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Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview Mina Magnificent, the heroine of the Market Town, and most ferocious trash picker to ever live.

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Mina is fearless, unstoppable, and has smile enough to charm anyone. Mina Magnus, she's just a simple girl, or so she thinks.

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She helps her father, a tyrannically demanding man, and yet very simple, or so Mina thinks. This is the exciting story of Mina Magnus, the Guardian of Market Town, and relentless gobbler of sweet apples and fresh buttermilk. Of course Mina thinks she's just a salvage technician. Born in the Wasteland, reared and weaned in the rough streets of the Market Town, and worked like a slave on the Salt Flats, Mina Magnus is capable of enduring anything, and she pretty much does.

She fights killer robots, power mad space aliens, and at the end of the day, must always face the recriminations of a father who will settle for nothing less than the most perfect and lady-like of manners and behavior from his 'Virgo'. Product Details.

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