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CODESRIA Bulletin, Nos 1 & 2, 2016

James, Cwmgloyne. Poultry and cats, Mr Ilosser, Neath. Noyadd- ivilyrri 2, D. Jones, Castlemalgwyn Farm. Cow f any age or breed—1 and 2, Col. Pictou Evans, fref organ. Jones 2, J. Philipps, f I'eriffith. The following classes were open to tenant Attners and freeholders—Ox or heifer of any breed. Jiceeding three years old-I, D. Jones 2, O. Williams, Haverfordwest. Phillips, fredefaid. Steer or heifer of any breed, not exceed- ing three years old—1, D. Three lambs of any orced-l and 2, Stephen Morgan, Cardigan. Three lambs-I, W.

Phillips, Tredefaid. Owen, Cardigan. Pig, fed oy ltn artizall or labvurer—1, B. Jam, Pwllhay 2, D. Jones, Cardigan. Lewis, Pendigy, tilanstephan. Dark or light Brahmas—1, A. George, The Mount. Field, Boncath. Edwards, Pembroke. Sivell, Tregib, Llandilo; 3, J. Jones, Penybanlr, Velindre. Hay, Pembroke t, J. Thomas, Carmarthen; 3, J. Jones, Pentre Farm, ewcastle. Cottagers' scJJing class any pure breed —1, D. Llandug- lVydd. Gander and goose-I, J. Richards, Ffoswyn J. Lewis, Cowingrove, Bankyfelin. White duck Aylesbury or Pekins —1.

Thomas, BrownUade, rcmbroke Dock; 2, J. Campbell, itttsh, Clarebank, St. Clears 3, James Jones, Rose- lill, Llangoedmore. Coloured ducks, pure bred—1 tnd 3, p. Owen, Iiafod, Llanboidv; 2, J. Richards, Ffoswvn. Owen, Brithdir, Penbryn. Mrs Rowlands, Mount Pleasant, t. Milch cow ditto open to tenant farmers -1, G. Navies, Fronhairon, Emlyn.

Cask of butter, not less than b. Lewis, Panhirion; 2, Mrs Llewelyn, Cwmconell. Welsh cheese, not under 2Slbs. Caerphilly eese, not less than 61bs. Reef, Narbertli; 2, Bv-an Williams, Ffynonfair.

Rouqh collie—1, H. Evans, Troedyraur Farm. Sheep dog, any other pure breed except collies—1, H. Rees, Narberth 2, W. Morgan, Isarberth. Thomas, Haverfordwest; 2, W. James, Pantsaeson. Rough terrier—1, John Hay, Pembroke 2, W. Thomas, Carmarthen 3, J. Francis, Pern-park. Smooth fox terricr-I, W. Thomas 2, K. Kees 3. Thomas 2, John Pay 3, W. Puppy of any breed—1, John Hay 2, A. Thomas: 3, W. James, Pwllhay 2, Hannah Morgan, Peny t-ark.

Plum pudding—1, Mrs Eveley. William-street; 2, divided between Mrs B. James, Pwllhay, and Lina li. Mince Pies—1, Mrs Eveley; 2. James and Lina Blake. Oatenmeal cakes-I. Kitten-J, J. George, Ffynoncoranau. Mangolds—1, Mrs Brig- stocke, Blaenpant; 2, G. Thomas, Pantyrodyn. Stephens, Glanol- march, Llechryd. Stephens, Glanolmarch. Parsnips—i, J- Davics, ttWeminedd 2, J. White onions—1 and 2, f. Leeks—1, J. Stephens 2, D. Oavies, L. Thomas, Aberporth. Mrs Brigstock 2, J. Stephens, gest beast in the show—D. Jones, Castlemaeigwyn t ariv,.

Beast exhibited by tenant farmer—D. Fat cow, fed with Britannia spice— Cpl. Picton Evans, Treforgan. Calf, fed with Britan- ftia cream jelly meal—W. Calf, reared 2? Calf led on Hope and ft0ns'meal—winner, John Evans, Glasdir. Spratt's Prize for dog-winner, W. Best collie in the show-winner, H.

Rees, Narberth. Bottle, Cardigan 2, J. Spratt's prize for best pen of fowls—1, G. Pembroke Dock. Pwllhay, Cardigan. Sutton and Sons' for best mangolds and swedes of their improved r"l':1eties-G. Mr William Davies, blacksmith, of Abercynon, during the past lew months been perfecting "is new Welsh gear for bicyclcs. The mechanism the invention has the advantages of simplicity, it merely consists of two additional wheels to 'he ordinary gear, much on the principle of ta.

In his specifications tho inventor describes the geo. Experts consider that, accepting the principle, the effect of having machine-made Sear wheels will increase the efficicncy of the Machine by another 10 to 15 per cent. However, t is with the machine as it now is that we have o speak. On Nov. Kennard succeeded in riding unpaced 22 Spies 1 lap in the hour, thus breaking tho unpaced Welsh professional reco.. On Thursday after- at the Har]equins' Ground Kennard made attempt to break his previous record. The a. Kennard covered the first five miles in 12,J minutes, and after tho ex- piation of 20 minutes had covered 7-J miles, and riding very strongly.

He ultimately covered "V miles yards in the hour. Mr Morgan Rees defended. On date in question defendant ran to the door, seeing complainant taking to his heels gave CqalSe and taking the law iuto his own hands cor- seted him with a lady's dog whip. After Fletcher had given idence, in the course of which ho denied he had n? Herbert Jones, medical. Andrew's Minstrels, for the benefit of Mr A. Searles, who met with a serious accident at Blaina, a large furniture van having passed over his two legs, breaking two bones and injuring the ankle. Ellery, a young local Democrat who is studying for the Christian ministry,on "The Religion of Socialism," in which he showed that ideal Socialism and the higher teaching of the Christian religion were in cordial agreement.

