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Events that occurred between 1990 and 1991 during the Gulf War

This was useful for planning traffic routes for the ground forces. Blowing sand, dust and thunderstorms would have been almost impossible to predict in isolated locations without their midday imagery to give information on the late afternoon jet stream that drove the desert's evening weather patterns. Shortfalls : There were problems with the receiving equipment and dissemination networks; there were four different types of receivers deployed and they weren't compatible with one another.

This delayed receipt of timely weather data. With rapidly changing weather conditions in the Gulf, this meant field units often did not have the latest target area weather data and high quality satellite imagery didn't get to the flyers. All this emphasized the need for more user friendly and compatible systems. Mission : Navigation satellites provide precise, world-wide, two and three-dimensional position, velocity and timing data. Signals are transmitted to ground, naval and airborne forces equipped with navigation receivers.

The Calm Before Desert Storm

Navigation satellites proved indispensable and GPS, in particular, would emerge the big technological winner in the Gulf. In August , GPS had not yet reached operational capacity, in fact it was still two years away, yet the system was employed and performed miraculously.

When Desert Shield kicked off, just 13 of those 21 were already in orbit, providing 9. From August to November, Air Force Space Command launched three GPS satellites and repositioned several others to maximize coverage and increase the hours of GPS navigation available, providing nearly round the clock service as indicated by the table above.

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Eventually three of these developmental satellites experienced malfunctions and Air Force Space Command satellite controllers used their ingenuity to devise solutions to keep them operating. All these efforts paid off. Teamed with Apaches, equipped with relatively antiquated Doppler navigation radar, the Pave Low helicopters led to the initial point of attack, pinpointed the Apaches' position for them using GPS, allowing the Apaches to continue on to attack radar vans with their Hellfire missiles.

GPS was used to mark target locations for bombing, guide strike packages to targets, direct high altitude bombing runs at night and during bad weather. It allowed B's to have an electronically silent approach to their initial points, and facilitated aircraft separation while flying in formation or in weather. Ground forces used GPS extensively as well and, although the first ground forces deployed only a handful of experimental portable receivers, the Army quickly grasped their value and procured several thousand units within the first few months of Desert Shield.

Shortfalls : The biggest shortfall was simply the shortage of GPS receivers in theater.

Why It Happened

Only five percent of the aircraft and a handful of ground troops had receivers. The US couldn't ship receivers to the desert fast enough. Eventually, the US turned to commercial sources which ended up supplying almost handheld GPS receivers, compared to only military receivers.

Royal Enfield Classic Desert Storm

These commercial models were non-crypto capable, therefore nonsecure. Others drove trucks, established communications systems, dug bunkers, flew tankers, refueled bombers and fighters in midair, launched Patriot missiles and endured enemy attack. They guarded POW s and lived with, worked with and commanded male soldiers.

The operations established new frontiers for women in combat even though federal law prohibited women from serving in direct combat and barred Navy and Air Force women from combat ships and aircraft. When the troops of Desert Storm began coming home, there were celebrations, fanfare, yellow ribbons and an appreciative, flag-waving public.

Gulf War - Wikipedia

Congress began rescinding the statutory restrictions which had banned servicewomen from combat aircraft and vessels. Aboard the USS Acadia. Currently, servicewomen serve aboard every kind of military aircraft and naval vessel with the exception of submarines. Policy also prohibits women from serving as special forces personnel. If you wish to register a Servicewoman please click here If you wish to make a simple donation, or donate in honor or in memory of a Servicewoman, please choose one of the following:.

Desert Storm - Desert Storm

To send a notification of your donation, please enter the name and address if known of individual being honored:. The initial plan to drive Iraqi forces from Kuwait called for a direct offensive aimed at Kuwait City; but Schwarzkopf and other American commanders thought that the risk was too great against heavily armed, well-entrenched defenders. Instead, they called for additional troops to prepare for the largest military cleanup ever seen.

During that period, reinforcements from numerous other nations arrived, including British, French, Egyptian and even Syrian forces.

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  • Superior U. American forces first destroyed Iraqi border radar stations, then other key elements of the Iraqi anti-aircraft network; lastly, they began to bomb key targets in downtown Iraq, including the presidential palace, communication centers, and power stations. The Allied forces lost only two aircraft during the attacks.

    The assault continued day and night.

    About Classic Desert Storm

    Those initial air attacks constituted the first time the American military witnessed how their new arsenal performed in combat conditions. Also, such other groundbreaking technology as the Global Positioning System GPS , helped to pinpoint hits by the Tomahawk missile and other weapons. The damage done by U. The following U. Overall, the coalition air campaign consisting mostly of U.

    Of those, more than 27, sorties struck enemy Scuds, airfields, air defenses, electrical power, biological and chemical weapons caches, headquarters, intelligence assets, communications, the Iraqi army, and oil refineries. Scuds fired at Israel and the attack on Al Khafji. Israelis were awaiting the Scuds with gas masks on, thanks to Saddam's previous threats to burn half of Israel with chemical weapons.

    As it turned out, the Scuds bore only conventional warheads, but their terror value was high. To avoid a wider war, U. The Israelis agreed because the Americans promised to target all Scud missile sites and knock them out. On January 29, following two weeks of punishing coalition air assaults, the Iraqis mounted their one and only attack subsequent to the invasion at the Battle of Khafji. The Iraqis overran the first Saudi force that attempted a counterattack and, despite massive American air attacks, they held on to the town through the day and night.

    The next day was a different story, however, when Saudis recaptured the town, forcing the remaining Iraqis to flee to the Kuwaiti border. Operation Desert Sabre. After a day air campaign, Operation Desert Sabre, a massive ground attack, was launched by Americans and the coalition into both Iraq and Kuwait. Day One ground attack. On February 24th at 4 a.

    Marines crossed the border into Iraq. During the days before the attack, Iraqi troops had been subjected to merciless air attacks; every imaginable target was destroyed with accuracy.

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    • The Allied offensive targeted three major offensive venues: the first aimed at Kuwait City, the second to the west aimed at the Iraqi flank, and the final one far to the west, beyond the major Iraqi lines that would totally outflank Iraqi lines. In the first day of the war the marines advanced halfway to Kuwait City and the western advances proceeded without difficulty — while capturing thousands of Iraqi deserters.

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