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Charlie McMillan David Spade is a milquetoast loser who bumps into his old, cooler friend Max Kessler Sandler at a high school reunion. McMillan wears the same nerdy clothes and drives the same awful car and even holds the same humiliating job he did in high school: working in a bank inside a supermarket.

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Old ladies ask him where they can find kitty litter. After explaining, again, that the bank is independent from the market, he sighs, reduced to his fate: aisle two.

The Do-Over

McMillan is stuck in a rut. His faithless wife is still shacking up with her ex, but McMillan is raising their bratty twin sons.

The Do-Over review – Adam Sandler misfires in identity-theft yukfest

Why not? This is, depending on your point of view, even-handed good-natured ribbing or gross male hostility. Kessler has a plan, you see. He blows up the boat, enabling the two to fake their own death. Kessler and McMillan can assume their identities and start a new life.

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Kessler maxed out his credit cards and has enough dough for them to float for a while, but there was also a safety deposit box in the rectum of one of the two men, you see. This leads to an enormous cache of cash and the keys to a mansion in Puerto Rico.

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The frivolity comes to an end, though when an acrobatic German hitman comes calling. I mean, they are living in luxury in the Caribbean, clearly the men whose lives our heroes stole are involved in either drugs or weapons, so the second half of the movie becomes a would-be Statham -like actioner. David Ehrlich.

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Netflix, hoping to transform their streaming service into a viable home for first-run movies, was clearly using Sandler as a stab at legitimacy. All the SNL veteran had to do was deliver wet slabs of content — four films that viewers could conk out and binge with the press of a single button, the end credits of one feature bleeding into the opening credits of the next.

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On the contrary, Sandler has used the contract as an opportunity to lightly stretch his limits. Introduced at his high school reunion as he watches his trainwreck wife Natasha Leggero grind on the dance floor with her ex-husband, Charlie is your garden variety sad-sack. Anyway, Max may not have the most refined sense of humor, but his heart seems to be in the right place, and he feels for his friend.

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  6. Meanwhile, Max finds a safety deposit box key lodged up the butt of one of the two corpses he planted in the boat explosion. Will Max and Charlie be able to lie low and safely indulge in three-ways with Luis Guzman, or will the feds figure it out and force them back to their humdrum lives?

    The Do-Over The Do-Over
    The Do-Over The Do-Over
    The Do-Over The Do-Over
    The Do-Over The Do-Over
    The Do-Over The Do-Over
    The Do-Over The Do-Over
    The Do-Over The Do-Over
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