Stand and Deliver

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What's the meaning of the phrase 'Stand and deliver'?

This undated self-portrait posted on Instagram shows actress Vanessa Marquez. The actress, who appeared on the TV medical drama "ER" and starred in the film "Stand and Deliver," was fatally shot by police officers in Southern California after they say she pointed a replica handgun at them. Vanessa Marquez via AP. Likewise, as we shall see, highwaymen were often little more than what we would now call muggers, although some highwaymen did fit into the 'gentleman of the road' persona that dramatists later portrayed.

Nor was 'stand and deliver' an invention of screenwriters, but a very real threat heard by 18th century travellers.

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Stand and Deliver

Highway robbery was defined by the English legal system as any robbery which took place on the King's Highway. It was viewed as a particularly serious crime because it interfered with the freedom of movement, which was considered a fundamental right. So, why 'stand and deliver'? The word 'stand' has been used to mean 'come to a halt' since the 16th century.

Stand and Deliver

Shakespeare used it in Two Gentlemen of Verona , The Old Bailey was and is England's primary criminal court and, fortunately for the etymological community, it houses an invaluable documentary resource, the largest body of text detailing the lives of the common people of England, namely The Proceedings of the Old Bailey , That record lists an early use of the term 'stand and deliver' in the case of Robert Jackson, tried for Highway Robbery on 7th September A witness testified:.

That's an example of the common pedestrian highwayman. Virginia Paris. Mark Eliot. Patrick Baca. Carmen Argenziano. Richard Martinez. Mark Everett. Tyde Kierney. Bodie Olmos. Karla Montana. Vanessa Marquez.

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Stand and Deliver

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Stand and Deliver Stand and Deliver
Stand and Deliver Stand and Deliver
Stand and Deliver Stand and Deliver
Stand and Deliver Stand and Deliver
Stand and Deliver Stand and Deliver

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