting to know the price. Within an hour he was standing in front of me ready to pay for the gun. Only when I removed it from the cabinet did I discover the tag was twisted around another. In fact almost double. The manager agreed with me, but had to take it up the chain to the district manager.

The district manager made the decision that I was at fault and the customer should have the gun at half the regular retail price. I was demoted. Then, I left the company with no more respect for it. Great post. This is real fact. I always buy pampers nappies and have done for 4 years now but i was discusted when i bought a box as usual from my local morrisons store only to open the box to use one an find that most of the nappies were stuck together in the wrong shape, they were size 4 an a box of 88 and only 51 of them was i able to use.

A customer is NOT just someone who shows up to spend money at your place of business. Had a weird day a work today. We blame it on the full moon. Just one day a month, all of you choosing the same day. Not one penny spent, not even lunch or coffee or a pack of gum. Buy what you want, but pick it up from a place you know is friendly and respectful to you and to their employees. Most likely a small, local business Remember, you are also customers, and hey!

Having said that, most of our clients are lovely, intelligent, reasonable people. A very few, on the other hand, are obviously very unhappy campers. Miserable, selfish, illogical, mean, overbearing, and just plain wrong, wrong, wrong. Then I stick to my guns. And customer service is part of my job. In my 35 years of employment, I can only think of two bosses who actually backed up their front line people when the client clearly had unreasonable expectations. BUT never where the customer could hear. Those two bosses treated us with respect.

The issue would later be reviewed, discussed, and possible alternatives were offered. And there was no threat of firing. I think we would have died for those two guys. One was a paint company, so disposal of perfectly good product cost a fortune in expensive, specialized chemical waste treatment. Another went bankrupt because of it. The ex-employees all found work elsewhere or created their own, and we get together once in a while to laugh at the stupidity of middle and upper management.

We tell a lot of dumb boss jokes. We think of them with the same contempt and disrespect we were subjected to, when we think of them at all, then we have another beer and go home. It was a policy that the founder of Nordstroms came up with when he opened his first store in Seattle, WA……in In particular, Americans abuse people in the service industry, because they incorrectly believe they are above reproach.

Employees should come first. Very interesting posts. I was in the furniture business for almost 20 years, working for a total of 3 companies in that time. I have done everything from cleaning bathrooms to general manager. There was a lot of truth to that statement, even though it was usually said in jest. Rude and abusive customers were intentionaly given the very minimum service, if any at all. It allowed us the time, energy and MONEY to go above and beyond the call of duty for those that deserved it. I averaged about two calls a year to the police to remove unruly customers. The ones remaining in the store were more than appreciative to see the abuser get the boot.

Also, as a manager in an industry that has a tremendously high employee turnover rate, I lost a total of three employees during a ten year period. One was fired for cause. One left to become a full time Mom after the birth of her second child. The third moved out of state. Because we treated our employees the way we wanted to be treated…with respect and civility.

We demanded the same from anyone wanting to do business with us. We rarely delivered on Saturdays, but usually did before most holidays to do our best to get things delivered on time for the occasion. A winter storm had dumped three feet of snow overnight and was going to continue throughout Saturday. Before we opened, I called everyone on the delivery schedule to tell them we would do our best to make it if conditions allowed, but I could not make any promises. One customer re-scheduled and the rest politely accepted the attempt at delivery, knowing we might not make it.

The store became very busy throuout the day, despite the weather. Early deliveries were made okay, but as the day ensued, the conditions worsened. I offered my drivers the option to cancel. They declined and kept plugging away. I called each customer on the schedule with an update as the guys made their slow progress. At 4pm, we had only two deliveries left when our truck became stranded in the snow. The first customer understood. Then I called the last customer. Mind you, my store was busy and I had to conduct these calls from the counter in full view of of our customers.

