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A story about two sisters Elsa discovers she has dark feelings for her sister Anna, will she help Elsa or will she give into her sisters lust and make it grow stronger and stronger, these are dark days man. Thank you. I Do not own frozen. Chapter 8 Monster gone sexual "Anna! Anna just gazed into her sister's eyes for awhile admiring this moment,she said the first thing that made the most sense in her head. The snowman gasped. I have the most amazing big sister ever she thought. Then Anna slowly opened her eyes seeing the beautiful snow queen Elsa formed in her modern day Elsa,cute smile into a wicked toothy grin,loving eyes into wide lust filled eyes with the occasional twitch, french braid slightly out of place.

She could still feel a slight ache in her lower area, she didn't know how she was going to survive more of this. You grew a penis,what tomorrow you going to grow a tentacles?

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Guys will always tell you that their cocks are 9 inches or whatever but when you actually see their cocks it's at least 3 or 4 at best! This thing is not huge, it's manageable, Since it's big and scary looking I'll call it marshmallow! And gestured towards the strap on, Anna was astonished. You rejected my love! All I wanted was to show you how much I appreciate you, love and care for you,I want to give you more than hugs, more than kisses, you deserve so much more.

And love,family does that too but that's different. To get to know one another!

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I think it made me cum. Please " Anna groaned softly, Elsa began going faster on her, slapping sounds could be heard now, and Anna openly moaned, Elsa's nails were digging into her thighs, getting grip to try and go deeper into Anna. Aah Aaah aah! If she orgasms 6 time every day for a week, she might get addicted to Elsa's torture, missing her treatment, because if she had the courage to admit it, all the Orgasms she had gotten from sister were the best she had ever had.

Aaah oh Elsa! More deeper! I'm so close! Elsa raised her eyebrow in amusement. Harder master harder! I'm such a filthy whore! Fuck your little sister! Take it! Elsa slapped her ass hard. Aaah Aaargh!

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I'm a worthless pussy master! Getting fucked by a dirty dog. Anna still half gone just giggled. Elsa washed her sister's lower lips by stroking it, digging her fingers inside her sister, Elsa was behind Anna holding her in place, cleaning her pussy. Elsa please. Ohhh yeaaaaaaah!

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    Fucked by the Snowman ( Monster Sex ) Fucked by the Snowman ( Monster Sex )
    Fucked by the Snowman ( Monster Sex ) Fucked by the Snowman ( Monster Sex )
    Fucked by the Snowman ( Monster Sex ) Fucked by the Snowman ( Monster Sex )
    Fucked by the Snowman ( Monster Sex ) Fucked by the Snowman ( Monster Sex )
    Fucked by the Snowman ( Monster Sex ) Fucked by the Snowman ( Monster Sex )

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