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People are being provoked to do these heinous deeds and are actually being given credit in the form of points once they commit these atrocities!

Love a Muslim Day strikes back against xenophobia and hate

It was very heartwarming to see people from other religions and communities coming out in support of Muslims. Some people chose to see the lighter side of things, finding humor in the whole Punish a Muslim Day campaign. No matter what religion, race or community we talk about it is never a good idea to resort to violence. Violence does not resolve issues instead it exacerbates matters and fuels hatred.

Therefore, it is pertinent that no matter what anyone says about Muslims, show the world the best version of yourself and show the people the true side of Islam that promotes peace and negates violence. If you ever feel distraught at how Muslims are being treated in the world currently, remember how badly our beloved Prophet PBUH was persecuted by the Kufar and how he responded to them with such good conduct that they were forced to leave behind their hatred for the religion and embraced both him and his religion with open arms.

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  • 'Love A Muslim' Day Letter Is A Poignant Answer To Hate Threats.
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Such events are great ways to connect with the Muslims living in your community. As the feasting that follows the fasting wanes, most iftar celebrations continue into the night. Most iftar meals continue after the food is gone with people drinking coffee and tea together for hours. The last ten days of Ramadan are of special importance in most Islamic communities.

'Love a Muslim Day' list in response to hate letter

Prayers offered during this night are thought to be especially meritorious and effective, yet the exact day that the Night of Power occurs is uncertain. The Night of Power is not the only uncertainty encountered within Islamic teaching.


More troubling is the Islamic teaching that no one can know for sure whether or not they will be admitted into Paradise. During the season of Ramadan, your Muslim friends are more attentive to performing meritorious activities that they believe will credit their account before God. Such a lack of assurance stands in stark contrast to the Christian confidence that salvation is found in the once-for-all atonement we experience through faith in Christ. Ramadan highlights feverish attempts to gain merits before God that may or may not result in his mercy.

In light of such uncertainty, the gospel that gives assurance of salvation based upon the accomplished work of Christ speaks of a true hope. During this Ramadan season I would invite you to sign up and join the Prayercast team in offering concerted prayer on behalf of Muslims around the world.

I pray that the Lord would allow us all opportunities to engage our Muslim neighbors, to share iftar meals with them, and to hold out the hope of the gospel to them. May the Lord use his people to bring gospel light into the midst of the darkness of Ramadan. Matt holds a Ph.

Sala de Prensa

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Ramadan can be one of the most fruitful seasons of the year for gospel conversations with Muslims. Appendices 22 Glossary of Arabic Words. Edward Challen trained as a medical laboratory scientist before studying at Bible college.

After a leaflet that called for hate, we did the exact opposite and vowed to love

He then moved with his family to South Asia, living among Muslims and working in an outreach and churchplanting ministry. From he had a pastoral ministry in Epsom for sixteen years, and Parkstone, Poole, for seven years. In the three years before retirement he worked in the science laboratories at Gillingham School, Dorset. Since then he has continued local preaching and Bible study ministries.

The 'Halal Dating Guru' Who Gives Muslim Women Relationship Advice On YouTube

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Love a Muslim (To) Day Love a Muslim (To) Day
Love a Muslim (To) Day Love a Muslim (To) Day
Love a Muslim (To) Day Love a Muslim (To) Day
Love a Muslim (To) Day Love a Muslim (To) Day
Love a Muslim (To) Day Love a Muslim (To) Day
Love a Muslim (To) Day Love a Muslim (To) Day
Love a Muslim (To) Day Love a Muslim (To) Day
Love a Muslim (To) Day Love a Muslim (To) Day
Love a Muslim (To) Day

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