The last customer waiting for delivery blew up at me. Fine, I always let someone blow off steam for three to five minutes. This went back and forth, on and on to the point that customers had stopped their shopping to listen in. After about ten minutes of this I put her on speakerphone so they could hear her tirade. I had to go back to the handset when she began throwing the f-bomb every third or fourth word. I immediately told her our business relationship had ended. I would not allow her to talk to my employees the way she had talked to me.

I was mailing her a refund check for her deposit and she would be arrested for trespassing if she came into our store. Thern I hung up. The store exploded into applause! For two weeks afterwards, the owner recieved calls and letters about how happy they were to see abusive and rude conduct NOT be rewarded. The end result made it all worthwhile. After they left, he again called me with another apology and his appreciation of my guys efforts and professionalism.

The only thing that would have been better is if that 2nd call had come from HER. Treat your employees like crap and they will get you back ten times over. Treat them like gold and theyll do handstands for you and your customers. Civility, like freedom must be defended. The way you handled the abusive customer was something any manager should learn and embrace. Sometimes in this world you have to demand respect from people that have no idea what it is.

I work for a direct selling company as a technical support analyst, in our company no matter what these consultants or customers are always right no matter how much disrespect they have for the people who are trying to help them. This has made me despise my job to the point where I am looking for other opportunities whether that means relocation or not. I believe your power is in your people and agree with all that was said in this article. I believe in everything said in this article.

I work for a direct selling company who believes that the customer or consultant is always right regardless of how badly they treat those of us trying to help them I am a technical support analyst. This has made me hate my job so much I am looking for employment elsewhere even if it means relocation. A good service company should be able to deal with almost any customer. It sounds like you are advocating that the employees should be picking and choosing the customers…….. The old saying that the customer is always right is true……..

D, Gallo…you missed my point. We never failed the attempt at selling difficult customers. Quite the contrary, we were very good at it. However, there is a BIG difference between a difficult customer and an abusive one. Just as much as there is a big difference between a difficult spouse and an abusive one. Our staff was able and eager to sell everyone, secure in the knowledge that the one or two people a year that became abusive would be shown the door.

We just empowered the staff to come to us about situations that were detrimental to the staff and the other customers in the store. Would you tell your daughter to remain in an abusive relationship? It should NOT be a requirement of employment to put up with that. And, quite frankly, the cutomers that would observe such situations were always quick to thank us for dealing with said behavior. The customer is NOT always right. The challenge is to have the courage to speak up when the customer is wrong.

There is an exception to every rule. Learning how to deal with difficult customers, and how to diffuse and handle sometimes difficult situations that arise is important. I have seen irate and sometimes irrational thinking customers brought around to become satisfied and long term customers. It is important to protect employees but, hopefully it is the exception……. I have seen many times when the customer service person helps to push a customer toward a negative encounter….

Alternatley a well trained and happy customer service person can and should steer the customer away from confrontational behavior……. Gallo: Agreed. Successfully turning a difficult customer into a sale is the ultimate challenge in retail. Competing against other retailers is easy. Competing with perceived negatives is truly the crux of successful selling. Well said, D. I worked in customer service in a large telco, we had to obey the privacy laws of the country which prevent disclosure of information to anyone but the person themselves or certain government authorities the police basically.

Well the customer was right and I was formally reprimanded and told that another instance like that and I would be sacked. She was wonderful at trying to maintain both relationships. I try to treat people with respect, hear them out, address their issues if I can. But I am their equal, not their servant, regardless of how much of my income they provide.

I recognize customers have the RIGHT to try to get what they want, they just might not end up getting it from me. Who knows…. Provide details of how you would sell a product to a customer from start to finish??? Thank you SO much for this. Since the customer rest rooms are clearly marked and nearby, I thought the customer was confused and escorted her to the bathroom.

She took exception, sent my boss a rambling, confused letter and threatened to go to the local paper to complain about her treatment. I do believe the poor creature is senile since she mentioned in her letter that Jesus told her to take this up as a cause. I feel unsupported and could have told her there was nothing we could have done for this poor lady to make her feel better.