A resolution was unanimously adopted supporting the action of the Cardiff Corporation in demolish- ing the Stuart-street railings. The opinion was expressed that the decision arrived at on Monday was unwise, and the committee decided to organise another public meeting of ratepayers. The demolition of the Bute- street barricade was referred to. Considerable difference of opinion seemed to prevail, however, as to whether the Corporation were justified in the action taken.

This being the 25th anniversary for Mr John Thomas who is a native of the place to act as conductor, the district presented him with an illuminated address. Stephens, Llechryd, presided. Seymour presiding signed a petition asking Parliament to alter the condi- tions of repayment by the County Council of money spent on expensive drugs and poor law officers. At present, the repayment is based on the expenditure in the year preceding the passing of the Act. The petition asked that the basis should be determined by the expenditure in each year. Howell and Co.

An opening speech by the two leading corner men caused roars of laughter. The songs were of a good character, including "Waiting for de coming of de King" by Dr. Williams comic sang in capital style, and was encored. The four corner men were very good. Mr Lewis was loudly cheered for his song and clog" dance. The sketch entitled The Haunted Hencoop" brought the entertainment to a close. Miss Edith Llewellyn was an excellent accom- panist.. The concert proved a great musical treat. During the interval prizes were distributed to the children of the schools.

Those to the girls for sewing were distributed by Miss Duncan, Church Cottage; and prizes to the boys for regular attendance were distributed by Mr T. Price, chairman of the board. Two songs were well rendered by the scholars under the direction of Mr W. Davies, the headmaster. Rees, late minister, was presented with an illuminated address. The presentation was made on behalf of the church by the oldest member, Mrs Eleanor Smith.

The Mayor Alder- man Bear presided, and was supported by the Mayoress, who had sent out the invitations. The children and their friends were afterwards entertained to tea by the Mayoress. The men, so it is asserted, foiled for some time to make themselves heard, but were ultimately rescued by the crew of the steamer, and taken on board their own vessel, where they were attended to.

Davies, Llwynypia, passed a resolution expressing the opinion tha. Wynford Philipps addressed a meeting of county electors at Saun- dersfoot on Wednesday evening. Mr Benjamin Harris, J. A motion of confidencc in the candidate was moved by Mr J. Roblin, seconded by Rev. Lloyd, Baptist minister, and carried unanimously. At the close a resolution was passed to form a branch of the Union for Hereford and district.

Fifty took up cards of membership, and a like number gave tn their names to do likewise. Morgan, the newly appointed vicar of Llandilo Talybont, was inducted on Thursday afternoon at St. Teilo's Church, Pontardulais, by the Rev. Archdeacon Price. Shaw, the popular minister of St. Andrew's Presby- terian Church, Swansea, has decided to leave Swansea to take charge of a church at Cardiff, which is an offshoot of the one presided over by the Rev.

WE ask the Public to insist on having Cocoa, because adulterated cocoas are sometimes pushed for the sake of extra profit. It is "absolutely pure," therefore best. It is interesting to know that Wheldon, the Villa's dashing forward, has scored more goals in League matches this season than any player con- nected with the other First Division clubs. Freddy's record of sixteen goals proves him to be a most deadly shot. Spikesley, of Sheffield Wednesday, comes next, he having registered eleven, while Johnnie Goodall Derby County is a good third with eight opposite his name. The meeting of the Cardiff and District Union convened forWednaaday has been postponed until the 15th inst.

All players and supporters are invited to attend. The teams for the match will be selected and the draw for the second round of the Junior Medal Competition will be made. McMain for the remainder of the season. He appeared to have been annoyed that he was not given a place in the first team, and took the earliest train to Preston, where his home is situated. On Friday the secretary wired to him to return and take part in the Hereford match. No reply was received, and McMain did not appear. Old Ebor," in an attempt to forestall the Selection Committee, has chosen the following fifteen to represent the North against the South of England in the annual trial game :—C.

Dixon Yorkshire , back G. Robinson and S. Anderson Northumberland , J. Taylor and E. Fookes Yorkshire , three-quarter backs; H. Myers Yorkshire and J. Thompson Durham , half-backs R. Oakes, W. Dale Durham , J. Davidson, J. Blacklock Cumberland , E. Jacobson, F.

Current Book

Shaw Yorkshire , R. Pierce Lanca- 3hire , and J. Nesbitt Northumberland , forward. Councillor Zeller pre- sided, and complained of the lack of enthusiasm and even interest in the welfare of the club, not only on the part of the public, but of the com- mittee and members, as was,shown by the meagre attendance. The club would not be able to carry on unless better support was given it. The members were urged to do their utmost to excite interest in the club, and it was resolved to ask the season ticket holders to pay for admission to the next three matches instead of using their tickets.

The Glamorgan County F. The Rhondda, or East, fifteen have accepted their pices to a man. The Western players have nearly all favourably re- plied, but there are replies still to come in from three or four of those selected. The game should be a grand one, and well worth watching, while it should help the committee in their task of selecting a team v. NORTH v. T Thorpe, Cheshire, presiding, met last night at Leeds and selected the following team to represent North against South at Carlisle on Saturday, December "18th.

