Berauscht von deinem Blut (German Edition)

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Zeichnungen des Patienten O. Tracklist Vanadium-I-Ching. X Zeichnungen des Patienten O. Aasfresser sind geduldig Siehst du Kadaver tanzen? Do you hear the din of the beating hearts? Do you see the vultures over the fire? The roof has been in flames for so long do you see the hyenas on the street? Beloved beloved do you see the vultures over the fire? Your soul is inflamed beloved come closer beloved speak to me in epidemic language do you see the vultures over the fire? Scavengers have patience do you see the cadavers dancing? Beloved beloved come closer beloved, I infect you do you see the cadavers dancing?

Hospitalistische Kinder. Origional Translation Ja - warum? Wovon sollte das sein? Du sammelst alles auf was du siehst Vielleicht war das Ungeheuer das Ja, das kann sein Vielleicht auch nicht ERIK Senta! Please believe me: I had a dream! Heed its warning! Senta, exhausted, sit down in the armchair; at the beginning of Erik's narration she falls into a trance-like sleep, so that she appears to be dreaming the dream being related to her.

Was kann dein Leiden sein?

ERIK Weh mir! Es mahnt mich mein unsel'ger Traum! Satan hat dich umgarnt! ERIK Senta, lass dir vertraun! Ein Traum ist's! I heard the breakers as the foaming waters dashed in fury upon the shore. An alien ship near the coast I saw, strange and mysterious; two men were coming ashore, I recognized one as your father.

ERIK I knew him well, with his black doublet, pallid face SENTA as before and gloomy mien ERIK pointing to the portrait That sailor, he. ERIK You came from the house, raced to greet your father. I saw you just as you reached them, you fell at the stranger's feet, I saw you clasp his knees ERIK to his breast; ardently you clung to him and kissed him with hot desire ERIK looking at her in astonishment I saw you two sail away.

I must see him! ERIK Horrible! It is all clear now! ERIK She is lost! My dream spoke true! Erik rushes away in despair and terror. Senta, after her outburst of excitement remains where she is, sunk in silent meditation, her eyes fixed on the portrait SENTA softly but with deep emotion Ah, may you find her, pale seaman! Pray to Heaven that soon a woman will be true The door is opened. Ich muss ihn sehn! ERIK Entsetzlich! Mir wird es klar! ERIK Sie ist dahin! Betet zum Himmel, dass bald ein Weib Treue ihm She uttes a cry of astonishment and remains as if spellbound, without taking her eyes off him.

No embrace? No kiss? You stand as if bewitched. Senta, do I deserve such a greeting? My child, bid this stranger welcome! A seaman he is, like me, he asks to be our guest. Long homeless, always sailing far and wide, in foregin lands he has won rich treasure. Exiled from his homeland, he'll pay well for a hearth.

Tell me, Senta, would it vex you if this stranger lodged with us?

You see her yourself - do you appreove? Need I lavish more praise? Admit it, she adorns her sex! From your heart he asks too a gracious gift: give him your hand, for bridegroom you shall call him: agree with your father and tomorrow he is your husband. Kein Umarmen? Keinen Kuss? Du bleibst gebannt an deiner Stelle: Verdien ich, Senta, solchen Gruss? Wer ist der Fremde? Seemann ist er, gleich mir, das Gastrecht spricht er an. Ihr seht sie selbst, ist sie euch recht? Gesteht, sie zieret ihr Geschlect?

Stimmst du der Vater bei, ist morgen er dein Mann. Senta makes a convulsive movement of pain. Daland produces some jewellery and shows it to Senta See this bracelet, these clasps! This is nothing to what he owns. Surely you want them, dear child? It is all yours when you exchange rings. He sees that neither Senta nor the Dutchman are paying any attention to him But neither speaks Do I intrude? Better leave them alone. Belive me, such luck never comes twice. I am going. Believe me, she is as true as she is fair. Daland slowly goes out, leaving Senta and the Dutchman rapt in contemplation of each other.

Senta and the Dutchman are alone Senta macht eine zuckende, schmerzliche Bewegung; ihre Haltung bleibt aber ruhig. Was er besitzt, macht dies gering. Muss, teures Kind, dich's nicht verlangen? Dein ist es, wechselst du den Ring. Daland wird es gewahr Doch keines spricht! So ist's! Am besten lass' ich sie allein. I have often lifted my eyes at dead of night, longing for a wife.

Satan's spite left me but a pounding heart to remind me of my torment. The dull glow I feel burning here, can I in my misery call it love? Ah, no! It is a yearning for redemption: would that through such an angel it came true! What I see, is it mere fancy? Have I been till now in some false world, is my day of awakening dawning? He stands before me, his face lined with suffering, it reveals his terrible grief to me: can deep pity's voice lie to me? As I have often seen him, here he stands.

The pain that burns within my breast, ah, this longing, how shall I name it? What you yearn for, salvation, would it came true, poor man, through me!

