Battle Prayer for Divine Healing, Field Manual 2

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Releasing God's Healing Power When You Need It

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Divine Healing – A Scriptural and Practical Approach

Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a product review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Verified Purchase. Not only is there some awesome insight and revelation for the battle we are facing but it has usual way to into weave scripture into the fight with some powerful interpretations or add ons. It is like you are reading a amplified bible, bible. The author has diffidently been in many battles and I believe he has won many.

This not a book of theories. It will produce victories in your life and I have been in many myself being a healing Evangelist and I learned a lot. This a must read if you like to win. I have two copies of this book After reading some in the kindle, i realized I had to have a copy to hold in my hand, so bought the hard copy. Filled with scripture and I love the teachings that are in it. I highly recommend it. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Actually, healing the sick and casting out demons is supposed to follow every believer, according to Mark , They are not showing forth the will of the Father in the way Jesus Christ expressed it to a world in pain and darkness.

It is not one or the other, but both that fully express the will of the Father. But if the doctrine of divine healing is true, how could Christians ever die? This is really not as great a problem as it may seem at first. The simple answer is: if Jesus does not come back first, a Christian may die through persecution, or by their body wearing out and God taking their spirit to be with him. Although many Christians do die with sickness in their body this does not mean that all do or all should.

After God has satifisfied a man with long life Ps. Those who die as martyrs are a special category and obviously do not die because of sickness. Our bodies are still mortal and as such cannot inherit the kingdom of God. They are affected by the Adamic curse and no longer have the capacity to live forever. They must be put aside at some stage before we can receive our new resurrection bodies. Only then will that promise for our bodies become a practical reality. Unless you are satisfied with long life already, you ought to be able to experience your healing well before you receive your resurrection body!

This is not to deny the Sovereignty of God, but rather, it is to affirm His Faithfulness and the integrity of His Word. Things will get better, at least in the soul of an obedient Christian. But God has something for the body too! At the cross Jesus already legally accomplished your healing and deliverance. What is necessary now is to follow Him in all things and let Him make some changes to your life. One of them, if you are sick and in pain, will be your healing. In this passage Isaiah the prophet foretells the sacrifice of Jesus on Calvary.

Just as Jesus bore our sins and the punishment for our transgressions, he also bore the curse, which includes sicknesses and the pains they produce. Jesus would not have done this if God wanted us to always bear our sicknesses and pains ourselves. These words really mean sicknesses and pains respectively.

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This implies a physical interpretation for the Isaiah prophecy. Just as salvation has been provided for all men in the area of forgiveness and spiritual regeneration, so it has also healing been provided for by the same sacrifice. But people need to appropriate the benefits of Calvary by repentance and faith, and so it is also with divine healing. Faith takes hold of the provision of Calvary. We may need to add patience to our faith in order to inherit the promises Hebrews , but the promises are there and they can be really experienced.

God is interested in our total healing and salvation. Therefore we are wise if we co-operate with the way He is leading us. Many times God will begin by addressing a spiritual or emotional problem in our lives before He gets around to removing the physical infirmity or disease. Thus God may first lead a person let go of bitterness and resentment in their life — thus freeing them emotionally, before the manifestation of the physical healing can come.

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We cannot tell God the way He must heal us. We need to realise that God does want us to be well — but the way He wants us to receive that wellness may not be known to us. We really need to be dependent on the Spirit for all things. True faith is based on relationship with God, not formulas and principles.

Failure to understand this has led to a lot of grief and disappointment amongst those who have been looking to the Lord for divine healing. We will consider below different ways which God may use in order for us to actually receive our healing, which He provided for us at the cross. Faith has an important role not only in divine healing, but also in our salvation, and everything we do in life. It is possible to have great faith in God for certain areas while being full of doubt in other areas where God has spoken. Many believe God for the salvation of their soul that believe nothing definite regarding the healing of their body.

Some have faith to pray effectively for revival or even for the healing of others and yet do not seem to have any confidence in regard to the healing of their own body. Some have faith for their healing and yet do not even have faith for salvation! It is therefore a mistake to consider that having faith in one area means that there is nothing more God is expecting you to believe for in life. We ought not to judge people whose faith is deficient in a particular area, but rather encourage them with the Word.