Poole Durham , back; J. Taylor Yorkshire , S. Anderson Northumberland , E. Fookes Yorkshire , Captain C. Robin- son Northumberland , three-quarters; H. Myers Keigliley , W. Graham Cumberland , half- backs; R. Oakes Durham , E. Jacobson York- shire , R. Pierce Lancashire , J. Davidson Cumberland , F.

Shaw Yorkshire , J. Black- lock Cumberland , W. Dale Durham , H. Ramsden Yorkshire , forwards. Reserves— C. Dixon Yorkshire , back; A.

TV listings: Here are the feature and TV films airing the week of June 30 - July 6, 12222

Bettargh Lancashire , E. Wincey Lancashire , and H. Counall Cheshire , three-quarters; J. Thompson Durham and S. Lockcrbie North. Finlay Northum- berland , R. Wood Lancashire , and J. Nesbitt Northumberland , forwards. The Blackheath and Cardiff match will not, as it was hoped, take place next Saturday. The Cardiff Club, however, at the last moment insist on the date originally fixed, and that only. Tho Blackheath Club will await the choice of the South team on Monday, but if their forces are greatly Ulutihted they wil1:scratch the match.

Why Cardiff have declined to play next Saturday per- haps they themselves will be able to explain. It is assumed, of course, that as sportsmen they were anxious to meet Blackheath at its best, and not when some of their greatest players were away. The writer of the foregoing paragraph has no knowledge of what actually took place, and con- sequently his charges against the Cardiff Club are totally unwarrantcd.

Far from desiring to ta. Why Blackheath, a club with such a wide circle of playing members, should seek to get out of their engagement simply because they will have several of their men figuring in the English trial match passes comprehension. Naturally, Cardiffians would prefer to meet them at their full strength, and quite aa naturally the Black- heath Executive would like to turn out their strongest side—without mention of gate con- siderations.

I do not think writes Old Stager that I shall be held to have broken confidence when I say that Cardiff's committee agreed to accede to the request of the Blackheath Executive if Penarth could arrange to play them on the follow- ing Saturday. A large offer was made to Penarth by the Heathens so I understand if they would arrange to put off their match so P,9 to play Cardiff a week later than their fixture.

Mr Cliff Bowen will in all probability leave this country for the Colonies next year. This season may therefore be regarded as the last of his football career. Llanelly have arranged four fixtures with Swansea for next season. In view of tho immense excitement that will centre in the meeting of the fifteens representing Oxford and Cambridge Universities at the Queen's Club in West Kensington on Wednesday next, the opinions of the rival captains should command some attention. Smith, the Dark Blue skipper, estimates his side a very fair lot; not first-class, for there is a weakness at half-back.

The forwards are good, especially in the loose, and play a Scotch game, hence their success in the South. I fancy they are too inexperienced to beat Cambridge. Cambridge are older and heavier, and Pilkington is unquestionably more dangerous than any of our three-quarters. We ought to get the better of them in the loose forward, but their halves will give more openings than ours. Mr Mackie adds that Cambridge should have a great advantage at half-back. The Yorkshireman declines to go further than this, and probably last year's turn-up has made him cautious of results.

The Cambridge skipper was educated at Hailey- bury, and was in the fifteen two years. In and 18S he played for the Wakefield Trinity, captaining the side in the latter years. Mackie went to Clare College, Cambridge, in October, , gaining his Blue against Oxford in the same year and of course in He was a member of the team that went to the Cape and also enjoys a. He is in his 29th year, weighs 13st. He is a good cricketer. See how Jill paints a comics page using real watercolor paint and actual paper. It's unique and it's vibrant! There will be stories and prizes! Thursday July 9, am - am Room 4.

Comic Book Law School Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda From inception through execution, from plotting to publishing, from the comic page to the silver screen, the road to success is long and paved with many road markers, sites to see, and, unfortunately, obstacles.

Comic Book Law School is designed to help you navigate the best possible route and provide help in deciphering the map legend. Noted IP attorney Michael Lovitz , author of The Trademark and Copyright Book comic book, presents the first of three fun, interactive, and informative programs, which this year will progressively study the case of fictional client Fitzgerald Scott, a fledgling comic book writer, and explore the many stages involved in the creation, development, protection, and commercialization of his newest comic book creation, The Strange Situation of Benjamin "Button" Cabeza.

This first installment focuses on "The Basics," in an effort to provide the necessary foundation needed for understanding the different intellectual property rights available to creators and business owners; and will include insights on how to protect those rights, focusing on how best to safeguard ideas, creative works, characters, brands and names, from conception through publication.

Attendees are invited to participate in an interactive discussion about rights provided under U. Along the way, there will be plenty to learn about the protections available, as well as the numerous potential pitfalls, under the U. This program is approved for 1. The Autobiography of James T. Kirk will read excerpts from The Autobiography of James T. This in-world memoir chronicles the greatest Starfleet captain's life, including his boyhood on an Iowa farm, his youth spent on Tarsus IV, his time in Starfleet Academy, his meteoric rise through the ranks of Starfleet, and his illustrious career at the helm of the Enterprise.

David Goodman author, former Family Guy executive producer moderates. Thursday July 9, am - am Ballroom Behind the Pages with David Aja David Aja artist, Hawkeye, Immortal Iron Fist talks about building a comic book with a team, from first idea to print: going through plot, sketches, discussions, deadlines, and tons of coffee. All conducted with nice visuals and a weird accent. Thursday July 9, am - pm Room 32AB.

