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And to do that, she had to destroy the enchanted sword, Escalla. Not only was he the most powerful vampire in Vamp City with the ability to pulverize the brain of any victim with a mere touch of his hand, be he human, werewolf, or vampire, but he was a sadist who literally fed on the pain of others. Neither he nor Micah had been in V. There were other vampires in the D.

Only Arturo and Micah remained, determined to save their friends. And determined to help her save her brother. As she slid her arms around his waist, he covered her mouth in a drugging kiss and she pressed closer, needing his touch, his strength, the momentary forgetfulness she found in his arms. She loved the feel of his cool lips, loved the way they turned warm when he kissed her—the way his entire body turned warm. She reveled in the strength of his arms sliding around her, and sighed with pleasure as her senses once more drowned in the scent of almonds and moonlight. He was coming to mean far too much to her, which had her pulling away in a schizophrenic chaos of joy and frustration, of warmth and uncertainty.

It was the purity of her own magic, he said, that had saved him. But the memories of those old betrayals whispered warnings, still, especially when she caught him withholding information from her, as she had yesterday. Important information about Zack. Quinn pulled away from him, refusing to let him soften her resolve. There were too many lives at stake. He met her gaze, an obstinate gleam flaring in his eyes. Oh, stubborn, stubborn vampire. She intended to win this fight. Maybe she really could prove to both of them that she had that finesse in her.

Knowing she did would add to her confidence immeasurably. He looked at her with surprise, then pressed his lips together, considering. Her jaw dropped and she whirled on him. Yeah, him and her both. Turning on her heel, she left the sparring room and strode down the hall toward the weight room where Zack spent most of his time these days. But as Vamp City raced toward its end, everything was changing.

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Neo and his team no longer cared if they were caught. Both men were sweating, Jason a little flushed with exertion, Zack a bright crimson thanks to the illness that had spiked his fever well over degrees Fahrenheit. He should be dead. According to Dr.


Just the opposite. Against all that was logical, he felt perfectly fine and had been growing stronger by the hour. Quinn stared at her little brother, at the layers upon layers of muscle in his arms and chest, and shook her head. The two of them could have almost passed for twins, despite being only half siblings, with their height, wide mouths and green eyes inherited from their dad. Only their hair was strikingly different—his a mass of red curls, her own straight and blonde.

Now, while she remained slender, he looked as buff and built as Jason. On the surface, Zack appeared to have become addicted to bodybuilding, but Quinn knew the real reason he worked out constantly. He was determined to become as strong as possible, as quickly as possible.

Just as she had a one-track mind when it came to keeping Zack safe, his own thoughts were focused on finding, and saving, Lily. Arturo walked over to the weight bench, adjusted the weights at the ends of the bar to suit him, then stepped back.

Claimed In Passion

Quinn met his gaze, then turned to her brother and Jason. The trouble was doing it with any measure of control. Jason responded immediately, dropping to the ground, but Zack executed three more seemingly effortless pull-ups before doing the same. He turned to Jason with a grunt. Zack smirked. Admit it. The moment she asked us to stop, you dropped. Jason punched him good-naturedly in the shoulder and turned toward the door, but Arturo blocked their path.

Night Huntress series

Quinn looked at him sharply, then rounded on him as understanding crashed. And while she longed to tell him no way in hell, she knew he was probably right. With a suitable incentive, she just might find the necessary control. What the hell. It was worth a try. With a huff, she turned toward the weights and shook out her hands.

She could almost feel the weights smirking at her, and had to quell the sudden, fierce desire to slam them against the wall.

That she could do. Force was easy. It was the subtle lifting that remained steadfastly out of her reach. Almost immediately, the weights began to rattle and shake, but the bar remained glued to the bench. Come on , she urged silently, pushing a little more energy into it. The rattling increased, the weights clanking together, but still the thing refused to rise. She thrust still more energy at it and this time felt a welling of anticipation inside her as if she could feel the barbell on the brink of movement. They were almost… There! Jason ran for the doorway, but Zack started moving toward the barbell as if planning to catch two hundred pounds of steel!

Was he expecting her to use her magic to push the bar out of the way? Even as she lifted her hands, Zack caught the barbell with both of his, one leg lunging forward, his entire body absorbing the weight with ease. Holding the barbells as if they weighed nothing, Zack turned to her, green eyes glittering with challenge and temper.

July, Order the Book Read an Excerpt. His hips pressed against hers, a familiar pleasure. I win. Kassius clasped her shoulder. Quinn swung back to Arturo. Unfortunately, this particular skill continued to elude her. We both need something to eat before we meet Micah. And it could happen at any moment. Strong hands cupped her shoulders from behind, then gently turned her to face him. I met plenty of wonderful new readers on my social networks, received some amazing reviews for my books, and I think I strengthened existing bonds with my readers.

I also managed to smash my word count target for the year, hammering away , words to beat the , words goal. I even hit my reading target of devouring 20 books during my down time! How am I going to achieve that word count? As I said above, this is all dependent on the gods being kind and my muse being as productive as ever. I may or may not manage the final one. It all depends on time really. It might end up pushed for another book entirely or just moved into early Or a bit of both. You remember Kyter? Bachelors have to stick together.