He put the responsibility on the disciples, and not on the sick. Since faith comes out of fellowship with Christ, our communion with the Lord through the Holy Spirit is very important if we are to minister divine healing consistently and effectively. The commission for divine healing is still given to the body of Christ today John ; Mark , Having said all this, it is important to realise that God expects us to believe what He says. We should believe it even when our physical senses and our minds may be screaming out that it cannot be so.

As we have seen, God has given great and precious promises concerning the healing of the body. Our responsibility is to focus on those promises, to praise God for them, and to rest patiently in the confidence of their truthfulness until indeed our divine healing is a physical fact in our bodies. This means that there may be a period of time between actually believing the promise and experiencing the results of divine healing. This is true despite the fact that it was all legally accomplished a long time ago at the cross. The Scripture gives us many examples of people whose faith played a major role in their healing, or in the healing of others.

Go in peace, and be healed of your affliction. No one was telling her what she needed to believe or say. Her faith and confession came out of her heart. She had heard about Jesus and what He can do, and this sparked off faith in her heart. She pushed past the crowd of religious traditionalists who were just waiting for Jesus to do something, and she got her miracle. In the same way, if a believer today can get past the crowd of religious people who are hanging around Jesus but not touching him with faith, that believer can get something real from God. His touch may come through an anointed servant of God ministering in His name.

We should be open to such things. The way we do that depends on the God given conviction we receive from God about what needs to happen. It has to be more than wishful hoping. It must be a God-given conviction. He is another example of someone who went after Jesus with determination and faith, not taking into account the discouraging words of those around him and around Jesus. We should have the same attitude. It was the faith of friends that resulted in the healing of a number of people in the gospels. The paralytic in the story of Mark 2 was saved and healed because of the faith of his friends who got him to Jesus Mark And the great faith of the Syro-Phoenician woman in Mark resulted in the healing and deliverance of her daughter.

In an atmosphere of faith where Jesus is moving, the faith of others can bring deliverance to their loved ones. Our faith in Jesus can result in great blessings for our loved ones. There may be any number of reasons in such cases, and unless the Spirit of God has clearly shown us by revelation what the problem is in a particular case, we do better to confess our ignorance rather than declare what we think the problem is.. Divine healing may be received in many ways.

Below some of the more important ways are discussed. All of these methods have worked in a multitude of cases, and testimonies can be given to support all of this. But this is not done here for the purpose of space. This is a command of the New Testament. In cases where simpler methods have not worked, it is the instruction of God that we call the elders of the church to come to the bed of the sick one and do these things.

God assumes here that the elders are able to pray a prayer of faith. If your church leaders are unable to do this, perhaps you should find a church where the elders can and will do their part in this matter. Jesus laid hands on the sick on many occasions and in this way imparted the healing power of the Holy Spirit to their diseased bodies.

By touching the eyes of blind men Jesus healed them also Matthew Many other examples could be given. Many times also it was enough for the sick themselves to touch Jesus, or His clothes. This is a variation on the idea of laying on of hands but the idea is similar. The healing power of the Holy Spirit flows from Jesus through a physical contact made in faith. Jesus gave this ministry to all believers in Mark , It is biblical to pray and intercede from a distance for those in sickness.

The centurion did this in one sense, knowing that a word from Jesus was enough for the healing of His servant. In the Old Testament, Abraham prayed for the healing of Abimelech and his family and was heard Genesis In Numbers Moses intercedes for the healing of his sister Miriam from leprosy, and she was healed by the time seven days were up. It is Biblical to pray for others. Prolonged intercessory prayer will often prepare the way for God to move miraculously and suddenly in divine healing. Such prayer involves a struggle with the powers of darkness. We are not often aware of the reasons for the spiritual struggles involved in getting answers for some of our prayers.

Persistent faith is important here Luke In third world countries many are healed in great evangelistic rallies by simply hearing the message preached. Even listening to taped messages can be of great benefit to our faith. Many benefits are promised to those who meditate on the Word e. Joshua The Hebrew concept of meditation includes muttering something to oneself over and over again. This causes the words to enter deeply into the human soul and spirit. In this way, faith can be developed for things which look impossible to the natural eye.

One of the ways faith comes is by hearing the Word of God Romans If we keep hearing the Word of God about healing, eventually faith will be developed in that area. We need to meditate on the Word until our hearts are speaking the Word back to us, and we are really hearing it. After we have begun to hear the Word, we need to keep hearing it, pondering it, and turning it over in our minds so that doubt and unbelief has no place to enter.