Fisher award-winning costumer , Mike Schiffbauer master prop maker and costumer , and Bob Mogg Steampunk expert extraordinaire discuss the basics in costuming and go over tips, tricks, and techniques to help a beginning costumer get started in the world of cosplaying. Panelists show you how you can get in on all the cosplaying fun, even if you've never sewn before in your life, and demonstrate that you don't need to be an expert to make a great costume! Thursday July 9, am - pm Room 14A. God Is Disappointed in You Hey, nothing personal; that's what the book says!

They will also give a sneak preview of the hotly anticipated sequel, Apocrypha Now. Thursday July 9, am - pm Room 28DE. Is SHE Available? Everyone attending the panel will get a free eBook download review copy. There will be T-shirt prizes for good questions. Seeing the potential in comic creators and learning to nurture that talent is not an easy task, but a very important one.

Thursday July 9, am - pm Room 29AB. Schulz's iconic Peanuts gang celebrates not only their 65th anniversary but also two years of the current volume of the Peanuts comic book at BOOM! Thursday July 9, am - pm Room 5AB. Thursday July 9, am - pm Room 7AB.

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Meet some of the Bongo and United Plankton artists and writers Ian Boothby and Jacob Chabot who tickle your four-color funny bones and find out what's in stores in the months to come! Thursday July 9, am - pm Room 9. The filmmakers will discuss the production process as well as the unique inspiration for this incredibly personal film that features superheroes like you've never seen them before. Transformers Generations: More Than Meets the Eye Come see what the Transformers characters are up to as you are entertained with sneak peeks of the all new Activision video game trailers, IDW comic prints, and other special surprises.

Then get your collector action on as you get an exclusive glimpse at the latest and greatest Transformers generations combiner wars toys that have yet to hit toy shelves. Don't know where to start? Eisner Award nominee for Best Writer Kelly Sue DeConnick Bitch Planet, Pretty Deadly and Captain Marvel takes you through a basic overview of comic scriptwriting including exercises, discussion of various scripting styles, and writing for artists.

Bring your questions, bring your passion, and bring something to write on! Thursday July 9, am - pm Room 2. Please note: these playbacks will include only the panel discussions. None of the film clips or footage shown at the live events will be shown here.

From the executive producers of The Blacklist comes an action-packed Las Vegas thriller about a former military operative turned security expert Winchester who is drawn into a high-stakes and high-tech game, where an organization of wealthy individuals gamble on his ability to stop some of the biggest crimes imaginable from playing out. Join Wesley, Philip, and the executive producers for a compelling conversation about what fans can expect from this new exhilarating series. Thursday July 9, am - pm Room 6A. New and veteran fans alike are welcome for a tutorial on the essential stories, videos, and products that make up DC Entertainment.

Consider this your guide to the DC Universe. Thursday July 9, am - pm Room 6DE. Joe Phillips: My Misadventures in Comics Joe Phillips comic artist, writer, painter, creator discusses his plus years in the comics industry, from fandom to getting into the majors at Marvel and DC, his time at Gai Jin Studios and much more. Joe will also talk about his art for the GLBT geek community and his return to mainstream comics with his new character the Midsummer's Knight.

Thursday July 9, am - pm Room 4. Thursday July 9, am - pm Room 8. Not sure how to make your talents known? Veteran web series producers, directors, executives, and stars who have figured out how to successfully launch their own online series and parlay them into moneymaking ventures will dole out tips on producing, content creation, crowdsourcing funds, luring advertisers, marketing, branding, and-when TV comes calling-negotiating the transition so you retain ownership. With What's Trending? Comics Arts Conference 2: Research Methods and Digital Humanities Edd Schneider University of South Florida explains the challenges and opportunities of archiving and coding comics and details how the application of metadata reveals previously undiscovered patterns in Batman comic books.

Attendees of this session will leave with practical methodologies for locating comics and analyzing their content. Xavier Leonard Rokenbok Education explores alternative methods of mining data and extracting knowledge from social media platforms such as Comic Vine Wiki, and discusses data-visualizations that can result in deeper engagement with the dataset for scholars, creators, and the public at large.

John A. Walsh Indiana University-Bloomington and Carol Tilley University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign provide an overview of the efforts of the Comic Book Readership Archive CoBRA project to compile and analyze the vast documentary record of comic book readership, including fan mail, contests, fanzines, and attendee records from comic book conventions and similar events.

They explore how CoBRA might allow new research questions to be asked and enable new forms of scholarship. Thursday July 9, am - pm Room 26AB. Ultra-special guest Yoshinori Ono executive producer, Street Fighter franchise returns to SDCC for another of his trademark special appearances, and who knows what exclusives, surprises, and hijinks are in store? Learn how you can earn big money and everlasting fame by competing in the Capcom Pro Tour, culminating in the Capcom Cup Finals later this year.

Plus, get a first look at all the must-have Street Fighter and SFV-licensed products and promotions in store for the rest of the year! A must-see for any video game fighting fan. Some of comic book publishing's top decision makers and creators-including BOOM! Studios editor-in-chief Matt Gagnon , Oni Press senior editor Charlie Chu , and First Second Books' associate marketing and publicity manager Gina Gagliano , along with Ed Brisson Cluster as they give you the most up-to-date and practical advice on how to break into the comic book industry right now.

Moderated by Jim Zub Wayward. Thursday July 9, pm - pm Room 28DE. Joe franchises have become a cultural phenomenon spanning toys, cartoons, comic books, and movies since their introduction in the '80s. Now the fan-favorite action figures make the leap to next-generation video game consoles in Toy Soldiers: War Chest. Joe historian from Hasbro , Mark Morse director of global marketing and franchise development for Masters of the Universe from Mattel , and Josh Mast producer on Toy Soldiers: War Chest from Ubisoft discuss bringing these classic action figures to life and present a live gameplay demo and an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the new trailer featuring these characters.