I have been told absolutely and completely different versions of company policy by each and every different person who answered the phone at the same company. Part of the cost of whatever the product or service is decent to excellent customer service. That is not how consumers think. I have done fast food, retail and bartending for many years. I have done childcare where you have to smile and say nice things to parents of horrid little monsters.

When I grew weary of it, I moved on. She hung up on me. All was well. Last but not least, I also notice when I receive outstanding CS. I call to commend good CS, I refer, I fill out the praise cards and I joke around with the really helpful and friendly ones. As someone who comes across tales of customer misconduct on a daily basis, I definitely agree with your article.

Painting customers a single color and expecting to service all of them is foolish, both to the bottom line and for morale. Customers are obviously human, but so are the humans that run the businesses that service them. Fail to address the human factor on both sides of the coin , and the business itself will suffer. I cannot but smile at this article , the Great Chef who teach me the trade some 40 years ago once told a very deamnding customer with ever changing last minute decision and yes Madam we will also have yellow toilet paper…..

On the other hand thetre was never ever a compromise for quality ….. I absolutely love this post, and I agree with every word. I was in customer service for a while, and that damn phrase gave customers the license to aggravate me. Even my store manager barely controls any aspect of the business. They need to stop accepting disrespectfulness, and stop apologizing. Customers should get whatever they want if they complain enough.

Thats what my two dads tought me. I kicked over a movie stand because Walmart wouldnt give me a free movie for my pain and suffering of waiting in line so i pushed over the stand. They gave me the movie for 5 bucks. You might want to check out other retailers , if they respect their Employees they will respect you. You 2 dimwits are exactly why this thread exists. If I was waiting in line with you one thing I never do if I can help it I would have slapped your sorry ass all over that store for embarrassing yourself and other civilized humans.

You deserved a spanking, one you probably never got as a child. Ignorant, you say??? Look in the mirror….. The only thing Wal-Mart is guilty of is providing just another choice for people and making some things affordable. Wal-Mart is not the place for that.

People are limited only by themselves. Maybe if you left Blockbuster video once in awhile you just might form some intelligent opinions of your own, spawned by your own thoughts, not spoon-fed by Hollywood and the media at large. Nobody is forced to work at Wal-Mart and there is a need for entry level jobs. When Wal-Mart went to staff the store, they needed employees.

What was not surprising is that they had 25, individuals for those jobs, most of the applicants coming from Chicago. Chicago wised up and Wal-Mart is now in Chicago, providing jobs that lead to something better in some cases, or at the very least, putting a few bucks in the pockets of people who might never hold any job.

Thank you Deb , you just made my point. Defining entry level job at Walmart …. I have never been in any blockbuster ever and will not miss them either now that they are closing their store …I do have a TV and rarely watch it because of the washed out news,instead I rely on the various news paper ansd publication I recieve , having worked and leaved in 4 differents countries speaking reading to business level 5 languages,ran plus Employees Business etc… by the way if you care to look closer the largest world holder of US bond and the like is China ,unfortunatly they have slowed down considerably and like the oil producing Country are now investing in the Euro , more than before we need better education and today we rank 14 among all western Country and dropping , India is catching up so fast it is not even funny.

Please for your own sake dropp Fox news and read the wall street journal at least it is in English. Joel, entry level can also be defined as any job that gets you working, creating experience that can be applied to a another and better job. While attending college,I worked in the book department of a very prestigious department store There was a book about the store titled, Give the Lady What She Wants-hint, hint and was paid minimum wage though the expectations for customer service and professionalism were high. Previous to that, I had worked in a factory and as a waitress, both stepping stones to my job at the store.

This led me to higher education and a profession as a librarian. I was the first college grad on both sides of my first generation American family and five of my eight siblings also went on to college and on to advanced degrees. If there had been a Wal-Mart in those days, I would have applied for work there. I respect any employer willing to give an uneducated and unsophisticated individual a chance since the rest is up to the individual.

