Caught in a Cyclone

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Being On A Cruise Ship Caught In The Bomb Cyclone Looks... Not Fun

Ute caught out as Tropical Cyclone Oma whips up big swell. Brisbane Times. Replay Replay video.

Watch: Sailing boat gets caught in Mediterranean cyclone

Play video. Waves as high as 51 feet were observed in Nova Scotia, though the waves that affected the Norwegian Breakaway were likely far lower in height, closer to 15 to 30 feet.

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  • A firsthand account of Norwegian Breakaway's winter storm hell cruise?

The Norwegian Breakaway is just the latest cruise ship to wind up in the wrong place at the wrong time. In response, the cruise line hired a meteorologist to advise on its ships' routing decisions. Ryan Maue, the chief operating officer of weather company weather. Maue said the storm developed quickly and had an unusually large wind field for a weather system of its type. He said from a passenger perspective, it's clear that the route chosen was not one that maximized their comfort.

Even with our best global models and coupled-ocean wave tools, it's likely that the course chosen by NCL was indeed suboptimal in terms of waves, wind and the passengers comfort because the ship is moving too slowly to adapt or course change. It's like a bobbing cork in a very angry stream.

Ship caught in cyclone on Indian Ocean

During the early morning hours of January 4, Norwegian Breakaway encountered stronger than forecasted weather conditions due to winter storm Grayson. The safety of our guest and crew is always our top priority and the ship's Captain adjusted the ship's speed and itinerary accordingly to maintain the safest possible route, delaying the ship's arrival. Due to the late hour and the weather conditions, the ship remained alongside overnight, departing one day late for the next scheduled cruise.

We sincerely apologize to our guests for the stronger than expected weather conditions and any resulting discomfort or inconvenience they may have experienced. The spokesperson added that when inclement weather strikes, the company, as a rule, charts "a route that has the least impact to our guests and crew.

The ship finally came into port in New York on the afternoon of Jan. Ice build-up on the walkways slowed the disembarkation process, leaving Leffak and her family waiting with everyone else in a long line. It's here that the cruise staff's priorities became clear.

Leffak suspects the decision to make the hellish trip through the storm was made in order to get the ship ready for the next trip. Leffak didn't understand. The bartender replied: "I'm getting ready for the next group of people coming on, I don't have glasses. The Breakaway was set to leave on a day journey the next day, Jan.

Brisbane Times

It was originally supposed to leave on Jan. It's unclear if the ship rushed back to New York — perhaps along a needlessly risky or uncomfortable course — with the next trip in mind, but even after the brutal journey, the crew's minds were on the next trip before departing passengers had fully disembarked. The others said they were warned but were offered no help moving to a safer place. Makeshift camps were set up on higher ground only after the flooding, they said, so many people decided to see out the storm in their homes. The area under threat was too vast and, with about 7 million inhabitants, too heavily populated to be evacuated, he said.

Mozambique was also hit by deadly floods and cyclones in and , and since then has beefed up its response team and implemented an early-warning system.

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The system was triggered weeks before Cyclone Idai, with red flags raised to alert people to the dangers, Correia said. He said people had been told to seek higher ground when they saw the flags flying, but that no one could have predicted the force and speed of the flooding when two big rivers burst their banks following the cyclone.

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The area around the coastal town of Beira, where the cyclone made landfall, started flooding within 36 hours of the storm and was soon unrecognizable, with brown water covering the land. There had also been a significant amount of rain in the preceding months, the wet season in Mozambique, he said. He said he had sent an email to the chief forecaster at the Mozambique weather service when the risk of a worst-case scenario became apparent.

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From Mozambique, Cyclone Idai tore inland into Zimbabwe and Malawi, flattening buildings and causing deadly mudslides. Scientists believe climate change will make cyclones like Idai more frequent, making it vital that systems are in place to protect the most vulnerable, according to humanitarian agencies.

Caught in a Cyclone Caught in a Cyclone
Caught in a Cyclone Caught in a Cyclone
Caught in a Cyclone Caught in a Cyclone
Caught in a Cyclone Caught in a Cyclone
Caught in a Cyclone Caught in a Cyclone
Caught in a Cyclone Caught in a Cyclone
Caught in a Cyclone Caught in a Cyclone
Caught in a Cyclone Caught in a Cyclone
Caught in a Cyclone

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