While comic books continued to labor under the stigma of low-value, juvenile speech, the larger-format magazine comics broke out, giving artists a safe haven to openly deal with adult content, provide more horror and suspense, and be frank about sexuality. Magazines like Mad, Creepy, and Eerie paved the way for a generation of titles that included Heavy Metal, Vampirella, Epic Illustrated, , and Savage Sword of Conan to break new ground for a general audience and loosen the reins on some of comics' top creators.

Comics for Impact: STEM Education Comics can be a powerful tool for teaching science, technology, engineering, and mathematics STEM , but they require collaboration between comic creators, scientists, and educators.

  1. Free Things to Do in Manhattan This Week - May May 26!
  2. Platon, seine Erben und die 99 Thesen (German Edition).
  3. Diana Tempest [Annotated with a new introduction] (Valancourt Classics)!
  4. Gods Promises on How He Fights for You;

Moderated by Russell Shilling U. Dark Horse Presents For years, Dark Horse has brought the creations of the most talented creators in the comics industry to stands; now's your chance to jump onboard! Thursday July 9, pm - pm Room 9. They'll analyze popular superhero tropes and what it is about superpowers that makes them so versatile and intoxicating for storytellers. Moderated by David Mariotte of Mysterious Galaxy. Thursday July 9, pm - pm Horton Grand Theatre. Thursday July 9, pm - pm Room 29AB. Raising Fankids Pasquale Piro eighth-grade teacher, father of two moderates a panel of teachers and parents discussing the challenges of and methods for instilling a sense of self-confidence and positivity in young geeks.

Thursday July 9, pm - pm Room 14A. The panel will be moderated by Skybound editorial director Sean Mackiewicz. Thursday July 9, pm - pm Room 7AB. The traveling podcast party makes a stop at Comic-Con International, bringing along some very special guests for this live edition of the show. There's a comic out there for everyone, and these pros will help you find the series that's right for you! With special guest Jen Vaughn cartoonist. The Modern Fairytale Myth, legends, folk, and fairy tales make up some of the oldest and most treasured stories of human history.

More than just entertainment, they teach lessons, preserve tradition, and influence entire generations. Heroes, heroines, dragons, faeries, genies, and demons live on in today's popular fiction. Moderated by Ali T. Thursday July 9, pm - pm Room 32AB. This process will include creating a pitch document, obtaining agents, and getting a pitch meeting.

The panelists will explain, through hypothetical examples and humorous stories, the process that new creators should adapt to make their way through the creative battleground of the entertainment industry. Thursday July 9, pm - pm Room 5AB. You will get an in-depth look into how voice actors approach the art, beauty, and challenges of performing on the spot. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 Lionsgate presents an exclusive first look at one of the studio's highly anticipated films coming to theaters this fall.

Get a sneak peek into the powerful final chapter of the epic The Hunger Games film franchise. Thursday July 9, pm - pm Hall H. When Molly Woods discovers she has unwittingly put the human race on a path to destruction, she and a mysterious stranger may be the only hope for survival. An exclusive sneak peek at what's to come in Season 2, followed by a panel discussion with cast members Halle Berry X-Men , and Jeffrey Dean Morgan Watchmen , executive producer Craig Shapiro , and executive producer and creator Mickey Fisher.

ZOO is a global thriller about a wave of violent animal attacks against humans that are sweeping the planet. The series spans eight countries and features real lions, tigers, bears and more. The panel discussion will be moderated by Michael Yo , correspondent on The Insider. The panel discussion will be moderated by Kevin Frazier , co-host of Entertainment Tonight. From executive producer Bradley Cooper, the fast-paced drama will explore what happens when there are no limits to man's potential, as Finch will be coerced by the FBI to use his newfound extraordinary abilities for good.

Team Scorpion will unveil an exclusive sizzle reel highlighting all of the best action scenes and fan-favorite moments from the first season. Thursday July 9, pm - pm Ballroom The panel will also feature sneak peeks of Pickle and Peanut and Future-Worm! Thursday July 9, pm - pm Room 6A. A surprise guest will be giving away a traditional iPad. Thursday July 9, pm - pm Room 4. Panelists show you how to use the catalog for preordering all of your favorite comics, graphic novels, toys, and other pop culture merchandise. Attendees will get a free copy of the July issue and have a chance to win other exciting prizes!

Thursday July 9, pm - pm Room 8. Spotlight on Jim Lee "What kind of pencil do you use? Thursday July 9, pm - pm Room 6DE. Be on-hand as Zombies director Jason Blundell unveils Treyarch's new mind-bending tale of the undead. Don't miss the onstage reveal of the star-studded cast. Attendees will also get an exclusive first look at the Zombies reveal trailer and receive limited edition Zombies memorabilia only available at Comic-Con.

When the American Library Association released their latest annual list of the most challenged books, a disturbing trend was noted: Books that increased the diversity of what is available to readers were more likely to be challenged. What is it about diversity that seems to encourage censors? Comics Are for Everyone: Helping Every Student See Themselves in the Medium While the cultural footprint of comics has increased immensely, minorities, women, and the LGBT community have only recently begun to see an increase in representation in mainstream comics.

