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Your Subtle Body affects the quality of your relationships as well as the sensitive connection to another being.

Sikhism FAQs:What happens to the individual after death?

The capacity for universal love and the ability to sense and attract good things come through your Subtle Body. The Subtle Body gives you the opportunity to understand and master the subtlety of life. It can help you understand what is going on around you and how things—and people—function. An effective way to understand and relate to the Subtle Body is to consciously practice experiencing it. During one period of my life I was attempting to invoke a conscious relationship to the Subtle Body and used this piece of wisdom from the Siri Singh Sahib as a means:.

Because life exists because of the Soul, when you relate to life you relate to the subtlety of life. My approach was to actively cultivate a reverence for life, or ahimsa , because this practice attunes us to the sacredness of life and thus, to the Subtle Body. This was put to the test one day when I was sitting with the Siri Singh Sahib. It was a hot summer day and someone had opened a window and a number of flies had entered the room. The person on duty requested a few of the people present to swat the flies and handed each a swatter. Soon the smack, smack sounds of the swatter and the cry of victory of the persons swatting filled the room.

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I quietly made a gratitude prayer that no one had asked me to swat. After all, I was practicing reverence, recognition of the sacredness of life, not to even hurt a fly. Thank you, Guru Ram Das. There are other ways to develop your Subtle Body.

Proof of Life After Death

One is to appreciate and practice refinement in the material world. As the Siri Singh Sahib describes:. So anything which is refined—refined art, refined acts, refined speech which is not gross—will put you nearer to the soul. That is a rather simple way of reaching your God consciousness. This cultivates the relationship of your Subtle Body to the Subtle Body of the teacher.

Human life is the final stage in the soul's progress to divinity. It is for us to make the most of this opportunity and thereby end our cycle of transmigration.

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Death means the destruction of the physical self. The ashes and bone dust mix with the elements. But the soul which leaves the body, awaits a new dwelling.

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Just as a person casts off worn-out garments and puts on other that are new, so the subtle soul casts off the worn-out body and dwells in a new form. If there were no continuance of the soul after death, how could it become perfect to merit union with the Almighty? Sikhism believes in the immortality of the soul. The devotee has no fear of the pangs of death. In fact he welcomes death, because it gives him a chance for the merger into Divinity.

The evil person, however, dreads death. For him, it will lead to the unending cycle of birth and death.

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After death, man comes to the next birth according to what he deserves. If he has been wicked and evil, he takes birth in the lower species. If he has done good deeds, he takes birth in a good family. The cycle of birth and death keeps the soul away from Divinity. It can merge with God, only if the individual, by spiritual effort, has amassed the capital of the Name the Holy spirit as understood by Christians and thus lives with the Holy Spirit.

Guru Arjan in the Sukhmani dwells on the sad plight of the soul which is not endowed with the Name. The soul in its lonely march through darkness can only find sustenance in the word of God.

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Otherwise it feels the weariness and pain of isolation. The soul, Jiva, is a part of God.

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It is deathless like Him. Before creation, it lived with God.

The Soul of Sikhism The Soul of Sikhism
The Soul of Sikhism The Soul of Sikhism
The Soul of Sikhism The Soul of Sikhism
The Soul of Sikhism The Soul of Sikhism
The Soul of Sikhism The Soul of Sikhism
The Soul of Sikhism The Soul of Sikhism
The Soul of Sikhism The Soul of Sikhism

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