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Loading marketplace Oh my … is this for me? But Katie noticed things these days. Those once-strong fingers had been so creative and so gentle. Now they looked as if they would break if you touched them, except Granna was nowhere near breaking — at least not physically. A bird tweeted out in the garden and Granna turned her head.

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Eyes that shone with love and purpose. In days gone by, you could get lost in those eyes, drawn into their protective warmth. Now, the depth that lived within them belonged to another era.

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Putting Granna into the rest home had been the most difficult decision Katie had ever made. Katie had no such choice.

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Left with sole responsibility when her mother died, she could see no other option. Prone to wander, Granna had taken it into her head that she was living in the house where her Granma Gwenna had once lived and nothing anyone said could change her mind. Wherever the house in her mind had once been, the rest home was new and in a foreign-to-Granna area.

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  8. At one time, they tried taking them out of the room but Granna had thrown such a hissy fit, they gave in. The sepia tones had faded but the clothes and hairstyles worn by the two women were unmistakably early Edwardian. One of the faces looking back at her was her own — the resemblance was uncanny. But there was no name on the back to say who she was.

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    Granna turned towards the newcomer and a polite smile creased her face. Now, who are you? Have you come to see me? I do so like visitors, they are such interesting people. Granna wriggled in the La-Z-Boy chair and plucked ineffectually at the mohair rug she was sitting on.

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    Granna Katy had kept a wonderful garden once. The two of them had often wandered around it together while Granna named all the flowers. She, too, loved that colour. Katie smiled. The music seems to come alive under her fingertips. Katie remembered the piano lessons with her gran at her house when she was young, and the comings and goings of the other students. She always makes my favourites.

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