This panel seeks to explore the cultural, societal, and educational ramifications of this recent shift and discuss possible future implications. Educators Ronell Whitaker Dwight D. Or not. Guess you'll have to be there to find out! Thursday July 9, pm - pm Room 2. They will explain the groundbreaking process of creating studio-quality independent Blu-ray releases, including the new Prelude to Axanar: Special Edition. Studios editor-in-chief Matt Gagnon and editor Eric Harburn, as they share some of the editing secrets of one of the comic book industry's leading independent publishers and discuss editing do's and don'ts.

Historical Comics and Graphic Novels Not all comics are about superheroes. In fact, there are some amazing graphic novels, comics and web comics that deal with events from history. Some are personal stories, some are historical accounts and some are the creator's own take, but they all bring history alive. Level-Up Your Style with Geek Fashion Geek Fashion saw unprecedented growth in the past year, and with more choices comes more opportunities to make these clothes fit your own unique geek.

The panel will also highlight their favorite designers, retailers, and trends and discuss where they would all like to see geek fashion go in the future. Ever dream of working for Marvel? Do you find yourself thinking, "I could do that Join Marvel talent scout C. Cebulski and a host of Marvel talent including Kris Anka Uncanny X-Men to find out the answers on how to get your foot in the door and make your job Marvel!

Hosted by Tim Drake , award winning filmmaker, writer, and author. The show will feature a special celebrity guest and will talk about film, TV, and comedy. Star Wars is getting new movies, and so is Star Trek. Come join a panel of distinguished genre authors as they discuss this renaissance of sci-fi, and why now is an exciting time to live in, for both fiction and fact. Science Channel: Raiders, Raptors, and Rebels: Behind the Magic of ILM Fans will get to see exclusive clips and receive unprecedented access behind the scenes at Industrial Light and Magic, as science and creativity give birth to some of today's top films.

The secrets behind Avengers: Age of Ultron, Star Wars, Jurassic Park , and many more will be revealed during this once-in-a-lifetime panel. Surprise guests and exclusive footage along with a very special prize will be given away at this VIP experience where the science behind the movies is unveiled for the first time ever. Harvey explores why Wallgren, famous during the war, has been overlooked in the history of cartooning.

Jason Bainbridge Swinburne University of Technology uses an analysis of key Uncle Scrooge comics, characters, and stories to support his argument that Scrooge McDuck is emblematic of the economic patterns of comic book franchises and prefigures the transmedia development of comic book characters from Marvel and DC. Aaron Humphrey University of Adelaide uses critical discourse analysis to trace how Krazy Kat , a mechanically reproduced work of art, acquired the aura of a unique work of art. Thursday July 9, pm - pm Room 26AB. Trailer Park See the latest and greatest trailers with all of your pop culture-loving friends here on the big screen at Comic-Con.

Authors of Epic Fantasy How do you best describe stories of epic fantasy? Expansive worlds with long histories, huge casts of characters, political intrigue, massive battles, magic, legend, and much more'they are indeed epic! Panelists will be joined by John D. Roberts co-founder of comiXology and Director of comiXology Submit for his insights on bringing new creations to the digital marketplace. First Second: What's in a Page?

Led by First Second editorial director Mark Siegel , four cartoonists take a close look at their own work and each other's, looking in depth at the text and art in a single page of comics, and what's hidden under the surface: panel structure, emotional complexity, and creative influences. The discussion will be led by S. Harper Reckoning. The Last Ship: Panel and Exclusive Sneak Preview TNT's post-apocalyptic drama The Last Ship is back for its second season, bigger than ever with higher stakes and catastrophic developments that leave no one safe without the cure. Captain Chandler and the USS Nathan James crew found the cure that could potentially save the world from a deadly virus.

As they return to what was once their home, they face new threats as their world has been turned upside down. How will they spread this cure, and is the world left worth saving? An exclusive sneak preview of what's to come this season will be followed by a discussion with the cast, including Eric Dane, Rhona Mitra, and Adam Baldwin. Unlike other depictions of far-off inventions, the year has brought us surprisingly close to possessing what has been thought of as a 24th century technology.

They'll also show some of the exciting virtual experiences under development. An actual holodeck-style rendering of the Enterprise Star Trek: Next Generation bridge will be presented. And for good measure, they'll discover a new type of martial arts, Gymkata , and prove to Virginia there really is a Santa Claus: The Movie. Charge it to the Underhills! Comics have been shown to improve reader engagement while enhancing both comprehension and retention.

And with the new emphasis on reading nonfiction, academic vocabulary, and reading in the subject areas, comics are more relevant than ever. Learn the basics of flatting, rendering, color holds, and special effects, along with top digital coloring tips.

Foam Costuming This panel will discuss the various techniques for using foam and other inexpensive materials to craft comfortable and lightweight costumes for conventions and party events. Techniques covered include using Pepakura for patterning and methods for drafting freehand patterns to translate to use for foam or cardboard.


The panel will also demonstrate basic tools that will make your pieces clean and professional looking, and ways to seal and paint your completed parts. Both have years of experience in the realm of cosplay and prop making and are eager to answer all of your questions. Greenlight Your Passion Project!

This panel of pros has successfully raised millions of dollars for feature film, short-films, documentaries, and web-series. Killer robots, ghosts, absurdist comedy, and space adventures aren't niche, but in comics, they sometimes are treated like they are. Come find your new favorite comic. The future of the DC universe is now! Join an all-star cast of DC Comics creators who specialize in sci-fi for a panel that is out of this world and will take you to the farthest reaches of the galaxy and beyond.