Thanks Deb for further stating my point , Yes the Customer is aways right and yes give the Ldy what ever she want , hint pay up to the nose for it. There is a very Famous Judge who once said to a defendant in court as He was stating customer is always right , she went balistic and told Him if this was His defense He was a Sucker to which she slsammed the gavel and said pay up or else case closed. Obviousely this Gentleman had listen to well to that stupid sentence.

Shoul;d customer be always right the house I bought should have come with a valet a banquet room , my vehicle should have been a Bugatti and my Wife would have married the Pope ……. Joel, not everyone goes right into the job of their choice. If there were no such jobs, then tell me just who would clean up after all the ignorant pigs that exist in this country? Deb is right on the mark. I would have thrown your sorry butt out of my court, too, had it been me. I realize that your crap is usually accompanied by your money.

Repeat-offender problem customers should be sent without delay to your competition, so that their time can be wasted. My experience at those lowly jobs made me respect people regardless of economic status and made me a better person and, may I say, a wonderful employee.

I can relate to the the welfare mother and to the VIP and my customers patrons appreciate me and have made me a success in my field. I never could have imagined that a peon like me could choose a career instead of having a job. I agree that there is a need for entry level jobs. There is a need for pretty much every job in the world, including the most miserable of jobs. Someone has to do them. I still say that the majority of you are missing the point. If you are a CSR in any capacity whatsoever, it is your job to deal with ALL types of people in a courteous and professional manner.

Even the jerks. Unless bodily injury is imminent, you should still remain professional and try to detach yourself from the situation; YOU are the one at work, not the person freaking out. There is pride in knowing you gave your best effort from the CEO down to the janitorial staff. I have done it in 7 Countries each and every time upgrading without cutting the staff to the contrary which mean aside of english I am fluent in 7 languages and yes I make a typo here and there.

Matt yes! Some major retailer do not even search shoplifter by fear of very costly law suit …. I Dpdo not believe body search are legal in most States. It is you who is missing the point. The point is that it is not worth dealing with a rude customer. As the research plainly shows do your homework this type of customer is a detriment to the bottom line. As well no company or CSR has any obligation legally, morally, or as a result of company code or rule to suck it up and eat crap from a rude customer.

Again Cassandra, do your homework and get a clue. Or perhaps you would rather not because it would blow your notion to bits that dealing with such idiots is a good thing. And why do you feel this way? Probably because you yourself, as you intimated in some of your statements, are one of these self centered, ignorant, consumers who is so deluded that they feel they have the right to act like a child to get what they want.

Again, do your homework and please behave yourself when you go shopping. The good thing is I know that if you do care to take the time and do the research you will find that the companies that have taken this approach have become hugely successful while the others that have chosen to kiss the ass of the rude aka the B-type customer as labeled in most of the marketing research customer are either out of business or barely afloat.

You might want to start with Bill Gates and Microsoft one of the most successful companies on the planet. Their mantra, one of them, by way of a paraphrase, is that the customer is almost always wrong. Have a nice day and if you are rude we are better off without you-really. Bravo, you get it!!! See my last post above…. Let them waste their time. There will be those of you who correctly point out that a difficult customer could potentially be a loyal one; well, difficult is not necessarily the same as stupid, rude, or otherwise. Customer is always wrong!

Abusive customer are not customer but people who need mental counseling , unless your trade is counseling you do not have to deal with it. A bad customer can jeopardize the entire project. Software development is an extrememly complex and brittle process, and a customer who constantly demands new features will put the project at high risk.

All you can do is be polite and informative to the customer, but if they are unreasonable, sometimes the best course of action is to fire the customer. Courtney, it sounds like it is completely not worth it. Life is too short to put up with the type of abuse you have shared. There are plenty of good people to work for plenty of crummy ones too and you deserve better. Surely you can find something better, try an upscale department store.

Usually you will find a more respectful class of person that goes there than you would in a convenience store. Ask yourself these questions; what is it people are buying in this convenience store? Are there bars or metal grates on the windows?

