Your Kitten: By Debbie Nicholson

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Facebook Pinterest Twitter. Final score:. JuliaWolfe 3 years ago Can we talk about the legs? JackieBrown 3 years ago It's the Cheshire Cat in person!! SusieKang 3 years ago just because i am allergic to cats: but do they normally not have thumbs? FrankBeran 3 years ago Ooops. LeighStovall 3 years ago She's so happy-go-lucky and goofy lookin!! Love it!! HopeBeaver 3 years ago hehehehehehe. MPaulaWhelan 3 years ago An important component of the purrfumery!

LyraFraniel 3 years ago Awwwwe all snuggled in! ReneeDuncan 3 years ago Is this something your friend's cat has always done? MPaulaWhelan 3 years ago After the massage. AliVayo 3 years ago Look at his toothy pegs! Debbie 3 years ago One content cat!!! LauraMaria 3 years ago grinning cat. SarahBooth 3 years ago sheer contentment! AshleyCerney 3 years ago Cute and funny. MarijaLetic 3 years ago hihihi. Rism 3 years ago Happy kitten. MPaulaWhelan 3 years ago Obviously plotting mischief. RosanMeiring 3 years ago My precious SharonHahn 3 years ago What a gorgeous face!

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Going Home: Local kittens excel in Meow Madness

Mel Johansen. Rism 3 years ago Ah! So pretty! Dionne Turner. MPaulaWhelan 3 years ago Seems the cat is unsure of the motives of the photographer.

What to Do When Your Cat Poops Outside the Box

PpJjTreecharoenwiwat 3 years ago She's beautiful. SharonHahn 3 years ago Or yawns MPaulaWhelan 3 years ago Canadian, eh? Natalie Williams. MPaulaWhelan 3 years ago I laugh at danger. I am a black cat. I am danger. SharonHahn 3 years ago Sweetie! MPaulaWhelan 3 years ago Red heart on nose? I'll tell the world. Debbie 3 years ago "Did someone mention MPaulaWhelan 3 years ago Erin Svitko. SharonHahn 3 years ago Pretty! MPaulaWhelan 3 years ago I am wanted. I am content.

Cats - Words To Use

Alice Heil. JacquelineLavanchy 3 years ago Lovely! SharonHahn 3 years ago Contented, too. Michelle Pouwels. JacquelineLavanchy 3 years ago Having those nightmares again? We recommend reading Artists and Their Cats by Alison Nastasi - a book that gathers photographs of 50 famous artists with their beloved feline friends. It's possible to decorate your home in Andy Warhol's most famous artwork without breaking the bank at Monte Carlo.

Browse this selection of posters, silkscreens and other collectible items displaying the artist's most memorable work. The original 'Marilyn Diptych' was a silkscreen painting completed in shortly after Monroe's death in The original is in London's Tate museum.

Another one from The original consisted of 32 canvases showing all the varieties of Campbell's soup. Pure pop art. In , Mercedes commissioned Warhol to produce car-themed art. He died before completing the assignment. Warhol created 10 screenprints based on photos by Patricia Caulfield, who took sued as the artist. He created four screenprints of Botticelli's Venus, Roman goddess of love. Another take on fame and celebrity. Andy Warhol was fluid in how he approached his work. He happily managed the Velvet Underground while also producing silkscreens for his next exhibition.

Books were also part of his creative experience. Here are five books by Warhol that provide further insight into his life and art. A limited edition cookbook. In , Warhol worked with socialite Frankfurt to produce a camp and fanciful cookbook. Highly collectible. Published in by Random House, this is a pop-up book for hipsters. It contains photographs, quotations, bits of art, and a myriad things to interact with think 'Pat the Bunny' for adults such as a 45 rpm record, a balloon, and a geographic shape attached to a string.

From Feline Film Stars to Kitty Cameos

Warhol bought a new camera in and decided to do a photography book. Lots of rock stars, fashion and politics. It offers an insight into the lives of Warhol's celebrity friends, both in pictures and via his entertaining narration. And a bonus book.

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We also recommend Taschen's Andy Warhol: Polaroids as another way to understand how Warhol lived his life among New York's celebrities. Funds raised for each enclosure go first and foremost to building costs.

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We have to level a pad, lay a base, erect the building, frame and wire the outdoor portion and then "cat proof" everything doors, windows … , etc. One of our fantastic supporters even wanted to cover most of the costs of one specific enclosure herself and it is dedicated in memory of some very special human friends she has lost! Our other immediate need is as always! Your donations are greatly appreciated and are the only reason we are able to have the impact we have had so far.

Cat Gives Birth To 6 Kittens

You can see where your money is going by following our facebook pages and our website www. We couldn't operate without the generous financial support of our "village", but there are many other ways for those who aren't in a position to support us financially to help. You can volunteer with Fire Cat Farm or Tiny Embers Kitten Nursery, foster one of our purrific cats or kittens, or give a cat or kitten a furrever home by adopting. You can also spread the word by liking and sharing our Facebook pages and website.

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We couldn't do what we do without you. Other ways to donate Fire Cat Farm is a c 3 organization :. Our organizations are local, share the same philosophies, and are here for the long haul. This is a beautiful tribute. Go to Smile.

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After searching for his people for over three months it was time for this big, mellow boy to find a new bed to sleep on at night. She fell in love with him the first time she saw him and knew he was the boy for her and her three sons. Fire Cat Farm is in the last phase of finishing up our two new catios! Our "barn catio" which contains two catios connected by a huge loft -and- our "metal building" catio which is a huge 18x25' building with an even larger wire mesh catio attached thank mew so much to Denise French for making substantial donations to this enclosure!

We could really use your help to put the finishing touches on these pawsome enclosures. We have an Amazon wish list see link below but we are thrilled with things from Chewy, Petsmart, etc. When finished, we will have a grand unveiling complete with pictures and videos of our guests enjoying their new environment. We are also planning to "remodel" our original catio as we have found what works and what doesn't.

Your Kitten: By Debbie Nicholson Your Kitten: By Debbie Nicholson
Your Kitten: By Debbie Nicholson Your Kitten: By Debbie Nicholson
Your Kitten: By Debbie Nicholson Your Kitten: By Debbie Nicholson
Your Kitten: By Debbie Nicholson Your Kitten: By Debbie Nicholson
Your Kitten: By Debbie Nicholson Your Kitten: By Debbie Nicholson
Your Kitten: By Debbie Nicholson Your Kitten: By Debbie Nicholson
Your Kitten: By Debbie Nicholson Your Kitten: By Debbie Nicholson

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