Nobody's Damsel: Writing for Tomorrow's Women Top producers, writers, actors, and creative executives discuss the complexities of modern female characters in the media and how aspiring writers and producers can create characters that are relatable to the upcoming generation of women. The panel will be moderated by D'nae Kingsley head of integrated strategy at top entertainment marketing agency Trailer Park. Spotlight on Jen Sorensen Herblock Prize-winning political cartoonist Jen Sorensen Slowpoke , seen on Daily Kos and The Nib as well as in alternative newspapers around the country, will show her favorite cartoons and discuss her other job as comics editor for Fusion, a startup from ABC and Univision.

Jim Viscardi ComicBook. Want to know which is his favorite young Marvel character to draw? Does he hate Fairyland? Find out here! Sunday Morning Funny: The Lighter Side of Faith-Based Comics As much as the "yellow sign" protestors outside the Comic-Con doors would like to tell you that your love of comics is a sure path to the unfriendly side of "The Afterlife," the reality is that religion and pop culture are not mutually exclusive, including the medium of comic books.

Panelists from the Satellite Show spin-off podcast In Your Faith set their sights on wacky extremism and lovable misfires in the world of faith-based comics. Moderated by Jessica Tseang comic book historian, Girl on Geek. Then join improv group The Katydids , creators and stars behind Teachers, as they talk to Alison Brie about their new show. Blizzard Entertainment Showcase Chris Metzen Blizzard Entertainment SVP story and franchise development and a team of esteemed panelists reveal never-before-seen products and plans for and Talk to the designers, writers, and artists themselves, as the panelists dig into toys, books, collectibles, and more.

Doctor Who follows the adventures of the Doctor, the time traveler who will continue to journey through all of space and time in epic adventures in the new season premiering this fall. Capaldi's first season delivered BBC America its highest rated season ever and is available now on all digital platforms. Comics Arts Conference 4: Eisner vs. Beginning with the creation of his iconic character the Spirit, used by Eisner to tell stories of sophistication and depth, the discussion will then shift to his s reinvention of comics, catalyzing the literary comics movement with A Contract with God , the first of many graphic novels he'd create.

While The Spirit is by no means forgotten, it wrestles for primacy regarding what Eisner's more important achievements were. Academia tends to focus on his personal work of the '70s and beyond. This focus overlooks, perhaps due to The Spirit 's action-adventure milieu, the fact that in the feature Eisner told stories with great personal meaning, a harbinger of the rich work to come.

Today, we celebrate the innovations of year-old Eisner, explore what makes the Spirit important, and trace Eisner's evolving interests, from action-adventure to memoir and social commentary. ComiXology: Ask Me Anything ComiXology, the revolutionary cloud-based digital comics platform, spills the beans on everything you've ever wanted to know about digital comics, publishing, life, and more. Roberts director of comiXology Submit. These powerful Hollywood businesswomen also made collecting the art of animation and film accepted and embraced around the world and own all rights to sell official Warner Brothers cartoon art, Vintage WB movie art, DC comics art, and the art of Harry Potter.

They'll talk about growing up with two geniuses and how they built empires of their own making geek art cool. See the global premiere of artwork from the new Assassin's Creed comics, plus be the first to find out about the launch storylines and and the all new Assassins! The artists of the creator-owned hits of tomorrow will be in attendance! Cult writer Roman Dirge gives you a ghostly glimpse at Lenore and his upcoming new projects!

Artist Des Taylor takes you undercover of hit series Scarlett Couture! Harvey award nominated writer Mark Wheatley discusses his new re-mastered edition of Breathtaker! Plus, more comics talent and prizes to win! For the superhero genre, the music reflects these emotions and more. This panel offers a behind the scenes look at the music of today's biggest superhero film and TV projects with unreleased film clips and never before heard music.

Produced by Costa Communications. ComicBase creator Peter Bickford will be on hand to give a sneak preview of upcoming program features, answer questions, and spill the beans on what's next for both ComicBase and Atomic Avenue. Get an exclusive look at the new version of ComicBase whether it's shipping or not! There'll also be a prize drawing for some very cool stuff. Comics Make Kids Smarter: Exploring Data-Driven Success in the Comics Classroom Research shows that comics and graphic novels are motivating, support struggling readers, enrich the skills of accomplished readers and are a highly effective tool for teaching challenging material in a more efficient way.

The pros, the cons, the triumphs, the tears! Plus, panelists share the latest news of upcoming projects. Pilgrim , and Olesya Rulin Calista for a sneak peek at the upcoming Season 1 Blu-ray, and what's to come in the second season of PlayStation's hit original series. Join co-CEO Jeff Krelitz , publisher Kevin Eastman , and a few very special surprise guests, for exclusive announcements on upcoming projects in entertainment and publishing, plans for further expansion, and a strategy to change the game on creator-owned work. This is an essential panel for longtime fans, curious onlookers, and comics creators of every stature, as the company offers exclusive news to Comic-Con attendees to broaden the landscape on original storytelling!

Since then, legendary fantasy author Terry Brooks has written more than 25 New York Times bestselling novels. Join Terry as he talks about the history of Shannara , his life as a writer, and what's to come in the future.

Free Things to Do in NYC This Week - May May 26

Meet the studio founders and get a firsthand look into the making of these blockbuster films. You may even get a sneak peek at some of the actual props from the films. This Week in Marvel: Live! Marvel's official weekly flagship podcast comes to Comic-Con for a special episode that may or may not include guests, secrets, news, free stuff, arm wrestling, guitar solos, and more!