Eugen Onegin

What he promised, say, can I count on it? Could you give yourself to me for ever and offer your hand to a stranger? Shall I, after a life of anguish, find in your loyalty my long-sought rest? SENTA Whoever you are, whatever the evil lot which cruel fate has meted out to you - and whatever the future holds in store for me, I shall always obey my father!

So unhesitating? Have you such deep pity for my suffering? Ach nein! Was ich erblicke, ist's ein Wahn? Brach des Erwachens Tag heut an? Wie ich ihn oft gesehn, so steht er hier. Die Schmerzen, die in meinem Busen brennen, ach, dies Verlangen, wie soll ich es nennen? Soll finden ich, nach qualenvollen Leben in deiner Treu' die langersehnte Ruh? SENTA Wer du auch seist, und welches das Verderben, dem grausam dich dein Schicksal konnte weihn, was auch das Los, das ich mir sollt' erwerben, gehorsam stests werd ich dem Vater sein!

Could I but console you!

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You are an angel! An angel's love can comfort even a lost soul! Ah, if I can still hope for redemption, Eternal God, may it come through her! DUTCHMAN Ah, if you realised the fate that then you would share with me, it would warn you of the sacrifice you make for me, if you swear to be true to me. Your young soul would flee in horror from the ruin to which you condemn it, without woman's noblest virtue, without eternal fidelity. Let destiny judge me who can defy its sentence!

Moskau ✠ [German Schlager][+ english translation]

In the sheer purity of my heart I know what loyalty most demands. To whom I show it, I give it all, true love till death! Hear me: my deliverance I have found, you powers that have repulsed me! The star of my evil fate shall fail, light of my hope, shine anew! Wem ich sie weih, schenk ich die eine; die Treue bis zum Tod. Du, Stern des Unheils, sollst erblassen! Licht meiner Hoffnung, leuchte neu!

Ihr Engel, die mich einst verlassen, strengthen now this heart in faith! SENTA By mighty magic overcome, I am swept to his rescue: here may he find a home, here may he ship anchor safe in port! What stirs so strongly within me? What fills my heart with rapture? Almighty God, may the source of my exaltation be the strength of my true love. My people will stay outside no longer.

Raggabund:Sorry Mama Lyrics | LyricWiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

After each voyage, you know, we have a feast. To grace the occasion, I have come to ask if you agree to the betrothal? And without regret till death I vow to be true! You are mocked, Hell, by her true love! To the feast! Today shall everyone rejoice! Was schliesst berauscht mein Busen ein? Und ohne Reu' bis in den Tod gelob ich Treu'! Zum Fest! Heut soll sich alles freun! In the foreground, to one side, is Daland's house. In the background, moored fairly close to each other, are the Norwegian and Dutch ships. It is a clear night. The Norwegian ship is lit up and the sailors are making merry on the deck.

Helle Nacht: das norwegische Schiff ist erleuchtet; die Matrosen desselben sind auf dem Verdeck. Jubel und Freude. Steersman, join us! Hoist the sails! Anchor fast! Steersman, here! We fear no wind nor treacherous coast. Today we'll be right merry!

Byron, George: Don Juan (From Don Juan in German)

Each has his girl ashore, grand tobacco and good brandy! Rocks and storms outside - yollohohey! Furl sails! Rocks and storms we laugh at them! Steersman, leave your watch! Steersman, drink with us! Rocks and storms, hey! Here, come and drink with us! They dance on the deck, accompanying the down-beat of each bar with a heavy stamp of the feet GIRLS they arrive, carrying baskets of food and drink Well! Just look! Dancing, indeed! They don't seem to need us girls!

Where are you going? Your neighbours there shall have some too! Is the food and drink for you alone? Lass die Wacht! Her zu uns! Hisst die Segel auf! Anker fest! Steuermann, her! Klipp' und Sturm' drauss - Jollohohe! Segel ein! Klipp' und Sturm lachen wir aus! Steuermann, lass die Wacht! Steuermann, her zu uns! Trink mit uns! Klipp' und Sturm, he! Steuermann, He! Komm und trink mit uns! Seht doch an! Sie tanzen gar! Wo geht ihr hin? Eu'r Nachbar dort soll auch was haben! Take it to the poor lads!

They must be faint with thirst! No light! No sign of the crew! Do you want torches? Where are you then? We can see nothing. Don't wake them up! They're still asleep! Answer then! Truly, they are dead: thay have no need of food and drink! No feasting for you today? Don't you want some wine? Surely you must be thirsty, too! Tragt's hin den armen Knaben! Vor Durst sie scheinen matt zu sein! Kein Licht, Wollt Fackeln ihr? Wo seid ihr doch? Man sieht nicht hier! Weckt sie nicht auf! Sie schlafen noch. Antwortet doch! Wahrhaftig, sie sind tot; sie haben Speis' und Trank nicht not!

Seeleute, wollt ihr nicht frischen Wein? Haven't you sweethearts ashore?

