The Demons and the Dead

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Demonicpedia’s List of Demons and Demon names

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Already the playtimes of the single cuts vary significantly and this is an omen for the diversity of the musical content. The centerpiece of "Demons of Matter Painting Process The background and traditional scenery were painted with custom grey-blue acrylic ink, while the samurai and dragons were painted with white gouache and custom grey-blue 1 Shot enamel on a canvas that measures 1. Paper Prints The 12 x 18 In Death, The Demons Sleep prints are produced with archival ink on glossy paper and are perfect for those of you who prefer to frame your art.

Canvas Prints The ready-to-hang In Death, The Demons Sleep canvas prints are produced with archival ink on museum-grade, gallery-wrapped canvas and extend 1. There are several sizes available and each limited-edition giclee is signed and numbered out of only 40 Artist Proofs. God" 4Q;, Belial's purpose is to undermine the teachings of God, and he achieves this by imparting his nets on humans, or the incentive to sin. In the War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness , Belial controls scores of demons, which are specifically allotted to him by God for the purpose of performing evil.

Demonic entities in the Old Testament of the Christian Bible are of two classes: the " satyrs " or "shaggy goats" from Hebr. Demons are sometimes included into biblical interpretation.

In the story of Passover, the Bible tells the story as "the Lord struck down all the firstborn in Egypt" Exodus — In the Book of Jubilees , which is considered canonical only by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church , [43] this same event is told slightly differently: "All the powers of [the demon] Mastema had been let loose to slay all the first-born in the land of Egypt And the powers of the Lord did everything according as the Lord commanded them" Jubilees —4.

In the Genesis flood narrative the author explains how God was noticing "how corrupt the earth had become, for all the people on earth had corrupted their ways" Genesis In Jubilees the sins of man are attributed to "the unclean demons [who] began to lead astray the children of the sons of Noah, and to make to err and destroy them" Jubilees In Jubilees Mastema questions the loyalty of Abraham and tells God to "bid him offer him as a burnt offering on the altar, and Thou wilt see if he will do this command" Jubilees The discrepancy between the story in Jubilees and the story in Genesis 22 exists with the presence of Mastema.

In Genesis, God tests the will of Abraham merely to determine whether he is a true follower, however; in Jubilees Mastema has an agenda behind promoting the sacrifice of Abraham's son, "an even more demonic act than that of the Satan in Job. The sources of demonic influence were thought to originate from the Watchers or Nephilim , who are first mentioned in Genesis 6 and are the focus of 1 Enoch Chapters 1—16, and also in Jubilees The Nephilim were seen as the source of the sin and evil on earth because they are referenced in Genesis before the story of the Flood.

The passage states, "the wickedness of humankind on earth was great", and that "Every inclination of the thoughts of their hearts was only continually evil" Genesis 5. The mention of the Nephilim in the preceding sentence connects the spread of evil to the Nephilim. Enoch is a very similar story to Genesis —5, and provides further description of the story connecting the Nephilim to the corruption of humans. In Enoch, sin originates when angels descend from heaven and fornicate with women, birthing giants as tall as cubits. The giants and the angels' departure of Heaven and mating with human women are also seen as the source of sorrow and sadness on Earth.

The book of Enoch shows that these fallen angels can lead humans to sin through direct interaction or through providing forbidden knowledge. In Enoch, Semyaz leads the angels to mate with women. Angels mating with humans is against God's commands and is a cursed action, resulting in the wrath of God coming upon Earth. Azazel indirectly influences humans to sin by teaching them divine knowledge not meant for humans. Asael brings down the "stolen mysteries" Enoch Asael gives the humans weapons, which they use to kill each other.

Humans are also taught other sinful actions such as beautification techniques, alchemy, astrology and how to make medicine considered forbidden knowledge at the time. Demons originate from the evil spirits of the giants that are cursed by God to wander the earth. These spirits are stated in Enoch to "corrupt, fall, be excited, and fall upon the earth, and cause sorrow" Enoch The Book of Jubilees conveys that sin occurs when Cainan accidentally transcribes astrological knowledge used by the Watchers Jubilees 8.

This differs from Enoch in that it does not place blame on the Angels. However, in Jubilees the evil spirits of the Watchers are discussed as evil and still remain on earth to corrupt the humans. God binds only 90 percent of the Watchers and destroys them, leaving 10 percent to be ruled by Mastema.


Because the evil in humans is great, only 10 percent would be needed to corrupt and lead humans astray. These spirits of the giants also referred to as "the bastards" in the Apotropaic prayer Songs of the Sage, which lists the names of demons the narrator hopes to expel. In Christianity, demons are corrupted spirits carrying the execution of Satan's desires. They are generally regarded as three different types of spirits:. Since Early Christianity , demonology has developed from a simple acceptance of demons to a complex study that has grown from the original ideas taken from Jewish demonology and Christian scriptures.

Building upon the few references to daemons in the New Testament, especially the poetry of the Book of Revelation, Christian writers of apocrypha from the 2nd century onwards created a more complicated tapestry of beliefs about "demons" that was largely independent of Christian scripture. The contemporary Roman Catholic Church unequivocally teaches that angels and demons are real beings rather than just symbolic devices. The Catholic Church has a cadre of officially sanctioned exorcists which perform many exorcisms each year.

The exorcists of the Catholic Church teach that demons attack humans continually but that afflicted persons can be effectively healed and protected either by the formal rite of exorcism, authorized to be performed only by bishops and those they designate, or by prayers of deliverance, which any Christian can offer for themselves or others.