How Peddlers of ‘Food-Grade’ Hydrogen Peroxide Exploit the Sick and the Desperate

Probably you should look elsewhere. Do people loiter outside this convenience store? Not a good choice. Anyone with a brain knows that that would make business plummet. Neutrality is the only true answer… its really more of a play be ear instance now. And if the customer gets backing from management, then the customer goes home happy.

I strive everyday to give top notch customer service. All of my staff is human, when we make a mistake we correct it and apologize. However, when we do not and a customer is unreasonable I have given all my employees the right NOT to reward a nasty customers bad behavior by giving in to unnecessary demands. I work in the airport shuttle transportation industry and there have been times that I know the guest is totally wrong and wish I could tell them so.

Most of the complaints that I deal with are from guest that just do not understand our system. On the other hand, yes some of our drivers do not provide excellet customer service they are more interested in how much money they are making , and it shows in the complaints agaist them. They fail to see the bigger picture, that is 1upset guest tells 10 friends not to use us. Sometimes I wonder though, if the customer is a jerk, chances are he or she is a jerk with others, including friends, family and co-workers.

I just wanted to say that in my time working as an average, upper middle class grunt with no college degree I never had as good a job experience as I did when I was working for my local YMCA doing childcare. I felt like the Y really cared about me as a person, they had my back when I would have conflicts with parents, helped me do my job better and consistently tried to help me be happy and successful, even if it meant making a few parents a little miffed.

When I would get job offers for more money, or when I would become frustrated with that job I would remind myself that they supported and cared for me. I stayed with them for 3 years and was a real asset to the company. I might have lost them 10 customers over the years but I think I was worth it. I like to think they did too. I worked at a print shop where my manager would occasionally fire customers. In four years, I think it was 3 people. I would have crawled through broken glass for him. It was one of the best employment experiences of my life. It is quite to the contrary NOT nonsense to question this misused jargon.

Suffice it to say that a business transaction should not be grounds to prove correctness in terms of either the customer or the business owner, but an equitable exchange of goods and services. Disputes arise when one of the parties either expect too much or do not deliver. Now that of course is nonsense but it makes the point. I have a lot of sympathy for people working in customer service. I find that usually works fine. To those clients who take their frustrations out on the kid behind the counter — your anger, frustration, confusion, cussedness over whatever the issue may be with the product or service of the company, manufacturer or service provider, or simply that you woke up on the wrong side if the bed.

Regardless, the kid behind the counter or on the other end of the phone is often the person with the absolute least amount of power in the corporate structure, highly expendable, constantly fearful of dismissal, probably very poorly paid and most likely poorly trained. Their lack of power to change the circumstances and correct the issue is often frustrating for them, too.

They may be well aware of the faults of the product but due to pressures you know nothing about, that employee is often behind a rock and a hard place. Wanting to do the right thing and not being able to do it, repeatedly, can wear down even the most honourable and upright employee. Callousness, deliberate ignorance, malicious retaliation or plain indifference to your plight may be the only defence an employee has in order to save their sanity.

Sometimes, yes, they are subjected to a rip-off. Blaming the messenger for your woes, especially to senior management, may get the kid fired for doing exactly what he or she has been repeatedly told to do. And guaranteed, the company is not going to change a multi million dollar machine, labelling process or overseas shipping contract just because you want the widget on the left instead of on the right. And then guess who gets the blame? Guaranteed, it will be the kid behind the counter or on the other end of the phone, who gets a notation in their file, and is passed over for a raise.

This keeps company costs down, right? My advice? When you want something, start as high up the chain of command as you possibly can. Foot soldiers are just there a cannon fodder, they are the shield behind whom the generals hide. I work in a call center and showed this article to my boss. Customers are allowed to verbally abuse our employees and this is supposed to be a sign of great customer service. All the while, lower level managers are directed to keep turnover down.

As a call center employee I can completely relate to all of the topics mentioned above. The pitiful thing is that the company I work for almost seems to have taken everything that this article says not to do, and did them. That is the honest truth and I know first hand. There is an infamous customer of my company that honestly gets just about anything they want.. The reason for this is they were extremely abusive and kept demanding more and more.