Don't you want to dance with them on the pleasant beach? Wake up! We bring you food and drink in plenty! They seem dead. They've no need of food and drink. The ship you see there is exactly like his! Storms and rocks can do you no harm! They don't sing! No light burns on their ship! In ihrem Schiffe brennt kein Licht. Wollt ihr nicht mit tanzen auf freundlichen Strand?

Wacht doch auf! Wir bringen euch Speis' und Trank zuhauf! Sie scheinen tot! Sie haben Speis' und Trank nicht not. Euch tut ja der Sturm und die Klippe nicht weh! We'll deliver them to our great-grandfathers! And their sweethearts, alas, are dead! Set your sails and show us the Flying Dutchman's speed! Gives you the creeps here! They don't want anything - so why call to them? Let us, the living, enjoy ourselves! Your neighbour has spurned it. Aren't you coming aboard?

It's not late. We'll come back soon. You drink up, and if you want to dance as well, but let your weary neighbours rest! There's plenty here! Dear neighbours, thank you! Uns graust es hier! Sie wollen nichts, - was rufen wir? Kommt ihr denn nicht selbst an Bord? Wir kommen bald, jetzt trinkt nur fort!

Lieb Nachbar, habe Dank! Our good neighbours send us drink! Good neighbours, if you've voice and speech, wake up and follow our example! Up and follow our example! They noisily clink their cups Hussa! We watched many a night in storm and terror, we often drank the sea's brine: today we watch, carousing and feasting, and the girls give us a better drink from the cask. Rocks and storms, outside! We laugh at them! Drink with us! Rocks and storms, ha! The sea, which everywhere else remains calm, has begun to rise in the neighbouthood of the Dutch ship; a dull blue flame flares up like a watchfire.

A storm wind whistles through the rigging. Lieb Nachbar liefert uns den Trank. Lieb' Nachbarn, habt ihr Stimm und Sprach, so wachet auf und macht's uns nach! Wachet auf! Sie trinken aus und stampfen die becker heftig auf Hussa! Ho, he, je, ha! Klipp' und Sturm drauss - Jollolohe! Klipp' und Sturm, ha! Her, komm und trink mit uns! The storms sweeps ashore, Huissa! Anchor away! Run for the bay! Sombre capitain, go ashore, seven years are over! Seek the fair maid's hand! Fair maid, be true to him!

Be merry today, hui! A bridegroom, hui! The stormwind howls bridal-music and the ocean dances to it! I can accept that, because I can't work on command, And I feel that I am definitely approaching a new form of expression. The sounds directly become an animalistic, immediate expression of sensual and spiritual movements. After almost 40 rehearsals, the work was premiered on October 16th and became one of Schoenberg's only successes.

In his essay "My Public" Schoenberg recalls the story of an elevator operator who had heard its premiere and still had the sound in his ears. Pierrot Lunaire would become a major representation of the Expressionist aesthetic and provide an influence for nearly every composer of the twentieth century, many of whom have written works for the ensemble known as the "Pierrot" ensemble. The choice of 21 poems was not a coincidence: Pierrot was completed in and was to be Schoenberg's Opus Numerology is found throughout the work: Born on September 13th, and convinced that the number 13 wold have some role in his death, Schoenberg was concerned about the length of the poems: thirteen lines.

To counteract the malevolent influence of 13, Schoenberg sectioned the twenty-one settings into 3 groups of 7, pinning his hopes on those two auspicious numbers. In later years, Schoenberg would avoid 13 at all costs going so far as to rearrange the numbering of his musical measures to avoid it: 12, 12a, Schoenberg's fears were not unfounded; he died on Friday, July 13th, , in his 76th year. Arnold Schoenberg as painted by himself. Albert Giraud The poems tell the story of the classic characters of Commedia dell'arte placed in all manner of imaginative settings from the backdrops of Brueghel to the autumn colors of Watteau.

Borrowing from the French symbolist poets, such as Mallarme, Giraud writes the poems in an artifically archaic poetic form, the rondeau. In a rondeau lines 1 and 2 return as lines 7 and 8. Giraud's poems were translated, it appears rather freely, by the German poet Otto Erich Hartleben in

Berauscht von deinem Blut (German Edition) Berauscht von deinem Blut (German Edition)
Berauscht von deinem Blut (German Edition) Berauscht von deinem Blut (German Edition)
Berauscht von deinem Blut (German Edition) Berauscht von deinem Blut (German Edition)
Berauscht von deinem Blut (German Edition) Berauscht von deinem Blut (German Edition)
Berauscht von deinem Blut (German Edition) Berauscht von deinem Blut (German Edition)
Berauscht von deinem Blut (German Edition) Berauscht von deinem Blut (German Edition)
Berauscht von deinem Blut (German Edition) Berauscht von deinem Blut (German Edition)
Berauscht von deinem Blut (German Edition) Berauscht von deinem Blut (German Edition)

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