The plan as it stands is that I will release the next four books in the Eternal Mates romance series close together, only a few weeks between each release. The current release plan for the books is for them to go in this order:. Remember her? She got snatched by a pesky dragon in Claimed by a Demon King. Well, that dragon is Loke and he might have Anais holed up in his cave somewhere in the dragon realm in Hell and a certain sassy huntress turned demon queen might be on a warpath to get her fellow huntress back. I think Loke needs to watch his back….

Now, how about a sneak preview snippet from Hunted by a Jaguar? I asked my Facebook followers what they wanted and they chose this book…. A blistering wave of fire burned up his blood, setting every molecule in his body aflame, and he rolled his eyes open and arched off the bed, his mouth opening in a silent scream. If he did, Antoine would come. Antoine would see the angel.

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Antoine would harm her. His claws extended at the same time as his fangs, and the apartment brightened as his eyes changed, burning red around his cat-like pupils. Snow fought harder than ever to break the restraints, driven by a mindless need to free himself so he could protect the female and by a dark hunger to drain her dry at the same time. She rushed forwards as the collar sliced into his throat, spilling a thick stream of his blood down his neck. The note in her melodic voice told him more than she was willing to say. The scent of blood filled his room and, even though it was his own tainted life force, it sent him back over the edge.

Snow growled, rolled his eyes back and snarled as he pulled harder on the chains. The steel bedposts creaked under the pressure. Agony shredded his insides, liquefying his bones and stealing his strength away, leaving him helpless. He still fought like a wild thing, ferocious and vicious as he battled his restraints, hungry to escape and taste the female.

The need for blood became too much and he sank his fangs into his own lower lip and sucked furiously on it, ravenous and unable to stop himself. The bloodlust dulled his senses. He opened his eyes again and followed her as she paced around the room, studying her every move. If she came close enough, he would bite her. He sucked harder on his own foul blood, imagining it was the sweet nectar that flowed in her veins.

He ached for her blood even as he ached to leave her unspoiled. She searched his room, her air desperate, small hands clenching and unclenching in front of her stomach. Where do you keep it? She gave him another pitying look and then her dark eyebrows rose high on her forehead, something dawning in her incredible eyes, and she approached him. She stood beside his bed with a calm and decided expression on her face and held her arm out to him. Blinded by the pain, Snow fumbled for the wrist restraint and slammed his arm into it.

The cuff whipped shut and locked automatically. After the incident with Anya and the party, Snow had asked Antoine to custom order him new restraints for his wrists, ones he would be able to close himself without any need for assistance, and therefore no need to risk the lives of those he cared about by asking them to help him. He flopped onto his back and brought his other arm down hard. It hit only mattress. He tried again and missed the cuff for a second time.

The female foolishly moved forwards as though she wanted to assist him, and he snarled and lashed out at her with his free hand, his blunt claws swiping the air just millimetres from her stomach. She gasped, flapped her black wings, and shot away from him, towards the mahogany panelled entrance door of his apartment. Her wide luminous eyes locked on him. Snow smacked his arm down again and hit the cuff this time, causing it to snap shut around his wrist. He breathed hard, fighting the hunger for blood and death, and swallowed.

His insides burned with the need for blood, setting him aflame and pushing him to the edge of oblivion. Not again. Not when everyone was expecting him to come down later and be around the babies. He cursed her in the language of his homeland for that and she flinched away, her jet-black hair falling down to mask her face. Her fear reached out and curled around him, tempting him into breaking free and slaking his thirst for violence on her.

Snow snarled and lashed out with his legs, hoping to show her what might happen if she was foolish enough to ignore his request. Snippet Saturday is brought to you today by my paranormal romance book Bewitch , which is the fifth book in my popular Vampire Erotic Theatre romance series. It was offered grudgingly. Still, a single night of pleasure with Payne. It excited her but scared her too. When she had suggested he submit to her, she had done so because she had figured that she needed to do something dramatic in order to push him over the edge and force him to give in to his needs.

It had worked. Now what was she meant to do? She had asked him to submit to her. She had never done anything like this before.

Claimed In Passion: Master Vampire #3 Claimed In Passion: Master Vampire #3
Claimed In Passion: Master Vampire #3 Claimed In Passion: Master Vampire #3
Claimed In Passion: Master Vampire #3 Claimed In Passion: Master Vampire #3
Claimed In Passion: Master Vampire #3 Claimed In Passion: Master Vampire #3
Claimed In Passion: Master Vampire #3 Claimed In Passion: Master Vampire #3
Claimed In Passion: Master Vampire #3 Claimed In Passion: Master Vampire #3
Claimed In Passion: Master Vampire #3 Claimed In Passion: Master Vampire #3
Claimed In Passion: Master Vampire #3 Claimed In Passion: Master Vampire #3
Claimed In Passion: Master Vampire #3 Claimed In Passion: Master Vampire #3

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