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They would feel even more fearful if they knew just how accomplished many of their peers truly are. To troll through the applicant pool of the most selective universities is to be astonished by the accomplishments, the academic preparation, and the busy lives of high-achieving teenagers.


There are indeed kids who claim Native American ethnicity on their application invariably Cherokee because they are either ignorant about or indifferent to a long history of racial exclusion, or pad an activity list with more community service activities than there are hours in a week, there are also teenagers out there who do have extraordinary minds, run national campaigns, and have worked to overcome unbelievable odds in their young lives.

Colleges do pursue them, and they should. Meanwhile, students like Weiss are not only learning that admirable aspirations do not entitle you to admission to your dream school, but also that you might actually want to redefine what a dream school is. It may not be the one with ivy on its walls, but a place where you can explore ideas you had never encountered before alongside peers from worlds that are unknown to you, led by mentors who can help set your minds on fire. There are over 4, degree granting institutions in the US, and all but a small number of them will accept more than half of their applicants.

Many people think that everyone in the industry makes games.

3 Signs You Need to Rethink Your Marketing Strategy I Mary Strachan

Many people focus on the product, not the business, because their dream never conceived of the thousands of supporting roles that help get games into the hands of players. So if you have a passion and a transferable skill then the dream is very much alive for you.

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You just have to adjust your expectations. The industry needs accountants, journalists, business managers, people managers — the list goes on. From large companies to indie studios, from marketing firms to media outlets, there are jobs all over the industry that are just as important as any role at your favourite developer.


We need people who know how SEO works or how to file benefits for hundreds of employees. To my friends in the industry who may come across this article, you have a responsibility too. We owe this to the industry because new perspectives are good for business. Open doors and watch these passionate people transform this industry for the next 20 years because their dreams and passion for games blessed us with the careers we have now. Erik Reynolds is a year veteran of the video games, esports, tech and entertainment industries and VP of Marketing for Mobalytics.

It’s time for American students to rethink their “dream” colleges

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ReThink your Dream ReThink your Dream
ReThink your Dream ReThink your Dream
ReThink your Dream ReThink your Dream
ReThink your Dream ReThink your Dream
ReThink your Dream ReThink your Dream

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