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In the epilogue, Billie muses that without the Outsider there is no one to choose who will or won't be touched by the Void's magic. Within the context of the Dishonored universe, the Outsider is a representation of the Void. The Void is eternal, though "every few thousands of years" it has an avatar that watches over it. A religious order known as the Abbey of the Everyman work to oppose the Outsider, magic and witchcraft.

Gaming critic Robert Rath compared the Outsider to Satan in the Book of Job , considering the Outsider as a tempter figure who provides Corvo with the power that may ultimately "doom" both him and Dunwall. Rath notes the most violent powers the Outsider provides Corvo are the "most effective, visually striking and fun", and sees him as silently encouraging Corvo to give into his baser instincts.

The Heart, meanwhile, often "spoonfeeds" Corvo the justifications for killing the people he comes across, easily leading to a slippery slope justified by faux-"righteousness". Ruth supports this position with how other characters gifted by the Outsider—Daud, Granny Rags, Piero—all seem headed for "a bad end", destabilizing Dunwall in the progress.

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Bosman sees the Outsider as a "morally neutral" figure whose ties to the Biblical Leviathan represent an association with the primal chaos before creation. With the Outsider as a figure of "chaos and anarchy" whose grace is "arbitrary", the Abbey in opposition to him fight for "order, discipline, separation and rationality", and more negatively "for the inclination of domination and control"—thereby themselves becoming complicit in the oppression of the common people by Dunwall's elite.

Harvey Smith denied interpretations that the Outsider was a trickster god , or that he was completely "amoral" or "indifferent". Dishonored 2 intended to detail more of his backstory, with Smith describing him as someone who "suffered great abuse" before becoming the Outsider and now "struggles to maintain some sort of human consciousness". Club ' s Matt Gerardi commented: "[The Outsider]'s ultimate symbol of the abuse that Dishonored ' s many monstrous characters perform and a reminder that [ The character has received criticism. In their reviews of the first game, Kill Screen called the character "severely undercharacterized" and called Billy Lush "half-asleep" in the role, [24] and Giant Bomb felt the mystery behind him was never satisfyingly explained.

Jim Rossignol praised the mythology behind him, but called the Outsider himself "a bit Smith called the character "condescending and smug", and felt that the more fantastical elements of the Dishonored world were "a distraction" from the rest of the series' "grungy reality and messy class conflicts".

Describing the character as a "returning favorite", however, Polygon ' s Allegra Frank reported on a divide between fans on the character's recast, quoting comments supportive of the old voice that questioned how well the new take fit with the character. Hillier commented on fan depictions of the character. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Critical Intel. Stuart Turton.

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    Comment 0. When Orochi hands him back the Katana, Nick quickly draws it and cuts Orochi's throat. The Seizu patriarch intervenes before any further violence occurs, and allows Nick to leave. In the final scene, Nick returns to an apartment where he has hidden Miyu under the guard of the few remaining Shiromatsu clan members. He embraces her as the remaining members of the clan bow reverently to him. Michael Fassbender was considered to star in the film when Daniel Espinosa was in talks to direct.

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    Then, Japanese filmmaker Takashi Miike was slated to direct the film with Tom Hardy in the titular role. However, the search for a new lead after Hardy's departure from the project conflicted with Miike's own commitments, which caused his dropout as well. Jared Leto was confirmed to join the cast on April 5, Tadanobu Asano was added to the cast on May Principal photography began in Tokyo , Japan in late September Principal photography wrapped in Osaka , Japan in December The film was released on Netflix on March 9, Despite that it has received an average IMDb score of 6.

    On RogerEbert. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Linson Entertainment Waypoint Entertainment. Retrieved 5 April The Hollywood Reporter.

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