Transformers: Robots in Disguise Roll out with the cast and creatives behind Transformers: Robots in Disguise as they share details of the making of the popular animated series and give a sneak peek into the rest of Season 1, now airing on Cartoon Network. What Do Women Want? Female Gaze in Manga What do women want to read?

While comics in North America has been mostly a "boy" thing, in Japan, manga and anime for women have been a major force in the comics market for many years. From shojo manga to boys love manga to reverse harem "otome" video games and anime filled with delectable guys, these media have been catering to the tastes of female fans in Japan.

These stories are reaching readers and inspiring comics creators worldwide more than ever. They'll also share their picks for your next must-read manga that'll make you swoon. Worldbuilding Worlds are important; but how are they made? Marv will talk about what to think about before you start writing-how to approach coming up with your plot, story, and theme, how to put them together, and-the question most newbies ask-how to create characters.

And best of all there will be plenty of time for specific questions. Joining the party will be some of DC's senior editorial team as they try to stop fans from winning some amazing prizes! Animated Effects in Live Action When the word animation is used, we think of cartoons. However, the line between live action and animation is becoming blurred due to technological advances. Industry professionals who create some of the most memorable animated visual effects will have a lively discussion on how they blend animation with live action seamlessly.

Expect exclusive news, special guests, and a first look at the full-length feature trailer for AIR. There will be several announcements, a surprise guest or two, and some good old-fashioned art talk. This panel of veteran story editors and head writers will reveal what you need to know to break into the business, and stay in it. Topics include creating appropriate writing samples, landing a first gig, meeting deadlines, and keeping your story editor happy. John Watson. Sherlock will return to PBS Masterpiece in a forthcoming special. It's time for the Captain's 2nd Annual Customizing Contest.

As the original superhero action figure, Captain Action is all about customization, change, and the power of imagination. This year's theme, "Bring on the Bad Guys," will highlight villainous creations. The panel of judges, along with all the fans in the room, will choose a winner from the six best finalists and award prizes. Also, a sneak peek at the upcoming animated series.

Moderated by Ed Catto Captain Action. CBLDF executive director Charles Brownstein hosts this special live podcast celebrating Banned Books Week and examining the stakes of censorship for creators, librarians, and most of all, readers. Moonbeam City is an absurdist, retro-futuristic '80s cop extravaganza.

The series follows Dazzle Novak voiced by Rob Lowe , a handsome, idiotic detective who commits more crimes than most criminals. His sexy, tyrannical chief Pizzaz Miller Elizabeth Banks won't get off his back. His obnoxious rival Rad Cunningham Will Forte will stop at nothing to destroy him. Dazzle must team up with the city's only competent police officer, Chrysalis Tate Kate Mara , to protect their beloved, neon-soaked metropolis.

Learn about maximizing your art potential, pricing your art, merchandizing it, and selling it. Don't just make money, make a living! Delcourt has now made it easier than ever to discover this content, by announcing weekly releases of digital first French comics in English through comiXology. The French invasion has begun! Destination America's Ghost Asylum Ever wondered what it is like to go on a real ghost hunt?

Join the stars of Destination America's Ghost Asylum as they discuss the most bloodcurdling paranormal hotspots in America. The team will describe their most intricate traps, including the Wraith Dome and the Prism Catcher. Never-before-seen footage of paranormal activity, exclusive clips, demonstrations, and special prizes will be featured at this event, which is sure to raise the hairs on the back of your neck. Presented by Destination America. Whether it is demons and zombies, from the historical settings to the seemingly mundane, authors find bone-chilling ways to make sure the reader keeps turning the pages.

Studios discuss fitness, body image, and confidence in a geek world. Altman Free Enterprise presides over a celebration of the lives of some of Trek's most luminous voices whom we lost this year. The Forgotten Trio: Letterers, Inkers, and Colorists Comic book industry veterans discuss what it entails to be an inker, letterer and colorist, along with advice for those aspiring to be part of the comic book industry. Topics include using comics to convey complex information, student-created comics as a narrative, and aligning to national standards while still increasing student engagement.

Paramount Sat. Paramount Fri. Disney XD Sat. TMC Sat. POP Fri. Freeform Tues. Nickelodeon Thur. Nickelodeon Fri. Monsters, Inc. Paramount Sun. LOGO Fri. CMT Fri. TNT Wed. EPIX Thur. EPIX Fri. HBO Sat. Starz Tues. FXX Thur. Lifetime Sat. POP Wed. POP Sat. TNT Fri. Encore Sun. TNT Mon. TNT Tues. FXX Mon. EPIX Wed. USA Thur. Cinemax Mon. CMT Sun. CMT Sat. FX Thur.

Dax Meredith - Lottery Ticket Thief (The Missing Ticket Fund Book 1) Dax Meredith - Lottery Ticket Thief (The Missing Ticket Fund Book 1)
Dax Meredith - Lottery Ticket Thief (The Missing Ticket Fund Book 1) Dax Meredith - Lottery Ticket Thief (The Missing Ticket Fund Book 1)
Dax Meredith - Lottery Ticket Thief (The Missing Ticket Fund Book 1) Dax Meredith - Lottery Ticket Thief (The Missing Ticket Fund Book 1)
Dax Meredith - Lottery Ticket Thief (The Missing Ticket Fund Book 1) Dax Meredith - Lottery Ticket Thief (The Missing Ticket Fund Book 1)
Dax Meredith - Lottery Ticket Thief (The Missing Ticket Fund Book 1) Dax Meredith - Lottery Ticket Thief (The Missing Ticket Fund Book 1)

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