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At various times in Christian history, attempts have been made to classify demons according to various proposed demonic hierarchies. In the Gospels, particularly the Gospel of Mark , Jesus cast out many demons from those afflicted with various ailments. He also lent this power to some of his disciples Luke Apuleius , by Augustine of Hippo , is ambiguous as to whether daemons had become "demonized" by the early 5th century:.

He [Apulieus] also states that the blessed are called in Greek eudaimones , because they are good souls, that is to say, good demons, confirming his opinion that the souls of men are demons.

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Islam and Islam-related beliefs acknowledges the concept of evil spirits known as malevolent Jinn , Afarit and Shayatin. Unlike the belief in angels , belief in demons is not obligated by the six articles of Islamic faith. Furthermore the Quran mentions the Zabaniyya , who torture the damned in hell, who may have originated from a class of Arabian demons. Rather than demonic, jinn are depicted as close to humans regarded as living in societies, in need of dwelling places, eating and drinking, and although their lifespan exceeds those of humans over centuries, they die and also need to procreate, but because they are created from smokeless fire in contrast to humans made from solid earth , the latter can not see them.

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As for humans, jinn are also subject to temptations of the shayatin and Satan therefore may either be good or evil. In folklore some jinn may also lurk on lonely travelers to dissuade them from their paths and eat their corpses. Although not evil, a jinni may haunt a person, because it feels offended by him. Islam has no binding origin story of jinn, but Islamic beliefs commonly assume that the jinn were created on a Thursday thousands of years before mankind. Therefore Islamic medieval narratives often called them pre-Adamites. Further both can be summoned and subjugated by magicians.

Otherwise the shayatin are the Islamic equivalent of "demons" in western usage. They may either be a class of heavenly creatures cast out of heaven or the descendants of Iblis. Further they are thought to attempt to reach to heaven, but are chased away from the angels or shooting stars. The shayatin usually do not possess people, but "whisper" to their minds and seduce them into falsehood and sin.

Another demonic spirit is called ifrit and although there are no descriptions regarding an iftrits behavior found in Islamic canonical texts, Folk Islam often depicts them with traits of malevolent ghosts , returning after death or a subcategory of shayatin drawn the life-force of those who were murdered. Moreover, they are not exactly shayatin since they differ in their origin.

Rather, evil spirits described in various faiths' traditions, such as Satan, fallen angels, demons and jinn, are metaphors for the base character traits a human being may acquire and manifest when he turns away from God and follows his lower nature. Belief in the existence of ghosts and earthbound spirits is rejected and considered to be the product of superstition.

While some people fear demons, or attempt to exorcise them, others willfully attempt to summon them for knowledge, assistance, or power. The ceremonial magician usually consults a grimoire , which gives the names and abilities of demons as well as detailed instructions for conjuring and controlling them. Grimoires are not limited to demons — some give the names of angels or spirits which can be called, a process called theurgy.

The use of ceremonial magic to call demons is also known as goetia , the name taken from a section in the famous grimoire known as the Lesser Key of Solomon. Hindu beliefs include numerous varieties of spirits that might be classified as demigods, including Vetalas , Bhutas and Pishachas. Rakshasas and Asuras are often misunderstood to be demons. Asura , in the earliest hymns of the Rigveda , originally meant any supernatural spirit, either good or bad.

Ancient Hinduism tells that Devas also called suras and Asuras are half-brothers, sons of the same father Kashyapa ; although some of the Devas, such as Varuna , are also called Asuras. Later, during Puranic age, Asura and Rakshasa came to exclusively mean any of a race of anthropomorphic, powerful, possibly evil beings. Daitya lit. In post-Vedic Hindu scriptures, pious, highly enlightened Asuras, such as Prahlada and Vibhishana , are not uncommon. The Asura are not fundamentally against the gods, nor do they tempt humans to fall.

Many people metaphorically interpret the Asura as manifestations of the ignoble passions in the human mind and as symbolic devices. There were also cases of power-hungry Asuras challenging various aspects of the gods, but only to be defeated eventually and seek forgiveness. Hinduism advocates the reincarnation and transmigration of souls according to one's karma. Souls Atman of the dead are adjudged by the Yama and are accorded various purging punishments before being reborn.

Humans that have committed extraordinary wrongs are condemned to roam as lonely, often mischief mongers, spirits for a length of time before being reborn. Evil spirits are the creation of the evil principle Ahriman in Zoroastrian cosmology , commonly referred to as Daeva. The first six archdemons are produced by Ahriman in direct opposition to the holy immortals created by Ahura Mazda the principle of good.

This six archdemons or seven if Ahriman is included give existence to uncountable malevolent daeva; the Zorastrian demons. They are the embodiment of evil, causing moral imperfection, destroy, kill and torment the wicked souls in the afterlife. Humans in the state of such sin might be possessed by a corresponding demon: [74].

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In Manichaean mythology demons had a real existence, as they derived from the Kingdom of Darkness, they were not metaphors expressing the absence of good nor are they fallen angels , that means they are not originally good, but entities purely evil. The demons came into the world after the Prince of Darkness assaulted the Realm of Light. The demons ultimately failed their attack and ended up imprisoned in the structures and matter of the contemporary world.

The Demons and the Dead The Demons and the Dead
The Demons and the Dead The Demons and the Dead
The Demons and the Dead The Demons and the Dead
The Demons and the Dead The Demons and the Dead
The Demons and the Dead The Demons and the Dead
The Demons and the Dead The Demons and the Dead

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