Which ultimately resulted in them receiving things that we would never do for a nice customer in a million years. Frankly in my opinion it is absolutely absurd, and I somehow inherited this customer and their outrageous requests from upper management because I am good at my job. Thats a hell of a way to say thank you.

I know that first hand and have always said that. Which I can admit makes me not want to go to work everyday, or be bugged by petty customer requests. I always thought this was ridiculous and nothing but a reward of abuse. There are plenty of ways to give good customer service without this kind of pandering. All this does is increase prices for the honest customers.

What refreshing reading!

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When one works for a company of employees, including the cleaning people, they begin to think of ways to make it better themselves than look toward the boss for resolve. I have refused to deal with one customer on the basis of bad behavior, bad manners, unreasonable demands, etc. I am getting too old 48 to deal with people who do not respect me as a person.

The account was taken away from me and given to another employee. Not my intent for her sake. My boss sheepishly informs the bad customer how his employees are afraid to talk to him. My boss said the right thing! I could go on and on…but love the articles here and will return for peace of mind knowing others feel the same. Everything will be made in China, managed in India, transported through Mexico into the USA by highways leased to multinational corporations and dumped onto a middle-class void Latino wasteland that used to be the heartland of America.

Are cuctomers always right? Great post! Nicely put. Do you really want your customer service team making this decision. And if you do, what if they make the wrong decision. I just blogged about ours at Billtrust. WOW, after coming home and being yelled and abused at by customers this was a very refreshing read. I wish I could print this and stick it in the tea room at work. BUT when a customer is not happy about one of these policies they call head office and they honour the customer, even though we are told to folllow these strict guidelines. It makes us look stupid in the end because that customer got their own way.

Why bloddy have these in the first place! We are so understaffed, therefore leaving customers waiting long periods. Apprently 3 people waiting per staff member is acceptable. How can this be right when in my job you can spend up to 45 mintues with one person! They really have no idea. Sadly my retail job of 5 years has made me hate people. I am only there for my family- to support them. Every employee has the right to an abusive and bully-free workplace. We sign agreements at the beginning of the year that we will abide by these rules with each other. Why is it ok to allow customers to bully and abuse us in our place of work?

A few years back I worked for a theater, selling tickets on the counter. I have always had a perfect customer service record and would never be rude to a customer. So she wrote a letter. That was bad enough. What was worse was that a secretary at work took it upon herself to reply to this woman, apologizing for my bad behavior! Never asked me about the incident, nothing. I happened to find a copy of the letter in the trash can of a communal office and I filed a formal complaint against the secretary.

Big deal. I quit not long after and they lost a good employee. Sorry to burst your little self esteem bubbles, but just how long do you think it would take to replace you? Getting customers to come into your store can be hard, getting folks to line up to push cash register buttons is not.. The sky is not green because a customer says so. However, the customer IS paying the bills including your wal mart clerk wages.

And if you want to succeed in business, you will never forget this. And the horrible customers we get, let me tell you. A good example would be the time this customer and her son came to the restaurant. There was already a line and several people in front of her and right then and there, she demanded that she wanted to sit outside. So my manager had no choice but to quickly attend to the others and then her. My friend, F, gave her the menus and usually we give customers time to decide on their choices. Then and there, she demanded that her order be taken. Okay, so F went to take her order.

And then, out of the blue, she says that she wants her meals to be vegetarian. So F told her that and painstakingly explained to her the vegetarian items on the menu. The customer then demands her food to be served immediately. Yes, as if the food can be magically made and sent. We had a full house that night so by all accounts, it would be impossible to get the food out immediately.

The customer was a great example of an abusive customer. She complained about everything. The last straw came when my friend, K, was clearing tables. Does that kind of customer deserve great service? Especially when they were rude from the beginning? These customers are the reasons why I hate working sometimes.

