The Man in the Painting

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A reception was planned for Friday night. God bless you. Beautiful," a bank customer said while admiring a painting of five musicians Thursday. Phillips said he bought painting supplies by selling handmade greeting cards to other inmates. He followed a strict routine of painting each morning while his cellmate was elsewhere.

He was sometimes inspired by photos in newspapers and liked to use bright colors that didn't spill into each other. Read more: Texas inmates are being denied dentures because prison officials say chewing isn't a 'medical necessity'. But a cramped cell isn't an art studio. Phillips said prison rules prevented him from keeping his paintings so he regularly shipped them to a pen pal. After he was exonerated, Phillips rode a bus to New York state last fall to visit the woman.

He was pleased to find she still had the paintings. I don't have a choice. Without this, I'd have a cup on the corner begging for nickels and dimes. I'm too old to get a job," he said. During this time, the artist was sympathetic to the plight of the downtrodden and painted many canvases depicting the miseries of the poor, the ill, and those cast out of society. He too knew what it was like to be impoverished, having been nearly penniless during all of This work was created in Madrid, and the distorted style note that the upper torso of the guitarist seems to be reclining, while the bottom half appears to be sitting cross-legged is reminiscent of the works of El Greco.

This bent and sightless man holds close to him a large, round guitar. Its brown body represents the painting's only shift in color. Both physically and symbolically, the instrument fills the space around the solitary figure, who seems oblivious to his blindness and poverty as he plays. At the time the painting was made, literature of the Symbolist movement included blind characters who possessed powers of inner vision.

The thin, skeletonlike figure of the blind musician also has roots in art from Picasso's native country, Spain. The old man's elongated limbs and cramped, angular posture recall the figures of the great 16th-century artist El Greco.

The Man Who Taught Blake Painting in his Dreams (after William Blake)

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Class photo in Linz, 1900/01

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    Man on the Bed

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    The Painting Fool - A Computer Artist

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    The Man in the Painting The Man in the Painting
    The Man in the Painting The Man in the Painting
    The Man in the Painting The Man in the Painting
    The Man in the Painting The Man in the Painting
    The Man in the Painting The Man in the Painting

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