This is far from the only method of healing, yet it has its place. The more we believe something, the more we will say it 2 Cor. And the more we say something, the more likely we are to believe it. If it is true that repeatedly hearing lies results in deception, then it is also true that repeatedly hearing the Word of God, especially out of our own mouth, will result in faith.

This is because faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God Romans As we prayerfully hear the Word with a soft, good heart, new faith germinates and grows in the previously barren areas of our lives. Doubt is overcome by devoting oneself to meditation on the Word.

Declaring the Word releases power and can change the spiritual climate governing our situation. This is a good reason to speak the Word of God out in the face of all kinds of negative and threatening situations. Secondly, we need to know the Scriptures relevant to our particular case. There is creative power in words. God used them to create the Universe. We use them all the time to influence our world. Since God wants us well, we should speak words of life over our bodies and not words of defeat and discouragement.

When we truly believe from the heart, and when we talk and act consistently with that faith, God works. Such faith is a gift from God. God wants us to believe His promises. He knows when we believe. By holding onto our confession and patiently waiting for God to move we will obtain the promises Hebrews ; Confessing the Word concerning healing in the first person means to say out loud the declarations of Scripture concerning our healing and to make it personal.

Battle Prayer For Healing Attitudes - Part 1 - Ministry Videos

Such confessions do not force the hand of God. It is a verbal affirmation that the thing God says about healing applies to us. Confessing the Word like this does not always bring instant results. Instead it works to progressively grow us up spiritually and release us from fear, doubt and discouragement so that faith can work. Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them. Jesus is not really talking about literal mountains here. Like a mountain, it looks like it is impossible to move.

This principle is applied to ministering deliverance and healing to people. We command the mountain of demonic oppression to leave a person and it goes. We command the bodies of others or our own bodies to come into line according to the principles of perfect health, and they do. It works when we take this Scripture seriously and believe that God could use us in such a way. We then need to purify our hearts and minds and become more like Jesus, who knew the Father perfectly and operated this way all the time with perfect confidence.

In Jesus name, we can command muscles, tendons and ligaments to relax, and bones to move into place. We can command internal organs to be made new, or nerve connections to be fixed. If we believe it with God-given faith, God will do it. We still need to depend on God in all of this.

We are not commanding God here, but we are commanding the mountain — the body or the problem, to move. God is sovereign. He has commanded us to imitate Him Ephesians We put this Scripture into practise in obedience to Him. Mark reveals an important principle to those with ears to hear. The story is told of a missionary in China who was afflicted with many smallpox sores and was in serious danger. The Lord instructed her to praise Him for His promises of healing. When those praises were greater than the problem, she was miraculously healed by the power of God. In the same way, God is pleased when we thank and praise Him for His promises.

This develops character in the face of difficulty. It glorifies God, and often results in a wonderful manifestation of divine healing. In the gospels Jesus often gave instructions to people seeking healing. For example, he told the blind man to wash in the pool of Siloam John It can be the same today, since God still has His ways of communicating with us. I personally know a preacher who was healed of a skin problem when he obeyed the Lord and began to preach in the open air in his city.

People may also receive physical healing when they put things right in a relationship either by restoring what was stolen or by forgiving those who have unjustly treated them. These are things the Holy Spirit may show us to do. And often, we will fail to receive divine healing until we do the very thing our conscience is pressing us to do. A minister of divine healing may give an instruction in the name of Jesus to a person seeking healing. Obedience to that instruction will release healing if the instruction truly was from the Lord.

Many times the instruction will involve doing something that was impossible or difficult to do before. I have been led many times to tell those with back problems to thank the Lord and then touch their toes. Many times they are surprised at the way the Lord instantly heals them at that moment. This happens both with non-believers and with believers. It is no use talking about what great faith we have if we are not willing to obey the practical instructions of the Lord to our situtation.

Faith without corresponding actions is dead faith — no use to anyone. Prayer and fasting not eating food is a divinely instituted means of getting breakthoughs in difficult circumstances. In humbling ourselves this way, we can receive grace from God and hear His voice more clearly. Our prayers tend to have greater power also in times of fasting. Fasting has the side effect of releasing the toxins out of our body which have accumulated, perhaps through a less than perfect diet, or for other reasons.