Do they think that we enjoy standing around with our feet and back aching? There are definitely more horror stories. Like F getting the bill thrown to her and such. I have worked in customer service for over 20 years. I have done customer service training and management. The customer wants overdraft fees reversed? The customer wants X service for free? It would be nice if my company backed up their employees. We get abuse all day, from people whose biggest problem is that they refuse to keep track of their own purchases, or do not have the slightest ability in simple math, not to mention budgeting.

We get sworn at, we get threatened, we get called names. Customer service is dead. Few people want customer service I would estimate less than five percent of our callers ; they want punching bags, scapegoats, and welcome mats to scuff their feet on. At furiouscusomters. You know, I find it amazing that a post from over two years ago stirs such strong emotion and thought that it is kept alive to this day. Here I am, thinking that I would be digging up an old topic and I would never get to share my story ies.

I am a young fellow, 26, who looks even younger, I work in sales with product that I know, love, geek out on, live, eat, breath, etc, etc. That said…. Every month or so, I get a fellow who reads up on these vast internet user groups and gains enough keywords and phrases to be dangerous. My boss, who will actively tell the customer that he, my boss, knows very little about whatever it is that product pertains to, saying that I am one of the most knowledgeable guys he has, which, in turn, makes the customer even madder.

I can see that they are afraid of me looking down at them or making fun of them, but really, I have to sell to grandma who knows NOTHING about what they are looking at. So for a story about firing a customer. I should go ahead and say that I work for a large music instrument retailer. We have the list of people that we share with each other that will always be trouble.

As an assistant manager for the store, BL would always insist that I hold product for him, with no money down, for up to three or more months. He claimed that others have done it for him before, and I politely told him that the reason why we did that one time was because of the bad travelers checks that he used. We held onto those pieces because he brought them back with the express intent on buying them upon paying off the bad debt. He would have none of it. Then he would ask if I would sell it for X amount. Well, I suggested that he stop wasting his time here and go with his friend.

After some more back and forth, he finally left. I thought I had rid of this fellow, but he came back a couple of weeks later looking to sell some gear that we could not buy in due to policies. I explained this to him, which he threw a big huff over saying that he talked to someone about us buying in said product. I asked whom he spoke to so I can make sure that everyone is on the same page and he refused. Threw the gear into his car, drove off and called up the store. My boss told me not to deal with BL again.

Fine by me. So after getting this over and over and over again with him returning everything, to discourage him from shopping with us, I made sure that everyone in the store knows who he is and that the tag price is the tagged price. One day, he asked one of the other assistant managers for the price of something. He asked if he could speak to a manager, which she politely told him that she is a manager. And who made YOU manager? I over heard this and went around the store telling everyone not to acknowledge this fellow. He later apologized in a round about way, bought what it was, and left.

JL came into the store a month after this and talked to my boss asking why he was getting the cold shoulder from everyone, and why no one was willing to deal, read discount, anything for him. My boss at the time told him what all happened. His buddy hooked him up and he left the store again. I was angry, but as my boss explained it, we treat the rockstars like people and the people like rockstars. Makes sense.

Get Out Alive! A Guide to Extracting Full Value from your Business Get Out Alive! A Guide to Extracting Full Value from your Business
Get Out Alive! A Guide to Extracting Full Value from your Business Get Out Alive! A Guide to Extracting Full Value from your Business
Get Out Alive! A Guide to Extracting Full Value from your Business Get Out Alive! A Guide to Extracting Full Value from your Business
Get Out Alive! A Guide to Extracting Full Value from your Business Get Out Alive! A Guide to Extracting Full Value from your Business
Get Out Alive! A Guide to Extracting Full Value from your Business Get Out Alive! A Guide to Extracting Full Value from your Business
Get Out Alive! A Guide to Extracting Full Value from your Business Get Out Alive! A Guide to Extracting Full Value from your Business
Get Out Alive! A Guide to Extracting Full Value from your Business Get Out Alive! A Guide to Extracting Full Value from your Business
Get Out Alive! A Guide to Extracting Full Value from your Business Get Out Alive! A Guide to Extracting Full Value from your Business

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