Often just eliminating these toxins will have a positive effect on our health. Natural things are not to be despised. Why should God keep on healing us if we insist on abusing our bodies with tobacco, excessive alchohol or gluttonous behaviour? Fasting helps in breaking the power of sin and disease and demonic strongholds in our mind. It will also enable us in many cases to receive a far greater anointing with which to minister to others. Sometimes sickness and illness, especially those sicknesses and illnesses of a chronic nature, are the direct result of the work of an evil spirits.

Jesus healed this woman by a word of command. Here is a clear example showing that even a child of God can by physically afflicted or bound by an evil spirit. The casting out of demons goes together with the healing of the sick in many passages in the New Testament, especially in the ministry of Jesus. This is no accident. In fact, understanding the ministry of deliverance provides major keys to an effective ministry of healing.

Many people, even many Christians, are under the power of a demonic curse which is affecting many areas of their lives, often including their physical health. Such people need to understand how to have that curse broken through repentance and faith in Christ, and to receive deliverance from it and any evil spirits associated with it.

In the gospels, Jesus often gave the authority to heal the sick together with the authority to drive out demons. Matthew Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give. Mark ,18 And these signs will follow those who believe: In My Name they will cast out demons … they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.

Philip the evangelist had one of the greatest healing and miracle ministries described in the New Testament. The Bible describes his meetings as follows:. Acts For unclean spirits, crying with a loud voice, came out of many who were possessed; and many who were paralyzed and lame were healed. This verse provides additional evidence that divine healing is the will of God, since it is a means by which the works of the devil are destroyed. It was not God who was putting sickness on the ones Jesus healed.

The Scripture reveals that these diseases were the work of the devil. The same principles used in casting out demons effectively may be used in healing the sick.

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However, it is not necessary to talk a lot about the presence of demons. Such talk can be counter-productive in some cases. The best thing to do in many such cases is just to treat sickness like a demon and expect it to go when confronted with the Name of Jesus, the Word of God and the Power of the Holy Spirit. Matthew Then one was brought to Him who was demon-possessed, blind and mute; and He healed him, so that the blind and mute man both spoke and saw.

Matthew ,33 As they went out, behold, they brought to Him a man, mute and demon-possessed. And when the demon was cast out, the mute spoke. Sadly many Christians are unwilling to face the possibility that these kind of Scriptures may be relevant in some of the cases they may know of, even amongst believing people. There are many cases where spirits of infirmity must be driven out or driven away before real healing can take place.

In many cases demons are affecting people, re-inforcing the power of sin in their lives. When the demonic stronghold is broken, the grace of healing can flow more easily. To be effective in casting out demons we need to understand our authority as believers to use the name of Jesus.

We need to abide in Jesus and seek to be full of the Spirit of God at all times for maximum results. Also, we need to understand the work of Calvary and the power of the blood of Jesus for ourselves and others. Such ministries will normally demonstrate a high degree of the power of Christ as they minister in His name. Our healing and our faith received through such anointed ministry may be challenged when the anointed minister is not around. It is interesting to note that not one of the 3 million or so Israelites who left Egypt were feeble or sick after eating the flesh of that lamb Psalm How is it possible that so many church members are sick, while the Israelites were so healthy?

The flesh of the Son of God is supposed to have power when received by faith to impart physical healing to our bodies. Michael is the founder of christian-faith.

Battle Prayer for Divine Healing, Field Manual 2 Battle Prayer for Divine Healing, Field Manual 2
Battle Prayer for Divine Healing, Field Manual 2 Battle Prayer for Divine Healing, Field Manual 2
Battle Prayer for Divine Healing, Field Manual 2 Battle Prayer for Divine Healing, Field Manual 2
Battle Prayer for Divine Healing, Field Manual 2 Battle Prayer for Divine Healing, Field Manual 2
Battle Prayer for Divine Healing, Field Manual 2 Battle Prayer for Divine Healing, Field Manual 2
Battle Prayer for Divine Healing, Field Manual 2 Battle Prayer for Divine Healing, Field Manual 2
Battle Prayer for Divine Healing, Field Manual 2 Battle Prayer for Divine Healing, Field Manual 2
Battle Prayer for Divine Healing, Field Manual 2 Battle Prayer for Divine Healing, Field Manual 2
Battle Prayer for Divine Healing, Field Manual 2 Battle Prayer for Divine Healing, Field Manual 2

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